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At AppSafari we actually play with and use apps, then write honest unbiased reviews on those apps. We write about apps we love and about new and upcoming apps in the news. Our team is dedicated to finding you the best apps, and writing reviews that help you discover what to buy and what to stay away from in the App Store. We are specialized in iPhone apps, iPad apps, and iPod touch games.


Joe Seifi

I’m the founder of appsafari and have a passion for groundbreaking technology and tower defense games. On my free time I’m checking emails, reviewing apps and checking out upcoming releases.

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Julie Guan

Julie is a part-time insomniac, full-time dreamer with an obsession for the written word (and cats). If being a fangirl actually paid, she’d be rolling in it. As a side-job to participating in fandom, she writes app reviews. Really wordy ones.

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Aucoeur Ngo

Aucoeur is a professional procrastinator currently in college on the 10-year plan. She also responds to Stiney (rhymes with ‘weenie’), though some people have taken to pronouncing it like ‘winey.’ Her birthday is on July 10, a day she happily shares with Sofia Vergara, Keroppi and Nikola Tesla.

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Linda Ta

Linda is a recent college grad who enjoys platformers, puzzlers, RPGs, and resource management games. When she’s not testing apps, you’ll find her drooling over foodgawker pics and burning calories.

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Tyne Kennedy

I’m a Lit. major at UC Santa Cruz. When I’m not reading or writing papers, I enjoy watching bad t.v. and seeking out new delicious foods to eat.

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Tracy Yonemoto

California gamer now living and writing in Cambridge, MA. Loves: puzzles, food, and Netflix. Hates: mosquitoes and diet soda

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Amanda McFarland

Hi! I’m a full-time student, which means I have tons of little jobs here and there. One of which is playing around with applications to let you know which ones are worth your time and money. Hope I can help you out!

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Vanessa Paszterko

Vanessa is an unemployed college grad who loves all things luxurious, including art, nature, movies, music, exercise, & food. Packing a highly discriminating taste, she is influential in finding great apps and weeding out the bad ones.

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Renata Paszterko

I’m a UC Santa Cruz graduate whose looking to stay out of trouble this summer and make a little money. While I’m not that computer savvy I can discern between a good game and a bad one. My idols include Donkey Kong and Lil Wayne.

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Kyle Hayes

Kyle Hayes has been programming since he was ten years old. His curious and innovative mind has led him to owning many bookshelves of computer programming and technical books for which he merits much of his knowledge. He further expanded and strengthened his skillset when he completed his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Computer Information Systems at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Today, Kyle publishes a technical blog,, and is a senior web developer for a large media and entertainment company in North Hollywood, California. His passion for innovation, and his drive to inspire has led him to achieve his lifelong dreams and aspirations. When he is not sitting in front of a computer, Kyle enjoys doing amateur and stock photography, listening to a wide variety of music, going out with his wife, and attending his local church. Getting Started with Dojo JavaScript Toolkit is Kyle’s first (and hopefully not last) published book.

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Joseph Ho I am a 3D artist, 2D artist, and a reviewer part time. My passions are games of all kinds, of all systems, and of all genres. My personal pet peeve are pretty games with no substance or likable characters/story/action.

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Shem Pennant

Shem is a London-based tech journalist, musician and comedian, who loves recording podcasts on his Zoom H4N, shooting movies on his Canon 7D or laying down beats on his Native Instruments Maschine. Shem hates internet flame wars, network executives and talking about himself in the third person. Follow Shem and his nonsense on Twitter @each1teach1

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Tony Lau

Hi, I’ve been a gamer since I was six years old. I like mostly RPGs and action games, but I will try other genres if they interest me.

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Vincent Tam

I’m an Asian male, currently enrolled in college as an entertainment design major. I like music of all types, watch anime, and have been a gamer since I got my first game system, which was one of those crappy handhelds that were sold next to the gum in a supermarket.

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Katherine Thorne

Katherine is a creative generalist who enjoys writing, drawing, designing, and making things. She uses her iPhone to stay organized and productive, when she’s not playing games on it for hours on end.

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Darius Reimm

Darius is always on the lookout for free gems in the App Store you should try. Darius is a big fan of iPhone apps especially games and new utilities that make your life more fun and exciting and reviews apps to help you do the same.


Alex Seiver

I love all kinds of games, especially sports games, trivia games, and game shows. I’m always on the lookout for a great deal in the App Store, and I’m also an unabashed Crimson Tide fan. You can find me on Twitter @AlexSeiver


Richard Best

I am a 35 year old IT professional who still thinks he’s 21. Tech gadgets and apps are things I just can’t do without, and I never leave home without my iPad. I also believe that great hardware is nothing without great apps.


Neema Akhtar

Professional app reviewer. Aspiring musician. Amateur juggler.

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Jenni Ward

I’m a copywriter and matriarch to a family with five sons. My interests include running, yoga, soccer, nerding, Legos, asking whether or not homework is completed, and getting people where they need to be on time. I am also a reluctant computer problem trouble shooter. And, finally, I rely so much on my iPhone that my husband will take it away from time to time.

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Sally Pope

I’m a recent grad school grad who’s looking for work and likes doing random things on the side like reviewing iPhone apps. It was only one year ago that I moved up in life from the cheapest phone available to the iPhone, and I’ve been in love ever since. I don’t like things that waste time, so I’ll let you know what apps are worth downloading.

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