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Social networking for the iPhone is finally picking up some heat. WhosHere from myRete is an ad supported social networking app available for free in the App Store with a growing following. WhosHere is like a mashup between Facebook, MySpace, and AIM, and its dead simplicity and ease of use has allowed WhosHere to grow quickly.

WhosHere is not too complicated, it finds people near you and shows you their photos. You can create yourself a profile and add your photo, your name, and more bio details like your gender, age, and relationship status. Then you can state who you want to meet by gender, age, and relationship status. You can browse people near your location, or new users to WhosHere. Once you find a friend you can do a few things: Send them a chat message, add them to your address book (yes, this means your actual iPhone Contacts and WhosHere imports the user photo as well), or block them if they give you the creeps. You can send pics to any user on WhosHere, and what’s cool is you can take a photo using your iPhone and send it all in one shot. There is a tab that keeps a list of all your chats with other users for your reference.

There a bunch of settings you can modify to fine tune how you see other users and how they see you. More social features are hopefully on the way, perhaps blogging and widgets? Watch out MySpace and Facebook.

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Developer: Website
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26 Comments to “WhosHere”

  1. great app…but does anyone know how to delete a profile COMPLETELY so even the person who u had a convo cant veiw the convo?

  2. hi i love this app but i got my new 3Gs phone and cant transfer my chats over. On the new phone it shows my profile but does not get in to it. So still have to use my old phone! pls help thanks

  3. I love that app. Its a great way to pass time. Unfortunately Lexi, there is no way to delete what chats the other person has, whether you delete your profile or not. Julia, the chats don’t transfer from phone to phone, so u will loose those old ones once you finally use your new phone. By now you both probably already know all this though lol. Anyway, I just wanted to know… When you block someone, can they still see your profile, or are you gone from their search as well?

  4. OK what the fuck. My friend told me she saw someone on this ap stealing my pictures with a profile that says shes 26 & single. How do I report this & since I have my pictures copyrighted what can I do to have her deleted?

  5. Hola soy latino vivo en Houston tx me gusta conocer nuevas personas y lugares

  6. When you block some, the entire chat is removed on that blocked persons iPhone as well! The blocked person does not see you anymore and the blocked person will not appear in your searches.
    Very effective!

  7. I have accidentally blocked my friend. Is there a way i could unblock that person?

  8. its a great app alot of ppl i talk on there r very caring and fun to chat with!

  9. i need to know the same thing as Lexi how do i get rid if the whoshere app altogether so people cant see me anymore?

  10. I truely enjoy the app it is an easy way to connect with local far poeple who are looking for things in the same intrest. I can say that i have connect with someone and has a relationship with whcih turned out great i wouldnt stop useing it. Make freinds and more

  11. i accidently deleted a chat with someone and i didnt see the last thing they said. how can i find that person to chat with again?

    i thing this app needs a search portion where you can search for the names of people..

  12. this app ruined my relationship 🙁

  13. Yeah so great, I found my daughter getting groomed by an internet pedo using this app!


  15. My problem is similar to “kace” :

    11June 10th, 2010 at 3:45 pm kace says:
    i accidently deleted a chat with someone and i didnt see the last thing they said. how can i find that person to chat with again?

    i thing this app needs a search portion where you can search for the names of people..

  16. hi male living in hong kong

  17. How do u completely delete your profile on whoshere where know ONE!!!! Even people u chatted with can see u anymore??

  18. I Accdently deleted a chat I need to find our last chat is there a way to get that?

  19. ^_^

  20. Just new i dont yet the applications

  21. I’m alone

  22. While it’s a pretty cool app when it’s working, if you lose your phone, or just CHANGE phones, you can’t bring over your old Profile. So it just lives on in limbo forever.

    It would be great to be able to access my Profile from multiple devices (like when new iPhone 5 comes out) instead of creating a copy. Finding all my old friends and re-adding them.

    It would also be nice to be able to add “notes” on people. You can change your user name and pics and even tweak location. As a result, you could easily look like a different person to everyone. But minor.

    And I know this is an Apple site, but would be great to have in Droid version too. Double the number of users overnight!

    I actually like this app a lot. But it could go from good to GREAT with a few small changes.

  23. I’ve now been blocked from using this app and I done nothing wrong what the heck is wrong with those peolpe

  24. This please very nice

  25. Hi, thanks for this post.

  26. whoshere is great!
    thanks for this post

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