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Apollo IM

Apollo IM is a native 3rd party iphone app developed by “Arminius” which has just released its first beta that now gives you the power of instant messaging via AIM on your iPhone.

Apollo IM Rev 2 Appolo IM has just got better. With help from the iPhone community, the new Apollo IM (Rev 2) is more polished and feature packed than ever before. Now supporting AIM, .mac, ICQ, and MSN, Apollo IM delivers communications beyond any individual network’s limits. Your feedback supports ongoing development. Future releases are expected to add support for Yahoo, Jabber, GTalk, Gadu-Gadu, Bonjour and file transfers.

The codebase and source code for the app is also available at google code here if you wish to contribute to the next version.

Note: If you are having problems with server connections we recommend you switch to using MobileChat app instead. Find the instructions here.

If you prefer to use web based AIM apps try these:

Use iPhone mods and hacks at your own risk! Installing 3rd Party iPhone apps requires you to jailbreak the iPhone before installing the native software and apps. You can use for Mac OSX and iBrickr for Windows PC to do this. Browse the full list of all iPhone and iPod touch native 3rd party apps filed under the software category.

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123 Comments to “Apollo IM”

  1. I’m on my touch right now. Its great! Nice app

  2. Like! Thank you!
    I just wanted to pass on a note to let you know what a great job you have done with this forum.Thanks!

  3. I just wanted to say its such a good app with so much potential. There are a few things I think can be improved with the next releases. The inability to see what u are typing after the first line is a major one. Other things like being able to view a persons profile would be cool. The only other thing I can see that could have a change needed is the coversations. It would be dope the on going coversations were stashed at the top of the buddy list so u don’t have to scroll through every an to fins ur conversation with a specific person. Other than that I love it. Its fast, it keeps the buddies like they are on ur real buddy list and doesnt freeze my iPod up. KEEP IT UP!!!

  4. this is a great app, but it stopped working on my itouch. I would also like to see a horizontal keyboard.

  5. I’ve tried everything with apollo and i can’t get it to work its up and runing but it wont connect..
    please help!!

  6. Hey
    I got a question. How can i install Apollo on my ipod touch. I got it jailbreaked but i don;t know how to do this with this special program. Or is there a chance to download it with safari on my ipod and install it then with my ipod. So completly without my Computer?
    Thank you

  7. omg what happend to my ipod !!! how do i uninstall it!!

  8. The Patrick that asked if there was anyway to download it without computer (incase there is more the one Patrick). You can by going to but if you must have update 1.1.1 or your iPod Touch will brick and you can’t use it. So if you have 1.1.2 downgrade. Then go to the site. Install the app from your iPod Touch once thats done go into the installer and get the update that it says on it then go to community sources download it and look for ApolloIM and there you go an app for IMing on your iPod Touch…if you don’t want to jailbreak it to get an app you can always just go to on your iPod Touch/iPhone but its probably a bit slower because its on Safari and its on browser.

  9. Sorry I ment you must have update 1.1.1 on your iPod Touch OR it will brick and you can’t use it or restore it. Which is probabably what happend to Alex who posted above me.

  10. heyy i got apollo on my itouch but i dont know how to change my msn name
    please help

  11. Problem with apollo,
    i believe on msn, you appear offline
    but still able to chat..

    any help please ?

  12. i have a 1.1.2 i havent done anything to it yet, dnt have a clue what to do, reli want msn on there. do i have to jailbreak? – and what is that? then how do i get apollo Im on there? many thanks 😉

  13. I jailbroke mine but its not in the list of comunity sources?

  14. I believe it is part of the Ste Packacking source. Check out the

  15. i have that problem too.. checks my email then says “unable to authenticate: unable to connect”

  16. yah I have the same problem too with msn. it trys to connect to my account then later says “unable to authenticate unable to connect” any way to fix this bug?

  17. yes i got the same problem when i try signing into Msn i get ‘unable to authenticate: unable to connect’ help?

  18. i am having the same problem. anyone able to help??/

  19. hello i have instaler on my iPhone i have instaler
    “Community Sources”
    BSD Subsystem”
    and all time not conection unable to authenticate unable to connect

  20. someone answer the ‘unable to authenticate’ ‘ cant connect thing ‘ since a lot of people are having trouble with it (me included) its anoying cause i dont like using meebo ( thanks

  21. download the host file here:

    replace it in




  22. that like doesn’t work, it said the requested url can’t be found. do u have another link to download the file.

  23. I meant link* instead of like

  24. sorry,,try this one..

  25. Heyy okay so i go to this link …wat do i do with it ? and wat u mean download it? (HOw)

  26. just save the file or that script to ur computer with no extension. Like,,dnt save it as a txt file or anything!! Just save it as is. Then connect to ur iPhone via ssh or something and replace that same file called hosts in /applications/

  27. My apollo app works with msn now!! thanks hossam!

  28. i finally figured it out everybody! First what you need to do is download “Apollo” on the ipod. Once installed, make sure you also have downloaded “BSD Subsystem” and “OpenSSH” in the ipod system applications (found in the installer). Then, be sure to download the “service” utility application (also found in the installer). The service utility application allows you to make sure that your ability to use SSH is turned on.

    Then you download (on your computer) a program called cuteftp pro. (it must be the pro edition). I used Azureus, but i’m sure you could just use a trial version.

    While that’s downloading, download the file to your desktop. It should be named “hosts”. Now, on your cuteftp pro program, click file>connect>connection wizard. It will ask you for the Host Address. This is your ipod’s IP address. You’ll find this on your ipod under settings. You click on settings, wifi, and then the blue arrow to the right of your wifi connection. Put that number into the line on your cuteftp pro program on the computer. Click next. Under user name type “root” for password, type “alpine”. Click next. It will connect your ipod to your computer via wifi. If anything else comes up click yes, or next. When it’s finally loaded it will show you as being in the directory “/private/var/root” Zoom out of your directory (clicking 3 times) on the folder with the little green arrow. Double Click on Applications. Double Click On Apollo. On the left hand side, locate the file “hosts” that you saved earlier. Once you find it, just click and hold the “hosts” file and drag it to the right hand directory which shows all your Apollo system files. It will ask you if you’d like to replace, select yes – and after it clears 100%, msn messenger should work fine for the ipod touch!

  29. WOOW JOEL!! thank you soo much…ur a genius!! MY MSN WORKKSSSSS on my iphone!! ur story will be told everywhere i go and cure the cancer of unathuntication of Apollo now and forever!! LOL in other words thanxx alot man u really did it!

  30. I followed all the instructions as directed above, but apollo still gives me the same error prompt. Any suggestions as what else I could do to fix the “can’t authenticate…can’t connect” problem.

  31. Are you sure you followed the instructions properly? I followed the instructions and it worked for me

    1. go to this link and download the file
    2. then go on to cute ftp pro or cyber duck and go to applications/apollo/ than save the host file you got off the link, and remember to over right the file.
    3. than go onto your apollo app after your done with step 2. log on to your msn account, than it should work.

  32. make sure u reboot ur phone after you replace the file!!

  33. The instructions seems a bit complex to follow. When will the new version of Apollo coming out? Is it going to include this fix on ‘unable to authenticate’ problem?

  34. Wow! It definitely works. Thx Hossam!!

  35. Hi guys,
    Well tried the above, but all i get after it connects is a white screen, and that’s it..! Grrr
    Any ideas ??

  36. i followed the steps but i can’t seem to connect my iphone via wi-fi. I get this “failure to authenticate host” message. Any idea why?

  37. after recieving this message “failure to authenticate host” i used iphonebrowser and pasted the hosts file in applications/apollo/ rebooted my iphone and succesfully logged into msn

  38. i get “the host validation failed…” when trying to connect on the cuteftp program. Can someone help?

  39. that happened to me the first time I tried to use cyberduck, I restored my ipod to its normal settings, than i got the installer back and all my apps I had from before. after that i tried using cyberduck and it work, I noticed that if you restore your ipod, the host or something changes. so it may be a pain but I’d try restoring your ipod, it worked for me so…

  40. hi,i have a question. i have an unlocked iphone and i really want to get this program on my phone because i use icq all the time.
    if i install it would it lock my iphone?

  41. Hello

    1st I want to thank you for this nice Software.

    I have re-install Apollo after update to 1.1.3

    It has found my previous settings but each time I try to Log-in I get the message :
    could not connect to authentification server could no resolve host name, with AIM

    Connection error from notification server : unable to connect with MSN

    Do you plan to include voice in AIM ?


    Many Thanks


  42. Hey..!! i already get into the iphone’s files but i can’t find the Applications folder obviously i can’t find either de Apollo folder.. please HELP ME..!!

  43. yeh same for me cant connect even after latest hosts file. any ideas?

  44. joels instructions seem a bit complicated..just download the file posted on January 25th, 2008 at 12:49 pm by Hossam^^^^ and replace with the “hosts” file in Applications/ using WinSCP (on windows): ( u will find the winscp download here & info about how to use it)

  45. Hi I have tried it but nothing
    i have 1.1.3 does it matters??

  46. Hi

    I have replaced the hot file in the Apollo Apps, it does not change anything :
    I get the message :
    could not connect to authentification server could no resolve host name, with AIM and
    Connection error from notification server : unable to connect with MSN

    Thanks in advance for a fix


  47. just use meebo, it’s better than Apollo.
    people you’re talking with appear at the top of your buddy list (no scroll to search open conversations),you can see all the lines you’re typing…anyway i think it’s so much better. open safari and o to (it functions also in PC, i use it at the university where computers do not have msn). try and let me know

  48. How do i save the file that people put into a non text document

  49. Thank you very much JOEL, your method works on my hotmail address but not on the msn, I don’t know why but anyway is good enough. Thank you

  50. if you do have problems signing on with msn just sign on 3 times then sign on a fourth time and it will tell you thatyou have already signed on, then you wait until it flicks back to the home screen automatically. then if you sign on again it should work
    yeah i know it is complicated quite unlike icq which works perfectly, but it is worth it
    brilliantt app
    so useful

  51. how is it a brilliant app if it doesn’t work for 90% of the people who use it u moron

  52. it was working fine until 1.1.3
    I use Jivetalk, works ok with 1.1.3

  53. Yes! I love you. my Apollo works now after replacing that hosts file. Thats kind of stupid how they made it so it couldn’t work rite away or is that only for iPod touch users maybe.

  54. OK I had problems connecting with my 1.1.3 iphone and just found the solution pour authenticate.

    You need to copy your “hosts” file in the following directories of your iPhone :


    Enjoy :p

  55. there doesnt seem to be any easy way to fix it like a simple download update in the downloader once jailbroken?

  56. Ok,

    thx it works now after your explanation. We need to paste host file into /etc/ and /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/ tooooo

    yeah thank you

  57. iP4
    thank you for your explanation
    but how do i do that
    i have a iPhone 1.1.2 unlocked
    pls ignore my ignorance
    would you pls guide me through this

  58. on my 1.1.3 iphone i cant conect it tells me connection error from notification server: unable to connect

  59. Ok for me after /etc/hosts update
    Yeaha !! Thanks a lot

  60. to joel
    thanks for the step by step guide
    my apollo is up running

  61. Hi there!!

    im using i phone fimware version 1.1.2 and i installed apollo and using i brick i uploaded the host file but still im getting an error..
    can anyone explaine why is this..?? i really need this msn for my mob..

    please help me…

  62. “Ok, thx it works now after your explanation. We need to paste host file into /etc/ and /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/ tooooo yeah thank you”

    YEAAAA works fine. TNX

  63. Hi
    I have found a patch in the installer
    Works ok now


  64. To:iP4
    Thanks Alot You The Man . Your Solution Worked Perfect…

  65. HEy IP4

    how do i upload this host files and from this pag i couldn’t download the file cos it is in txt formate..

    please tell me how to download this file and how can i pate this file in those directories..

    pleas please help me in this apollo one..
    thank you soooooooooooooooo much

  66. in the “Installer”
    Just install IM Chat 1.1.3 fix

    it’s so simple

  67. Dear Cyril!!

    IM having iphone firmware 1.1.2 and i installed apollo but i couldt connect it to says authentication failed..

    i did replaced the jost file using ibrickr but couldnt make it out..

    Can you tell me why?????? Please your help is highly appreciate

    thank you in advance..

  68. >Dear Cyril!! IM having iphone firmware 1.1.2 and i installed apollo but i couldt

    do what I just say before your mail

  69. Everyhing worked with 1.1.3 with goshwil instructions and then installing IM Chat 1.1.3 fix as Munaz Ali explained

  70. Thanks Ipodboyclapton that totally works! =D

  71. HI AGAIN




  72. Thank you so much!!!! it was driving me nuts on my iphone that it worked once and never again. Thanks iP4

  73. Read above. use winscp to access your iphone to replace the file. copy over and allow overwrite. it doesn’t matter that you have iphone. the folders are almost pretty much the same as the touch.

  74. still doesnt work after replacing the hosts file into the 3 folders…anyone has any idea? has it got to do with permissions?

  75. Works fine after uploading hosts in the 3 folders and rebooting ! thanks a lot

  76. erm..i try downloading the hosts file. but it keeps becoming a .txt file? so i can’t replace the original file in the iphone?

  77. just rename it to host

  78. what should be the permission of the hosts file in the 3 locations? 755?

  79. I got iphone 1.1.4 working after copying hosts into 3 locations as mentioned above, so, happy.

  80. what is hosts file? what is 3 location or folders.
    Can anyone explaine more detail.


  82. read my previous post, you will find the solution


  83. i downloaded and installed apollo im yesterday and my iphone has crashed. ver is 1.1.2. the iphone shows up on itunes but doesnt switch on. the apple logo appears and some flashes and vibrations also happen. someone pls help as all my data in on the phone …. send me a mail pls at

  84. I have downloaded + installed Apollo IM on my jailbroken iPhone, and when i try logging in, a notification comes up saying ‘Connection error from Notification server: Unable to connect’

    Please help me with the problem…


  85. I spent about 2 or more hours trying to get Apollo to work on my Touch, which was a waste of time because Meebo is way better. I went to meebo which is already formatted for the mobile safari. I tested it w/ a second account and its super fast, pretty much instant. Trust me. Meebo is way better. You have to be in wifi or edge anyway so might as well hop onto

  86. change the host file the last 3 ip is all wrong, that’s why it couldn’t communicate to hotmail.

    Fix: Open the host file using notepad and edit the last 3 entry to gateway.messenger.

    cheers ;p




  88. I keep getting something like “cannot connect to authentication server: could not resolve host name”

    what should I do??? it worked before… And I can’t delete everything again…

  89. ip4s worked for me

  90. if youre using ibrickr,

    1. go to /applications/ and download the host file out

    2. open the host file via notepad, delete everything and copy “##
    # Host Database
    # localhost is used to configure the loopback interface
    # when the system is booting. Do not change this entry.
    ## localhost broadcasthost
    ::1 localhost” into the file and save it.

    3. upload the host file to the following 3 locations: -/Applications/, -/etc/, and

    have fun X)

  91. still doesn’t work

  92. hmmm maybe u r behind a proxy or firewall.. usually you can change this by using a different port, ie. if icq doesn’t work on my laptop, I change the port to 443. Currently I am trying to do that too on ApolloIM on iPhone, but got no luck

    maybe smbd else got it running.

    I tried it like this…

  93. Can anyone give me a link to that “host” to be installed in the 3 different places on the iphone. I’m running 1.1.4 will it still work ???

    Thanx a lot

  94. hey, i have apollo in my iphone but evretime y try to connect to msn but it wont connect, what can i do?

  95. I noticed that the connection is sometimes operating, and sometimes not.
    This is te case for ICQ : “could not connect to authentication server : Could not resolve host name”. However, sometimes it connects.
    Does it help to iedntify the problem ? (i use 1.1.4).
    Reversely, i did not succeed to connect MSN

  96. to resolve the no connection issue you need to edit your hosts file or download the big boss apollo fix under your installer. it will be under tweaks 1.1.3 named im chat1.1.3 fix

  97. Had the same Problem !
    and it worked after this ->

    OK I had problems connecting with my 1.1.3 iphone and just found the solution pour authenticate.

    You need to copy your “hosts” file in the following directories of your iPhone :


    Enjoy :p
    Posted on February 19th, 2008 at 10:43 am by iP4

    thx iP4

  98. Can someone send me the corrected host file or send me all the text so i can copy and past into file

  99. Just use MobileChat

  100. Did all of the above. AOL works but

    MSN gives me an error:
    Unable to authenticate: Unable to connect

    any idea?


  101. MobileChat isn’t working for me, either. Just hangs at the “Connecting” stage.

    (recently jailbroken ipt with 1.1.4)

  102. Plz someone tell me where can i download this HOSTS file…

  103. No one of those links for host file doesn`t work for me…

  104. OK people listen up. I had the same sign-on issues and was beating my brains over this. The instructions above did not work for me. The reason that it is working for some and not others is that the IP address of msn servers have changed since the above solutions were published. They may perhaps change periodically, which if true, really suck cos it means that we will get this sign-on issue each time. If you don;t know what an IP address is then don’t worry about it. I got it to work by finding out what the ‘current’ IP addresses are for the msn servers and then modifying the hosts file accordingly. So for those trying to use msn replace the 2 lines with in it with the following:

    I hope this helps!

  105. i run 1.1.4 and i installed the latest version of Apollo, when i sign in i get the message that cant connect to the authentication server and could not resolve host name. i followed all the steps and put the we b address named “hosts” in the 3 directories. still doesnt work. help anyone???i even rebooted my iphone 3 times. do i hav to edit the text in anyway?

  106. hey the links to the file by everyone dont work can sum1 plz post a working link

  107. I use FRING now, great apps with audio

  108. what do I put as port and server once I have entered my email and password as a MSN account ???? Help please ????

  109. where do i enter ???



    i just read all comments and i dont seem to be able to understand where do i put all these input 🙁 🙁

    can someone direct me ??

  110. This is all pretty stupid. The application shouldn’t require IP addresses in a host file. You should be able to enter in the NAME of the servers when you configure the connection. The NAME of the server should be RESOLVED via DNS just like ANY OTHER APPLICATION DOES!

    I have not looked into the issue with Apollo extensively but using a static host file is just plain stupid. Server IP’s change CONSTANTLY.


  111. i can’t seem to find IM Chat 1.1.3 fix… is it removed from the sources?

  112. I have Apollo Im V. 1.0.2
    I tried to get my msn working by following the instruction of Joel posted on January 26 th.
    But the link to the file “hosts” is not available. Where can I get that file to finish the instructions?
    I also read about the new IP adress that msn is using.
    Where do you fill in those data?

  113. Heyy–
    so i just downloaded the Apollo im and im having troubles. it seems that it connects and downloads the cookies but then it just closes without the finished log-on…any ideas how to fix it??


  115. i downloaded the app. of aim on my itouch but when i try to go on it says i must have a network connection even though i do..what do i do?

  116. hi, i installed the installer app. but i cant with the apollo app.
    and my firm is 1.1.3 what can i do?
    please help me out!


  117. i mean i cant find the apollo app on it

  118. Yeah, just search through it but if its not there after, that means it doesnt come with that firmware. Maybe try re-installing your installer…

  119. super site! I am loving it!!

  120. Espermentar

  121. I can’t find a button to send a message to my friends when I’m on pop out chat.

  122. Iwant thes

  123. how to use the benifits inside i-phone

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