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Voice Band

Voice Band is a unique app for iPhone and iPod touch that lets you turn your voice into music from several instruments such as guitar, bass, sax, synthesizers, organs, and drums. Using Voice Band is pretty simple and very exciting, as the app converts your voice into these instruments on the fly. Voice Band uses highs and lows of your voice to decide which notes and or instruments (in the case of drums) to play. Record multiple instruments using your voice as separate tracks and Voice Band combines them all into one final song that you can export out as an MP3 file and email to your friends.

The app is broken down into 4 tabs, Main, Recorder, Settings and Help. Most of the action takes place in the first two tabs. Pick your instrument from the list of items on the top. Be sure to swipe left to scroll across all of the items available including Power Chords, Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Sax, 2 Synths, Organ, Kick/Snare, Hi-Hat, Crash, and Mic. Set your distortion and volume if needed. Then connect a pair of headphones to your iPhone or iPod touch (make sure they have a mic if you are using the 1st gen iPhone) and start singing. You’ll hear the music being created in your headphones as you hit specific highs and lows in your voice. If you need some inspiration, load a song from your iPod library and play using the controls on the bottom of the Main tab.

Voice Band lets you record multiple tracks to form a song. To do this tap the Recorder button and hit the record button. You’ll find a built in metronome slider that you can customize to match your desired tempo and sound level. You can even change the time signature to any setting you want including 4/4 5/4 3/8 6/8 12/8 9/8 2/2 4/2 2/4 and 3/4. Hit Stop when you’re done recording a track. Go back to Main and pick a different instrument and repeat to record a new track over the existing ones and so forth, until you are done with your song. You can export your recording into an MP3 and send it via email to anyone, or just save it in Voice Band to load later.

Settings section lets you fine tune the app sensitivity as it converts your voice to drums. You can also change the reverb and delay, and adjust the built in auto pitch tuning. Finally here is where you can customize the scale used by the guitar.

If you’re a musician and or love to sing, Voice Band is definitely for you. You can’t be shy about singing or easily embarrassed if you want to have fun with this app. Unless you really know what you’re doing, it takes a lot of practice and fine tuning to get the instruments to respond to your voice the way you want them to. Overall, Voice Band can be a lot of fun to use and maybe even have at a party for people to play around with. It does require a pair of headphones and a quiet area for best results. Highly recommended for fans of voice based music iPhone apps such as Ocarina, LaDiDa, and I Am T-Pain.

Here is a video demo of the Voice Band app on the iPhone

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  1. I can’t find Voice Band in the App Store from my iPhone.

  2. Yea pretty weird because it wasn’t working for me either, but now it is working again, maybe Apple was updating their database?

  3. this is weird…

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