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Ask the Dead

You are cleaning up your closet when suddenly this old box falls onto your hand as you clear out some boxes. It’s a Ouija board. In your curiosity, you set the game up and start playing. You laugh at yourself for playing around with the planchette when it starts to move on its own! You nervously spell it out and your fear overcomes you! But what does it spell!? WHAT DOES IT SPELL!?!?! Released by the FORM Group Inc, Ask the Dead has 3 modes, each revolving around communicating with the dead or seeing the dead. It’s available on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad for $0.99.

So, the Ask the Dead app. This app gives you access to 3 different ways to feel like something creepy will happen. With the proper atmosphere amongst friends or with your significant-other, this app could be used to make for interesting conversations. You have the ‘Ouija Board,’ ‘Guided Séance,’ and ‘Hear a Live Haunting.’

Ask the Dead

Ouija Board has you place two fingers (preferably two fingers) on the planchette (that little mouse-like object with the circle window in the center so you can see the letters that the ghosts want to communicate with you) and it will suddenly start moving to reveal a message. These messages are completely random, have obviously no relation to anything relating to you or your friends, and are basically equivalent to an even less specific fortune cookie.

Guided Séance is an image of a candle flickering. You place your fingers and supposedly, you ask a question. If the candle flickers, that’s the answer. I have no clue, but again, has no relation to anything you say. At least with the Ouija Board, you have to wait for the answer to slowly spell itself out. Here, you just see a candle flicker once and then die out.

Ask the Dead

Hear a Live Haunting is one of those YouTube screamers that we all hate. It’s late, you surf youtube and find a video, say for Family Guy or something, but the audio is low, so you turn it up. Suddenly around the 20-30 second mark, a face of some ugly thing pops up and you hear a ridiculously loud scream in your earphones. Thanks Ask the Dead, for putting such an annoying jump-scare at the palm of your hand!

Good for a laugh or just to feel like you are playing with ghosts when you really REALLY don’t want to use a real Ouija Board (see Paranormal Activity… I’m never using a Ouija board. Ever.), this could be some fun in the dark with your loved ones. It’s not very fun by itself nor is it fun when you are expecting some type of game or entertainment from your apps that cost $0.99. I could have the same conversations by, oh, I dunno, talking to my friends directly… but to finally answer what the Ouija board read from the start of this review, what did the Ouija Board spell!?!?!

Here is a video demo of the Ask the Dead app on the iPhone

AppSafari Rating: 2.5/5

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  1. Welll i dont think it says random things cause when i got the app on my ipod it was saying what every one calls me by my nickname wich is marco ferguson

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