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The iHeartRadio iPhone app streams more than a thousand radio stations and gives you a chance to create commercial-free channels of your favorite songs and artists. The interface is nicely-organized and attractive, so you can quickly find the perfect soundtrack for your day.

With iHeartRadio’s iPhone app, you can sign up with email or log-in with Facebook. You can customize your Facebook privacy settings in authorization, so you can decide to share to public, friends, or keep private. If you elect to share your iHeartRadio activity, your Facebook timeline will be updated automatically. You can also access your iHeartRadio selections online.

iheartradio iphone app

The iHeartRadio iPhone app has a clean, smart home screen. You navigate by selecting icons from the bottom menu bar. You can check out live stations, create a station, and access your stations with just one touch. The live stations icon opens to smartly categorized selections like music genres, talk radio options, and specific locations. You can search for an indie radio station in Los Angeles simply. With a touch, the station loads and you have music. You can create a custom station by touching a song as it plays.

iheartradio iphone app

The easiest way, however, to create your own channels is to press the create icon. You enter an artist or song in the field at the top of the page. Press the artist or song sort option icon, and a list of relevant information fills the screen. You tap the song or artist, and a station is created and automatically plays. For each song, the album art covers most of the screen with a thumbs up or thumbs down to help drive algorithms for music selection. You can start and move to the next song. The arrow icon incorporates smart one-touch functions, like check out an artist bio, song lyrics, or purchase the song from iTunes.

iHeart Radio is not particularly cutting-edge, as it essentially wraps together existing radio stations and features similar to Pandora and Songza. But, as an iOS music app, it is solid–smooth navigation, easy tools, and free.

AppSafari Rating: 4/5

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Price: Free
Version: 4.4.0
Size: 9.50 MB
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45 Comments to “iHeartRadio”

  1. I love this app, I’m listening to live radio even when I don’t have good reception at work, 5 Stars, can you add more stations please!! I can has Radio??

  2. I love this app and listen to it everyday. Please please add 840 AM based out of louisville, ky. This would be perfect!!! Thank u!

  3. Please add WDNA 88.9 out of Miami, FL or advise me how I can access my ONLY radio station with my iPhone 3G…Please!

  4. I would like to see 94.7 from Portland, also 95.5 from LA.

  5. Hi, I tried to download this app and its telling me that it is not available??? Any idea why?

  6. ADD 104.3 MY FM, 9.7 STAR and 106.7 K ROCk

  7. I love this app… 680 knbr “the sports leader” would be nice hope to hear that station soon!!!!!

  8. hey

  9. Can you add La Kalle 105.9 from NY PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!! IHeart Radio is the best app i got so far!!!!!!

  10. think I will like this app on my iphone but I keep having a problem and loose the app. If I have a station on and I want to exit, I stop the stream and hit the button to go back to the desktop. In doing so, the next time i go into the app I have no stations available. I need to reload the app in order to get it back

  11. I want to listen to big 105.5 fm in South Fl. and it keeps buffering. I can listen to other station is there something I need to do ? Thanks

  12. I tried to un install iHeartRadio from my Blackberry Pearl, and it won’t let me. BULLSHIT app

  13. Works like a charm on my iPod touch, but sometimes I listen and don’t touch my iPod for 30+ minutes and the wifi cuts out.

    Can the app have a feature added so that it doesn’t cut out??

  14. Last few days I am unable to get iheartradio – all it says is BUFFERING!

  15. Buffer, buffer, Buffer the new version don’t work all it does is hang and buffer please Clare chanel fix this APP or unscramble your stream so we can use the AAPS that work or give us the original version

  16. Everyone I know, & that’s a lot, who has this app on their iTouch or iPhone have all been having the same buffering issue. This started out as a great app & now it’s not worth the little effort it takes to install. It doesn’t matter if you connect via wifi, edge or 3g it will just sit there attempting to buffer data without success. At first I thought it might have been just a server or bandwidth issue but this has been going on way to long for such a simple fix.. Until “Clear Channel” takes an interest in resolving this issue I”d find other means of listening to live radio. As it stands AOL Radio is the only solution I’ve found that can provide reliable access to live streamed radio, from different regions of the USA..

  17. They don’t even read these commentacits going to be broken indefinately. Clear chan wake up!

  18. I love this App when it works, but the buffering, buffering, buffering issue has been BAD and getting WORSE. It’s not the hardware or connectivity, because the NPR streaming App works great (love Vermont Public Radio!). It feels like the bad old days with AOL dialup – too many users and not enough bandwidth? Another sign that Bush led us into a great leap backward to third world status.

  19. This problem is another sign that congress and Obama are leading us to Bankruptcy as a country.

  20. THIS IS A GREAT APP! All my favorite radio stations on my iphone!!! The buffering issue sucks though, but I noticed that I only have problems when I connect through ATT&T 3G, using Wifi I can connect without problems every time. I hope they can fix this, it worked great until about a week ago…


  21. There is a better alternative called Wunderradio but unfortunately they were forced to remove access to all Clear Channel stations. I haven’t been able to use iheartradio for 2 weeks now. Check out Wunderradio, 36,000 stations including police, fire, weather, air. No affiliation, just a happy purchaser.

  22. I can’t get onto iheartradio – nothing but buffering for 2 whole days

  23. this app works on my 1st gen iphone over Edge, but it cuts in and out. Over wifi it works, but not on all wifi connections. it will work flawlessly everytime at my friends house over his wifi connections, but will not work at all over my wifi connection. visit another friend and try it on his wifi and it will not work. its hit or miss.

  24. iHeart Radio has been a GREAT addition to my app selections ever since I purchased my iPhone 3G. This past week, however, I have not been able to connect to any station. I’m getting the same constant buffering mentioned by others. (I’m in Columbus Ohio and have gotten addicted to the Ed Lover Morning Show out of NYC.) If there are any solutions to this will someone please let me know? Considering going to Wunderradio. This app is not free but if it works, the six bucks will be well worth it.

  25. Loved it. Then buffer buffer buffer. Argh. Looking for something new. When it works though it works great!

  26. The same thing is happening to me. It’s been going on for three weeks now. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app, I’ve rebooted my phone, and nothing works. SUX! This app was what convinced me to get the iPhone in the first place, and now it doesn’t work.

  27. Until the buffering problem started, I was quite happy with this APP. Especially since it was free. I cannot listen to any stations using 3G or WiFi now. Just keeps buffering……. 🙁

  28. Sweet! The buffering problem seems to have been resolved without a SW update. Back to the music! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  29. its has also magicly started working everywhere I got, wifi, edge, it works.

  30. How can I tag songs using iHeart app.? It nevers tags the song nor am I able to view song lyrics. Help??? I love the app but need some help with this. Thanks!!


  32. still buffering probs… so still no change on issue

  33. I HEART the iHeartRadio application for my iPhone and of course I’m a fan of it on Facebook. A couple of days ago on the Facebook fan page I found an iHeartRadio widget that let’s you stream your favorite radio station or side channel right from your profile. I immediately grabbed it and put it on my page. It’s soooo cool! You can get it here…. Spread the word! Happy Listening!

  34. SUCKS !!!!!!
    Just sits there and BUFFERS ……

  35. Buffer freezing on wifi connection. Has worked awesome regardless of edge 3g or wifi until tonight when I attemtrd to listen to coast to coast on kfi on wifi all I get is buffer switch to 3g ok. My other streaming programs work fine on wifi what’s up? Tried soft reset reboot cache and history dump. Don’t get it. Come on clear channel don’t make me switch to a competitor. I’m on a iPhone 3gs and 3g(wife’s) we’ve been using this app for more than a year without problem.

  36. Why is this app not available in Canada?

  37. cool app but cannot seem to get the station or fav music in your favorites. help please

  38. Is there any way to get this app from Canada????? I just moved to CA and need my American radio stations!

  39. Was anyone able to get this app in Canada? I was able to get it while signing in iTunes with a US address, however, the app will only work when I’m connected to my wifi.

  40. The latest version of this app SUCKS. You now have to log onto facebook to use iheart, unlike before. This is absolutely wrong and I hope Apple pulls the app. This is interfering with my personal business and is NOT RIGHT! Take that crap off Iheart folks! Facebook is a cancer on the net that is infecting every site that you use. Of course, if you want your every thought and move broadcast to the world, then you will be OK with Facebook and its cancerous links!

  41. Blake Sanden Is Now on Iheart Radio — > Google Blake Sanden Buy The CD’S

  42. Best

  43. Was good, now it sucks! I don’t use the iheart app anymore because I find the advertising I am forced to listen to every time I use it on top of the radio advertising offensive. If anyone has a way to bypass the Direct TV ad let me know, otherwise I am moving on.

  44. The “latest” version (Sep. 2013) SUCKS!

    The “Recently Played” list (showing the SAME STATIONS over and over again) is STUPID! EACH Station should appear EXACTLY ONCE!

    MOVE the Station to the top of the list (BUT DELETE IT from the rest of the list). I don’t want/need to know HOW MANY TIMES I’ve selected a specific station, I want to know WHICH (UNIQUE) stations I listen to most recently!

    ALSO, the “Buffering” (loop) is REALLY anoying (note: It’s NOT the station feed, as a reboot of the iPhone [iOS 7] “fixes” the problem). Now this MAY be an iOS issue, but it still makes the APP SUCK!

  45. I didn’t like the latest version either!

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