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6500+ Cool Facts

The 6500+ Cool Facts is a great and free iPhone app that contains a database of over 6,500 interesting facts that you can flip up and down. These rare and interesting facts will have you saying ooh and ahh and are great for when you have a short break and just want to keep your brain stimulated with funny, and odd useless (or maybe even useful) facts. When you get bored of reading the news, check out the cool facts app on your iPhone or iPod touch for free. A great way to impress people at the next meeting or party.

This 3rd Party App is available at the Apple iTunes AppStore. Browse the full list of all AppStore apps filed under the AppStore category.
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10 Comments to “6500+ Cool Facts”

  1. This 3rd Party App is available at the Apple iTunes AppStore.

  2. there’s an error in your fact: “Joshua is hebrew for Jesus” its the other way around

  3. this app states that Q in the only letter not found in the Presidents names…what about John Quincy Adams? It is an error, are these facts not checked?

  4. This app states that the American flag flies atop the Canadian parlament on the discontinued Canadian 2 dollar bill. It is in fact Canada’s previous flag with a Union Jack in the corner being for the 50 stars of the American flag. Most of the “facts” have poor grammar and punctuation, and several are false. Try verifying them before posting them.

  5. Can you give information on how you verify for you facts? What is the process? Have they been validated?

  6. There is an error in your fact, Paper bags arenot illegale in afghanistan because its sacred, but they were only banned in Taliban regieme due to security reason.

    Pllease make the correction Thanks

  7. One fact says you can only see rainbows in the morning and afternoon and then another fact says rainbows can be seen at night time. SO WHICH ONES A LIE HOMIE’S

  8. Its a Iphone application with 6500+ facts, its entertaining and worth a thought. Why are you all complaining about legitimacey of the facts? theres 6500 apps and its not a peer reviewed scientific journal, theres bound to be a few mistakes… Awesome app, I can sit and use it for hours, Its a great idea and I Hope it grows. (By the way, I Doubt the creator has any affiliation with this site, why the hell are you posting complaints here when the developers site is listed, with contact info… think)

  9. I like this app, some of the facts are not completely accurate (Michael Jackson has the best-selling record of all time, not The Beatles) but I like this app anyways.

  10. Your fact about where al Capone died is wrong he died at his house not in prison

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