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Comets and Craters

Living Artz Interactive has come out with Comets and Craters, a brilliant tower defense strategy game for the iPhone. The game has a clever storyline that goes something like this. To avoid getting hit by comets, we have built a system that redirects them to hit the moon. These comets leave behind valuable minerals and crystals after they explode, leading to the construction of our space station Orion. The Dracone alien race wants to take over Orion and steal these deposits. And that’s where you come in. You are the last hope in defending the Orion space station on the moon and as a result saving planet Earth and the human race.

The game plays much like any other tower defense game. There is no attack route in Comets and Crates, meaning your battle field is used by the enemy depending on available real estate. You place towers and mines in routes of incoming ground and air based enemy vehicles to save the space station. Ground vehicles adapt to where you place your towers and go around them. Air strikes go over your missiles and are unaffected by them. Mines blow up moving vehicles, and come with a slew of upgrade and bonus options. There is only 1 type of air attack tower, and it is not indestructible, so place them wisely and don’t forget to move them as need. You can upgrade, repair and trade towers. Pinch and pull to zoom in and out of the map. Remember to send your transporters to collect minerals and crystals as they accumulate in craters.

The game also has a nifty map builder, which means you can create custom game maps from a variety of objects to play on. Comets and Craters is quite deep and takes some time to get used to all its various options. Thankfully there are detailed videos available for learning everything on the developer’s site. Graphics and original artwork in the game are quite detailed, screaming eye appeal, and you’ll find that most objects are dynamic in some shape or form. If you’re a fan of tanks and tower defense games, be sure to check out Comets and Craters on your iPhone, as it won’t disappoint. We really could only come up with one complaint and that is the game icon, which given the brilliant graphics in the game itself, doesn’t do it justice.

Here is the feature list:
– 5 x upgradable Towers, Laser, Pulse, Arc, Atom and Sonic
– 2 x Tower upgrades to increase weapons power
– Different range Towers, different abilities
– 3 x ground mines, Freeze, Blast (upgadeto Smart Mine)
– 2 x Transporters for collection of Minerals and Crystals from crater fields
– Inbound Comets and Meteorites leaving behind Mineral and Crystal deposits
– 2 x Dock upgrades to increase value of Mineral and Crystal collection
– 2 x Space Station upgrades to unlock additional Towers/Mines and upgrades
– Trade your Towers
– Tower and Mine damage
– Space Station and Dock damage
– Towers become inactive at zero health and cause loss of points
– Repair for Towers, Mines, Dock and SpaceStation
– Health status for Tower, Enemy Vehicles and Buildings
– 7 x ground enemy vehicles (two of which have attack ability, one with forcefield)
– 2 x airbourne enemy vehicles
– 100 x Attack waves
– 3 x Modes of difficulty, Rookie, Veteran and Hero
– The quicker you destroy an enemy the more points you will gain
– Highscores for Rookie, Veteran and Hero modes
– Challenges (challenge your fiends to beat your score)
– Buddy lists

Here is a video demo of the Comets and Craters app on the iPhone

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Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 13.03 MB
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  1. Thanks for review appSafari!

    Just wanted to let users know that 1.1 is currently in review!

    We have posted a list of changes and new features on our website.

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