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Tap Tap Revolution

Note: If you are looking for the App Store version of this game check out Tap Tap Revenge. Like Dance Dance Revolution? Tap Tap Revolution is a native iPhone or iPod touch game. You play by keeping your taps in synch with the songs playing. Tap to the beat when the lights hit the bottom line. The game has an line update feature “New Tracks” which lets you download new songs by idie artists over your Wi-fi connection. Download and install the game using or iBrickr.

Update: Tap Tap Revenge 3 is out now.

Use iPhone mods and hacks at your own risk! Installing 3rd Party iPhone apps requires you to jailbreak the iPhone before installing the native software and apps. You can use for Mac OSX and iBrickr for Windows PC to do this. Browse the full list of all iPhone and iPod touch native 3rd party apps filed under the software category.

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70 Comments to “Tap Tap Revolution”

  1. will this screw up my iphone because i just bought it and i want tap tap revolution but i cant buy another 1 so will it screw it up?

  2. can i download using the wifi thing
    on my touch???

  3. Will this screw up my ipod touch?

  4. i would also like to know if i can download ttr while using wifi?

  5. I have it. You need to jailbreak your iphone/ipod touch (Both work) to 1.1.2, then you can download it

    Google Jailreak i___

  6. It sounds like this will be too complicated for most people reading this because installing it involved jailbreaking an iPhone/iPod Touch. Good luck to all the newbies. It’s an addictive game and I love it.

  7. just get it from iTunes. Why risk ruining your iPods. They’re 300-400$$$. Why would you risk tht? Retards!!!!!!!

  8. I thing you’re the retard here. You can’t get TTR from itunes (retard) and jailbreaking does not ruin your ipod. If you mess it up, you do a restore. Jailbreaking is actualy a really easy procedure if you actually take the time to READ the instructions, or memorise them like me.

  9. Bob is right, Jail breaking your iPhone has nothing to do with iTunes, and neither does Tap Tap Revolution.

  10. so where should I go to jail break my iPod P.S can you get really good itouch games if u pay for them please give me a link if u can I’ve been looking for days on the Internet

  11. where can i find a jailbreak download for a macbook!?!?!? If anyone knows of a good site plz e-mail me if u do please ty!

  12. Yeah I dunno why people keep saying jailbreak messus your ipod touch/iphone up. It don’t! TTR is awesome btw (just got it working)

  13. TTR crashes every once and awhile but is really fun to play. Jailbreaking is made REALLY EASY if you use Ziphone. Just update your toy to 1.1.4 and then just run the ziphone and it takes like 30 seconds, you can always restore if you don’t like it.

  14. For all of u that think that jailbreaking your iPhone/touch wont mess up your iPod/phone well most of the time it dosent sometimes restoring won’t do anything and you end up buying a new one it HAS happens before so jailbreak AT YOUR OWN RISK this WILL break your warranty

  15. how do u install itap for vesion 1.1.4?….the ibrickr and is outdated

  16. will this screw up my iPod Touch?

  17. DJ T-

    The only thing I can offer to you is update your installer. I upgraded to 1.1.4. and then jailbroke using ziphone. And my installer works fine.


    No this will not screw up your Ipod Touch. I have restored and jailbroken my Ipod 9 times now and it is fine, I have no problems. If you are not satisfied with any application, then just uninstall it. And if you don’t like your Ipod touch jailbroken (I don’t know why you wouldn’t) then you can ALWAYS just restore the Ipod unless you jailbroke via hardware, which no one does anymore. It’s all software which can be undone.

  18. how do you download music to the downloaded section in tap tap revolution on my touch not iphone

  19. what about vearshon 1.1.4

  20. 1.1.4. Works great, I have 1.1.4 and it works fine. They recently updated it int he past couple days and now TTR is running really smooth

  21. to jailbreak your iPhone/iPod Touch goto and follow the links its so easy.

    And there are vids on you tube showing exactly what to do if you get mixed up.

  22. can u jailbreak ur iPod touch of ur iPod touch???

  23. um… I don’t think you can do it by iPod touch… you’re gonna need to use a computer to jailbreak your iPod touch

  24. hi just to add my own view:
    i bought the ipod touch but what apple can give with it is rather limited unless you’re willing to pay a lot (on top of what you paid for the hardware). I was quite nervous about using jailbreak at first, but it’s opensource (so you don’t have to worry about hidden cookies and spyware) and my experience with it has been very good. I love TTR; when coupled with Finder it’s turned my music into an altogether new experience. For those scared to use jailbreak (Ziphone seems best to me) you can ask your tech-savvy friends for help. It’s really easy to do (: tappetytappitytaptaprevo!

  25. Jail breaking your ipod does not brick it in anyway… well it hasn’t bricked mine, and I’ve been using it for about 2 months now. Once you do jailbreak it though, i wouldn’t recommend updating it to later versions, as it may cause some problems. I recommend using that’s where i got mine and it has turned out fine

  26. I’ve read everything. Does it or does it not mess up ur iPod, and can I do it from my iPod?

  27. Jonnyboy,

    No it does not. You can not Jailbreak your iPod without your computer if you have firmware 1.1.4 I am going to assume that you do have 1.1.4 which means that ziphone would be your best option. So do not worry about your iPod losing its functionality. If there is ever a time that you do not like your iPod Jailbroken then simply restore it.

  28. To comment 25:

    If you have the most recent iPod/iPhone firmware 1.1.4 you can jailbreak with ziphone and not run into any issues with iTunes.

  29. actually… I think you can jailbreak your iPod without using your computer… there’s a youtube video, just search for it 🙂

  30. btw… it does not mess up your iPod… and if it does… you can just restore it, so don’t worry much about it

  31. I don’t think you can do that with an updated iPod (1.1.4). But maybe that has changed in the past month or so.

  32. check on youtube (if you can) (:

  33. mine says “package download error: timed out!”
    someone plz help


  35. I’m tired of people saying it almost broke mi phone or blah blah blah if u just read mine I’ll tell u that it works fine I tried mine. First I used ziPhone it crashed on mi phone I restored it after I freaked so 1 tip if u mess up just go to youtube watch vids or just restore!^_^

  36. To Jacob:help reply, just try again!if u have ZiPhone just dont download anithing elsewhile jailbreaking.try this I’m sorry if it dosnt work:-(

  37. hey when i go to download TTR it says that it cant connect to the host can you help me out on how to fix that? thanks

  38. wat do you do if when you go to and then you click on the link and then it won’t let you download the file what do u do?

  39. i wouldnt recommend using ziphone for the itouch because if u update the installer in ziphone it freezes alot and i restored it and jailbroke it three times with the same problem because you can barely install anything with the outdated version i would recommend looking at iliberty because i have had absolutely no problems with iliberty just make sure you read the short manual for iliberty on otherwise it will be confusing but it works great

  40. from experience actually it would only freeze up if you try and run more than one app at a time e.g. using Finder with music still on. Nevertheless I have experienced no ‘bricking’ at all with ziphone – just remember not to run apple stuff when using third-party apps on the itouch and any occasional freezes iron themselves out (itouch does a self-restart that doesn’t compromise your stuff whenever it freezes)

  41. to ichi169:

    another way of using TTR is by Finder. You don’t have to download tracks from the Net; you can download Finder ( and then copy and paste your current music into the “Music” subfolder of the “TTR” folder.

    It will then appear under the “Downloaded Tracks” as XXXX (rec) which means that it’s not recorded. You can then create your own beat by opening XXXX in TTR and then tapping. When you’re done, just leave it and TTR will save it; if you don’t like what you tapped you can exit any time throughout the song.

    One note though is that Apple renames all stuff (in Finder) with four-letter code names e.g. GABQ.m4a or ZMVT.mp3. You can also TTR movies’ audio (though no visual) by copying the .m4v files.

    Hence you should use iTunes to help you; remove all songs from your iPod and put in only those that you want to TTR. Then use Finder and put them in TTR (or copy down their codes to do it later) before re-filling your iPod up with its original quantity of songs.

    Hope that helps. Sorry it’s so long though. 🙂

  42. has there been ANY reports about after jail breaking NOT being able to use it ever again just to be sure…I mean its fine if I can restore it…right? 😐

  43. RIGHT!?!?!?!?! 😐

  44. mine is version 1.1.4 so how do i do that

  45. To Grant: hey don’t worry… we all know that the ipod touch / iphone is a really expensive toy and stuff, but jailbreaking does not kill it and the benefits far outweigh the few minutes it takes to jailbreak it. and yes, you can use the apple full system reset to erase jailbreak if you’re not happy. relax. if jailbreaking was that bad, you’d have this forum full of people complaining about crashed stuff. but it works fine, we’re all still here and happy. To Bob: just run ziphone / liberty / whatever third party jailbreak on it. it’s better to jailbreak with 1.1.4 anyway (and it can be done without needing extra steps) so that you don’t have to reset the iphone again when updating your iTunes software. Open Forum: btw, does updating your iTunes software wreak havoc with jailbreak?

  46. this sounds g** probly will not work and the ppl that say it does r complete retards so my advice is to not do this f****n scaming thing

  47. okay. eyo . answer the question. will downloading the tap tap rev mess up the iphone n if not, how do youdo it

  48. Tap Tap revolution is available through the iTunes store in their App Store. It’s free. If you download it through iTunes, there is no reason why it should mess up your iPod or iPhone.

  49. dont use ibrickr if you have pc. it screwed my itouch then the pc didnt recognize it nor did itunes. go to

    trust me its easier to use and it worked for me

    by the way you need a wifi connection to get tap tap rev

  50. @jonia- The App Store version doesn’t let you use your own songs. Big downside and pretty much kills the appeal of the game (all the songs I play have tapfiles created by other users).

  51. uh, I just went to my apps icon and clicked install. then it was on my ipod. thats it. all done. what’s the big deal?

  52. ttr is free and yeah u can use get off ur wifi on ur ipod

  53. uh yeah i just tried it with the ibrickr one. cause i just got my itouch today. the screen is completely white. it wont do anything. i pluged it into my itunes but it doesnt go through. uh yeah wtf is wrong with my ipod?

  54. kate eithar that u didnt do it correctly or its that u dont know how to do it, u also have to be on the correct firmware to do it 1.1.4 will do though. Go to ziphone google it then download and click on jailbreak ur done in seconds this also works on 1.1.5


  55. I need all the steps to get tap tap revolution on my iPod touch I can’t find it on when I’m on my iPod so how do u download it from my iPod please answer back as son as u can

  56. omg!! you will not find ttr on apple, noor any apple affiliations!!! you first have to jail break your ipod to download third party apps.!!! to jailbreak just download ziphone or quickpwn. it’s an easy process… then you can go on from there.

  57. I know that this is a REALLY stupid question, but where is TTR in ‘installer’?


  59. Well I hope a free version of ttr will come out cause i hate jailbraking and I really don’t take risks. I wonder when will it come out. If it comes out on itunes please notify me. I find it addicting watching it on youtube

  60. still a REALLY stupid question but what’s the source for installer/cydia?

  61. Were do I get ibrickr from I’m running 2.2.1 firmware pls help oh and can you tap to your own music onthis one?

  62. okay, so i just did the jail breac thinger on my i touch, im super confused about how to put stuff on it like games. any help. and also, where do i get games and such from?

  63. can you download this game for tha samsung behold?

  64. okay u retards download quick pwn and jail break it and NO THIS IS FOR IPHONE AND IPOD TOUCH ONLY

  65. Thank you for introducing me to this great game! I use my iPod Touch for business but having a few recreational uses is great.


  67. i already jailbroke my ipod with only cydia, rock, and icy on it. I’ve downloaded installer but i open it and it just closes. any help?

  68. How do I get it on here fulp

  69. Love, love love Tap Tap, although this has been seriously cutting into my productivity. Glad they have so many of my favorite artists, even more obscure ones…off the top of my head some faves are Tokyo Police Club, Attack Attack, Foo Fighters, Ra, Middle Distance Runner, Shapes of Race Cars, Benny Bennassi, Infected Mushroom, Earl Greyhound and Minus the Bear. Hope they continue adding more rad music!

  70. Parents – keep your kids away from TAP TAP is has multiple chat rooms filled with predators
    KIDS – Watch out for bad guys in the chat room and better yet don’t use TAP TAP

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