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If you endorse violence against stick figures, John Hartzog’s iPhone game app, StickWars, is probably for you. In this case, you’re defending your castle from invading bombardments of enemies designed as stick figures. Have fun sunup till sundown tossing them up in the air or smashing them into the ground, as those are the two ways in which you can kill them. If you’re queasy about blood, no problem–just adjust the amount in Options.

You have the course of a day (from sun-up to sun-down) to win each battle. To fight the horde, just tap and hold your finger on a figure, then either toss it up and watch it smack against the ground or smash it there yourself. If you do not toss it high enough, you must try again. One fun thing to do is to toss or smash them into an oncoming group of stick figures or colliding a couple together in mid-air–extra cool points for you. Of course, you get money for every figure that you kill, which you can use to Repair/Fortify walls or Build prisons/bomb factories/archery ranges/wizard schools. Capture prisoners by dropping a stick figure into a prison, who you can use later against the enemies. Of course, training all these figures also costs money. After you train all your archers and wizards, etc., the game gets a lot more complex as only certain enemies can be attacked at certain times or in certain ways. Hint: read the instructions carefully. Difficulty levels can be adjusted.

There are only 20 levels in the Lite version, and once the action gets started, this game can be very fast-paced…especially if you’re playing the two Ultimate Challenges. Time Attack will make your arm feel the burn, while High Toss is a bit more gentle. If you lose a level, you can try it again. StickWars is pretty well thought-out, what with all the attack stipulations and all; they can be a bit overwhelming at first. With such complexity, it’s hilarious that your enemies are basic stick figures, and the music is perfectly suited for a castle defense game. There are long wait times for loading games, however, and there are timed ads that you have to wait through to get to the next level; along that vein, StickWars can be a bit mind-numbing and repetitive, at least until you get enough money to utilize other features. If you find stick figure violence a stress reliever, though, then you should give this game app a download.

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  1. this is a great app totally worth the money dont care what anyone says five stars

  2. ***** Five Stars indeed. If you want a cheat, press pause, then touch anywhere 6x fast wait, and then you should hear the word “Cheater!”.

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