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Electronic Arts have released the classic game of Battleship for the iPhone and iPod touch. You never had this much fun playing battleship before. You can play the game in 4 different modes, each of which is unique and fun in its own way. You place your five battleships on the board by dragging and dropping them to wherever you like. You can rotate the ships by tapping them, or drag them around by tapping and holding. If you want a quick random placement, tap the redeploy button. Then you just tap on the place on the board you want and either tap again or tap the red missile button to fire your arsenal. White pegs show missed hits while successful hits cause your device to vibrate and leave behind a reg peg.

The 4 modes are: Classic, Salvo, Superweapons, and Multiplayer. Classic mode is where you place your 5 ships and fire one rocket at a time back and forth. While this is fun, it can take a long time to finish a game. For those looking to speed up the pace, you can paly in Salvo mode, where you can fire up to 5 rockets at the same time. For something truly unique an exciting, try the Superweapons mode where you not only have access to rocket shells, but you can also pick 3 other weapon types to fire from an arsenal of 13 new weapons. The only 4 that are by default unlocked are: Frag Bomb, Air Strike, Shield, and Chain Gun. The rest are Sea Mine, Decoy, Torpedo, Cherry Bomb, White Star, Super Nova, Empty Shell, Reinforcement, and Sky Sword, which are unlocked as you reach specific achievements. The last mode is Multiplayer which is great for playing like the old school days against another friend over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Throughout the game there are lots of fun animations, military style music, and battle inspired sound effects in the game. For example, when you fire your weapons in BATTLESHIP, the iPhone game shows a rocket launcher or cannon being fired into the sky, then a digital 3D ocean is show where the bombs fall into. If you hit a ship, you see an explosion and the iPhone vibrates as well as showing the shiny red pin. The game also takes in your name and referrs to you by name when you achieve victory or face defeat.

We loved playing BATTLESHIP on both the iPhone and iPod touch. EA has done a wonderful job of bringing back and old classic from Hasbro, and has added a powerful punch to it, to make it even more fun to play than the original board game. Get yourself a copy if you’re at all a fan of Battleship and be sure to look for friends who have the game too, so you can play against each other.

Here is a video demo of the BATTLESHIP app on the iPhone

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  1. seems impossible to get the REINFORCEMENT superweapon

  2. Yeah it is impossible to get that reinforcement – the cherry bomb is way too hard as well

  3. Agreed about super weapon reinforcements. I owned this game for a long time, maxed out the ranks, and had no luck with reinforcements. I did manage to upgrade to cherry bomb though.

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