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Libra Balance

Taking full advantage of the iPhone’s ultra-sensitive accelerometer technology, Libra Balance is a game that will definitely make you want to sit up and lean in. Libra Balance is a 3D balance simulation where your objective is to get the balls in the hole by tilting and turning the disc they sit on. Tilting/turning affects balls on the edge of the disc wildly more than balls near its center.

Though the game’s mechanics do a great job mimicking real-life conditions, there are several fundamentals aspects of Libra Balance that will go against your natural instincts. For instance, the simulated 3D environment is very impressive, I almost want to put on my Avatar glasses to see if the game’s hovering plate will pop out of the screen at me. However, don’t let the perspective of the plate relating to the background “floor” of the game confuse you. Relative to the “floor,” the hovering disc may seem like it’s slanted but that’s because of the 3D perspective it’s trying to simulate. The plate is level when your iPhone is parallel to the ground. Similarly, the plate’s movements are really responsive but will take a little while getting used to. I’d suggest acquainting yourself with regards to how moving the iPhone moves the plate and observing how the balls are affected by those movements. The in-game instructions give you the basics to gameplay and you can check out the more detailed help guide on the website (

Libra Balance

There are three levels of gameplay, Easy, Medium and Hard and the difference between the three are what happens when a ball falls off the disc, whether it’s off the edge or into the hole. In Easy, the other balls in play are not affected by a ball falling, while in Medium, balls falling off the edge will result in the position of all balls being reset and in Hard mode, scoring and dropping a ball will reset the position of the other ones.

Libra Balance sports a grungy industrial look in both graphics and sounds. Graphics are polished and sharp and the ancient levels are even a little bit bloody and while the graphics are really well done, the themes won’t appeal to everyone. Background music fits the theme, though will get repetitive fast and you might find yourself playing better without it.

Libra Balance’s appeal lies in its challenge. It’s definitely not your typical shiny run-of-the-mill game but if you’re up for getting over that initial hurdle and familiarize yourself with its mechanics, Libra Balance can be a great addition to your arsenal of timekillers. Libra Balance goes for $1.99 in the AppStore but periodically goes on Sale for $0.99. You can also check out Libra Balance LITE PRO to try it out for free first.

Here is a video demo of the Libra Balance app on the iPhone

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  1. Thanks for the professional review!

    Carlos (the dev)

  2. im realy dying to have a iphone coz i love tecknology but its something i cant affort! i will be realy happy n touched 2 win one!

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