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We Rule

Your Kingodom is calling! We Rule from ngmoco is a massive multiplayer world building type iPhone game featuring a ton of items and add-ons that will literally keep you busy for as long as you want to be kept busy. Amongst its first round of Freemium apps, We Rule features a self contained kingdoms world where you and your friends connect, build, farm and try to rule.

If you thought farming apps were addictive and complex, wait till you see We Rule. The iPhone game involves you as the ruler of your land. You start out farming to grow and harvest crops like any other farming game. But then you will have the ability to use your farming profits to buy and trade in order to build castles and eventually spawn your very own kingdom. Like SimCity, you architect the area, and here you have control over your every move, including the land, farms, castles, houses, stables, town shops and more.

We Rule

Your land contains residents, whom you rule. They work for you to harvest crops and build additional housing and buildings. They even pay you taxes for added realism. Using the Plus+ network, We Rule allows you to connect with friends and either get inspired by them or have them join you to expand your kingdom, and so on.

The graphics, icons, background music, and audio effects in We Rule are of the highest quality. We literally feel like we’re living in the Renaissance era when playing We Rule. The network is powerful and expectedly quite busy due to the game’s extremely high adoption rate early on. The game is free but with ads. There are also lots of in app purchases to go around in the WeRule Store. You can buy a Bottles, Carafes, Cases, Flasks, and Vials of Mojo for anywhere form $0.99 to $49.99 to help increase your Mojo points.

Main Features
– 20+ varieties of crops to plant, grow and harvest
– 50+ structures to build and customize your kingdom
– 12+ unique Villager professions to keep your citizen population active
– Buy Mojo power to speed up your harvesting and building projects

Here is a video demo of the We Rule app on the iPhone

AppSafari Rating: 4.5/5

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Price: Free
Developer: Website
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162 Comments to “We Rule”

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