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Stickbound is a game app. by Gamenauts where your object is to stick jump across a silly space world. You are (initially) Capt. Bloom, an adorable little space boy doll who has a light-saber like vaulting stick that appears when you touch the screen. The longer you hold your finger on the screen, the longer is vaulting stick will be, and the distance you travel on the jump will be longer. If you touch behind Capt. Bloom, his stick will launch him forward (to the right). If you touch in front of Capt. Bloom, his stick will send him backward (to the left). You have to move Capt. Bloom across space, using different objects as landing pads. Some of these pads are patches of turf or large moon rocks, but others are more unusual- like a cows, plungers, dice, pieces of cheesecake, hamburgers, piñatas, hot dogs, etc. Some of the objects that you have to land on are moving, too. As you progress, you are trying to collect yellow stars along the way. If you collect 50 stars, you will be rewarded with one extra life (you start every game out with 3 lives). You can play in normal mode or timed mode- I chose normal mode because I don’t like the pressure of being timed.


There are also a couple of bonus objects to obtain- if you touch the rocket picture, you will be temporarily blasted forward without the help of your stick, and if you catch the wings picture, you can repeatedly tap the screen to beat your wings and fly forward for a little while. If you pass levels in certain ways, you can also unlock three additional characters to play the game with besides Capt. Bloom. These certain ways include reaching 500M in normal mode, reaching 400M without dying in timed mode, and reaching 1000M in normal mode.

Stickbound is super fun to pick up and play, but has enough of a challenge so that you want to keep playing it. The graphics are really silly and different, and the music is triumphant in a cute way, so you feel like you are really making it through “space” as Capt. Bloom. I love how Capt. Bloom is totally inanimate and lifeless when you aren’t pressing the screen. It’s really like he’s a doll or a toy that can only move if you play with him.

I really want to say something negative about the game, but I just can’t. I honestly really enjoyed it. It has a charm to it that makes you feel like a kid again. $0.99 is a small price to pay for that kind of gift. Stickbound is totally worth it. Enjoy- I know I will!

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AppSafari Rating: 5/5

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