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iGammon is an iPhone game for the iPhone developed by Tom Keith. If you want a backgammon game for your iPhone, iGammon is a possible choice. The app sells for $3.99 and has a pretty interface using green board enclosed in a wooden box with red and white checker pieces.

Moving the checkers can be changed to either 2 tap or 1 tap in the game’s settings. You can play in either landscape or portrait view. There’s a hint and a tutor feature for backgammon beginners. You can play either agains the computer or vs. another human on the same iPhone/iPad. Gamplay is simple with draggable pieces and four levels of AI difficulty. The AI in iGammon is very strong. Some users have even reported unfair dice rolls. You can pick Cautious, Wild, Advanced, and Expert difficulty levels for the computer.


iGammon displays the basic stats you would expect from a backgammon game including points and pip counts. You can enable modes for doubling cube, jacoby rule, and beavers rule. There are buttons for undoing and repeating your moves.

iGammon is priced at $4 but works as a universal binary for both iPhone and iPad.

Note: There is also an iPhone webapp called iGammon which you can play from Mobile Safari for free.

AppSafari Rating: 3/5

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Price: $3.99
Developer: Website
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11 Comments to “iGammon”

  1. Does Not work. Loads very long time and then Stops while loading an image.

  2. Don’t buy this app. It cheats. There is almost no artificial intelligence used. But some real cheating is done. Example. Rarely do you have a one token in a spot where he does not roll the exact number to hit it. When you are close to taking your tokens out and he is loosing, he simply makes one of your dice less than 4 consistantly allowing him to get ahead. When severe trouble arises, he rolls double fives. He often rolls doubles when he is loosing. Who enjoys playing a game where you know the opponont is a cheat.

  3. This game CHEATS if you want to prove it do the following.
    Categorize the dice rools into the following
    1. Excellent roll (covers 2 additional spots)
    2. Good (covers one additional spot)
    3. Safe (Moves so that safety of buttons moved is not compromized)
    4 Bad (leaves at least 1 additional token unsafe)
    5. Very Bad (leaves two tokens unsafe);

    Value of rolls
    Value Good (over 8 total points)
    Value Poor (under 5 points);

    Count your rolls, count his. He doesnt just change his own rolls but also changes yours. . Get Real, I agree with statistics… THIS GAME CHEATS no fun
    and not a good learning experience since many of the bgammon moves depend on you learning what happens in fuzzy situations based on statistics. When there is no stats ….. other than cheating ones… how do you make a good decision and learn to do that consistantly.

  4. Works good for me. The first BG app, which plays very well.
    Of course there is cheating done, but no comparison to the other apps I tried.
    It’s not a gnuBG, but the best for the ipad.

    And the UI is also very good, so you can play really fast.

  5. It’s very good

  6. There’s no doubt in my mind that the AI in this app cheats on the dice rolls, to the extent that my girlfriend and I can always guess (with 85% accuracy) what it’s next roll going to be.

  7. This is a terrible app….. It cheats and anyone who days it does not has NO knowledge of statistics. And it is EASY to prove. Just play a horrible game and watch the computer hit you almost every time. Count the number of doubles you and the computer gets. Note when you are trying to roll of the table, how you only get two dice over 4 only about every 3 or 4th time, most of hte time you get 2 numbers under 4. give me a break…Note how many time it rolls dice that keeps all its tokens save and how many of the rolls you get put you open. What a rip off. TAKE IT OFF FRY IT

  8. Agree with cheating commments. Don’t bother downloading this app. It cheats in a BIG way.

  9. do not play this app if you want to play real bg. if you already have good skills, it will destroy those because you start to adapt to play in the app’s style which is by no means any close to a real game based on statistics.
    if you play, in the end you will perhaps win some games or matches, but your skills went down a lot.

  10. jsut have to say this is the worst app ever. having played 1000’s of game. hte luck the computer has is jsut not to be believed. 96% of the time the computer will get the roll it needs ina tough situation compared to 26% for the live person.
    dot buy it and delte it if you have. there are better ones out there that have more realistic play.

  11. Way….to many doubles for the computer. It’s the only way it can win. The computer cheats a lot by having alot of doubles. Frustrating

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