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Phase 10

Phase 10 is a seriously great looking game for the iPhone. The object of the Phase 10 is to complete each of the ten specific phases. If you complete the phase you advance to the next one, but if you do not you must try again. This iPhone version includes stunning graphics and special effects, an innovative gameplay style, and special game modes for you to discover. Play alone or with up to three other players, and collect special awards in the game as you progress. Fans of exciting and challenging card games have been playing Phase 10 for 25 years. Now you can take this classic game to the next phase with this new mobile edition. A great iPhone card game brought to you by magmic games and Fundex games.

Update: Phase 10 Mobile has been released in the App Store so you can buy that version if you prefer. Try with TestiPhone

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21 Comments to “Phase 10”

  1. I keep trying to view this application but it keeps saying bad request why isnt it working ?

  2. @Lauren, fixed it for you, refresh this page and click on the icon again. The problem was the URL we had listed was missing the www portion. The full url is

  3. Used the above URL but still get the same message.

  4. What Browser/OS/Device are you using?

  5. I just get a blue rectangle on my screen.

  6. amazing! Works perfectly on my iPod touch

  7. worked on & off for me last few days and doesn’t work at all now. Also not listed under iphone apps on anymore.

  8. site keeps saying bad request won’t connect. 🙁

  9. I can’t get the 7 cards of one color to work right on phase 10. It only puts some cards on the phase. All my cards were all red and I still couldn’t get the phase. What is wrong with it. And how do I fix it?

  10. i tried to play phase 10 but it always appeared bad request on my ipod touch screen

  11. I too am having problems with the 7 of the same color phase. The colors dont match up, you can’t pass that phase.

    Please fix it.

  12. the games always freezes after i make a phase, i have to keep restarting the game. otherwise I LOVE PHASE 10

  13. Phase 10 works ok my Ipod Touch except the 7 of 1 color phase. However, choosing adjacent cards of a different color seems to beat the glitch. Should be ok the “to be fixed” list for sure.

  14. im on phase nine and we ran out of cards to draw from. they moved the cards over to restart the deck and now the game is frozen. i cant even get back to the menu to start a new game.

  15. The 7 cards of one color was broken until the iphone 2.0 update. I think it was a problem on the browser itself. Occasionally I’ll still get an “invalid phase” error which kills the game. I’ve also got hang ups where an opponent picks up a card and doesn’t lay down and the game hangs. I can only guess they are trying to work out the bugs before making an App Store app. Finally… I’ve never lost a game, which seems a little odd to me. I’ve never seen a computer opponent get past phase 8 either, so there might be more bugs on the 7 cards of one color beyond the color tags.

    I wish they would release it as an app store app because if I do anything in the browser before the end of the game, it clears the memory of the game and all progress is lost and has to reload from scratch. That sucks when you get interrupted and don’t get back until much later.

  16. I can’t find a place to download the Phase 10 software. It’s not in iTunes. No link on this site. Any suggestions?

  17. You aren’t alone patty. I think it supposedly went on sale but has yet to be approved. It’s taking far too long if that’s the case. I don’t know for sure except I keep lookig for it and it’s not there.

  18. It’s out on iTunes.

  19. i recently bought this application for my ipod touch, i went to play it on my ipod and can not get passed the shuffeling cards screen once it gets there it freezes and returns to the applications pages. what can i do to fix it so that i can play the game on my ipod touch?

  20. How do I download this phase 10. There is no button to push And where can I find phase 10 on my iPad that 2 real people can play together. I have searched and can not find one. Thanks

  21. I purchased Phase 10 for my IPad and it played well for a few weeks but one will not start up at all. Can anyone help or do I have to purchase it again?

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