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As someone who finds the effort of shopping at the mall comparable to the Black Pearl’s search for the Isla de Muerta, FastMall is for me what that magic compass was to Captain Jack Sparrow. This nifty little app has plenty of features designed to streamline your mall-going experience. It displays the malls in your area, as well as pertinent information like their hours of operation, address and phone number. It also contains information about the stores within the mall, as well as some of their current deals. You can search for malls by name or location and you also have the ability to add malls to your ‘Favorites’ list. Since I can’t even count the number of times I’ve wandered up and down a parking structure hoping to hear the sweet honkhonk of my car alarm, I found the “Where did I Park?” feature to be a particularly nice touch. It uses a GPS stamp for your location as well as allowing you to voice record whatever you need to remember where you put your car. FastMall even has a three category “My Lists” section which you may find useful whether you’re shopping for a purpose (Things to Buy list), just a window-shopper (My Wishlist) or even if you hate the mall (Things I Hate list).

The developers at Mindsmack were definitely thorough in designing FastMall. The layout is quite easy to navigate through and you may recognize design elements similar to the iPhone’s main screen as well as the Facebook app. There is an in-app FAQ as well as video demonstrations to walk you through each of the features.

You do have to register for FastMall the first time you run the app, but it’s a really simple form that takes less than a minute to fill out.

Though FastMall is free to download, each mall’s virtual map and restroom locator, arguably two of the app’s best features, have to be bought with prices ranging from $0.99-$2.99. Though some have expressed dissatisfaction over this, the prices of the maps fall well within the normal range of other apps in the App Store. While it’d be fantastic if all these features came free, I figure buying a map from them would be the same as, if not better than, purchasing an app with similar features released by one specific mall. The virtual maps have turn-by-turn guidance to get you from store to store as well as the option of routing a path without stairs/escalators (great for people with strollers or wheelchairs and elevator enthusiasts). With features like that and the shake to locate the nearest restroom, you’d definitely get your money’s worth if you do decide to buy them.

As of this posting, there are still a few kinks that need to be smoothed out, such as a bug with the ‘My Lists’ feature that causes the app to crash or the fact that not all malls listed have a virtual map, however, these things are being actively worked on and the availability of support for the app is nothing short of stellar. The diligent team over at Mindsmack respond promptly to support issues and are continually working to fix and improve their brainchild.

FastMall is a solidly built application with features that almost any mall-goer is sure to find useful.

Here is a video demo of the FastMall app on the iPhone

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12 Comments to “FastMall”

  1. This application rocks! A friend recommended this for my iPhone recently, since I avoid malls as much as possible. If you want to save time and stop getting lost, 🙂 I highly recommend downloading this app, it’s worth it!

  2. I tried out this one because it was free and coincidentally, the single free “advanced” map was for my local mall – Menlo Park. This is COOL! When you go into the map, it shows all of the stores, and where I am. I can shake the phone and the app shows me the route to the closest bathroom (which I knew already, but still, COOOOL). I guess that once there are more users, the community will post shopping deals at stores. Its like a collective brain for everyone at the same place.

    Tell your friends, I want more people on this so that I can shop even better – Us ladies know it is a competitive sport 😉

  3. I’ve been using the app for a couple of weeks and am in love with this app. I didn’t even know some of these stores were in the mall. Nice work.

  4. Phenomenal App! Hands down best app i have or HAVE had on my iPhone! i’m a shop-a-holic and this App is a shoppers best friend, turn by turn directions to every store, one little shake to ur phone and the app will show u the closest bathroom to where you are located in the mall,really,does a shopper need anything else? how about it also reminds you where you PARK! Simply Genius !!

  5. Simply Genius, have had the App for the past couple of weeks and i must admit it is worth every penny and more, theres nothing that the App can’t do, for example, not familiar with malls around you, the App will show you the closest one near your location using GS, once you found the mall,shows you all the stores located within the mall with turn by turn navigation, remembers where you parked, show’s you the nearest restroom without having to walk around for 30 minutes looking for one, great app and highly recommended, telling all my friends about it!

  6. FastMall hands down coolest App i’ve seen in a while from the Itunes store, awesome how it literally guides u to any and every which store within the mall you currently shopping at, shake the phone once and it shows you the nearest bathroom, remembers ur parking spot, honestly u can’t have a better sidekick when u feel like going shopping, especially if you like to travel and shop in different areas, doesnt matter, FastMall has those malls too :-D,recommended to all my friends,can’t wait for future features,must have, PERIOD! 5 STARS!

  7. love fastmall

  8. Hi! Thanks for the review! Just wanted to let everyone know that now the app is 100% free including the maps! All free!. Try it now!. Thank You.

  9. I’ve just posted an interview I did with FastMall founder Sam Feuer. If you want to understand what goes into building the application and what is next for FastMall, this might be of interest:

  10. Useful app but what’s in it for the malls? From a marketing perspective, I prefer the features of GoZiggity

  11. John – thank you for the information on GoZiggity! Great product.. love the capabilities.

  12. @Courtney @John

    Looked into GoZiggity more after reading this post. From a business/marketing standpoint this does tool have a lot to offer, yet at the same time it provides mall shoppers with features they want and need.

    According to the site, GoZiggity is customizable too. Anyone know any mall’s they’re currently partnered with?

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