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Make it rain, or ra1n that is. The jailbreaking crowd will be pleased to know that they can now hack their iPhone with OS 3.1.2 using the newly released blackra1n (that’s blackrain with a 1 instead of the i) utility. The free app runs through a quick stepped process and does all the magic you need to unlock your device up 3rd party apps via Cydia or Installer. The blackra1n app is described as a “30 second ALL device 3.1.2 jailbreak. Even the ipt3, but the ipt3 is tethered. In order to boot it, just rerun blackra1n.” blackra1n works with iPhone and iPod touch 1G, 2G, and 3G models.

Important: blackra1n does *not* unlock aka “hacktivate” your device to use with non-standard carriers. It only gives your 3.1.2 a jailbreak. If you wish to use unsupported carriers with your 3.1.2 OS, avoid this tool and use PwnageTool 3.1.4 from the dev team.

For more information on the Blackra1n app check out the developer’s blog and twitter page.

Use iPhone mods and hacks at your own risk! Installing 3rd Party iPhone apps requires you to jailbreak the iPhone before installing the native software and apps. Browse the full list of all iPhone and iPod touch native 3rd party apps filed under the software category.

Download both the Mac and PC versions of the blackra1n app from the blackra1n website

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42 Comments to “blackra1n”

  1. The only thing blackra1n won’t support is the syncing of cracked apps back to the iPhone via appsync.. Which is reserved to iPhone OS 3.1 right now. Looking forward to 3.1.2 being supported in the near future.

    And thanks for the note about PwnageTool 3.1.4

  2. This boy is a gave too the free people… ha ha take that apple an itunes we dont need you, i works 100 and its easy and fast no hold buttom.. 11 points out of 10..

  3. I aleady update my 3gs to be 3.1.2 through itunes is there any way to install cydia on my phone??

  4. Just awesome.
    The best jailbreaking app in the world.

    We can now get and use great apps that Apple
    would never think of or have without stealing it from
    Cydia developers and other jailbreaking app makers.

    I love my Cydia and their deveopers.
    I am so happy I am free from the chains of Apple.


  5. Awesome work by geohot
    Here goes the tutorial
    Unlock iPhone 3g 3gs using blackra1n

  6. I like to try Blackrain.

  7. I like to play your games.

  8. I tried this. When I turned my ipod off later that night and turned it on in the morning, it said to connect to itunes. I had full battery at the time. It is now asking me to restore it and download the 3.1.2 software again.

  9. Really is the best, really 30 seconds YEAAAA

  10. i nere

  11. It says u have to re connect to iTunes because it wants u to do it all over agian and after that it works perfectly…blackra1n thank you for this awsome hack!!!

  12. i went to this accont because,i have no money on my account and i get boring apps and my freinds says here is a GREAT place


  14. I downloaded blackra1n to my computer and everything..and now I don’t know what to do.
    please help.

  15. hi iam luis i tried to download black1n for my ipod touch and it didn’t work i tried like 7 times already and it still does not work i download the blackra1n to my deskstop but when i press make it ra1n it work and everything but in my ipod the screen it’s black I have waited about 15 minutes or more but it’s stay untill I disconnet i just dont get it ?

  16. hallo, ik wil dit downloaden voor me ipod..

  17. kc

  18. merci merci

  19. Hi

  20. Very good

  21. Thanks for the software. now I can jailbreak my iphone.

  22. I dont need a jailbreak i need cydia??!
    any help?

  23. i relly wanna have abn iPod

  24. I want this program

  25. j

  26. bra

  27. i like to have

  28. I acudentley erased cydia

  29. I need help tO jailbreak! ;o

  30. I removed cydia by mistake and i want it back again

  31. Muy Bueno

  32. how to download the blackra1n

  33. how to download the cydia

  34. I love cydia

  35. Dghfv

  36. I dont have cydia ?you can help me

  37. How to download the blackra1n

  38. hope it works!


  40. I need to upgrade my iphone 3GS. Thank you.

  41. Fifth

  42. Wow, very good!

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