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Cydia is a replacement packaging and repository manager for the original for the iPhone or iPod touch. It was created by Jay Freeman to replace BSD Subsystem and Cydia is a UI frontend to his Open Source APT for Debian called Telesphoreo. Cydia pomonella is the scientific name for the codling moth, which is what we often think of as the stereotypical apple worm. Cydia itself looks similar to but adds many improvements to organization, functionality and performance of Installer. With Cydia you:

– See the number of apps in each category
– See details of what installing each app includes such as file size and functionality added
– Search for apps by name
– See changes to your currently installed apps and available upgrades
– See details of currently installed apps and easily manage them
– A full user system for app purchases and reviews
– A theme system
– An iPad version

Installing Cydia

Cydia App Icon To install Cydia you need to jailbreak your iPhone/iPod touch or iPad. There are many ways you jailbreak depending on which device you own and what version of iOS you have installed. Most notably you can use blackra1n, redsn0w, PwnageTool, Spirit jailbreak, jailbreakme 2.0, and QuickPwn. Also, if you already have installed just add as a source to Installer and install the package “Cydia Installer” from the “System” category.

Generally if you upgrade your iOS to the latest version from Apple, it will unjailbreak your device and/or prohibit you from being able to install Cydia. Jailbreak developers generally support things one release behind the active iOS version. Use this table to easily find out how to install Cydia depending on your iOS version.

If you have this iOS version and Device Install Cydia Using
iOS 6.0 – 6.1.2 (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini – untethered) evasi0n
iOS 6.0.0 (A4 devices only, tethered) redsn0w 0.9.13 dev4
iOS 5.1.1 (All) Absinthe 2.0 (untethered)
iOS 5.1 (A4 only) redsn0w 0.9.10b6 (semi-tethered)
iOS 5.0.1 (A5 iPhone 4S & iPad 2 ) GreenPois0n Absinthe
iOS 5.0.1 (A4 not 4S or iPad 2) redsn0w 0.9.10b3 (untethered) or Corona
iOS 5 (A4 not 4S or iPad 2) redsn0w 0.9.9b5 (tethered)
iOS 5 beta 1 redsn0w 0.9.8b1 (tethered)
4.3.5 (not iPad 2) redsn0w 0.9.9b1 (tethered)
4.3.4 redsn0w 0.9.8b3 (tethered)
4.3.3 redsn0w 0.9.6rc15 (untethered)
4.3.2 redsn0w 0.9.6rc14 (untethered)
4.3.1 redsn0w 0.9.6rc9 (untethered)
4.2.1 GreenPois0n 1.0 RC5 (untethered)
4.0.2 Not supported
4.0.1/4.0/3.1.3, 3.2.1/3.2 (iPad)
3.1.3, 3.1.2 (2G unlock), 3.2 (iPad) Spirit (Windows + Mac OS)
3.1.3, 3.1.2 (2G unlock) (no new 3GS) redsn0w (Windows + Mac OS)
3.1.2 (newer 3GS models tethered) blackra1n (Windows + Mac OS)
3.1.2 (but iPhone 3GS Issues) PwnageTool (Mac OS)
3.0 (3GS Only) blackra1n (Windows + Mac OS)
2.2.1 (Obsolete) QuickPwn (Mac OS & Windows)

iOS Jailbreak News

iOS 6.0.0 A4 devices only tethered jailbreak

Update: The latest version of Redsnow (0.9.13 dev 4) is out and can jailbreak iOS 6 on older devices with a tether. This means it only works on the iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G, iPad 1, and iPod touch 3G.

iOS 6.0.0 iPhone 5 jailbreak rumors

iPhone 5 Jailbreak with CydiaAfter the iPhone 5 was released, hacker @chpwn tweeted a photo of Cydia on the new taller iPhone 5 screen. This was partly a publicity stunt to prove a point that he has already jailbroken the device. Unfortunately for the rest of us, his hack is not yet available publicly. We will post updates on the iPhone 5 jailbreak situation as they become available.

iOS 5.1 A4 semi-tethered jailbreak

Update: You can perform a semi-tethered jailbreak on your A4 powered devices running iOS 5.1 using Redsn0w 0.9.10b6 thanks to the Dev Team. Note that this requires an older A4 device which does not include the iPhone 4S, iPad 2 or iPad 3. Full instructions and a video tutorial are listed on our Redsn0w page.

New iPad 3 (iOS 5.1) Jailbreak

Update: Good news on the New iPad jailbreak front today. Developers have already jailbroken the New iPad that was released just today. Twitter user MuscleNerd has already posted screenshots of the New iPad with root access and running Cydia shown below. There is no ETA on a public iPad 3 jailbreak tool yet, but we will post details as they become available.
The New iPad 3 jailbroken

iPhone 4S and iPad 2 (iOS 5) Jailbreak

Update: Good News! GreenPois0n Absinthe has been released by the Chronic Dev Team giving you the ability to perform an untethered jailbreak on the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 with the A5 chip. For detailed instructions check out the GreenPois0n Absinthe page.

Best Cydia apps

Cydia Jailbreak Cydia has a ton of apps for you to try but some of them can be complicated or not very exciting. This is why we review the best Cydia apps you can download here at AppSafari. To browse our reviews check out the Cydia apps category. We often add new reviews of popular Cydia apps so be sure to come back often.

Cydia Notes & Updates

White Cydia Icon Fix
Sometimes after installing Cydia, you might notice an all white icon. To fix this white icon issue just follow these steps: Open Cydia > Manage > Sources >Edit > Add > Paste the following URL > Add Source and wait while Cydia updates itself. This should now give you the official Cydia icon.

If you have iOS 4.3.1 you can install Cydia using either redsn0w 0.9.6rc9 (Mac and PC) or PwnageTool 4.3 (Mac only) for an untethered jailbreak.

If you have iOS 4.2.1, you can either use GreenPois0n to do an untethered jailbreak, and you can also try a tethered jailbreak using redsn0w.

With the release of the iPhone 3G which comes with OS 2.0 and the related iPhone pwnage tools many of the apps written for the older have to be ported over so developers are working on that. In the next few weeks you will start to see more and more apps in Cydia with lots of cool new features, so check back often.

For Windows users with the iPhone 2.1 software update, you can get both Cydia and Installer on your iPhone really quickly and easily by installing the QuickPwn software on your Windows PC. The entire process is streamlined and takes only a few minutes.

Ultrasn0w for iPhone 3G or 3GS can unlock your iPhone 3G or 3GS with OS 3.0 firmware.
1. Ensure you have upgraded to iPhone OS 3.0
2. Jailbreak your iPhone 3G using redsn0w or PwnageTool & if you have the 3GS use the purplera1n installer app to jailbreak it instead. (after this step you will have Cydia)
3. Run Cydia
4. Add the repo to Cydia. (that last o is actually the number zero)
5. Search for “ultrasn0w” in cydia and install ultrasn0w
6. Reboot your iPhone 3G
7. T-Mobile USA users should disable 3G before using ultrasn0w

Purplesn0w can also unlock your iPhone 3GS, so use it instead of Ultrasn0w if you wish. The steps are exactly the same as the above. Only use this repo source in Cydia and install Purplesn0w from there.

If you have OS 3.1.2 you can use blackra1n or PwnageTool 3.1.4 to jailbreak and get Cydia installed on your iPhone or iPod touch.

If you are running OS 3.1.2, 3.1.3 or 3.2 and want to install Cydia on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, use Spirit. It is simple, takes 30 seconds and best of all it is untethered.

Important: If you install SSH on your device, be sure to change the default root password on your jailbroken device:
1) Install Mobile Terminal From Cydia and run it
2) Type in “su root” and tap return
3) When prompted for a password, enter “alpine” hit return
4) Type “passwd” and hit return
5) Type a new password and hit return
6) Re-Enter your new password to confirm and hit return
7) You’re done. You’ve successfully changed your default root password and should feel safer now.

The website jailbreakme 2.0 let’s you install Cydia on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch by just visiting a website, if you have not updated past 4.0.1 yet. No installs or cables needed. Get Cydia in 3 minutes flat.

Most people new to jailbreaking ask the question; is it legal to jailbreak my device?
The answer is, technically yes. Jailbreaking your iPhone will void your contract, but it is not illegal. Having said that, you can restore your device to its factory settings if all else fails as a last resort. Now, it is possible that your device will have issues and you might lose your data stored on the device. This is why it is highly recommended that your always backup your device via iTunes before jailbreaking. This assures that you can restore to a working backup as a worst case scenario.

New Features in Cydia:

Cydia keeps getting better on every release and update, and saurik’s support is exceptional. Below are a list of additional features that have been added to Cydia so far.

Rock was a new mod app store which has been acquired by Cydia.

Theme Center has been added to Cydia. It gives you the ability to buy and manage jailbreak themes on your iPhone from a single location, as an alternative to a competing app called Theme It. Right now you have a selection of the top selling themes from Cydia in the Theme Center and staff picks. You will soon be able to rate the themes as a user, thanks to the new user account system in Cydia.

– A new user account management system has been added to Cydia that lets users check previously installed packages.

– Cydia developers Jay Freeman & chpwn have created an iPad version of Cydia.

– Cydia is coming to the Mac! Apple is soon to release the Mac App Store. The new Mac App Store won’t allow Mac developers sell in-app purchases for “Lite” apps, create Game Center integration or even to generate promo codes. Since some developers don’t want to deal with going through Apple, Mac Cydia will let you do just that. Contact Cydia via if you are a developer and want more details on getting your Mac app into the Cydia Mac App Store, set to launch in a few weeks.

Apple should and sometimes does (folders for example) take a few elements from the Cydia Store and port them to the App Store.

Use iPhone mods and hacks at your own risk! Installing 3rd Party iPhone apps requires you to jailbreak the iPhone before installing the native software and apps. Browse the full list of all iPhone and iPod touch native 3rd party apps filed under the software category.

Cydia Developer’s website can be found at

AppSafari review of Cydia was written by on July 22nd, 2008 and categorized under Cydia Apps. Page viewed 244728 times, 58 so far today. Need help on using these apps? Please read the Help Page.
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  1. is this ilegal i mean i have my iphone via contract so do i get any trouble if i use this? like can my iphone become useless or something?

  2. How do u get rid of the app because I go into installer to try and uninstall it but it only let’s me reinstall it so can u plz help me. Thanks.

  3. i think you jailbraek and unluck your phone esaly you can return the native app at any time, all you need to connect it back to itune and your iphone is back as orginal. I already unluck my iphone yestrday and it work same as it was only i have the cydia app icon

  4. Yep, it works perfectly. It takes a while when you originally install it to your phone (but it works) nice work team! Once I installed the Ipwn app it locked up my phone a few times… but after I updated the apps it worked perfect.

  5. Cydia is starting to shape up now 🙂 I’m starting to see some new original Apps in there now. Keep up the good work guys!!

  6. Good job guys, Cydia works….The only prob;lem I’ve now is Syncing my iPhone with my Laptop which has the new version of iTunes!!! every time I connect my iPhone to my Laptop I get the blue screen of Death. need help guys please?
    Thx, Gus

  7. how do you get Cydia on a hacked iPhone with 1.1.4 software? I’ve tried to install software 2.0 on it through an iTunes update, but the phone froze after that. (had to get the phone restored to 1.1.4)
    Thanks for any help

  8. Cydia is the best, its better than installer. I have a iPhone wit the firmware 1.1.4 and I have gradet up to 2.0.2 wit Quickpwn, it s the best toll to active jailbreak and unlock the iPhone.

  9. hello, do you know how to get ringtones imported into iphone w/o having to purchase from itunes



  10. So far, I see alot of questions and no answers. That seems broken to me. Oh well, looks like I get no help here.

  11. cydia is not for 1.1.4 so if you have 1.1.4 you should be using not Cydia. To get Cydia you need to have already. Then just add as a source to Installer and install the package “Cydia Installer” from the “System” category.

  12. I agree with SGTSims, too many questions with no real answers & a lot of BS…..I’m very disappointed?????

  13. hi, i m using Iphone 3G 2.0.2 Is this work with 3G iphone? thanks in advance

  14. yes you can just get QuickPwn here

  15. I downloaded this and installed it with very little trouble. The instructions were pretty clear and the process was not difficult.

    (Here comes the, “But”)

    After 3 days of trying to get it to work with all kinda of third party downloads, I see that it’s only capable of working with apps from it’s own separate database of programs.

    I have not been able to get anything from the iTunes website to download with this installer.

    After asking for help from the technical dept twice, I have given up from lack of response. I guess all that’s left to do is find out how to reset the iPod back to the factory settings and then find some other way to jailbreak it.

    Hope this helps someone out there.

  16. Wow never heard that before. Dood you don’t need Cydia in that case, there should already be the App Store icon there if not you have to upgrade your iphone software in iTunes. Also in iTunes you see a button called Restore or when you are syncing. It will reset your phone, make sure you have backups.

  17. Ahh, good help, friend. That works for me. I will try that. TYVM

  18. Hi,how do i get install cydia to my new 3G iphone?

  19. Okay, reset went alright. And, with a reinstall, something weird happened. (Surprise!) I have three applications downloaded. They all appear in iTunes in the Application section. But, only one of them made it onto the iPod.

    In the Applications section, all the items there are greyed out like there’s something keeping them from syncing. Is there some way to get that part un-greyed so that I can check the boxes and get the Apps onto my iPod?

  20. ihpone orginal verison 2.0.2 jailbroken how do i get ringtones with a cydia program?

  21. Guys, While I was attempting to restore my Jail Broken 3G iphone to its original state, a Steve jobs Russian Cartton popped out of my phone screen & will not go away….Any idea on what to do? please need solutions..
    Thx, Gus

  22. Hi my Ihone 2.1 3G every time I open the changer for update the pakages the cydia close not allow me for update the cydia close down

  23. holy f wow there sure are a lot of noobs V

  24. Hi Guys, I just got myself a 3G Iphone, how do i get installer and cydia on my phone? I dont have them

  25. this thing works! i have pages and pages of apps for my “older model” unlocked iphone!

  26. Guys, the Same BS over & over; just BS & not real solutions…I’m getting fed up with these comments….either address the god damn issues that people are bringing or shut up…

  27. How do I get more programs for my 3g Iphone

  28. how do i download cydia? is there a link for it if so please tell me :[

  29. First of all I love this site. It has made my day. Now I will say to people. These problems would not of happened anyways if you didn’t install it.

  30. just scroll up and read the info, it tells you to get QuickPwn


    Don’t be scared just do it,I’ve had problems but it restored every time,well chuffed now,runs very nice and loads of apps

  32. if you go to i tunes and update the itunes version of the phone you can get rid of the programs

  33. Hi,, I have a jailbroken I phone… with 2.2 firmware (2G iphone). How can i install cydia. I followed the above method but it says unable to decode package more info at http://……

    Pleaseeeee help me… thanks!!

  34. i have the same issue as above..need assistance

  35. heyy do i degrade my iPod touch from version 2.2 to 2.1??? or does anyone know how to jailbreak the version 2.2???

  36. hi guys… i bought my iphone couple days ago and loaded it with cydia and i think i went a little out of hand filling up cool apps in my iphone… but this is my problem now… i cant dial any numbers to my phone.. i will need to go to contacts and call from there… any help pls???

  37. I only get an error message when I try to instal cydia instaler. “Error unable to decode package”
    What do I do???

  38. pls can anyone tell me how to jailbreak 3G iphone with details

  39. Same here.
    When i start the dialer is shuts down in a few seconds
    When i dial with the contacts or answer an inkomming call i can only hang-up by turning of the iphone

  40. hey cydia is only for unlocked(jailbroken) phone………u have a 2 yrs contract

  41. In order to get Cydia or Installer, you have to jailbreak the Iphone using the program called ” Quickpwn ” for Windows or ” Pwnage ” for Macs. Remember the Iphones have different firmwares. The latest are 2.1 and 2.2 . So first download Quickpwn 2.1 or 2.2 version. Then download Iphone 3g 2.1 or 2.2 ipsw (firmware) respectively. If you don’t know where to get Quickpwn or ipsw, google them. Then run the Quickpwn and follow the procedures step by step. At certain point, the Quickpwn will ask you whether you want to add Cydia, Installer, or Replace Boot Logos. Of course, you want to add them. The tricky part is to put Iphone into recovery mode ( DFU mode by holding power and home button ). If you do it right, Quickpwn will jailbreak your Iphone automatically. Tadada. With Cydia, you can install Cycorder ( Camcorder ), Mixtube ( download youtube to your phones ), Winterboard ( Changing your homescreen ) , Pdanet ( using Iphone as modem ) and other incredible apps that Itunes won’t provide. Check the youtube for video instructions.

  42. actually I have already used this software it is better than installer

  43. me too, this program is great

  44. i have cyida and i updated it and now every-time i click it it disapears and goes back to my regular screen i think i need to reinstall cydia but i dont kno how what should i do any suggestions?

  45. i have installed ILOG on my i phone from cydia installer but my credit card could not be processed by your system so please inform me if you have other means of payment like bank transfer or else

  46. Had the same problem. I had to restore my iphone via itunes. Then reinstalled cydia. Everything seems okay for now. I read some other forums that the Kate app might be the culprit but not sure. I also installed cydia on my wifes phone and it worked the first time.

  47. You can Jailbreak your iphone 3G even if its on a contract just make sure that when your it on a software like Pwnage make sure you unselect “Activate iPhone” before continuing the process. it is illegal and it does violate your warranty jailbreaking. you can always restore it to factory settings if something goes wrong or if you simply change your mind later on.

  48. cydia is a good one or not? i hv little confussion… pls give idea to unlock my 3g iphone without any problem in my future.. thanks in advance to all frnds.

  49. Have not yet gone to a forum where ppl have not encountered problems with jailbreaking their iphone.
    Disappointed as I and most would be with some missing functions, ie MMS, Bluetooth file transfer and video, I would prefer Apple to address these issues by way of pressure from customers.
    The hot tip is, unless you are an expert at hacking…..

  50. I just got an ipod touch and I was wondering if there was ANY way to get cydia on here?

  51. No, it’s perfectly legal. Apple doesn’t like people doing it, but they can’t do anything about it. As US citizens, by law we have the right to modify something that is our property. If you legally bought your iPhone, there should be no problem. But be warned, Apple will not help you if you break your iPhone Jailbreaking it.

  52. I Quickpwned my iPhone 3G a few days ago, after a couple of months reading about the subject. I was actually terrified of something going wrong.

    QuickPwn is a piece of cake. That’s it, my iPhone worked like a charm. I have never been happier!

  53. I realy need help I can’t find out how to get Cydia on my iPod touch cause I realy need it so plese help me

  54. I have Iphone 3g 2.2 and it has the app store but i can’t find any application that changes my theme except for summerboard or winterboard which both requires me to jailbreak my iphone?is there any alterenative choice than jailbreaking my iphone in order to get themes.What is the harm if i jailbreak my iphone except for ending my warnaty with apple.

  55. Hey there! I am also heavily researching jailbreaking my IPhone. O you’re glad that you finally did it, huh? Now after I jailbreak….. is the Apple App Store still there and accesible? And all of my previously donloaded apps from the app store? do they still work on a jailbroken phone? and if so, do i have to download them again? does jailbreaking your phone pretty much “reset” it?

  56. Hey there! I am also heavily researching jailbreaking my IPhone. So you’re glad that you finally did it, huh? Now after I jailbreak….. is the Apple App Store still there and accesible? And all of my previously donloaded apps from the app store? do they still work on a jailbroken phone? and if so, do i have to download them again? does jailbreaking your phone pretty much “reset” it? can anyone please let me know. I’m really weighing my options here.

  57. Hey guys I have a quick question. If I jailbreak my phone, will I lose all the apps I have already downloaded? And will I still have the app store? Ty

  58. Ok yesterday i jailbroken my iphone everything works good and the app store is good nothing wrong with it. But your problem about the apps u downloaded before. Yes the hole jailbreaking thing resets your iphone so you must have backed up your i phone before u had jailbroken it so u can easily reconnect your iphone again after jailbreaking it and the itunes will sync the games and the music and the contacts that u had before on the iphone before u jailbroken it.Besides that the iphone works just fine.Need any further help

  59. Ok yesterday i jailbroken my iphone everything works good and the app store is good nothing wrong with it. But your problem about the apps u downloaded before. Yes the hole jailbreaking thing resets your iphone so you must have backed up your i phone before u had jailbroken it so u can easily reconnect your iphone again after jailbreaking it and the itunes will sync the games and the music and the contacts that u had before on the iphone before u jailbroken it.Besides that the iphone works just fine.Need any further help

  60. Go to the top of this website, and search for an app called QuickPwn, its a piece of cake

  61. “No, it’s perfectly legal.” this is incorrect you are modifying a copyright protected software. You have a license not an ownership. However apple will not stop people because then sales would drop. So it is not legal but i will do it anyway.

  62. so you have to jailbreak your iPod to get cydia

  63. I can see quite a few people have the same problem I am getting, which is that we have successfully jailbroken iPhone 3g’s and have been using installer and cydia fine but it has just stopped working for some reason with the error message “cannot open source”. I am guessing their is a problem with the source as I can load other sources okay. I am just waiting to see if this will sort itself out. If anyone knows what the problem is, please post here, thanks! I ran quickpwn again, which worked okay but still can’t download Cydia updates.

  64. I don’t get it. what do you guys mean by backing up your phone?,and I am still thinking if I should jailbreak my iPhone or not. also noticed that some of you guys have problems using it.
    plus I’m using the iphone 3G version 2.2 and ive read somewhere that they need the 2.1 version for iPhone 3G ?
    Is it really true?,

  65. Problem solved for me, in case anyone needs to know. Backed up all data by syncing with iTunes then restored to latest firmware (2.2.1) then ran quickpwn again. Cydia works fine now! Had to dl all cydia apps again tho 🙁

  66. Okay guys I just want to help you guys out here, Ive been reading above and a lot of you have a lot of questions. So if you want to alter your springboard (home screen) as in make a user wallpaper appear under your apps, get a new theme, or anything like that, you HAVE to jailbreak! Meaning if you have a Windows computer then you would use QuickPwn or WinPwn (which is normally more favorable to unlock and vice-versa with QuickPwn and Jailbreaking) so to jailbreak you run QuickPwn and the program will walk you right through it unless of course your a total noob. If you don’t trust my word then go to YouTube and let a video follow you through it. The same is with WinPwn but you can go a little more in depth with changing boot logos and the like. If you have Mac then you would use the Pwnage tool, which is much more stable that, of course, windows programs of the same nature. You can also unlock with it. Jailbreaking WILL void your warranty with Apple but in the longrun it’s definately worth it! You can Cut&Paste, MMS, Video record and many other things good old Apple refuses to allow for some moronic reason. And if the iphone ever does brick (freeze And become usless) you can almost always use the restore option in iTunes. After that you can just re-jailbreak and that should go smoothly seeing as I’ve jailbroken the iPhone (2g and 3g) a lot of timesAnd never had a brick.

  67. Do we need to pay any app from cydia or it’s free?

  68. And yeah most apps on Cydia or Installer are free but some aren’t like Swirly MMS cost but most are free. I guess Cydia doesn’t like buying apps, this is the reason most games are in the App Store. Because people want to make a profit.

  69. Ok .. I used cydia to get app called winterboard. Then I got another app from Themes (springboard) and I used it to change the look of my iphone. That worked perfectly, but now I cant dial out. I can only dial by using the contacts, but not if i wanted to dial a number thats not in my contacts what shall i do ?

  70. Okay, I can fix this. First, the problem probably wasnt anything from Cydia, almost certain it wasnt Winterboard. Second do you have Installer? (Did you check the Installer box when using your jailbreak software?) I know your prblem – When you go to the phone APP it sets there with no words and you casn use any of the buttons all it will do is crash. I just had this problem last night. DONT restore YET! I can fix this!

  71. Not true, you dont extend your contract or anything like that all you do is alter the baseband. Apple and AT&T cant ever find out about this and besides, its not illegal.

  72. Ok. I uninstalled the Kate thing .. DIdnt work. I rebooted .. Didnt work… Uninstalled the theme,,, Didnt work .. SO i ended up restoring and well just say I can dial out now .. I just had to add all the apps again ..

  73. Yes it actually is legal to jailbreak just not to unlock. Jailbreaking isnt altering its replcing the software completely n00b.

    Im $eca of the DEV-Team.

  74. Same wat as on the 1st GEN iPhone.

  75. Please leisten to me when I say this. The application KATE is the reason this happens most of the time. just make sure KATE is installed through Installer (if not reinstall!) then download RiP Dev Preferences. after all of this is Downloaded go to the Settings on your iPhone then go to “RiP Dev” That will be on the first page (dont click General or anything) Under that go to RiP Dev Products then Kate (No the one that has the “X” but the first one) go under it and uncheck “FaceLift” (just click the word) and then click “APPLY” after that it should respring your phone (if not just go to winterboard and highlight then unhighlight something and that should cause a respring. That should fix it.

    Whoever this works for can repay me simply by emailing and telling me how it went.

    DONT RESTORE! You will be going to 2.2.1 which “closes the whole” for jailbreaking at the moment. If this method doesnt work for you please email me cause I have about 15 other methods for repairing this exact problem but 97% of the time this works. JUST TRY IT.


  76. No it is legal you idiot! According to congress it is perfectly legal to unlock a phone with the “sole purpose of using to log on to a cellular network” its perfectly legal re nard fard tard hard gard smhamrd

  77. they have a new QuickPwn version vailable for those who have upgraded to 2.2.1

    I downloaded it this morning and its worked for me 🙂

  78. No, what’s cool about jailbreaking is that you keep everything (settings, pictures, APPS) everything and yes the app store is still accessible none of that is altered.

  79. Where do I go to download sydia?
    And how do u jainbrake

  80. I’ve recently upgraded to firmware 2.2.1 via iTunes. If I want to jailbreak, what other software must I install beside quickpwn?

  81. Whoops LOL it seems Apple has in fact declared jailbreaking illegal very recently. There so bitchy.

  82. Just quickpwn but if you upgraded to 2.2.1 you will need QuickPwn version 2.2.1 of course. If you want it go to and it should be on the homepage of that website

  83. after i install cydia using quikpwn v2.2.1. but i cannot update datbase. the problem is error netDB:opennode. host unreacble and error:cached failure. pls help. thanks

  84. I get the same thing but it usually doesnt cause problems. Can you use Cydia at all?

  85. can someone help me? i jail broke my iphone 3G, now my dialer won’t work. what do i do?

  86. How do you download cydia or installer on your iPod touch?

  87. Where do you download cydia or installer?

  88. Hey I found a really easy way to do this if you are still looking for answers. do a search for i phone school. Go to their website and download quickpwn.when u install this it will give u the option to install cydia as well. after your phone reboots go to cydia icon on your phone and download winterboard. From then on all of the themes and stuff u download throuh cydia will show up under the winterboard icon on your phone. from there simply click on the file to turn it off or on

  89. I use facebook but till I not get any message of this kind and if I will get any message of this kind I will ignore that.

  90. To get then on your iPhone you use a program called QuickPwn find that on by scrolling down and just reading a bit. You’ll also need the .ipsw file (IPhoneSoftWare) file. Depending what software version your using on your iphone (2.2.1, 2.2, 2.1 etc.) you’ll need to google that in with it. So- Google “iphone 2.2.1 (or your OS version as I stated before – find out what version your on by going on your iPhone under settings>general>about then scroll down to “version” and it will say a number- that’s your OS version.) download the ipsw file then put it somewhere on your computer you can easily find it. Download quickpwn and email this email address and I will give my cell phone number to call you and completely step you through it and explain everything about this to you. I will emAil you back within 6 hours so pls stay at your computer in this time frame.

    My email address is:

    Expectations! Please only call on the weekends (fri 10p-Sun 12a)

    That’s it just feel like really helping you guys out so please don’t give my number to anyone

  91. Please anyone that has questions email me and I will give you my phone number for steping you through the WHOLE process! My email is: remember I’m doing this out of the kindness of my heart so don’t spam me.

  92. hey, i downloaded cydia and installer to my phoen they work great. but my phone and sms does not work anymore. this has happened b4 when i downloaded cydia and installer. people say it is from Kate but i dont have kate so what is the problem.
    my phone just frezzes up and then automatically goes to the home screen again. same with my sms.
    Please Help, this is urgent!

  93. I’m thinking about jailbreaking my iPhone 3G, but I have some questions and maybe someone here can answer them.
    1) It is indeed able to be undone, right? If I use the Restore capability in iTunes, I can go back?
    2) Can I still purchase or download apps from the iTunes store (not a deal breaker, but whatever)
    3) Sorta similar to the question above, but will I be able to use apps I already purchased/downloaded?

  94. Please just email me, it will be a lot quicker. My emails kyleshankles @ yahoo. com -I will be available instantly that way.

  95. Just email me, I will fix it.

  96. After installing Cydia (jailbroken), you must connect to wifi or have signal to internet. There are still apps that you need to “finish” installing. When you connect to Cydia, its looking for internet, and when it cant find it, it says “cannot open source”.

  97. i just wonder. How can i get cydia in to my iphone if i got something called appstore cant find it in there. if some1 can give me a answer email me

  98. How can you download cydia on iPod touches?

  99. Hello, I need help…

    I tried to use this application but did not work. Besides that, my phone is dead… i the message FAIL TO GET DFU too many times… after trying like five times it seemed it work… but it didnt….but my phoen is not working at all what can i do?

  100. Here’s my Email: | Email me and I will fix your problem.

  101. it happened to me but at last i found that the only solutin is to download a new software

  102. Hi Kyle, I know that you can install Cydia on the iPhone but I don’t know how to install it on my iPod Touch. If you think you know how please email me.

  103. Yes, I do know how for sure. But I don’t have your email address???

  104. how can i install cydia ?cydia lost in my iphone

  105. How can i download cycorder in my i phone,

    Plz someone help me out for this . Thank u in advance

  106. I installed Cydia about a week ago and I LOVE IT!!! I am very happy with the new app availability and the new versatility of my phone. My question is, if and when I need a battery replacement, do I need to remove all signs of jailbreaking before sending the phone to apple? (Is that even how it works?) Also, I haven’t upgraded iTunes on my Mac since the jailbreak, and I haven’t hooked my phone to the computer because I don’t know if it will undo what I’ve done with Cydia and Installer. If Apple offers a new version of iPhone software, should I install it? Should I install iTunes 8.1? Help!

  107. thats not very specific. email me and please be more descriptive. my emails posted above.

  108. Well I know you dont want to hear this, but, once you jailbreak (to get Cydia) you kinda void your warranty. Now that’s not to say they will always be able to tell. If you ever need a battery exchange, just restore in iTunes (and, yes, always keep up to date with the newest iTunes [do that now]) and they might not be able to tell. With a battery exchange I don’t think it will be a problem, as it’s a routine procedure for them. They probably wont check the baseband or motherboard, so you probably cool 🙂

  109. OK i just jail broke my ipod i have cydia and installer from what i heard you have to search apps on cydia to download i try to search like Tap Tap Dance and nuttin comes up. I now download from the app store( free stuff )
    if I download somethin from the app store that costs money will cydia prevent it from verifying that purchase?

  110. Hi

    I don’t know if it’s just me but the source URL: is down for some reason.
    installer says “Invalid Source”
    Can anyone explain??

  111. Can anyone help!!! i just bought my iphone and i already downloaded cydia and yellowsn0w per the instruction and my iphone still says no service when i put in my sim card can someone tell me how to fix
    thank you

  112. Same problem I have – “Can anyone help!!! i just bought my iphone and i already downloaded cydia and yellowsn0w per the instruction and my iphone still says no service when i put in my sim card can someone tell me how to fix”
    Many thanks,



  114. [Sigh] why did I post my email address if NO ONE realizes it’s above for help?

  115. same here but i cant do anything on the phone part

  116. i was downloading the vista for itouch of cydia and it finished and said rebote device and i pressed it and it switched. Now it wont turn ofF and hasent turned on, i have tried everything

  117. i still dont get how you get cydia on your ipod touch.

  118. A friend of mine jailbroke my phone a few weeks ago. I had no problems synching it, but now when I go to synch, it says something like “disc not found” and that I need to restore the iphone. I know I will lose the Cydia if I do that. Also, the past few days now, when I receive a call, where it would normally say “1” by the green phone icon, it says “8” In other words, if I miss 1 call, it says 8 calls. Maybe I have some glitch in my phone and should just restore it and jailbreak it again?? Any suggestions? I have a 3G, 16 and it’s kind of new. I don’t want to screw up my warranty. I figure I can just restore, if it is still messed up, get a new one from apple under warranty. Either way, I can always jailbreak it again later. Any help on this “disc not found” thing in itunes?

  119. A friend of mine jailbroke my phone a few weeks ago. I had no problems synching it, but now when I go to synch, it says something like “disc not found” and that I need to restore the iphone. I know I will lose the Cydia if I do that. Also, the past few days now, when I receive a call, where it would normally say “1? by the green phone icon, it says “8? In other words, if I miss 1 call, it says 8 calls. Maybe I have some glitch in my phone and should just restore it and jailbreak it again?? Any suggestions? I have a 3G, 16 and it’s kind of new. I don’t want to screw up my warranty. I figure I can just restore, if it is still messed up, get a new one from apple under warranty. Either way, I can always jailbreak it again later. Any help on this “disc not found” thing in itunes?

  120. thats brilliant! thank you so much … 🙂

  121. You have to jailbreak it.

    Go to YouTube and go on ‘tysiphonehelp’ channel and look up the video that corresponds to your iPod Touch firmware (e.g. 2.2.1 (it will tell you in iTunes)). Then make sure if you have Windows PC the jailbreak video is for Windows, Mac for Mac etc.

    I used the QuickFreedom way.

  122. Help when I download something it does nothing and it doesn’t say error or anything it just says complete

  123. hey…..i jailbreak my ipod touch…and i have cydia and installer but i don;t know how to use these….i want to put games and app to my ipod but i don’t know how…please help me…:)

  124. I am gettin the Iphone 3g, Not sure where to start, Been reading tons of different stuff!! For sure I want to jailbrake,Where can I find the correct link to download for the 3g? what’s next? Cydia? Summerboard or winterboard?? Please help! confused! guidence from a pro iphoner?

  125. The easiest wa i’ve jailbroken my ipod 2g is using quickfreedom. it installs both cydia and istaller app. (optional) and lets you choose the boot logo. the process is very straightforward and the download for is at the same site as quick pwn. I hope this helps. And if you want winter board look up hackintosh on cydia. its the best theme.

  126. And the best way to gt games is through cydia which has more games than installer. go to sections or type in keywords for games (e.g- mario-sonic-nintendo,etc.) and it’ll give you some results. If your looking for themes, or if you want winterboard go to cydia and search Hackintosh. It will then download and then once you reboot your ipod there will be a winterboard theme. open it then check Hackintosh. Then click the home button and the menu will freeze for a couplre of seconds then the unlock screen will appear. unlock it normally and the theme Hackintosh will be applied. If you wish to unapply it, simply open up winterboard and un check it.

  127. can i download apps from itunes after jailbraking

  128. Maybe yes maybe no, you can do it but maybe you can’t.
    Iphone 4G is avalible on 15 May 2009. It has a video camera, bluetooth and a bunch of free apps that are paid on App. store.
    So just wait. Jailbreaking is illegal and the result will be prision. In the summer, they”ll do an investagation for who jailbroke his/ her iphon.
    Cydia is free but useless.
    My brother is a manager in Apple corp.
    He said that cydia is completely useless.
    Only themes and drawing for wallpapers.
    Don’t bother doing something iilllleeeeggggggggaaaaaallll.
    Plus, In math we took Areas and volumes.
    Maybe Hady, i could be somebody else.
    Ha HA

  129. Who cares if its illegal, who is getting hurt? No one.. Cydia has some cool stuff on it and you can personalise your iphone to make it more you. I like the ‘make it mine’ function that allows you to change the network carrier or clock to your name or whatever you want. Yeah its all wall papers and screen changes but its pretty cool! SO if you have an iphone its totally your call. Software is easy to buy online and the process to Jailbreak it without hacking it is easy!¬

  130. Go to and you will be jailbroken with installer and cydia in about 45 seconds

  131. Go to

  132. Jailbreaking your Ipod or Iphone is not illegal. the software that you install on it is open to the public. However apple will not replace or assist you in any way if they find out what you did. Making your Iphone work on another service provider (T-moblie, Sprint) is illegal.

  133. ok i just got cydia and installer but how do i get apps please help me!!!!

  134. Hi there, I send you an e-mail last Saturday, cause I need for you to help me to jailbreak my Iphone, I want to put themes on them, and my daughters have the Itouch Ipod, and they also want to put themes on their Ipods. Please e-mail me so you can help me do this. Thank you.

  135. that is not true!!! i bought the 3 year warranty on mine and i have exchanged it 3 times at best buy. all you have to do is restre in itunes and no questions will be asked. i figure if i am going to pay an extra 65.00 i will have a new ipod every couple of months, broken or not

  136. Can someone who have installed themes on their Iphone and 3g touch Ipod, please walk me thru from beginning to end, I’m not “computer savy”, and do not want to mess up my Iphone. I have been reading all the comments, put it gets confusing, please help!!!!! thank you.

  137. Make sure you back up your device in Itunes and you will get your apps back. backup your music, pics, videos ect. Itunes will reinstall your apps and purchased items on your 1st sync after jailbreak. I tunes cannot tell a jailbroken device from a non jailbroken device. To me jail break was well worth it and if you decide that you don’t like it, or have to bring your device in for repair or replacement you just restore your device in itunes and no one will ever know that it was jailbroken. It’s NOT illegal to jailbreak your iphone or ipod touch. Buty apple doesn’t like it and will void your warenty if they find out, but they never have to find out.. email me if you have anymore questions….

  138. Just connect your device to itunes and click sync and it will automatically back up

  139. Apple cannot say what you can do with a device that you own. That would be like the contractor who built your house saying that it is illegal to paint your house. You got some bad information from somewhere. It would take a movement by the house and the senate to accomplish that. Check your facts. Apple can’t make laws. only the goverment can. (sorry typing on ipod)

  140. Just put your phone into restore mode plu it in and let it sit for about 15 minutes and it will go back to where it was. If that doesn’t work just restore in itunes and try again. I had the same problem at first and I found out this method by accident.

  141. yes it is worth it, I don’t leave home without mine. you can go to the app store and download an app named iCall and use your ipod touch like an iphone as long as you have an internet connection. I live and work with wifi everywhere even in my car. (sprint WIFI router)so I got rid of my cell phone adn save about 100 bucks a month. email me with any questions.

  142. I’m looking into getting the Iphone but I’m not sure if i want to get the contract through ATT or buy it off line and go through T mobile. If i goto ATT to get the phone and contract can I still use Cydia and the apps? can I Jailbreak the phone. all on ATT network. Iv heard mixed story’s about if cydia will work on ATT network or not. Im just looking for the best deal when it comes to this. can anyone give me a straight answer?

  143. I have ATT & have always had it. I jailbroke my phone a month or so ago and I’m glad I did. I have a lot more choices now and have been able to really customize my phone. If you use ATT you don’t have to unlock you phone (which allows you to use other carriers) but you can jailbreak it (which is easier & allows you to use Cydia. Take your time and follow the instructions and you’ll be fine. Email Kyle (see above posts) if you have problems or questions – he really helped me a lot. (Thanks Kyle!)

  144. i download sendsong before from cydia. where i could download music form itunes and i use it as a ringtone also. but since i locked my iphone. they reset everything i lost all the program that i used to have. now my question is…what is the new program from cydia that i can download again so i can use all the music that i have on my itunes to become my ringtone. thanks

  145. i don;t have video when i try to luch a cartoon,what program do i need

  146. all on the big shift

  147. Hey I found a new website where you can download apps and sync them right to your ipod or iphone, you will have to do a little sshing before you can sync but it is pretty easy. it has every app in the app store only free. check it out: I have already downloaded like 25 apps… If you need any help getting set up email me

  148. U gotta download winterboard off cydia then u hust check the themes etc u want

  149. Its free, if ou have to pay its not the right one/

  150. i have ipod touch 16 g so i wont to downloads everythings abouth ipod touch programmes or movies or …..?
    so i need answer?
    how can i downloads cidya?

  151. Thank you so much. I have already downloaded tons of free apps from that website. Btw, you have to download a certain program from Cydia in order to actually get them onto your iTouch or iPhone.

  152. You have to jailbreak your iTouch or iPhone and it will automatically put Cydia as well as Installer (an older version) onto it.

  153. Nice site ! people should read this .

  154. This…is…AMAZING! You can install so much cool stuff with it. You really need to jailbreak your iPod/iPhone if you already didn’t. Download QuickPwn for iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, or iPod touch 1G. Download Redsn0w beta for iPod touch 2G. All are untethered (the jailbreak stays after a reboot)!

  155. Hey what’s upp my name is alex and pleas pleas help me I’m not someone that bows how to do any of this but I want to download cydia but I dnt now how 2 pleas help me my email is. or myspace yes yahho. LOL thanx zoo let me now

  156. I just got a iphone 2g version 2.0.2, it was a jailbroken phone. There was a lot of apps from the vendor. After i got the phone i just pressed cydia icon and most of the applications icons are gone like installer, calculator, contacts etc. only few icons like phone, photos, sms and safari is there. I did not back up my iphone prior before the icons dissappeared. can anyone help me to get the icons back. thanks

  157. hey guys. I jailbroke my iphone2.2.1 and was trying to make cydia work.. but anytime I try to install something, the box pops up and says POSIX:socket is not connected, or POSIX:Operation timed out and cant install anything:( is there anybody can help me solve this issue?! plleeaasseee~!!!

  158. yeah….you must add some sources in cydia..go to manage than sources and tap edit and than add in left and add this:….for more sourcer go to youtube and tap cydia sources…:) or google

  159. hey….i know a program in cydia…installous…you can download all games there are in app store..full games…you must add this in cydia source: and than add this source and than go to search and tap : installous and doiwnload this and from this installous you can download all the game there are the same in teh app store but FULL GAME not LITE….if i help anybody with this i want to know..:)

  160. HELP!!
    Just wondering and I hope someone will help me asap.. I got Cydia from one of my friends’ computer.. if I sync new apps from my computer, will that delete cydia off my iphone??

  161. there is a way to restore your iphone to its original state it simply deletes every thing related to a jailbroken iphone.

  162. dear i have IPhone 3G 8gb mobile. i want to unlock but in my mobile no cydia Software. what i do? i download for them Jailbrack also but they donot decect mobile set? how i do i ? please reply me. Thanks i am waiting.

  163. No, it will not. It will only delete cydia if you restore your iphone.

  164. hi there.. i download installous in my iphone already..but i don’t know why i still can’t install the i need to install anything else together with the installous in order to download all the application inside it?

  165. Hey everyone – I know this is probably on most iPhone users’ minds. I want to update to OS 3.0 but don’t want to lose my jailbreak functions and cool apps. Should I just wait until the Devs perfect a solution, or is there one that’s ready now? I have App Back-up from Cydia and am not quite sure how to make it happen, or maybe just a little nervous about trying it. Anyone update and re-jailbreak yet?

  166. @Blaine For now, you can use redsn0w to do this. If you have the iPhone 1st generation iPhone it will BOTH unlock and jailbreak 3.0 on your iPhone, but the iPhone 3G will with redsn0w will NOT unlock it, only jailbreak, so you won’t be able to use a different carrier.

  167. hey guys…i have a problem …..for example i go to cydia and i download one theme for ex and than cydia close automatic…i don;t know, the same for some games in my ipod i go to game and than this is closing…please help me…who know!!:D thx

  168. Fallout 3 is my latest favourite game, total virtual immersion

  169. hey net game….from where can you download that application fallout 3…?? my favorite is the sims 3…;)

  170. The iPhone is definitely the best cell phone I’ve over owned, really happy I got it!

  171. How can I download cydia to iPod touch 2g on safari help

  172. I recently downloaded a mms app from cydia and my iphone went into reboot about 4 hours ago and hasn’t turned back on yet. the apple logo goes on and off anyone who knows how to get it back on

  173. Eva, I did the same thing. You have to force your phone in to recovery mode and then restore it using ITunes. To do so turn your phone off. Pull up ITunes on your computer. While connecting your phone to Itunes hold the home button and continue to hold it until you see the message that your phone is in recovery mode and it must be restored before using it. Then restore it back to factory settings. I know I explained that kind of fast so here’s a link that will show you step by step.

  174. OMG HHEEELLPP!! I downloaded cydia and now i have noooo service! i need help bad i’m freaking out! i have the iphone 8g 3g i dont know why i dont have service but i;m freaking out i need help now!!!

  175. I need help. I have a iphone 3g 16g. Everytime I try to install something from cydia it gives me an error. I jailbroke iphone with redsnow and running 3.0. Help Meae

  176. Hi , I have Iphone 3g, 8gb. but they could not support othere Sim card how i unlock Iphone. ? Need a reply and on my mobile phone no software Cydia how i intall in it.

  177. I jailbroke the new 3.0 software using redsnow and installed cydia during the process. I also installed ultrasnow but cydia was giving me problems when I would download packages. And now when I try opening it up, before it loads it just shuts down. I seriously need help. Without cydia, what’s the point.

  178. I have a jail broken iphone 8g 3g and I was downloading something from cydia and it brought up a a terminal which I can’t get rid of and cydia app will no longer open. Please help I would like the terminal gone off dock and cydia to work, can anyone help me?

  179. I’ve been wanting cedia for quite some time on my 16gb Ipod touch. the reason why i wouldn’t do it on my Iphone is because if the service finds out you’re jail breaking your Iphone you’re in really big trouble, don’t know the exact concequences but just know they’re bad. My friend told me about and he has it. As soon as i get a hold of my buddy i’ll get him to do it on my ipod touch because i really wouldn’t want to mess up

  180. criamos o da uma conferida amigo,

    é uma repo comunitaria, onde desenvolvedores enviam aplicacoes , temas etc…

  181. Friends im fron méxico my error was erase my cidya, what can i do to recover?

  182. Is there anywhere else other than cydia (which i find patchy and kinda shit) where you can get decent apps?

  183. i had the same problem you will have to reload the back up in itunes and start over. open itunes then with your phone unplugged hold the home button and then plugg it in. it should show a plug and itunes logo.

    and when you down load cydia again be sure to run the update before you do anything. i would stay away from that mms till they get it fixed.

  184. Hey guys.
    in the above it says “Note: The quick and easy way to get Cydia on your iPhone is to install it using QuickPwn.”
    is that the only way to get cydia onto an iphone?
    if so please tell me how.
    thanks =)

  185. Ijailbroke my phone i went to go and downlaod the energizer battery bar and as soon as it went to the reboot system it reboot then shut off and ever since it wont wont turn back like the apple sign will coem up for about 5 secs then jsut shut off ??? what do i do about thsi ????

  186. hola me llamo william y nesecito que me envien por favor el cidya y el jilbrake ya soy nuevo en esto y no lo encuentro en el internet y tambien no tengo la camara de video,envienme a mi correo favor enviar y gracias por tener este espacio.

  187. hi mi nombre es yony zuniga me gustaria q por favor me mandaran el programa de cydia y jailbroken me gustaria tener el programa de camara de video y el de vos activitin se los agradecere mucho gracias

  188. omg. ive download the wrong appplication now i cant restore my iphone 3g 3.0 i used the 3gs purple rain application and now its dead . help any1?

  189. when you download the program onto your comp, make sure your phone is off before you think about plugging the phone into the comp.if you need help go to

  190. Ok I have cydia but am wondering how to jailbreak it from this point…

  191. jailbreaked phone cydia worked fine downloaded a few apps and now it is not working keeps telling me UNABLE TO LOAD[TIMED OUT] and at the top it says NETWORK ERROR someone please help

  192. cydia worked fine downloaded a few apps and now it is not working keeps telling me UNABLE TO LOAD[TIMED OUT] and at the top it says NETWORK ERROR someone please help

  193. Just got all apprication downloaded to my Windows computer, when I started to install qwckpwn it failed and said I have to install .NET framework v2.0.50727. What does it mean ??? In which folder should I put the downloaded application in my computer ?

  194. For those of you who broke your iPhones go into dfu mode. Dfu mode is a step in the jailbreak process where you turn off iPhone and plug it into the computer then turn it on and press a certain combination of buttons that quickpwn tells you. It’ll fix your iPhone and allow you to restore

  195. my iphone 3gs is stuck with the purplera1n picture and wont do anything, i think its fozen. HELP!!!

  196. please, send me all steps to install skype program on my mobile Iphone

  197. uhmmm… my iphone is stuck in recovery mode because of one single reason: IT CAN’T RESTORE MY IPHONE BECAUSE IT NEEDS THE SUPPORTED SIM CARD. and i can’t have a supported sim card because i’m in the philippines and my father’s sooooooooooo far away to give me a supported sim card… What must I do to restore my phone w/o a supported sim… NEED HELP BADLY!!! BECAUSE I MIGHT BE DEAD(KILLED BY MY MOTHER) IF I DON’T RESTORE THIS BACK… ANY HELP WOULD BE GLADLY APPRECIATED… THANKS FOR THOSE WHO WOULD HELP ME… I’D BE IN YOUR DEBT…

  198. My iphone after downloading it was not on what should i do please give me sujession that i can use my iphone again

  199. GABER you should still be able on a jailbroken to get apps from the apple app store. You can get skype on there for free

  200. Hi.

    I’ve recently purchased a 3gs that has 3.0 installed on it.

    I keep getting prompted by iTunes to update to 3.1 but not done it.

    Has anyone succesfully jailbroken their 3gs on 3.0 and if yes what did you use.

    I don’t need to unlock it as I’m happy on o2 and normally all o2 contract phones are already unlocked anyway.

    Anyway all I’d like to do is jailbreak.

    Any help please as I get confused by the many bloggs, some saying use this others say use something else, some say keep sim in some say don’t, some say have iTunes connected, some say don’t.

    As u can see I’m confused, lol.

    Thanks for any advice and/or help given. Ron

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  202. after jailbreaking, can I transfer apps from PC to Iphone?

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  204. I have the iphone 3gs with the latest firmware 3.1. I just download “purplera1n installer app” like the instructions here says. now my phone is not working at all and I can’t even turn it off. all I see is an image of the home page of purplerain.

    I hope someone here can help 🙁

  205. can you do a ipod touch 3g it wont let me =( and I really want to

  206. Arl try hold in the home and sleep button at the same time for about 15-20 seconds…this should restart your iPhone and it should work if not you will have to connect it to your computer and iTunes and restore your iPhone

  207. hi ari i have solution for ur problem i also had same problem.

  208. this fuked up my ipod.. adn its new and it never been hacked and i aslo have 3g

  209. help!! i have the same prob as
    “ari says:
    I have the iphone 3gs with the latest firmware 3.1. I just download “purplera1n installer app” like the instructions here says. now my phone is not working at all and I can’t even turn it off. all I see is an image of the home page of purplerain.
    I hope someone here can help

  210. how to get cydia on my iphone 3g.. i tried a lot.. but I couldn’t understand… Please help me.

  211. I have the Ipod Touch 2G (2.2.1).
    Using redsn0W 7.2 and it only stay at the hard drive picture for a long time then when it reboots, it asks me to connect to Itunes to restore the firmware.
    Tried 4 times with no luck.
    How can I upgrade to 3.0 and jailbreak the same time?

  212. I updated my iphone3g 3.0 to 3.0.1 from itune there got required to hack and upgrade
    did as per your instruction but while adding in source repo666.ultrasn0w.but show errors.
    ANY QUESTIONS Y HAVE.plz solv my provlam any body my ID

  213. tried to run purplera1n, program encountered an error, now my iphone 3gs needs to restore to version 3.1 !….this sucks, now i cant do anything

  214. I upgraded my os to 3.1 on my jailbroken 3gs by mistake with itunes and no my whole phone is locked! Please help!!!

  215. I also have a 3g and don’t fully understand how to
    put this app on my iPhone. How should I go about doing so?

  216. I’m surching softwer bymistikli delet cidiya and itiune softwer pleas help me to downlod this sotwer

  217. Amit the process is called jail breaking. What firmware you have? If you have 3.0.1 then use redsn0w. Follow steps at

    If you have older version then use quickpwn.

    If you have 3.1 then you cannot put Cydia on it.

  218. If you have v3.01 firmware use redsn0w when you Jailbreak & Unlock your iphone, if you have V3.01 firmware you can update to 3.0 firmware while useing redsn0w, this will allow you to install Cydia. Jailbreaking & Unlocking the New iphone 3GS is a little Risky, you can end up with a duff Handset.

  219. i have iphone 32gb 3gs version 3.1
    and every time i tryed to install app. i get the error 0xe8008001

    and i want to get cydia pleassssssssssssss help

  220. hi guys , i have 3gs 32gb it cums with 3.0.1 firmware , but how do i jailbreak it i hav tried diff things downloading cracked firmwares and purpelura nothing works plz i wana install cydia any help any1

  221. For all you people out there who are having difficulty with the 3gs, as I did, all is not lost. Here’s how to do it and don’t worry if you mess up, it is simple to reconnect to iTunes and put it all back to rights.

    1. Download iPhone 3G S (3.0/7A341) ipsw and save it to your downloads.

    2. Once downloaded check that the file ext is .ipsw. I think this one is already in the right format but if not, right click on it and rename it to make it .ispw. Don’t worry about the warnings. When this has been done the icon will be a small cube with iTunes logo.

    3. Download redsn0w to your download file. The 0 in the name is zero and not a uppercase letter O.

    4. Go to the downloads click/run redsn0w. A dialog box will ask you to browse for the .ispw. Point it to the download as at 1. above.

    5. It will identify the software and then run some software to prepare for the Jailbreak. Follow the on-screen instructions which should read
    along the lines of “switch off the iPhone for 5 seconds, hold down the home button and keep it held down. Connect the USB cable whilst still holding and click next” or something along those lines. You can take your finger off when it tells you. NB If it tells you to also hold the power button then you have the wrong software and /or not a 3gs phone.

    6. You will see an icon on the iPhone screen representing a hard drive. After a few seconds software will begin to download and soon after a pineapple man icon will appear.

    7. When it’s finished the phone will reboot and then you will see the Cydia icon. Your iPhone is now jailbroken. NEXT

    8. If you want to unlock it go to Cydia and search for ultrasn0w. Download it to your iPhone. No need to do anything else. Your iPhone will now take any SIM. NEXT

    9. To personalise the screens go to Cydia and download Winterboard. Click on that when it’s loaded and you may then play with different screen themes. Download more by going to Cydia / Sections / All Packages (icon at bottom) and have a look for the theme you want. They’re all free.

    Hope this helps.

  222. Re my comments above I should have indicated that this is for Windows PC not MAC. I run Vista but it should be ok on other OS.

  223. Re 275. File extension typo error. It should read .ipsw and NOT .ispw!! Fat fingers rule!

  224. This program purpule totally wiped my iphone out, do not download and or install.

  225. I should have said don’t use purplera1n – it didn’t work on my 3gs and I was left with a picture of the developer on the screen and a lifeless phone. After a few minutes of panic and holding down the home and power buttons a few times, for a few seconds at a time, it did come back to life and I was able to restore through iTunes. Another snippet for those of you in the UK if you need free internet tethering – in safari on the iphone itself search for – a page called Mobileconfigs UK will appear, touch the O2 Contract and you will have the tethering. V cool for those who need it.

  226. Hey I ve upgrated my 3g 3.01 to 3.1 my iphne got locked if any body knwz hw to unlock do info me…

  227. Sorry Eric; apparently 3.1 can’t be jailbroken as yet.

  228. hi… please can someone help me with my query. I have iphone 2G unlocked and jailbroken with 2.2 software… what is the process for upgrading my 2G iphone to 3.0 oftware and jailbreaking /unloacking without losing my address book and smses???

    thanks a lot !!

  229. There is a app in the app store that you can save all of your contacts. u just download the app after all of it is deleted and put ur username and pw.

  230. I need flashplayer for my iPhone how can ido please do something


  232. hi,
    my name is Vaibhav Goyal, i have an iphone 3g with OS 3.1. I am not able to install cydia in it neither downgrade my iphone. Can u please help me out

  233. hi,
    my name is Vaibhav Goyal, i have an iphone 3g with OS 3.1. I am not able to install cydia in it neither downgrade my iphone. Can u please help me out


  234. hi. ive been attempting to jailbreak my ipod touch 2g 3.0
    but it keeps freezing on the WAITING FOR REBOOT.

    ive tried the “unplug the cable and put it back in method”, but it still doesnt work. any ideas? please help.


  235. tengo un iphone 3g con 3.1 y no he podido instalar cydia existe algon metodo para hacer este procedimiento lo necesito estoy ostinado de itune quiero algo mas abierto y factible

  236. Tengo un iPhone 3G con 3,1 y no he podido instalar Cydia existe Algun metodo para hacer este Procedimiento lo necesito estoy ostinado de iTunes quiero algo mas abierto y realizables

  237. I just bought my new iPhone 3G, version 3.0, i was update it to 3.1 version. then it was lock my phone.

    How can i jailbreak it and unlock my phone?.

    Many thanks

  238. hi,
    my name is Dilipkumar, i have an iphone 3g with OS 3.1. I am not able to install cydia in it neither downgrade my iphone. Can u please help me out

  239. pls tell me how i can download cydia apps on my iphone

  240. hi 🙂 can somone send me cydia pleaseeeee? cant find it anywhere 🙁

    hola alguien podria mandarme el cydia porfavooooooor?
    no lo encuentro por ninguun lugar 🙁

  241. my name is Ali Mohammed, i have an iphone 3g with OS 3.1. I am not able to install cydia in it neither downgrade my iphone. Can u please help me out

  242. hi can anyone help me in downloading cydia into my i iphone 3G 3.1 version which i updated from 3.0 or can anyone tell me when is the ew version going to be out?!?!

  243. Hi,pls help me out menu on my iphoneappears but there is no service sign and its not working cydia is not installed without it doesnt work can any one help me out my email is

  244. Apparently Apple have made the 3.1 upgrade to stop us jailbreaking and it’s working so far. Sadly once 3.1 has been installed, at present there is no way to downgrade it back to 3.0. We’ll have to wait for those clever guys at Cydia to figure it all out.

  245. Does anybody know where to find latest cydia version…?

    Pease advice

  246. dude, what the fuck man…. i did all this and now my iphone wont even work at all…this is really fucked up man…can someone help…

  247. Apparently if you installed the updates for your phone…these programs won’t work and your phone is no longer “jailbroken”….new app is suppose to live around the 12th…so i have been told.

  248. I have a question, can I still use my AT&T network when I unlock it thru cydia? I’ve tried it but once I put the sim card it just says searching for a long time then it goes into no service, maybe I did something wrong but idk, can somebody help me?

  249. if i jailbreak & unlock my iphone 3gs using redsn0w or purplesn0w that will make able to use my Vodafone Egypt SIM network or there will be a problem please need somebody’s advice & help.

    mail me & help me:

  250. Paul see my comments on Page 14 for how to do it.

  251. Estoy aqui por q me dijeron q el lugar Es bueno vamos a ver como funciona

  252. I have iPhone 3 G it’s jailbroke a friend did it it work just fine then when I log into cydia 2 things pop up could not load a steroid could not find 404 is there a place I could to find out what’s going on. Thanks

  253. “blackra1n” at will apparently unlock the any iPhone in 30 seconds and it’s supposed to be easy to use. Not tried it myself as already unlocked. Dev-team say it will not do the carrier unlock though and that it may stop that happening for some time to come.

  254. hey guys my name is surayo and i am new at cydia and i really want to download to my ipod touch but i dont know how so can anyone tell me how to download cydia plz…

  255. hey guys my name is surayo and i am new at cydia and i really want to download to my ipod touch but i dont know how so can anyone tell me how to download cydia plz…
    contact me at:

  256. how to install Cydia to T-Mobile 3G send back to me with clear instraction please. thaks

  257. What must I install first? I want to get cydia put on my iPod touch but I don konw how to do anything. Pls tell how to get it. Thanks big big

  258. ecxuse me sir.. i’ve problem with my app of Cydia.. i cant open that! can u tell me more about this problem? what should i do with that? thank you..


  260. you guys are all super stupid if you want to jailbreak your ipod just go to youtube and watch tutorials

  261. How do you get it
    and what is jailbreaking?

  262. How do you download cydia

  263. Check out this forum, it’ll give u the links and instructions in detail on how to jailbreak and unlock ur iPod touch or iPhone up to 3.1.2.

  264. i have a problem with my sms/ text messages not showing the names, only the numbers when i get incoming sms. I need to know what the fix is for this please! how do i rectify that problem?

  265. Quiero intalar cydia

  266. how could i jailbrake. do i need to be in a special website or something ? and how could i install cydia on my ipod? does my songs will get eriese? please help me i really wan it… could you gif me the directions and the website couse i try to get it but i could.

  267. its the easiest way! i tried for days to get the perfect site.. this is the only one that worked. just ensure that ur ipod is updated to 2.2.1 software, download redsnow and follow instructions on video. then u’ll be jailbroken!!!! 😀

  268. Ojala que me allude

  269. Hi how do I fix cydia on my iPod touch 8gb I like cydia

  270. i was removed cydia application on my i phone tell me how to get it back without jailbreak againthere is no even logo for cydia

  271. i was removed cydia application on my i phone tell me how to get it back without jailbreak againthere is no even logo for cydia can i use safari to put cydia back

  272. I would like to know if ican installer cydia in my blackberry storm 3g from verizon

  273. if u dnt have wifi just download cyder its really awesome just add sources rebooot and done

  274. Hi,
    Im currently finding out about “Jailbrakeing” my iPhone in the view to complete when i feel confident enough to do so! After some hour’s of reserch i do feel i could carry out what is required to achive this on my iPhone 3G’s (3.1.2 Firmware). But there is 1 question i havent yet seem to be able to answer, that is: Is Cydia & Instaler safe? eg: will it curupt my iPhone in any way shape or form? Also is it possible to return the iPhone back to apple’s firmware should this not be to my satisfaction?
    I would realy appriciate your comment’s on this to enable me to finaly take the step into freedom “Jailbreak”..
    Many Thank’s Gr33noy69er

  275. I remove CYDIA from my iPhone tell me how to get it

  276. i jailbroke my ipod touch and soo did my friend and both of our ipods broke!! grr !!,, but when i did have cydiaa it wass cooll,, i liked the themes,, shame u cant get them without jailbreaking it :/

  277. i unlocked my i phone 3g,now my bluetooth is not do i fix it

  278. Hey I want to download this but I need to make sure this I completely FREE

  279. when i try to add hackulo in cydia it comes back as a could not find reposory? what can i do

  280. yo quiero probar la aplicacion por primeraves

  281. Hi, probably this entry could be off topic but anyways, I’ve been surfing around your web site and it looks extremely great. It’s obvious that you know the topic and you are passionate about it. I’m setting up a new website and I’m struggling to make it look good, and provide high quality content. I?ve discovered a good deal at your website plus I anticipate alot more articles and will be coming back soon. Thanks you.

  282. New to jailbroken phones, am accessing internet via satellite connection –hughesnet. I have tried to connect to apps using cydia and I am getting errors that unable to connect to host –tired to access direct from web and get “Failure To Connect To Web Server” everytime.

    I want is to use my iphone as a hispeed modem for my laptop (tethering it) –I am open to suggestions!

  283. my cydia doesnt open. what can i do?

  284. I’m trying to set my mms on my 3.1.2 Iphone but I dont have a internet on my phone so can you please email me to show me how I can do this.Thanks

  285. BlackRa1n is a good installer program

  286. i have a 8g itouch v3.1.2 and i’m having problems downloading apps etc when i go to download or install something it goes into recovery mode.any help for this problem

  287. I have 3.1.2 with cydia installed.. But i was wondering (even tho ppl said its not worth using) how can i put the installer app on my iphone 3G-S? I would greatly appreciate it… HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL :)) !!!

  288. For people that wanna install Cydia on your iPhone/itouch 3g 3.1.2 go to go to foum section and go to 3g questions there is a tutorial on how to install cydia using blackrain

  289. if you update cydia when it asks do you want to update.. is that safe or should i just click the ignore (temporary)option that comes up?

  290. how to download cydia on my iphone 3gs plz guys i need answers

  291. Cydia is great with some great enhancements. Does anyone have an app for single calls from the call list, instead of deleting the whole list??

  292. I just finished jailbreaking my iphone 3g to 3.1.2 however i was not able to install cydia and rock. What am I going to do to install cydia?

  293. hey guyes if u wanna a easy jail break go to with a 1(one)) and download it then attach ur ipod and run rain hit make it rain on ur touch go to blachra1n download cydia and rock an u all good

  294. hey is ther any body tell me how the fuck im ganna get Cydia on my Fuckin Ipod i dont have it and i dont knw how to get it

  295. How do i install it? Is there a user guide

  296. This website is cool because you can download everyhing

  297. Hello
    am curious this cydia via jailbreak use only for unlock iPhone or lock phone as I read this article leading to unlock iPhone only?? Let me know thanks!!!!

  298. The Cydia icon invisible form the page. And somes application which download from itunes store, the icon was not on the screen. I am using SB Setting application which hide some application on top. In the dock application of SB Setting, I do see all the applications missing from the screen include Cydia icon. Please advise. Thank you

  299. Hi, my i-phone 3G-S , Cydia icon was dissing from the screen leaving a blank there and also somes applications which downloaded from itunes store was installed but invisible from the screen. I am using SB Setting application, in the dock application I do see all this application existing. I try and try synchronising the applications from my lap top via itunes but thie applications icon still not appear on the screen. Please advise how should I resolve this. Thank you

  300. How do you get rid of the apps you have downloaded ?

  301. this worked for me i used the iphone 3g with 3.1.2 update and black rain made it jailbreak and unlock the phone, thank you, black rain makes it rain on this bitch

  302. >>Olivia

    Either go on cydia, Manage, and then packages and remove them off their, or download cydelete (off cydia) which is an app that will allow you to delete previously installed cydia apps off the springboard (:

  303. descargar programa para iphon

  304. hello this thing doesn’t tell you much why not it should tell you how to download and install the cydia yeah?
    OR NO?

  305. Hi, I saw so many websites how to jailbreak my iphone. But how can I jailbreak my iphone 3gs 3.1.3. ?? I tried the right way but I think its because of the last updated firmware. Please help!! Thanks

  306. Hey my cyida will not load but it loaded up before this and now it won’t load plz help

  307. Hi I am using iPhone 2G with firmware 3.0, until recently I had been using Cydia installer to manage & download new softwares but since last few weeks I am unable to use Cydia as it won’t even start up, pls help…..thanx !

  308. i need cydia because i one un look my iphone

  309. I would like to download cydia to my iphone, can you guide me in doing that. my iphone version is 3.13(7E18)

  310. i have 3.1.3 itouch how can i hacked????

  311. Hi! cydia , i need you help!
    my iphone3g version 3.1.3 no installer icy cydia, so how to get it?

  312. Please help me to install cydia on my iPhone 2G version 3.1.2

  313. Hi cydia in need you help I need you on my iPhone 3gs 32g please please I don’t know how to put it on my phone help me please thank you god bles…

  314. Hey cydia I don’t know how to hack my iPod and I don’t know how to get cydia please can you guys help me thankyou.

  315. i m confuse to purchase this phone its so difficult

  316. i’m really confuse iphone is really difficult. i cant do how to change my iphone’s theme,wallpape and game other apps. And can’t download iphonehacktoolkit1 and other programms. that programm couldn’t finding
    please teach me bout that all problems if u want help me please sent to my yahoo ID

  317. HOW TO DOWNLOAD CYDIA ???? please Help problems if u want help me please sent to my gmale ID

  318. please help me im confuse i dont understand how to do this

  319. Can anyone help a feller maybe NOT quite as … Let’s say not as up on this as y’all seem to be. I’ve read this till my head is EXPLODING and I don’t get it.
    Me = IPhone 3GS 3.1.3
    All I want to fo is put MP3’s on my phone!
    Maybe cydia dtunes 4 dummies

  320. i lost my cydia app just bcoz of im using 3.2.1 ver….HELP>>>>>>>>>

  321. what is jailbreak and why i jailbroken my i pod touch . * how i downloads movies and games for free!!!???

  322. what is jailbreak and why i jailbroken my i pod touch . * how i downloads movies

  323. i’ve cydia in my iphone 3G. but i can’t download any apps. i tried download any apps. but it’s not work and don’s locate my iphone. i need someone who know ’bout that really thanks very very.

  324. It is very usefull for iphone user but not me, because of ipod 3g Mc model. If you have any idea, let me know about the Cydia installation
    Thanks for your hands

  325. What does jailbraking mean?

  326. Help me please, my iPhone 3g used firmware 3.1.3. How can I download cydia.

  327. i have an iphone 3g with a tmobile chip, im able to send texts pic mail but i can not recieve pic mail is there anything i can do to fix this problem

  328. my iphone used 3GS 3.1.3 How can i jailbreak and download cydia. Pls help.

  329. Hold on rushing with downloading Cydia. The Master should be able to re-load my i-phone…

  330. Hey Guys! Never use Cydia application – it has just cracked my i-phone and which truly educated IT staff could bring to life using same shit applicaiton.

    As it was advised, the Cydia is indeed crap and costly! I had to pay 80$ just to switch on my i-phone!

  331. Don’t trust cydia.

    Attention, this aplycation maybe to destroy your iPhone.

    I did ladies and gentleman and I lost evrything. Pictures video and all app.

    Why? Because I was stupid to try download cydia and was installed through the computer to iPhone.
    Don’t try. If you want to try say to your iPhone see you Charley.

  332. you have to first unlock your itouch/phone before cydia will work. jailbreaking should be free. i use blackra1n but you have to have the 3.1.2 software, you can also downgrade to 3.1.2 if you have an updated one, but you WILL lose it all if you restore it, you can put it in DFU mode by pressing the home and lock button when turning it back on. it will say connect to itunes, then click on the 3.1.2 software restore by clicking shift+left mouse click and selecting the save file. then blackra1n should work, to get it go to and download it and it should jailbreak, then go into the blackra1n app and install cydia. again, this is all completely FREE. if you change the theme, you will automatically get a settings app called Winterboard and it may put your itouch/phone back into DFU mode but if it does, just re-run the blackra1n icon on the computer and it should work. enjoy.

  333. if i have got a 3.1.3 Iphone 3GS with MC

    is it also possible???

    please respod as soon as possible

  334. Can anyone help me?! i’ve downloaded blackrain and it was working fine but unfortunality when i connected my phone to itunes and offer me some download then i’ve lost black rain app and my iphone it’s from the uk and i’m in a diferent european country…so is it possible to download again blackrain and have my iphone working again with a diferent sim card than 02 uk? please let me know asap! many thanks!!!

  335. hi i have iphone on 3.1.3 how do i get cydia help ppl

  336. I have a simple problem, i have recoverd my iphone, and it automaticly uppgraded to 3.1.3, i know i can downgrade to 3.1.2 but i need Cydia to do so. how do i get Cydia to an empty iphone 3GS 3.1.3 ?
    If someone knows the answer pls email me

  337. hey im anele and i jst bought an iphone but when i download mxit it dont want to download and say unsuuported script.plz help me

  338. hey i was just wondering if you guys or anyone else has been working on a opod/iphone 3.1.3 jailbreak?
    And can i ask why everytime i try to take my iphone or ipod 3.1.3 back a firmware it will come up with a error saying im not eligible for it?

    thanks for the help will be much appreciated 🙂

  339. because the filmware u downloaded was not real its spam go to ipod touch filmware and use ONLY,ONLY USE 2G 3.1.2 ONLY the 3G dosent work on the ipod

  340. I have a iPod touch 2nd gen I find it hard to get info on jailbreaking it I have windows xp so what do I need to download on the computer and how?

  341. I am from India and I have just brought an iphone. I am not really tech savvy but whatever I have read online. I think my phone is unlocked as I am able to call and msg. But the installer application is not there thru which I get cydia. Do I need to jailbreak my phone to get cydia?is there any chance my phone would get locked if I try doing it?and what is easiest and risk-free method to get it? My phone version is3.1.2. Any help would be appreciated.please help.

  342. @Karan Gupta

    You need to jailbreak your iPhone to get cydia && no your phone will not be locked if you jailbreak. It. BLACKRAIN is the best software to jailbreak your iPhone
    I personally have jailbroke my iPhone and let me tell you it’s the best thing that has happened to my iPhone trust me. I would recommend following the steps in this YouTube video
    Hope this helped 🙂

  343. I have a iphone3gs with 3.12 and was able to jailbreak with blackra1n. Which i think is the best program to use. i also have cydia and i have no issue. You just have to becareful what source and what you download.
    you can always downgrade if you have 3.1.3 to 3.1.2 by first synce your phone so that you wont loss anything then on the main screen of itune where it said restore press shirt and click and you will see a file to open 3.1.2 open and download. this will get you back to 3.1.2. now go ahead and downloan blackra1n and you will have cydia on your phone. your phone will not be unlocked it will just be jailbroken so you can download any apps you want. hit me if you have any questions

  344. To mike
    I have went on 3 diffrent websites to download the 3.1.2 firmware they all send me to mega upload I downloaded it and tried to restore my iPod but it said firmware is not compatible please help me

  345. Did Cydya crash since April 8?
    What happened?
    A’re u able to fix it? When???!!!!
    Please do it ASAP!!!!!!!

  346. i installed cydia
    but m not getting oinstallers there pl. help
    ma mail address is

    i hve a 2G phn

  347. Cydia is fucking useless.
    The games suck :/ I can get any of these types of games free in the AppStore so why the hell would i jailbreak my ipod for this useless shit?
    And no, I’m not going to pay $5-15 bucks for an emulator on my ipod. I thought the whole point of jailbreaking your ipod was to get free shit?

  348. after downgrading you will get a message that said it cant be completed and it will send you to the dfu mode. then i used the to get the rest of the way then i used blackra1n to get the jailbreak

  349. espero poder intalarpongracias

  350. Phone is jailbroke installed cydia and ultrasn0w not getting any service please help with this. thank you very much

  351. if you want help in jailbreaking your ipod touch 2g v3.1.3 just email me…..

  352. Help me cant jailbreak my ipod touch mc model version 3.1.3,. Thanks,. Can’t even downgrade to version 3.1.2 its shows an error 28

  353. My iPhone 3G is unlocked, but I would like to update the 2.2 software to 3.0 or the latest. I have Cydia installed. What’s the best way to do this?

  354. my batterie can’t last for more than one hour, what to do with my iphone 3G

  355. If i do this on my ipod touch 3g 64gb 3.1.3 will it work correctly and can i possibly do it without loosing current apps and music? please email me email me at or reply in the review ill keep this bookmarked please help.

  356. To jailbreak iPod touch 3g (MC Model) 3.1.3 you have to downgrade to 3.1.2 and use blackra1n…

  357. I hav an iTouch 2G. I still don’t know what to find Cydia OR the Installer, my iPod has neither

  358. i mistakenly reset my iPhone and had to restore it,there after i lost CYDIA. how can i have or get it on my iPhone. by the way, it is not a 3G.thanks

  359. Is there any solution to unlock the 3.1.2 with firmware 05.12.01 and bootloader 05.9? If so please contact me at

  360. No one i think that can download it from computer if u won’t cydia go to a store couz I download cydia from it!

  361. hi jailbreak.i m mistake i upgrade my iphone version 3.1.2 to 3.1.3 i m try to downgreat this version 3.1.3 but i get some errer.i lossed my all data and software. u have a solution for downlgrade this version 3.1.3. so plz send me my mail add.thank u

  362. download blackrain… it is the only software that you can use to jailbreak the your ipodtouch

  363. Megustaria usarlo y conocer sus productos yutilizarlos

  364. This is the best apply every body need

  365. I am using iphone 3Gs with version 3.1.3 (7E18). Do I need to jailbreak it to be able to use all the cydia applications?

  366. a person so much!! possess just discovered this wonderful artist and his works. They’re so peaceful and soothing, I use them on my personal desktop perform. It’s difficult to find information written in English regarding him, though..anyone have any good links? Many thanks again!!

  367. can 1 know how 2 download and post is 2 my iphone….?

  368. A lo mejor despuesbde estar mal todo estar bien

  369. definitely works and is amazing once you’ve downloaded installous through cydia. Installous lets you download pretty much any app on the iPod, iPhone, iPad. just go into cydia then manage then sources then you edit touch add and type in and once thats done search for installous! =)

  370. thank you for this, very helpful i will be testing this in the near future.

  371. the problem:i have cydia but i dont have installer
    i never did have installer but i have cydia

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  379. Called Spirit… Download and click jailbreak =)

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    1: What is the downside to Jailbreaking and unlocking the iPhone?
    2: Is it possible to just unlock phone & add Cydia?

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  403. If you want to jailbreak your itouch and are running 4.0 on an mc model go to (on your iPod). It is the easiest jailbreak out there, simply slide to jailbreak and wait while your iPod is being jailbroken. Once your iPod is jailbroken go to manage- sources- then add 


  404. I need to downgrade from 4.0 back to 3.1.2. 4.0 uses up too much memory. I only have an 8 gig 2g iPod touch (mc model). I’ve jailbroken and restore it several times. First I used spirit witch I liked alot but some one upgraded my iTunes. Now I tried and now the iPod runs slow.

  405. Is there any Software out there to jailbreak my 3GS with 4.0.2 Firmware? I appreciate any help you can give.

  406. Is there any Software out there to jailbreak my 3GS with 4.0.2 Firmware. Or can I take it back to 3.1.3?

  407. Is there any Software out there to jailbreak my 3GS with 4.0.2 VERSION? Or can I take it back to 3.1.3?

  408. you can go to on your iphone/ipod/ipad and just follow the onscreen intructions

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  413. I have iPhone with ios 4.0.2 and I have it jail broke with redsn0w beta 5 however cydia did not install how can I get cydia?

  414. I have iPhone 3GS whit ios 4.0.2, how I’m jailbreak it. Anyone how now please send to me the solution to – – thankyou .

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  431. Hi, I bought used iphone 3Gs 32gb with 4.1. the seller said it’s already jail broken by cydia with the oldest version 4.0.1 and the phones Id’s are stored on the Cydia server so my phone can always be my inquiry is How to do it ? and by the way this is my first time to deal with this. Hope to send me the steps the all the needed information. waiting your reply. Thanks alot.

  432. i need help using drizzy drake theme it made my ipod screen black it want work

  433. hey, I downloaded few apps from cydia but now I am not able to remove them from my iphone 3gs 32GB. can you help me and tell me how I can remove those apps.

  434. I bought a ipone 4.0S from Aussie, wouldn’t able to register online because my Country is not on the list in Itunes. Can it be possible to download Cydia without me registering online via itunes??

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  436. I want to jailbreak my iPod touch Version 4.1 MC how to do it..???

  437. help ! bought from a knucle head. it mighht have stolen it . However , Tune is asking to go to ATT. is there a bypass

  438. can i still update my phone even though it is jailbroken with cydia,rock&winterboard?

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  440. How about can I download Cydia without jaibreaking the phone? And where can I get the unlocking for mac os.??? I need help

  441. how abount can i downlond cydia without jaibreaking the phone? and where can i get the unlocking for mac os-??? ineed help

  442. I have had a problem with my iphone i had several updated through cydia Sbsettings, backgrounder etc and after the updates were complete as soo as i try to open any app the phone just freezes nd goes into safe mode!
    Is there anyway i can remove recent updates so i can update the one by one again

  443. Hi Mr or Mrs
    I can not unlock my Sim card on modem firmware 05.14.02 with iphone 3g 3.1.3
    Help me

  444. um i got the android lock screen on my ipod and i forgot the pattern. i need a way to get by it so i can delete the lock screen can anybody help me

  445. i had the iopd touch and i put the android lock on it and i forgot the combo i cant get it unlocked what can i do to chance that i tryed to reset my ipod and also tried restore my ipod on itunes and it wouldnt even work. i dont know if maybe i would syc my ipod to a different computer it would earse every thing and fix the problem or not

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  454. hey i downloaded the drizzy drake theme on cydia and now when i slide to unlock my phone, it seems that all my apps just go up and it leaves my screan black. anyone know how to fix this?

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  463. Does anyone have the link to jailbreak the new iphone 4.2.1!!!! Please Help

  464. @kay just use RedSn0w 0.9.7 beta 4

  465. How do I get Cydia or installer on the iPod touch 4.2

  466. Without Cydia I would be struggling, well done Cydia 5Stars from me,

  467. I need help how do I jailbreak an iPad on 4.2.1 software. While actually on they I pad I dont have a computer,!!! If u can help shoot me an email at

  468. Looking for application to use the camera of iPhone tro connect to the PC

  469. how do you reboot iphone 3gs after being jailbroken and unlocked without having to use the redsn0w on the computer?

  470. @jo you’re asking about untethered jailbreak. To do that read the info on the redsn0w page. Unfortunately It is not easy, and you will need to have access to an Apple developer account to download beta iOS versions

  471. i have a iphn3g …….i need a full application….i love my i phone 3g……thank you…..

  472. another way to reboot ur ipod/iphone is to go to itunes click ur device then at the bottom it will say REBOOT click that then just wait until its done

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  475. installation,jailbreak and installation of loader is ok.but cydia’s main page is not loading.just after clicking cydia icon the lock screen comes and nothing happens.pls help me.

  476. Listen I get how it suppose to work n all but I don’t get how to jail brake my iPod?

  477. Hi. I’ve problem with Cydia. I went through the updates and now an hour past since application uploading and my mobile is not responding. I can’t even switch it off…it says:Preparing to replace mobilesubstrate 0.9.3209-1 using mobilesubstrate 0.9.3367-1…Please advise

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    had jailbroken and unlocked iphone 3g (i think still firmware 3.1.2) in 2009. gave the phone to my daughter and she “reset all” from iphone – to erase all data and programs. the phone then froze at startup with an apple logo and the “wait circle” thing… i researched online and installed redsn0w-win 093 (and later 094) again, but the phone just kept on restarting and scrolling setup data (like MSDOS), and stopped for a few minutes at “socket is not connected” before restarting again (apple logo, then this setup data again).
    what can i do??? thanks for reading!

  480. P.S. i cannot power off the iphone (had changed to new power button but still the same) and it just kept recycling itself and draining the battery in the process.

  481. Hey I have installed the GreenPois0n Jail break on to my iPod Touch and for some reason I can’t get onto the internet from my home wireless. How do I fix this?

  482. Hi,
    I deleted “Cydia app” by accident. I tried to reinstall it again. But it told me Cydia is already installed. Could you tell me how to get back “Cydia app”?



  483. @Delisa:
    I’m still pretty new to jailbreaking, but I don’t think you can ‘delete’ Cydia (atleast not in the normal way: holding down an icon then pressing the “x” when the icons start jiggling).

    Are you sure you didn’t just hide it by accident?

    SBSettings will allow you to put the Cydia icon in it’s ‘dock’ – thus removing it from the iphone’s homescreen (springboard). You can also ‘hide icons’ directly from within SBSettings.

    If you not sure if you have SBSettings installed, drag your finger along the top status bar of your iphone (note: there is no springboard icon for it).
    If a menu drops down – that’s SBSettings. Click on the little button that says ‘More’ then take a look in ‘Dock Applications’ and ‘Hide Icons’ to see if Cydia is there.

  484. Hi,
    I deleted “Cydia app” by accident. I tried to reinstall it again. But it told me Cydia is already installed. Could you tell me how to get back “Cydia app”?

  485. I used purplera1n to jailbreak my 3gs and a pop up came up and told me that it my phone had been successfully jailbreaked. It asked for a donation. The article above says at this poinot I should instantly have cydia but I do not see it.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    When Apple ever have Cydia in there store as this is so much better!! Gives the iphone an impressive look.

    Any answers will be appreciated…

  487. The Cydia application in my iPhone 3.0 ios stopped opening.I don’t know why.

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    Does anybody know if it’s ok to download some free stuff from apple store with cydia and some apps installed? Does it uninstall them?
    Thx for all the help

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  492. use sn0wbreeze to jailbreak 4.3. it is how ever tethered so you will need iBooty as well.

  493. how do i get paid things on cydia for free?

  494. no matter what software I try redsnow or greenpoison I cannot get my iPhone 3G into DFU mode. Is there anyother way?

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  521. I am using itouch 2g with ios 4.3.1. Can u tell me how to jailbreak it. I tried with greenpoison. The screen turns white but then it doesnt load after than and greenpoison says jailbreak failed

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