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A developer by the name of Richard Shearman has combined Seeqpod with the download plugin for iPhone to create what he calls an “iTunes alternative” and it is made available in Cydia. dTunes stores downloaded MP3 tracks in /var/mobile/Library/Downloads and shows a list of files in that directory and lets you play the songs or delete them as well. dTunes also handles video files and torrents. In the settings you can enter the URL for your Music and Video service of choice.



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Download dTunes from Cydia in the Multimedia section

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45 Comments to “dTunes”

  1. download

  2. how to dowload dtunes on my 2g iPhone (version 1.1.4)

    I have downloaded cydia but dtunes is missing.

  3. thank you

  4. is there anyway to upload music or video clips saved to the iphone or played in dtunes to a pc


  6. ssh the files onto your computer

  7. How do you get jail break, cgdia, and dtunes ? I’m so confused.

  8. i already have cydia but i can’t install dTunes…The screen says complete but there is no dTunes icon in my ipod…what should i do???

  9. how do i jailbreak and how do ui get dtunes

  10. To jailbreak (to allow non-apple certified apps to run on your ipod) use a program called “redsn0w”. this can be found at the “ipod devteam” website for free. You will need to get a copy of your current firmware verison on your iphone. Example: update to 3.0 as well as download a copy of the 3.0 firmware to your PC. Redsn0w will need a copy on the PC to “jailbreak” it. Redsn0w will then dump the jailbreak copy to your iphone. Cydia is automatically installed once the new firmware is installed. Press the Cydia button on your iphone and you can install dtunes from the Cydia interface. A dTunes icon will then appear on your iphone. For what its worth, with the fall of Seeqpod in June 09, dtunes does not work. But hopefully Seeqpod will return.

  11. 0h mah gOd hOw dO yhu dO thiz iitz sO fukiin cOnfuseiin HELp!!!!!!!!! Plez!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hi I was just wondering after you have downloaded jailbreak is every thing on your itouch still there.

  13. how do i get dtunes on my ipod

  14. Do not download dtunes. Everyone that i know that did including me have had problems with their iphone after wards. It became very very slow to the point where i couldnt use the messaging feature or camera feature or any other game app on the phone because it had just crashed my phone everytime. as soon as i took dtunes off it had fixed these problems. My friends had the same problems with their phones and ipod touch’s and they took off dtunes and that had fixed everything. Do not download it because it becomes a hassle to take it off.

  15. Hey so how do we get movies now

  16. I do not get seeqpod when i launch dtunes. what am i doing wrong

  17. When I launch dtunes I get different screens but no seeqpod. Can anyone help me?

  18. I need help downloading songs onto my itouch…way do I need to do to get some music onto my itouch plz and thx if you answer XD.I

  19. How can I download it. I can’t find a link anywhere to download it

  20. FREE SONGS After you install d tunes from cydia add this cydia source from sources under manage in cydia then install cracked safari download manager (if you dont do this you will have to pay for it in cydia) this app lets you download up to 5 files 5 files ONLY in safari without locking up. after this done go to a website called go thru the motions of looking and picking any song you want and ALWAYS hit the download now backscreen on the webpage Not the download or play big buttons from the safari download plugin.When its done VOLIA it will show up in dtunes enjoy

  21. How do you download music

  22. Marco: when you download Dtune you will see a search browser (video,music,torrents)

  23. Marco: when you download Dtune you will see a search browser (video,music,torrents)…..

  24. How do I jailbreak my iPhone so I can get all the apps I need to start downloading movies to my iPhone

  25. I’m a person who LUVS free music!!!!!!

  26. Fuck you

  27. I got dtunes and downloaded some movies on my upas then I got a adapter to hook my upas to the tv but why won’t dtunes allow video out the sound goes out but no video

  28. dTunes is nice. Today I configured the light dim enclose and later my screen turn off and I can see noooooooooothing. i remove the app but the problem remain. Somebody may help me??

  29. Bonjour les mec

  30. Installed dtunes today and now cydia program wont open. i press the icon on the springboard and it looks as if it will open and then just reverts back to the springboard. cananyone please help??


  31. What is the default video download thing

  32. Which torrent file to get???
    Can you help please…

  33. Super

  34. This is magic

  35. Nice

  36. How do I download dtunes to my iphone

  37. Cool

  38. Horndhsie

  39. Hi. Please tell me how can I download dtumes on my iphone4

  40. I heard this was a food music site

  41. how can I use dune on my iphone

  42. Cool

  43. Good

  44. Like

  45. Install IOSEmus app on iOS 9 is actually a web app which allows you to install great apps, emulators and games on iOS without jailbreak. The different apps like vShare, nds4ios, DownCloud, PlayBox HD, Movie Box PPSSPP, f.lux can be installed through iOSEmus without jailbreak.

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