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iBrickr is the Windows program that makes it dead simple to modify your iPhone, add and manage custom ringtones, and install third-party applications. iBrickr uses the PXL format for iPhone application packages which has a Repository (iPhone version)of app releases. You can even install apps without having to sync your iPhone using the Nullriver Installer which you can install using iBrickr. The Mac equivalent of iBrickr is either Breezy or for installing simple 3rd party native iphone apps on your iPhone.

Here is the video tutorial for the iBrickr installation on Windows.


Have you installed 3rd party apps on your iPhone?

  • Sure did, I use (49%, 661 Votes)
  • No, I'm scared (23%, 310 Votes)
  • I'm thinking about it (11%, 152 Votes)
  • I am going to soon... (11%, 150 Votes)
  • Yep! I'm using iBrickr (4%, 48 Votes)
  • No, I just don't care to (2%, 24 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,345

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53 Comments to “iBrickr”

  1. Does this work with the ipod touch?

  2. I don’t think this will work with the iPod touch at this point, but it probably won’t be long before something is released to do that.

  3. i need help to put all that stuff on my iphone. can some body help me.

  4. I used Ibrickr to correct my SMS problem and it worked wonderfully well and my SMS is back. In fact I wanted to make a small contribution but could not find the link back. Please help.

  5. Actually, It does work with the touch. Maybe not for apps (those I do by FTP at a friends who has wireless, haven’t tried on ibrickr), but it does for adding themes, changing icons, adding Roms for GBA or NES emulator. Definately still useful.

  6. Hi How r u ? Sorry to disturb you.
    I am Ajay from india I have bought this iphone from grey market which means without bill.
    Now i have installed itunes first but then later it wasnt sync. So i went to that shop guy and he installed everything and he gave me in my iphone ibrick and installer and summerboard aslo infact many of the games which is not working.
    Now i tried using the same iphone in my home computer then it wasnt sync again and i removed my iphone and was using for time being.
    The problem is i am unable to use ibrick from my iphone to my computer or vice versa and aslo the movies what i want to put in my iphone i am not able to. When my phone sync it shows that my contacts info and all my iphone calander and all stuff is getting merged with my microsoft outlook express which i am unable to see. Want to know how do i utilize my iphone with my diff ringtones , songs and movies.. infact trust me i m unable to understand many of them so pls pls pls help me i know it will take for u to write me mail still if u can help will be greatfull as this phone was dream to be used but not able to ..
    Thanking You
    Ajay Mishra

  7. where is the run box please comment

  8. I was just wondering how many phones this program screwed up… I really want to use this but I am afraid of having my iPhone broken. Also, when i type in this comes up
    ood8k84drs6gw5duf&ClientLocation=us&Referer=& and the same thing comes up when i try to look at your blog. Please email me back the answer to my first question and also the resolution to my computer problem for i would like to use this application ASAP

  9. hmmm, it looks like the website is not responding right now

  10. If its down, use instead, It works good

  11. which run box ur talking about ?

  12. hey, i tried this wif my touch but it the progamme couldnt find my itouch, so does it not work on itouch,
    if not how im i supposed to download any apllications for it.

  13. hey guys i found an easier way to get apps on iphone or ipod touch. BUT THIS WILL ONLY WORK ON VERSION 1.1.1 the best part is u can do it straight from ur iphone. on safari go to and scroll all the way down untill u see install apptapp. click on that and the phone will either restart(not restore) or go to the slide to unlock page. slide to unlock and u will go to the home page there will be and app that says installer click on that and ur good to go

  14. ali–

    does the jailbreakme work for windows

  15. tryin to get games and i got verson 1.1.2 so i cant use ibrickr bc ibrickr is for 1.1.1 only…so what do i do?

  16. hello, i have been looking into adding 3rd party apps to my new i phone, and i have the same problim as sean, my phone came with 1.1.2
    what should i do?
    and im a PC user 🙁 can i use app tapp (nullrivers v) on my iphone if im a pc user.
    thank you!! i feel confidnet about this now.

  17. lol i was wondering why iapplication er w/e the thing is for mac wasnt workin

  18. um i installed it and now my iphone keeps on running a command line and crashing/restarting
    can anyone help, or did i just rune my iphone somehow

  19. oh and now my computer wont even find it when i hook it up

  20. My iPhone is running a command line too and it just keeps restarting. I can’t hook it up to my computer. What should i do?

  21. Mine is continually crashing\running a command line and won’t show up in iTunes or anywhere else on my computer when I hook it up.

    Please reply.

  22. anybody know how to add ringtones to the iphone using
    i tried making my own with the iRinger application, but im only able to add one ringtone at a time.
    some inputs plz!

  23. how do i upload ROMs to my iphones NES? i have been told to do it through ibrickr but cant find it on my iphone could u please help me?

  24. Can u updata ur iphone after i install this app???? or can u take this program off of ur iphone if i dont like it????

  25. Or can u take this program off of ur iphone if i dont like it????

  26. um i installed it and now my iphone keeps on running a command line and crashing/restarting
    can anyone help, or did i just rune my iphone somehow

    oh and now my computer wont even find it when i hook it up

    My iPhone is running a command line too and it just keeps restarting. I can’t hook it up to my computer

  27. Hey people… so, i know ibrickr works with ipod touch, but the program can`t find the ipod (it`s plugged).. what the hell is going on?

  28. does it work on ipod touch yet

  29. i installed it and now my iphone keeps on running a command line and crashing/restarting
    can anyone help, or did i just rune my iphone somehow
    oh and now my computer wont even find it when i hook it up
    My iPhone is running a command line too and it just keeps restarting. I can’t hook it up to my computer

  30. hi
    i have a mac and an unblocked iphone
    i downloaded breezy but it doesnt work… can any1 help me ???

  31. im about 2 buy an ipod touch 16 GB
    but i dont know were to get them cheap …. under 230 pounds
    and what do u use to jailbreak your ipod touch
    because i would lyk 2 download some applications
    pleaze repli bak
    thank u

  32. i have an iphone 3g tried adding third party app software using the instructions video but it doesnt work. first, the way you explain it does it work for 3g iphone’s or is it only for the earlier ones. Second, can you notify me of a way to add third party app on my iphone thanks

  33. Does it work with iPhone 3G 2.0 ??

  34. k i jailbreaked my phone not using ibrickr. So when i try to install apps its says intall pzl first. i try to install it and it tell me to turn off my phone and on again when i do that and i hit continue it says same thing intsall pxl and keeps doing that. Any help here. I am using the new iphone 3G and i jailbreaked 2.0.1.

  35. Have you updated iBrickr to work with iphone(2nd Generation)firmware 2.0.2 ??

  36. is this just as bad is a jailbreak via winpwn? i winpwn’ed my phone but i dont want it to get bricked…

  37. does it work on firmware 2.0.2? coz i really wanna try it really badd! hehehe thanks

  38. if you have the command problem then you need to hold the power off button at the top of your phone along with the menu button (the round one on the face of the phone) until the itunes shows up. It will show up, then go into itunes and restore it!

  39. does this work for iphone 3g?

  40. does it work for iphone 3g?

  41. No it does not unlock the 3G, nor breaks 2.0

  42. Hey, I i used ibrickr ver. .91 it gets all the way to where it says jailbreaking your phone and adding some files, and then it gets stuck there, the phone restarts into recovery mode and ibrickr remains the same, my iphone has been updated and its 2.2…is there any hope? its a U.S. cell phone and I live in greece so im trying to get the Any Sim on the phone…Thanks!

  43. Hey its fantastic thanks a lot!!!

  44. what you need to do is hold power and home ’till it shuts off. after it shuts off, plug it in to your computer, open itunes, then turn it back on while holding the home button.

  45. See this video ….may be this will help

    the video contain how to use ur ibrickr

  46. Sry but I think this is just complete rubbish
    as soon as i restarted the phone and checked ok in itunes ibrickr didn’t do nothing at all – couldn’t even detect my iPhone ….
    so i’ll leave it – sry m8

  47. Cydiya I won’t instal in my I phone

  48. i jailbroke mine with blackra1n but everytime i turn it off when i put it back on i have to plug it in my computer and do it again and i dont know how to install 3rd party apps on the computer then transfer it to ipod

  49. Well if it can’t find the phone then it’s not a whole lot of use. And if your ‘how to do it’ video is busted then that makes it even worse

  50. i rock
    i phone rocks
    i rock

  51. wow! aswom

  52. How long is it suppose to take for iBrickr to contact my iphone?

  53. this site is very good

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