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Note: if you have a 2.0 iPhone and have Cydia installed, try WinterBoard which is now the new version of SummerBoard for newer iPhone/iPod touch users.

Have tons of native 3rd party apps on your iPhone? If so you are probably running out of space on your iPhone springboard (your iPhone homescreen). The Summerboard native iPhone app that enables scrolling on the springboard for your iPhone, so now you have unlimited space for native apps. Download and install SummerBoard via either or iBrickr depending on your OS.

Below is a video demo of SummerBoard:

SummerBoard Summerboard now supports themes and they are now available for via Some of them include: Oren, Phiberglass, JrWallace, and two variations of Tiger. You can also develop your own themes. Here is another example theme called colorGrid iPhone. SummerBoard themes are designed to be easy to make and reside on your iPhone. When making a SummerBoard theme, you name the PNG by what the app name looks like on the home screen, so for example: even though Photos and Camera are theoretically in the same app, you name the files Photos.png and Camera.png. Here is what the folder paths look like in /var/root/Library/SummerBoard/Themes/. You have a folder per theme with the following structure:

ThemeName/StatusBar.png – Status bar image (optional, 320×20 PNG, no alpha)
ThemeName/Wallpaper.png – The wallpaper (320×480 PNG, no alpha)
ThemeName/Dock.png – The dock image for the large dock (320×91 PNG, alpha)
ThemeName/MiniDock.png – The dock image for the mini dock (320×37 PNG, alpha)
And your icons (optional, 59×60 PNG, alpha) go in: ThemeName/Icons/

Use iPhone mods and hacks at your own risk! Installing 3rd Party iPhone apps requires you to jailbreak the iPhone before installing the native software and apps. You can use for Mac OSX and iBrickr for Windows PC to do this. Browse the full list of all iPhone and iPod touch native 3rd party apps filed under the software category.

Here is how to manually Upload New SummerBoard Themes that you find online:

  1. Install OpenSSH then install BSD Subsystem from
  2. Find your iPhone’s IP address: Go to the Home Screen > Settings > Wi-Fi > [Your Wi-Fi]. Look for the DHCP IP address. (Something like etc.) This depends on the Wi-Fi network you are connected to at the time.
  3. Disable Auto locking on your iPhone to make sure the device doesn’t fall sleep while you try to FTP to it. Settings > General > Auto-Lock > Never
  4. Open up any FTP program (FileZilla for Windows, or CyberDuck for Mac) and create a new connection to your iPhone.
    Host: [THE IP ADDRESS]
    User: root
    Password: (The default for versions 1.0.2 and earlier is dottie. Default for version 1.1.1 is alpine
  5. Browse to the folder /private/var/root/Library/SummerBoard/Themes/ and upload the entire folder for the theme you have downloaded to the Themes folder on your iPhone.
  6. Go to SummberBoard via the SMBPrefs button on the Home Screen. Go to Themes and you will see the Theme you just uploaded. Select it.
  7. For best results make sure settings for Theme Wallpaper, Theme Status Bar, Theme Icons and Theme Dock are all set to ON.
  8. Go back to your Home Screen. Voila! you will see the new Theme applied to your iPhone.

Get it via or iBrickr

AppSafari review of SummerBoard was written by on September 11th, 2007 and categorized under Cydia Apps. Page viewed 50314 times, 5 so far today. Need help on using these apps? Please read the Help Page.
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113 Comments to “SummerBoard”

  1. I was using DockSwap and I liked it. But once I installed SummerBoard, it screwed up DockSwap. Now the background image for the dock is not there. I have tried uninstalling SummerBoard and it is still not there. I have also gone back into DockSwap and selected what background image I wanted and it will not show up.

    Anyone else have these problems and if so, have you been able to fix it?

  2. i have a problem i am using ibrikr but now when i want to install or uninstal any apllication i can´t, and i dont know what to do….plaese y need help.

  3. I found this app wonderful. Unfortunately I have experienced several major crashes since I installed it.

    Problems: (Summerboard is armed and running on firmware 1.0.2)
    When I tried to jump back to main menu from Ipod (horizontal) graphical album flipping screen, sometimes it crashes my ipod and I need to do a recovery reboot.
    No crashes has happened when jumping back to main main from any other apps so far or even Ipod in SONG list, movie mode or other text based (vertical) screen.

    Anyone experience the same problem as I do?

  4. Richard, I have the same problem with Summerboard/Springboard crashed when returning from the horizontal album view. Is there a way to track these bugs with the Sumerboard dev team?

  5. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

  6. You can find a clear tutorial on how to install and configure the latest version of SummerBoard here:

  7. my summer board theme will not change can anyone help? I am running a jailbroken 1.1.2 iPod touch

  8. I love that Summerboard permits scrolling on homescreen. A common problem I’m experiencing, however, is that when I return to home screen from holding or an app. the screen sometimes turns entirely black except for the top line (the line that includes the signal, provider, time and battery). My only recourse is to restart the phone. It gets a little frustrating at times. Is anyone else encountering such issues or knows how to fix it?

  9. Can i use this app to swap “icon”, is there any suggestion which app have this function?? many thanks

  10. i just re hacked everything. i accidently upgraded t 1.1.3 and now im back to a jailbroken 1.1.2..BUT summerboard is not on the list in installer and it is not on the “instlalled” list either…HELP!!!!

  11. I’m having the same problems! Can’t find summerboard in installer. I restored to 1.1.2 then jailbroke.

  12. I have downloaded a wide variety of applications sources and SummerBoard does not appear ANYWHERE on my installer either.
    It’s a cool app, but I’m wary of re-installing it because so many people have had crashing problems with it, including myself.

  13. i cant download summerboard on my 1.0.2 they would always say i need to hav 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 to download summerboard..pls i really need help

  14. plsssss help im really frustrated really dont know whts the prob 🙁

  15. summer board is now back on installer for 1.0.2 users use summerboard(old)

  16. thks for listening but i still cant download the summerboard(old) in my 1.0.2 it say “firmware 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 is required for this version of summerboard..plsss help me fix this i cant even scroll down. =(

  17. pls anyone. 🙁

  18. same, i am running 1.0.2 and the summerboard versions on ibrickr and are too new, even the summerboard (old) is now 3.0. what to do? i need to scroll through my apps!

  19. dude we’re like f-ing lost using docks to scroll through my app.but i seriously need help neeed summerboard thts the only thing i want rite now.i keep searching on the web its like nobody has this problem.tell me the way if u find out man.or like some1 help us

  20. I have a solution download the 1.1.3 new software update from the web. Open it and hit start once done turn off iPod and on again go to 1.1.3 software upgrade install it wait and now u can install summerboard (you. Keep all ur apps)

  21. but is like 1.1.3 unlocked?cause like i live in malaysia so like kinda frighten to download new software and all…is there any other way?like is there a source i could add in my installer that has the old summerboard in it so i could download from there??and thks for trying to help.

  22. do you have an iPod or iPhone?

  23. also mac or pc

  24. i would do that if my iphone wasnt unlocked but as it is (im in australia) i dont want to upgrade the firmware

  25. woohhooo i just got my summerboard :p now my iphone is perfect. 😀

  26. man tell us how u did it!!! update to 1.1.3? or?

  27. i need it, tell me how you did it. hopefully you didnt have to update to 1.1.3

  28. i cant download summerboard on my 1.0.2 they would always say i need to hav 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 to download summerboard..pls i really need help

  29. nooo i stick to my old 1.0.2 =D okie just go to this website thn u download the summerboard v2.11 if they say like scrip failed just try download again and again after u get tht send to your iphone wit ibrickr in files….hope u get summerboard =D enjoyyy iphone

  30. i hav the same problem as zaf but i couldnt get ibrickr to sent summerboard to my phone. it says that its doing it but it never shows up. does anyone have more info on how to get summerboard on 1.0.2.

  31. could you all use plain english and sop abbreviaing.

  32. hahaha, use plain english and ‘sop abbreviaing’… that made me laugh!… idiot…

  33. Ok soooo I’ve got a Touch update to 1.1.4 and Jailbroken. I want to install summerboard but it tells me that I must have 1.1.3. Anyone have any ideas how to get around it?

  34. plz, got some trouble downloading summerboard,they say everytime i try “package download failed”
    it s the only app i got problems downloading it .
    tks for replyin

  35. Instead of downgrading your firmware guys just upgrade to 1.1.3 and use ziphone to jailbreak it. It work great and it allows you to keep the cool features from the update as well.

  36. hey can u get this to work with 1.1.4

  37. I can’t install summerboard 2.11 thru iBrick because Installer 3.0 blocks the PXL. But at the same time i can’t uninstall installer 3.0? help!

  38. i kept reading about installing install.pxl thru iBrick PXL install function, but it doesnt seem to work. is it because my Installer 3.0 is still therE? how can i uninstall Installer 3.0? it was installed orig by iBrick but it wasnt 3.0 at the time. i think thats why iBrick cannot uninstall it now.

  39. hey, im currently using 1.0.2. i tried downloading summerboard from the site suggested by zaf. . . but it never seems to work . . .and so does the summerboard (old) on installer . . it there any other way i could possibly get this to work??
    please help

  40. i know how u guys feel not having summerboard in your iphones kinda frustrating so i’ll try to help anyways since i have the summerboard for my 1.0.2 in my computer i can try sending it to u guys if u want.since u cant download from ibrick..(just tell me how to send to u guys the only thing i know is through msn)

  41. Zaf, i am having same prob u had. Can you contact me on and give me the summerboard file.

    Thank you alot !

  42. okie now i hav a really bigggggggggggggggg problem my iphone is on the wheel of death i off my iphone and now i cant even on goes to the apple brand screen and does tht wheel of death thing…its all because of the bloody iFonts.fuckin bitch.seriously feeling fucking angry.pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee HELP..

  43. guys just use customize it works pretty well….not as good as summer board but it works

  44. hiiiii ,, plz i cant scroll my home page and i cant go to the installer so how can i install the summerboard ?? plz any1 help me

  45. I just installed summerboard, the themes are working fine for me, the problems is that nes emulator and tap tap revolution isn’t working for me, and i can’t add web clips to the homescreen, anyone can fix this problem? thx

  46. Hi Zaf! Can you please send me the Summerboard (older) V 2.11 for my iPhone with firmware 1.0.2. And how do I install it on my phone if you email it to me at: Thanks…

  47. zaf

    Can you also please save
    me?? My e-mail is grantwu_tw”at”hotmail”dot”com

    Please I appreciate it thanks in advance

  48. zaf..can you help me sending tne SummerBoard 2.11 for me too?
    Thank you VERY VERY much!
    My e-mail is


  49. zaf please save me too!! I need summerboard for 1.0.2 older version thank you

  50. hey people, i got one serious problem with iphone .i installed couple of my installer icon is removed from the menu..because of this i cannot uninstall applications also.any way to go to install even if its not on the the main menu?

  51. This thing killed me iphone… I had to re install firmware, then unlock/jailbreak all over again.

  52. wat is the Unlocke in theme??

  53. Someone Any Plz Help Really Need Summerboard (old) Firmware 1.0.2


  54. hi how do i find my ip address.. when i go to the connection the ip address line is blank.

  55. please if somebody can send me the summerboard ver. 2.11 will be highly appreciated.


  56. i send it to everyone if u dont have it yet just let me know here..i upgraded mine to 1.1.3 is there any software like ibrickr for 1.1.3?cant seem to find any.anyone?

  57. hey Zaf…i sent you an e-mail right now. I’m using Cyberduck (for mac) or WinSCP (for windows) to get in the phone. You have to install the openSSH(installer > System). To access your phone just put your IP Adress (settings>Wi-fi>blue arrow>IP Adress), user name: root password: alpine. That’s it!

  58. no i mean like..u know ibrickr u can change all the keypad tones like 1 2 3 4 i can change the tone to voice active wit ibrickr if im on 1.0.2.but is there any way for me to do tht on 1.1.3?

  59. Please, I have the same problem with summerboard. i still have 1.0.2 and I desperately need summerboard for 1.0.2 MY e-mail is Please send it to me too. I really appreciate it. 😀

  60. Hey Zaf! Please include me in your e-mail list…Having the same problem with everybody here…need the summerboard version for firmware 1.0.2…Please send it

  61. can anybody send me older summerboard for 1.0.2. to thx

  62. Hey Zaf or any body else can you send me summberboard older version for 1.0.2 at my email.

  63. cant someone who has it just put it on a file hosting website so we can all download it?

  64. Hello,

    My name is Kyle, I decided to take the time and create my own Iphone/Ipod Touch Summerboard theme, The theme mainly reflects the Microsoft running system Vista… Now im sure that your thinking (if you actually read this) that there are already enough Microsoft Vista Themes out there, made, and published into the Installer. I also would agree with you, but, almost all of them don’t work and those that do in my opinion are awful. Not saying that the one I created is perfect either but I do think it stands out from the others.

    Below are two screenshots of the theme.

    If anyone would like me to send them this theme so they can put it on there Touch or Iphone (Via E-mail) hit me up with an E-mail entitled “Touch Theme”

    Also help me get the theme onto the Installer so everyone can have it! Just copy and paste the picture everywhere you can think of!

    Thank you very much…


  65. can’t seems to download most programs from installer. able to download summerboard and themes but downloaded theme does show on summerboard. Would be great if someone could give advise…

  66. can’t seems to download most programs from installer. able to download summerboard and themes but downloaded theme does NOT show on summerboard. Would be great if someone could give advise…

  67. summerboard

  68. Hey zaf, Can you please email me the SummerBoard v2.11 that I can use on my 1.0.2

    Thanks in advance!!!

  69. Hey zaf, Can you please email me the SummerBoard v2.11 that I can use on my 1.0.2 – Stupid me – my email address is

    Thanks in advance!!!

  70. summerboard v2.11 download

  71. Thanks Zaf, but File Factory wants me to upgrade to a premium account. Can you File Transfer via MSN

  72. i use windows xp, and ibrickr wont work for my iphone. I mistakenly installed other stuff and forgot install summerboard and . Can anyone tell me how to completely delete all the programes. Cuz I kno a site which I can download using safari. So can anyone PLS tell me??? 🙁

  73. i m not able to install summerboard in my iphone ., i am using 1.1.1, it always says ERROR : PACKAGE DOWNLOAD FAIL


  74. i have an iphone 1.1.4 and i tried this with cyberduck ( i have a mac) and i could not find summerboard in cyberduck, or any of the themes that i already have on the iphone (that work fine by the way)
    i have summerboard installed on my iphone, but cyberduck does not show it

  75. hi my ipods version 1.1.4 and all unlocked, which version of summerboard would i need? please can you send it to ??

    thanks allot if you can 😀

  76. hi, i have the same problem, got an iphone jailbroken 1.1.4 i have installed many things on it, but summerboard just won’t work, freaking package downloaid failed!!! can someone send it to me ( Thank you!!!!!

  77. hi i have a jailbroken ipod touch 1.1.4 i hav installed many apps on it without any probs……but summerboard is showin package downlad failed(bloody piece of friigin’ crap)can sum1 send it 2 me………… ???plz ‘n’ thank u

  78. i have a jailbroken itouch 1.1.3
    i can’t get summerboard.. it says error package download failed.. i have no clue what to do.. anybody have any tips? email if you know how to fix this, thanks.

  79. I LOVE THE ITOUCH but tis a pain in the bladddyy backside!

    ive installed some applications but everytime i try and install summerboard it tells me package download failed: connection error.
    but it is connected to the internet coz i can browse
    so i dont really understand
    pleasee can someone help mee!! ive been at this for hours! literallllyyyyyyyyy


    thanks in advance

    xx email:

    either email me or msn watever is convenient

  80. sorry guys i cant send anything cause my comp got reformated and just this week my Iphone got stolen…sucks like hell.miss my iphone =”(

  81. How can you leave your iphone unattended in public?? Everyone steals them. EVERYONE and immediatley. A nun would steal an unattended iPhone. You might as well leave an blank check unattended. Come on fellas wisen up.

  82. I dont bother downloading apps that distort/reform your original display/system structure. Even if it works fine, there still may be code complications with existing software and conflicts with future apps. Just not a good idea in general.

    My 2 fav apps right now are
    Navizon and iLog, but I’ve just starting getting into it 🙂

    I also have several sources for cracked apps that you would otherwise have to pay for. If anyone needs them I will email ya.

  83. hey i m using iphone3g …can i install it without unlocking the phone

  84. how do you get it?

  85. no, you need to first unlock your 3G. use quickPWN 2.2 even a cave man can do it.

  86. hey i have jailbroken my ipod touch but the problem is that i dont have a wireless internet connection at home since im using modem.
    is there any other ways to get winterboard install to my ipod touch without wireless connections and i just have to download both winterboard themes and installer? like download from pc then transfer it to my ipod touch? Thanks

  87. Don’t Jailbreak its illegall and this is not all that.I might get this I’m still shaky on jailbreaking this its illegall well going to be apple and a copyright place are diciding on it. Nobody is getting taken away but it still is illegal.

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  89. i want to dowload summerboard

  90. ok i really need help to unlock jailbreak for ipod touch 3.1.3. if anyone would be soooo kind to help me(:

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  92. I want to dowloal summerboat

  93. that si

  94. mali

  95. I’m using SummerBoard make your own theme, thanks a lot!

  96. I want to down load summerboard

  97. I need help downloadin Curia my version on my iPad is 4.3.5 can anyone plzz help me jailbreak it that would be awesome 🙂 *__*

  98. the original settings of my phone is sweddish and not english.. if i download the summerboat which requires jailbreaking, are there any chances that it may lock again or return to its original settings? (this happened to me twice when i upgraded my phones version and i dont want it to happen again).. can anyone answer my query regarding this? thank you very much.. =)

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