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Picture Safe (HiDef)

Can I just take a minute to talk about Picture Safe? I stumbled over this neat little dude late last night and just had to check it out. When you combine your multimedia, games and camera with your phone you can pretty much expect it (along with everything on it) to pass through the hands of many. Picture Safe is essentially a photo organizer that will safeguard your photos against wandering eyes and fidgety fingers.

There are a couple of things I really like about Picture Safe. There are several ways for you to get pictures into the app, from selecting them from the default Photo app to Web, FTP, Bluetooth and USB access. Getting them onto the app is really easy and straightforward and once they are in there, you can just as easily backup, manage and organize them. Picture Safe supports high-res images up to 2500×2500 which is great for displaying and exporting images back onto your computer, definitely a one-up from the native Photo app which downsizes them. Now there is also a Video Safe function which you can upgrade to in-app for $2.99 and that will allow you to import videos into the app just as easily as images.

Picture Safe (HiDef)

And while those features are already looking pretty good, the greatest part about Picture Safe are the multiple ways in which it protects your stuff. Not only is there a pin, but you can set the app to send incorrect logins to a decoy area with generic images. If you forgot your pin, you can set up questions to answer for the reset. You can use the camera to take photos directly within the app. There is even a Quick Hide function that you can enable that will switch whatever
you were looking at to something tame/lame of your choice. The greatest thing is that the app is subtlely labeled as “PS” on your iPhone, so you won’t have to worry that it’s just screaming that you’ve got something to hide.

This sort of attention to detail really makes Picture Safe a quality photo utility app and while it’s probably used mostly for what you might think it might be used for, Picture Safe has proven itself to be a very useful asset for a variety of people, not only your regular 18 year old boys (and girls) but parents keeping their kids from accidentally deleting photos to professional artists, photographers, models and even an investigator needing to store and transport classified images. What Picture Safe offers is well worth the $1.99 it costs in the AppStore but you can get it now during their 3 day
anniversary sale for $0.99.

Here is a video demo of the Picture Safe (HiDef) app on the iPhone

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Price: $1.99
Developer: Website
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13 Comments to “Picture Safe (HiDef)”

  1. I accidently deleted it, and i synced it back…all 489 pictures are gone, any way to get them back?

  2. Got a question…? How the HELL do I get to my pics if I forgot my password and can’t get back into my picture safe app???

  3. I did the same thing as kamrock, have you found anything out on that yet ? i really want my pics back maaaaaaan 🙁

  4. I forgot my password but I remember setting up security questions. I just don’t know how to get to those questions. Plz hlp.

  5. I got the free app first and it does not work at all. I thought I needed upgrade so I paid 2.99 for upgrade. After a full day of working with it I finally got it to download pictures. App developer states in app store it is for IPAD. But it is not. This app has many bugs. Deeply disappointed with it. Would not recommend.

  6. Nic, it only lets you answer them if you have the snoop stopper enabled:( Mine worked fine and now it wont import anything!!!

  7. I had a misunderstanding with I ITunes account when updated my iPhone and lost all of my photos on P.S. is there any way to get them back I had picture of my new born on it that I haven’t got anywhere else

  8. In today’s digital era, you have to take steps to back-up your photos. Whether onto your computer then into DVD archives, or print them out. DVDs will become obsolete in about 4-7 years depending on how often you burn info on them, CDs last longer, and harddrives last about 10 years if you keep them in good condition.

    It’s up to you to back your own stuff up. From Facebook, your phone, or from just your computer. Sorry, but apps like this aren’t responsible for your loss of images… that was up to you :/ On the bright side, you still have memories of those moments and that should be something!

  9. I understand it is up to me but when my iPhone say it backed everything up and then I updated it and then I lost everything I understand that is not the apps fault as well I was simply asking is there away I could recover the pictures that was on the app in the first place I’m not blaming anyone just wondering

  10. How do I get my photos back? I forgot my password please help thank you.

  11. I synced my old iphone to my new MAC pro and later bought a new iphone4s. Now I dont have my pictures and bunch of videos anymore!!! how can I get them back??? pls helpp 🙁

  12. How do I get to my pics if I forgot my password and can’t get back into my picture safe app???

    Very important

  13. I also lost my photos when I got my new iPhone 5. Looks like this place is a waste of time for support. Where do I recover my photos. I wouldn’t waste my time or money on another product from these sellers.

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