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My Virtual Girlfriend

Hey there, big fella. Been having trouble with the ladies? Wish there was an app to give you some companionship? Don’t mind if it’s entirely fake? Well, My Virtual Girlfriend is here to emptily fulfill your emotional needs.

A dating sim with mature themes, My Virtual Girlfriend is a little naughty, but not very, thanks to Apple’s iron-clad no porn policy. Sorry, boys, no virtual hanky-panky here. What it does give you is the chance to interact with a variety of 3-D “girls”. It’s up to you whether the relationship is full of soppy adoration or passive-aggressive emotional abuse.

You start off by telling the app a little bit about yourself and then what kind of girl you’re looking for. The app will then find you the three girls who most closely match your preferences. Most of the girls are attractive, some more than others, although they all look and sound like something out of The Sims. They also all have distinct, if rather shallow, personalities, so the way you respond to their questions will matter. The gold digger-type probably won’t like it if you’re disgusted by caviar and the wholesome-type will be thrilled if you say you want lots of kids, for example.

My Virtual Girlfriend

To help you fill your relationship experience bar and gain levels, you have your choice of Action, Activity, or Touch. Action covers things you can do around her, like hold hands or burp, Activity covers things like dates or going to work, and Touch lets you swipe your finger along her virtual body. Touch sounds rather risqué, especially since she won’t let you do it initially, but even if you succeed, it’s really nothing more exciting than a few delighted “oohs” as she clutches at herself demurely, while fully clothed. There are also “naughty” options at high levels, but those are equally disappointing for anyone hoping for something more salacious than a suggestive giggle.

Indeed, everything about My Virtual Girlfriend is all tease with no payoff. Despite a ton of dialogue options, gameplay gets very repetitive as there isn’t much to do and gaining levels is not at all satisfying, as there are only four, with very little difference between them. Trying to get a girl to dump you is actually as difficult as getting her to fall in love with you, but neither of these is very challenging. The girls are always different every time, but they’re painted in such broad stereotypes that I fear for the poor kid who thinks this is actually what having a girlfriend is like.

I recognize that as a straight girl, I’m not the target audience for this app, but I can’t imagine anyone over the age of 12 being terribly excited about My Virtual Girlfriend. All this effort at being a “sensitive” boyfriend and not even a bikini shot? You get way more action from a beer commercial. This is the kind of app you probably want to protect your children from, not because they’ll be corrupted by the messed up relationships the game promotes, but because they’ll be bored to tears by it. It looks and handles fine, and I suppose it’s okay for a laugh, but for anything else, you’d be better of hitting up a dating website or just buying an issue of Playboy.

– The girls have unique personalities, but with stereotypical womanlike behaviors.
– Interact with your virtual girlfriend : Expressive Emotes, Actions, Activities and by Touch.

Here is a video demo of the My Virtual Girlfriend app on the iPhone

AppSafari Rating: 2/5

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Price: $2.99
Developer: Website
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8 Comments to “My Virtual Girlfriend”

  1. This is An app which every man should play and learn how to treat a lady , It is fun , with attractive 3D girls ready to have a relationship .
    Every Girl has a different personality which can be matched with yours if you play the game right and honest , because this is as real as it gets.

  2. finally a developer came out with an app which allows men practice relationship and learn how to treat a lady.
    It is an awesome app, the 3D girls are look real , the surrounding looks beautiful and the different level of game is fun and real.
    To me how apps suppose to be , something very close to reality and yet less than price of fattening late, and I get to play it for long time.
    I am a female involved in relationship and i understand the developer mentality and his effort to make this game fun , the match making and the girl behavior is so amazing to me. I can not get over it.
    Thank you , Thank you, Thank you finally something for you guys to play and learn how to treat a lady and if you don’t teat her right she will walk a way. Hell ya.

  3. I just viewed and at this app, all I.have to say to developer of this app is: bravo, bravo. Finally some one understood the meaning of match making and resltionship , first it starts with guys personality and then you get to choose the girls which happens to be 3d models of beautifull girls and then you start the game .
    Just like real world , real life you will have choice of the girl , having activity with her , carriying out conversation , carrying on resltionship or being rude to her and see her walks away.
    Is the sweets thong ever happen to mankind , play this app and practice reationship with your virtual girl and use your exprience in reall life .
    Thank you mr developer for this app, you made me a very. Happy girl.

  4. Wow,cute girls and cool game, The best match making app ,I’ve been impressed with sheer amount of content , they are tone’s of girls to choose from and I have been dating ever. It is full 3D with very nice graphic the only thing i would ask the developer is : please keep updating to higher level.
    Keep out the good work and thank you man.

  5. Thanks guys! Yeah, the review was a bit biased because they had a girl to review the game. The game’s humor plays to typical female behaviors, so I’m sure that didn’t impress her, It probably offended her a little and frankly- the game wasn’t intended for them. Anyway, we have had some good feedback regarding the money system and the level capping out at 4 and not being clear that it caps out at 4. Were going to address both of those concerns plus much more with our next update. We listen and appreciate all feedback though because we want to create the best user experience.


  6. I applaud your efforts to respond to your fan base, and I look forward to the updates, but to be perfectly frank, my gender should have very little to do with my views on this app.

    I willingly volunteered to review this app because I have played male-targeted dating sims in the past and generally enjoyed them. My big disappointment with this app was not with the way women are portrayed, but the gameplay. You have provided plenty of dialogue and variety amongst the girls, but I found the gameplay itself repetitive and lacking goals.

    I am sorry the review was disappointing to you, and others are free to disagree with it, but my professional opinion is that while your app will certainly have fans, it will not appeal to the wide and general audience I am writing for, men and women included.

  7. I actually appreciate the review Tracy- I really do, It’s hard to draw attention to your game in a sea of 240,000 apps. So for that, You have my gratitude, thank you. At least you explain to my why you gave it a poor review and that takes some of the sting off it. It gives me some insight because what you’re saying is logical, if you didn’t say anything- then i can only assume the worst. I certainly don’t discount your ability to review, You’re reviewed several apps and I realize the game is not without flaws- But even in it’s current state I believe it to be the best app of its kind available. The Art style is leaps above other apps out there and the frame rate is smooth, We broke new ground with girl generator that can produce this much variety. The comedic dialog will hit home with many men because the humor was intended for them. For these reasons and more i feel that it might have a slightly Higher score – if it were reviewed by a guy. I feel for a female to review my app is the equivalent of me being a purse judge- Sure- I can judge the quality and the style of about anything. I’ve seen a few purses in my life (my wife has a collection)- but I can guarantee that It won’t strike a cord with a me quite the same way that it would with a woman judge. I just won’t pick up the subtleties or attention to detail that someone who has an interest in the subject matter would. I’m not being sexist- I’m just stating a fact. Men and women think collectively different about certain things. This game is targeted at men- engineered by design to appeal to them for by way of comedy and sex appeal. That being said and considering all that the game is- I believe If it were a man judge- I think it would have faired a little better than 2 out of 5 stars. I really do appreciate your response and I have respect for your review of the game. In fact- Our goal is to improve the game play through updates via user feedback/suggestions- until its at a place where we feel it needs to be – then we begin working on the boyfriend version (yes, you heard correctly) Whereas that one will target women, and for that- I will be sure to contact you first for the review! If I still get a low score i’ll put my foot in my mouth.

  8. Hi Tracy,
    Were approaching our 4th update of the game. It would be fitting for a new review of the game (just before valentines day). What do you say? We’ve improved it a lot. It now has 20 progressive levels up gameplay. More girls, better art, better and funnier dialog. We’ve also lowered the price to just .99 cents and is a ‘Universal’ app, for both iphone and ipad.
    I know i might have given you a hard time about the review. It was a hard pill to swallow at the time but with all the feedback we received, we were able to improve it significantly. As a result, It is currently in the top 50 entertainment apps in itunes and featured in 7 countries. Even commedian George Lopez was entertained by it- he incorporated it into his dialog a few weeks ago- Heres the clip, it’s very funny!—>

    Please consider my request to re-review My Virtual Girlfriend.

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