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Serious Nutrition Tracker

As its name implies, Steven Smith’s Serious Nutrition Tracker is principally intended for people who pay close attention to what they eat; with this iPhone app, they can now take it to the next level. Instead of just counting the calories eaten, it also keeps track of the time of consumption, macronutrient ratios, the quality of calories, and much more to help you see if you’re falling short of, meeting, or exceeding your Energy Requirement (which the app will help you calculate). Serious Nutrition Tracker hosts multiple databases, which you either create/customize or pull from when listing the food you’ve eaten. After you enter the foods into the app (preferably at the dinner table, as it keeps track of the time of entry), you can see statistics and graphs for average, totals, nutritional values, etc. Here is a list of features for Serious Nutrition Tracker:

– Create your own food labels, combination items for recipes or meals, and custom food databases
– Detailed common foods database (Canada Nutrient File 2007b) that even lists the water content of food
– Build your main database so you do not have to troll lists of food you do not eat
– Food search index and food group categorization
– Daily, weekly, and per item statistics
– Energy, protein, and fluid requirement estimator (or set your own energy goals)
– Nutrient information by weight, energy and ratio
– Statistics and averages for user-defined time-spans
– Large, easy to read, bar graphs that track individual nutrients, energy and water
– Tracks energy (kcal or kJ), total fat (g), saturated fat (g), trans fat (g), cholesterol (mg), sodium (mg), potassium (mg), total carbohydrate (g), dietary fibre (g), sugars (g), net carbohydrate (total carb – fibre) (g), protein (g), calcium (% or mg), iron (% or mg), and water (mL or fl oz)
– No network connection required (except when sharing your custom databases)
– Volume unit conversion chart

Serious Nutrition Tracker is a very extensive app with many functions and even more options, so it’s little wonder that the interface is somewhat crowded and cluttered. It’ll take some time to figure out where all the buttons lead, and much longer to scroll through lists/input every single nutritional value. It is fairly intensive and requires you to religiously keep track of everything that goes into your mouth, so if you’re someone who doesn’t watch what they eat, this app will be rather useless to you. The concept is great, the execution mediocre, and the target audience slim-to-some. Don’t waste your $3.99 if you’re not devoted to calorie counting of fanatic proportions.

Here is a video demo of the Serious Nutrition Tracker app on the iPhone

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Price: $3.99
Developer: Website
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