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Intuit has come out with an iPhone web application that lets you view Your Company’s Finances on Your iPhone. As a QuickBooks Online subscriber, you can now view key company data anywhere you can use your iPhone. Simply go to from your iPhone. Check your accounts receivable and payable, vendor, customer, and employee lists, bank account and credit card balances, balance sheet and profit & loss reports, your QuickBooks Online contact information will work with your iPhone. Call, e-mail, even look up addresses using Google Maps.

Update: The QuickBooks Connect iPhone app has been released by Intuit which gives Windows users access to QuickBooks on the go. Unfortunately however that app does not support Mac users, or QuickBooks Online users at this time.

Update: Just released in the App Store, Quicken Online Mobile for the iPhone is a free native app from Intuit that will let you update and view your Quicken data on your iPhone.

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32 Comments to “QuickBooks Online”

  1. Two things wrong with this article. First, it’s not an application, it’s a website that’s optimized for the iPhone. Second, you still have to have had created an online Quickbooks account on your PC, which most Mac users don’t have. Until Quicken comes out with an application, it’s useless to me. I’m not about to install winblows on my Mac just so I can get Internet Explorer because the online version of Quickbooks won’t work on a Mac.

  2. It is a web application, not a software application, but all the more still an application, and if you try the demo it looks really cool actually. You are right that Quickbooks online won’t work on macs. Most people install parallels or bootcamp to use quickbooks online on the mac.

  3. You cannot input information. Therefore it is essentially useless to people that buy things and want to keep track of purchases and other expenses in real time.

  4. Ditto… would be a great app if you could update files remotely. Then I could leave the laptop at the office.

  5. don’t have an online account with QB. don’t really need. would like to be able to upload my desktop QB file (unfortunately, windows only at this point….Mac QB still not at WinQB level…although prefer to using Mac computers) to my own site (example–.mac) and be able to view from there. Biggest problem with QB (all QB) you only support Internet Explorer. PLEASE change that. Please support other browsers….Firefox, Safari for example. Lots of people do not use or like IE. Thanks…keep working at it.

  6. Of no use without the ability to enter expenses on the road

  7. You can already use quickbooks on mac!

  8. Now there is a free app called Quicken online mobile that lets you enter expenses from the iPhone.

  9. That’s for Quicken, not Quickbooks. Or does it let you access Quickbooks as well?

  10. You are right, Charles, it’s only for Quicken

  11. Does the new Quicken online mobile let you enter expenses from the iPhone for QuickBooks as well as Quicken?

  12. No

  13. Come on i want to input when i buy stuff my wife keeps telling me i need to know where i spent money on what job site and when you can run up to 3 a day for a month getting it all sorted out at the end of the month is a pain.

  14. you can use BillingManager. Its a very simple tool in which you can create Invoices, record payments etc.. its available on iPhone (as an application)

  15. I use Quick books in single user mode and would like to do transactions remotely and sync with my office computer when I get back. Ipod touch would be perfect to take with me.


  17. Exactly! And I often have no access to internet on jobs.

  18. wow cheers for this just posting on my twitter now.

  19. I am new to iphone and would also like to have access to my Quickbooks Customer list (from my PC) and perhaps enter expenses. Is this on the way? In the meantime, is there a contact sync between iphone, google, QB?


    This is ALL that many folks want… access to their customer data, jobs, etc. It’s not brain surgery!!

    Why, oh why, does it always have to be so difficult with Intuit? This should be simple, but they always want to stick it to the business person at every chance they get. It’s very frustrating, especially when I could use Captra SEVERAL YEARS AGO to access the same QB info on a PalmPilot for FREE!!


  21. Thank you for sharing this mobile web link…
    However, it is so LAME!

    I mean…I can look at my data but absolutely no functionality. I would love to be able to pay my employees with Direct deposit from my phone. This is something where a printer is not required…why can’t we make this happen.

    Mobile business is mainstream, yet we don’t have a way to actually ‘operate’ away from our computers yet.
    Come on…

    Sorry for ranting but I hate how the companies that should have SOLID iPhone Apps don’t make it a priority. You know I would pay $$ for it right? I’d probably pay somewhere around $100 if it actually had ‘real’ functionality, not just a glance at what’s going on. I might as well take 5 minutes and log in through my mac and get things done.

    I just don’t get it…

  22. Just a way to do invoices would take this a long way. I am on the road and while I am working with a client it would be great to be able to create an invoice so I don’t have to re-enter it at home. I can live without printing it, if I can email/snail-mail it later. I need the total on the spot.

  23. Has anyone worked with the MobileMe and QB for mac?

  24. I’ve been using dropbox for about 6 months now. I love it. You can get enough space for your quickbooks file for FREE. I installed the program on my desktop and it sets up a file folder. You move your Quickbooks file there. Then I installed the program on my laptop, waited while the program worked and the file showed up very quickly in the new dropbox directory on my laptop.

    The best thing is that you do not need an internet connection. Some of the places I travel do not have internet. As long I I use the laptop to connect to the internet before I go (or at McDonald’s along the way) the most current file is with me because dropbox copies the files to your hard drive! Instant backup and instant access on my desktop or laptop to the same file. I still have Carbonite, but I upgraded to the 50G space and with a little research found out how to move my address, calendar and iphoto files into dropbox also. Backup and easy access in one program.

    Only problem is that you want to keep those programs above that you have synced closed. Which ever one is closed last, that is the file you will have in dropbox. I moved all those icons to the far left of my dock and just trained myself to keep them closed.

    I now work with ALL my files in dropbox. I can access them anywhere I can get internet and if I make a small change, I have the latest copy on all computers.

  25. I am looking to get an iphone but for the sole purpose of being able to run our small business remotely. I have set up our quickbooks for remote access but I don’t always have the laptop with me. i want something easy to shoot out an invoice or enter payables immediately. Is there a iphone app that will allow this??

  26. I just got my iPad and uses qbonline for our business. Hope this app works well on iPad.

  27. QB online is an inferior product and this app will not help you if you use one of the normal desktop versions of QB.

  28. this app falls way short! I love QB online but it just doesn’t work on the ipad.

  29. You can access any version Of Quickbooks online or not with logmein ignition. Check it out. I use it all the time and it is fantastic. I don’t use my laptop much at all any more.

  30. Quickbooks Online is inferior, expensive, once you buy it you are locked into it forever and can’t get your files out of it, and if they raise the rates you have to pay it because there is no contract. Who would buy that garbage service. Almost every company I know runs a single version of quickbooks for 2 or 3 years before upgrading. Even if they upgraded every year it ends up being cheaper to buy the software every year.

  31. All of these problems people are having with Quickbooks could easily be avoided if users were simply willing to go with another program, for example the programs offered here

  32. I want to use my I phone to create invoices at the job site and be able to e mail customer their invoice and down load the invoice info into the bookeepers quickbook data that is Windows / Microsoft formate, not mac. Can anyone help inform me on my options?

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