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Tired of messing around with trying to access the MySpace website on your iPhone? Want your MySpace page on your iPhone? Now you can with the free iPhone app for MySpace, called MySpace Mobile.

The MySpace Mobile app for iPhone or iPod touch lets you stay in touch with your social network friends, send and get mail messages, view your friends and read their status, upload photos from your iPhone, write comments and read bulletin message.

You can also search for new friends to grow your network. MySpace Mobile supports both iPhone and iPod touch devices.

Here is a demo of the MySpace Mobile app running on your iPhone

A little bit of history: About 2 years ago, before the App Store existed, users were forced to use the web based version of MySpace from the iPhone Safari browser which has features including viewing your friends list, viewing photos, viewing and adding comments, messaging your friends, profile viewing, blog viewing. You can also update your mood and status and lots of other features. You don’t need to use the web based version any more since the app is available now. But you can still get to this web based version if you wish by going to in your Safari browser. If you prefer the full version of the site you can also go to on your iPhone or iPod touch as well to get the full web version of the MySpace site.

This 3rd Party App is available at the Apple iTunes AppStore. Browse the full list of all AppStore apps filed under the AppStore category.
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Price: Free
Developer: Website
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102 Comments to “MySpace for iPhone”

  1. cool

  2. one of the great things about the iphone is that you have the ability to look at ACTUAL websites. not crappy mobile WAP sites.

    i just went to myspace when i was at work and was so irritated when i didn’t see the actual site.

    not just that, but they don’t even have an option so you can view it.

    i hated facebook for making an iphone-specific site. but at least they have the option to view the real site instead of a mobile site.

    stop making mobile sites for the iphone!
    you’re ruining the iphone!

  3. NOT COOL!! I agree that the whole reason we all spent the money for the iPhone was so we’d be able to view THE ACTUAL websites like Myspace – not dumb-down versions. If they want to add an app IN ADDITION to the regular site, fine. But to be redirected to a wap site specific for mobile phones is ridiculous and takes away from what the iPhone was meant to provide. I hate it!!!

  4. This sucks… No other way to put it. I agree 1005 with the comments above. why have a phone that is cacable at looking at full length web sites if all you get is this crappy web app? 600 bucks for this? Stop ruining the iphone please.

  5. yeah complete BS I check my myspace every chance I get… its bad enough that u can’t view videos and/or listen to music on myspace now my iphone is no better then the “myspace mobile” I had I my old razor…. I agree 100% atleast give the option of the web app or the actual site…. We need to tell someone that matters… Someone should comment tom and let him know that iPhone r pissed off….

  6. yeah complete BS I check my myspace every chance I get… its bad enough that u can’t view videos and/or listen to music on myspace now my iphone is no better then the “myspace mobile” I had I my old razor…. I agree 100% atleast give the option of the web app or the actual site…. We need to tell someone that matters… Someone should comment tom and let him know that iPhone owners r pissed
    off….I can’t check my myspace on this shitty myspace mobile garbage.

  7. oh my gosh, yes I completely agree.
    This absolutely sucks!
    Its slow and has errors all the time!!
    and you’re right, it has no option of regular view…
    and its automatic every time I try to access it from my phone.
    This is very annoying and its pointless.

  8. complete bull I tell ya…….my iPhone is not displaying the myspace web page…..what in the world is myspace doing…..

  9. Why all of a sudden is there a myspace mobile i bought my iphone just recently barely a week ago and today i try to log into my myspace and i have that BS! mobile crap wich gives me errors on peoples names i can’t read messages, i cant send comments to people or do nothing wtf is the point of that? just keep the normal myspace website like you would use on your regular pc.


  11. hey guys!
    there’s a way to get around the mobile version by clicking help, the faq’s
    in the second faq question, there’s a link to the normal version

  12. NOT WORKING! I have some stupid error saying I can’t view my Myspace because i have the heart in my name! I am not paying $30 a month to look at WAP sites. BRING THE REGULAR MYSPACE BACK TO MY IPHONE!

  13. hey thanks Jordan, I updated the description above with the classic URL.

  14. Agreed, but its myspace, what did expect.

    but it does suck some major ass. Thanks so much for that link though

  15. yes this totally sucks i just sent a feedback to myspace telling them to stop doing this.. they are ruining the whole purpose of having the iphone. if somebody wants a crappy mobile version of any website they would have got any other phone instead of the expensive but great iphone. WE BOUGHT IT FOR A REASON!!! STOP DOING THIS!! STOP RUINING MY IPHONE!!

  16. cock suckers man.

  17. this is some BULLSHIT! It sucks so bad!

  18. I think its a ridiculous idea to force people to use the mobile version. Why would you even release a mobile version when we paid so much money for this phone and we have to pay for the data plan. That’s dumb. Don’t bare down the sites on a phone that’s capable of viewing the full version. I’m sure apple/AT&T will make it optional once they see all the bad complaints about it.

  19. This is TOTAL BS!!! iPhone was made to see REGULAR websites not watered down versions.

    I already complained to Tom. lol

  20. The new myspace website for iPhone users is Ugly!

  21. I’m kind of looking forward to the webapp for myspace. It did suck that it was all fucked up for a while, though. I like being able to switch to the classic version if I want to. I also noticed that it seems like myspace is trying to build its webapp for the iPhone to be viewed in landscape. I’m not sure if I like that. I think regular portrait with the option to turn to landscape would be better.

  22. The MySpace mobile SUCKS.
    End of story.

    Thanks for providing the link to classic MySpace. I deleted my MySpace WebApp on my front page and created a new one that directs to classic MySpace

  23. The above method does not work for getting to classic myspace. It just reverts. Dammit! The reason I got the Iphone was to see real web pages. I might as well go back to a regular cell phone.

  24. all you have to do is point your browser to and the screwed up mobile site won’t load.

  25. I just got on myspace on my iPhone and it sucks! The iPhone is slowly going downhill.

  26. You can view the real myspace web site by entering

  27. Lets get a few things sorted here!!

    Firstly: MySpace is crap which ever platform it is viewed on. There is far too much Flash content on there, and it even renders slow with a broadband connection. If the same view were on the iPhone, it would take a very long time to load if you were using the Edge.

    Secondly: How is this spoiling the iPhone. I certainly wouldn’t consider taking mine back because ONE site (for kids) doesn’t work the way I would like it too. I spent 8 hours a day (i’m a web developer) on a PC. The last thing I want to do is strain my eyes looking at my iPhone screen to view MySpace (or Facebook for that matter)

    Thirdly: Mobile Safari doesn’t offer the ‘real’ web. How many Flash based sites can you view on the iPhone, plus there are other plugins such as Real Player (yes it is still used) and Window Media Player that are missing. The iPhone is great if your out and about and need to check something online quicly, but it can never be a replacement for the PC’s web browser!!

  28. Its a dissapointment to have crappy mobile sites, when the iphone promised to have actual web sites. When i had my iphone in v 1.1.1 jailbroken, the sites were working fine and everything was viewable, now when i had the 1.1.2 jailbroken, all i did was to ass a simple firmware patch, and that took care of it. Now i got the 1.1.4 jailbroken and there doesnt seem to be any fix for this crap. Its really anoying because there is no way i can see whos online, or who wants to be my friend.

  29. ding ding ding — now it all makes sense— the crappy version of myspace on the iphone — can be fixed to a semi not as crappy version for only $2.99 a month– Forget that????? Good for myspace n finding another way to make a buck– but forget that– as recommended above just change your bookmark to –
    and it’ll be like it use to be. I just did that and it the same as it was before the damn mobile version got forced on iphone users— Why in the world would I want to pay $2.99 a month to view a website when I bought a phone that shows websites just fine as is—

  30. The iPod Touch still goes to the main myspace page. It seems they only grabbed the iPhone user agent.

  31. Yeah, this sucks…at least have an option to go back to the regular page but no!!! They go and impose things on us…I hate it. But thanks to those people that posted the

    thanks 🙂
    it works good,


  32. I agree with all of you. Google has even made a dumbed down version for the iPhone, but it still looks like the original. I can’t even figure out how to navigate this crappy myspace mobile. Thanks for letting us know that we can still use real myspace instead of the crappy version.

  33. this sucks ass.. i want the old myspace page back not this bs mobile stuff.. you need to fix it quick. its poissing me off

  34. I’d have to disagree with all of you I think. I find it actually easier to navigate…. Granted, there is some errors but I think myspace will pull through and create a pretty competitive and fully capable webapp. Besides, the actual website is bloated with mainstream media, advertisments, graphics design, ect. You all should be thankful they’re saving you(and hopefully speeding up your process).

  35. just search the real myspace on google, bookmark it, and you can use the old site all the time.

  36. Myspace mobile does suck balls. I have nothing against dumbed down versions of sites. Developers make them because they load faster on data networks. I actually like the facebook webapp better than the regular site due to the fact the iPhone facebook doesn’t pester you with legions of facebook app requests. I wish myspace would follow suit and make a real iPhone webapp. I think I read somewhere that they’re developing one for the iPhone SDK due out in June.. Hopefully it won’t suck.

  37. i cant get the app on my iPod touch.. could enyone walk me through it.. just add on MSN IM.. thanks

  38. How do u add this app to ur itouch? i have it but i dont know where to drag it to.

  39. I am totaly satisfied with my iPhone webapp, I can view everything as though I was on a pc. It takes a while to completely download but I’m am vary happy! I can make edit my profile, post comments and send msgs like I was on my iMac! Its great thank you apple for making the best up to date products!

  40. honestly. I bought the iphone to view all the websites normal, not some crappy version that’s always malfunctioning.

  41. I think this app is good… yeah we all know that we want full pages sometimes but hey the screens damn small… its perfect for quickly checking your myspace. if you want to take your time and check out everything the option is there to load the whole page… or use a computer. would u rather load a full page while driving? ever think about that?

  42. how do i download this app,

  43. It’s not an “app” like you may be thinking. There’s no installation. Just click on the link then bookmark it if you like it or save it on your homescreen. The link is on the top of this page. Hope that helps……

  44. I disagree with all of you. The mobile app version is utilized to simplify the user interface and make it load quicker. It minimizes graphics loading. Imagine the load time on a flooded page.

  45. update; no longer works nor does use classic myspace= true it redirects to static error–> looks like they’re forcing us to pay now… Bs

  46. I love Facebook for iPhone and can’t wait to get Myspace too!

  47. I love it

  48. I think that there shuldve been an app a long time ago it makes thing so much easier not having to deal with all the crap of the norm

  49. I like the full site better it let’s me view full profiles and all that stuff and when I have to pay $30/month I want the full version. My iPhone lets me view the sign in page on the classic full version so I thought it would work, but when I put in my email and password it takes me right back to the sign in page as if I never put in my info. That right there pisses me off I didn’t pay a crap load of money so that I can look at myspace mobile like on my old phone. This shot blows. Get rid of it. Please.

  50. how do i get it???

  51. Ughhhh its so annoying! i hate the mobile version!!! thats like the WHOLE reason I wanted this phone! eff it!! i hate it! the one at the store had the FULL SITE why doesn’t mine! BS! ughh!

  52. u can view the full myspace site your iPhone jus type in it will take u to the full site but u have to type that link exactly n there is an app for myspace mobile go to the apps thing that is already on ur iPhone n go under top 25 and go under free and there is a myspace mobile app

    Hope I helped

  53. this is just stupid…on my touch, it closes off righ when i get to the myspace home page do i fix it???Someone add me to helppp..

  54. I’m on my itouch and I usually just open up safari to go to the myspace mobile. But now when I do it says cannot open this site, too many re directs or something really similar. It’s weird and I do not know how to fix it. Helppp!

  55. i kno a way to get around it.

  56. I love this app but i hate how theres no “new things” or “notifications” to tell you what you got.

  57. It finally worked I had to mess with safari settings but it’s weird, all my friends have myspace app but on my iPod it won’t let me download myspace app. You know why? Help!

  58. my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard yea right it’s better that yours

  59. I’m so mad because I cant get myspace downloaded on my ipod touch I need help cause my brother downloaded myspace on his and I can’t Im need help now!!!!!!

  60. Kajax

  61. hey fuck you!!!!¡¡!!!!!!!!¡

  62. What the fuck! When I try to log in it just fuckin says accountph. What the fuck does that mean it’s phished myspace is sooo fuckin gay

  63. Everytime I try to log in on my itouch it’s says accountPh I just logged into it yesterday what the hell does it mean someone tell me

  64. hey man i have the same problem with the accounPh wtf if u kn something let me kn please!!

  65. iPhone 3G S is gonna rock the smartphone market 😀 Can’t wait for it to come out.

  66. Man I can’t wait for the new iPhone 3G S, my iPhone 1st gen really needs a replacer.

  67. I can’t log on to it always goes back to m. or myspace mobile. I’m not quite sure what to do. Can anyone help me????

  68. Hi there i haven´t see or tryied Myspace app yet but is there a possibility to manage myspace calendar too? thanks.

  69. Useful info here, thank you. If possible can you visit my site and let me know what you think, its got free internet secrets and hacks, tricks and loopholes, free money tricks, free phone tricks etc etc, you get the idea lol… hope to see you there soon.

  70. How do I upload photos to myspace from my iPhone. What a jipp all this technology and u f ing programmers can’t even let us post pics directly from our phones . Get it together already

  71. How to download this app from my iPhone?0

  72. To bee Ive had that same problem all you do is go to settings then generall then reset then reset network settings now all you have to do is reput the password and your good to go hope it works for you as well as it did for meh and I have no Idea whhy it did that but if you have questions call the apple store 1800myapple they willhelp as they did for me>:)

  73. AccountPH does not mean it has been fished, you fuckin’ moron. ._.

  74. hey so my high school blocks certain website such as facebook and myspace… and a friend of mine showed me how to go on facebook through the iphone website and i was trying to do that with myspace cause i like it better but it’s not working…. please help…. =[

  75. Okay I have myspace mobile and I don’t like it so I have been trying to switch back and everytime I try to do so It messes up. I have switches it back but it never let’se log in on just myspace.

  76. i cant download the myspace app on my itouch anymore. it says i need the iphone 3.0 upgrade…i have the latest version of itunes, i thought doing that would help but it didnt. how can i get the 3.0 upgrade on my itouch??? please help. email me:

  77. I used to go straight to myspace from the Internet without the app. After a while myspace won’t let me log on the site and I don’t have 3.0. Please help! Email with answer please!!!

  78. Is there a way to download & install the version of myspace that was right before this newest one that just came out because I cant download it. The software I have on my phone is 3.0.1 the version but when I try to sync the new verson of myspace it say I need 3.1 software. Somebody please help You can email me at

  79. heyy guys im having the same problem i thought my ipod was messin up.
    but hey the only way we can get the ipod upgrade is by paying like $4.99 or jailbreaking it. becuase the kno evwryone uses myspace they decided to take it away and do it this way so anyone can buy the upgrade!wayy to go apple perfect way to make money!!!:(

  80. heyy guys im having the same problem i thought my ipod was messin up.
    but hey the only way we can get the ipod upgrade is by paying like $4.99 or jailbreaking it. becuase they kno evryone uses myspace they decided to take it away and do it this way so anyone can buy the upgrade!wayy to go apple perfect way to make money!!!:(


  82. Minez Wont Lemme Loqq In…Wat Do I Do??

  83. Yea

  84. HMmm i actually like this app quite a bit makes everthing so much quicker with my new touch (3G)
    only a few things i don’t like about it is you cannot access status comments as far as i know and it does not have a good way of telling you that you have mail just a delayed “Push Badge” on the mail icon on your lower bar besides the lack of mail and comment notification and not being able to view status comments this app is better than using regular myspace with safari.

  85. Junk. Slow. Will not open Mail, etc. Slow, slow, s…l…o…w POS Total POS. Why can’t anyone write decent software anymore? This is junk, junk, junk. Just like MySpace.


  87. I want the myspace app but I don’t have it and I dont have a account

  88. spero sia bello

  89. sarà bello?

  90. Wha i need for access myspace on my iphone i put my mail my password end dos’nt work

  91. I like the myspace app but I wich u were able to IM on it.

  92. u shud put im on it

  93. it’s easier if you use safari on the iPod touch the IM hat is there an you get to do everything bit there are some editing things that you can’t do.

  94. 🙂

  95. Quisiera eso pero no iPod no descargar en el app store

  96. I love it

  97. I would like to get this app

  98. I’m genuinely to be eventually posting online after all these many years. There truly is no mystique (sp) about it, is there? I just dropped by your weblog and had to write. I’m a recent college grad, journalism significant if you must know, and I absolutely really like photography. I’ve received my website up but it’s nothing to brag about yet. None of my stuff’s been posted. Quickly as I determine out how to do that, I’ll devote the afternoon submitting my best shots. anyways just considered I’d drop a line. I hope to return with a lot more substantial stuff, things you can in fact use.

  99. Hww kute

  100. Want to b able to delete and view more on my phone not have to get on the home computor to do that

  101. i awn to get on myspace.

  102. I have a myspace icon (which I don’t need) instead I want to be able to log in my facebook acc from my Mobile home screen.



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