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Think you know your music library? Dexoris Studios challenges you to prove it with their new game app, Audio Puzzle. Have at least 5 songs loaded onto your iPhone or iPod Touch and Audio Puzzle will create linear jigsaw puzzles out of them. Each puzzle piece will have a clip from a song; to adjust the volume, use the controls on the upper left-hand corner.

You can choose the song to play with or have the app randomly choose one for you. There are three modes in which you can play: Basic, Distraction, and Hardcore. For Basic, just tap each piece to play its clip, figure out the order in which they go, and then drag them to click together in an explosion of sparkles. However, if you’ve chosen incorrectly, the pieces will repel each other and you will lose one of three lives. If you just can’t figure it out, you can Skip the song by tapping the lower right-hand corner. In Distraction mode, similar audio clips from other songs in your playlists will be used as puzzle pieces, so listen carefully. Hardcore mode only lets you listen to each clip once, so you’ll have to remember which clip was on what puzzle piece and what order they should go in. You can move the pieces around to help you with the order, but make sure you don’t try to connect them by accident.

The tutorial is interactively and nicely done, and the game saves when you leave it so that you can resume right where you left off. Audio Puzzle is pretty light on the graphics, as it is mainly an aural game (but the sparkles are pretty and the repelling is fun to watch), and is really only as challenging as whatever you have in your iPod library. Someone with lots of similar sounding or complex music will probably get more play time out of this game app; music majors would probably get a kick out of it, as well (good luck with those classical pieces). Audio Puzzle is a fresh, innovative way to incorporate your own music into a game, so go give your ears a workout.

Here is a video demo of the Audio Puzzle app on the iPhone

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2 Comments to “Audio Puzzle”

  1. This game is fantastic!
    It’s an innovative puzzle game that turns every song in your music collection into an engaging jigsaw puzzle.

  2. Hi, I’m the art designer for the game Audio Puzzle thank you for this good review 🙂

    I just wanted to add to this review the social aspect of it. We think of Audio Puzzle as a music discovery device primarily. What we are aiming for it to let users find music he or she has forgotten or lost in their library, and rediscover it. Now for the social aspect – we have choices to send the song, album, artist information to a friend through email. This way you can share your discoveries with others.

    At the moment we can’t go technically further with analyzing songs etc. Where as Apple new software version 3. Does not allow more. But more is coming I’m sure.

    Now Audio Puzzle 1.0 is the first version of its kind. And we are working hard to make the game even better. First thing is we are shipping soon a update to tune our software better and fix some issues. We might add something cool and fun for your sharing needs so keep a lookout for the release coming soon 🙂


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