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Slots Journey

Slots Journey by FishSticks Games (Free) is a casino themed slots playing game for the iPhone or iPod touch. The goal in this iPhone app as you would expect is to match symbols in sets of three or more either straight across or diagonally. You bet money and when you get a match you earn your money back plus whatever that particular combination is worth.

You begin the Slots Journey application in the Egypt area in the Sand Obelisks. There are five levels in the Sand Obelisks. After that you move on to the Oasis, and so on until you complete the Egypt area. Slots Journey has five areas: Egypt, China, Islands, Greece and Transylvania. With new updates they add new areas and levels to increase your gameplay. Each level consists of a set number of spins. Once you reach the spins for that level a new level opens. As you gain higher levels the maximum bet increases giving you a greater chance of earning big wins.

Slots Journey iPhone app review

The main slot screen shows your current number of coins, the slot machine screen, the number of coins you are betting, the number of lines you are using and your total bet. You press the Spin button to play your turn. Under the spin button is a boosters button which are multipliers to earn extra coins. Above the Spin button is the amount you won on your last win.

There are special cards and characters such as the wild card, the scatter card and others that appear in the slot machine area. These cards increase the chances you get a win. You press the ? button to open up the screen explaining the different combinations of winning. You can make in-app purchases to get more coins if you run out. Every hour you get the opportunity to earn more bonus coins. Each level you complete has a three star rating underneath it. As you complete more spins, you get higher star ratings for that level.

Slots Journey is a casino themed iPhone game with the potential to entertain you for hours. It is a great slots game that has many interesting aspects such as bonus cards, boosters and side games. If you don’t like playing casino games, this one probably isn’t for you. It will not stay on my iOS device for very long as there are other more interesting games that could fill the space.

This review of the Slots Journey app was written using an iPhone 4 running iOS5.

AppSafari Rating: 3.5/5

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Price: Free
Version: 2.3
Size: 45.69 MB
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15 Comments to “Slots Journey”

  1. I like this game, however, now that I have played it for a couple of months and I am at a higher level the pay outs are not happening. I have to wait all day to play in order to get enough coins, i really like this game but with no wins or very small wins for max bet I am losing my interest, perhaps you need to adjust the odds of winning to keep people playing.

  2. This is a fun game until you get to Greece. I am on Athens Road and sometimes the payouts do not happen. It looks as though the program thinks there are two different kinds of nines so sometimes they pay out and sometimes they don’t. Only seems to happen with nines.

  3. I really loved this game when I first started. But seems as if the more levels I complete, The odds of winning reduce. The past few days I’ve bought coins & Boosters. Now it seems like I’m hardly winning anymore. Also. I went through all my Boosters & hardly won, Then Suddenly I was getting some winnings. Another thing I’m really annoyed about. Is when I get a “Big Win” & I try to Double it. All the numbers were High & I ended up with nothing. I counted, I tried 13 times & each time, I lost & Ended with nothing. Which meant.. I’m out of Coins AGAIN. After Purchasing 20,000 – 2x’s & I’m bought 100 Boosters of 2 & 3 X’s & Smaller amounts of 4 & 5x’s – I know how to play slots. I don’t just always use Max. I do low amounts & go up from time to time. So I am losing interest & Also I will NOT BE PURCHASING ANY CREDITS. It’s just they’re way of becoming RICH in real Life. They don’t make it fair enough. To be able to Purchase & Get a high amount of coins so you can keep going. It just Drains your Coins FASTER. It’s got to be set up in the System or something. Because it’s Too Odd..

  4. Love this game, great for the down time!

  5. The secret to getting all the stars before the timer runs out is
    1 Get 2 stars in every section of a journey.
    2 On the last star game get the green progress bar almost to the end but DO NOT complete it.
    3 Do this on every section of that particular journey.
    4 When you have them all almost completed, you can then do the lot in about an hour and get your third star.

  6. I love this game . I am in Australia. It requires far fewer points to complete an island. I finds this new group far more enjoyable

  7. i like the game

  8. I like the game but I would like to know where the points go when u have 3 or more scatters. I get the x2,3,4,5 but when I hit a chest & get 2200 or someelse it doesnt add up to my total

  9. I have 950,000 coins, give or take 10,000 at this point. It doesn’t look to me like the score area has room for a 7th placement value, in other words, to be able to have 1 million. I’m afraid to play because I’m scared it will roll back around to zero coins. Has anyone played to the point of getting over a million coins? What does the counter show after 999,999?

  10. Great game

  11. I want to play Greece but I can’t get to download. What am I doing wrong

  12. I get an “installation error” when I try beginning China…what am I not doing?

  13. The game just sucks. You can’t get any points and with this new update the counter does not start counting down at all. You hit the counter and it just says 59min and everytime it just starts over. You get no points to keep going and I refuse to spend money on something that wont let you win. The game was bad before the update but now it is really bad. I’ll probably dump it sometime soon.

  14. It appears that this game is now owned by “Murka”. In response to the review below about exceeding 1 million: Yes, it works because the digits get physically smaller to fit in the space. I have earned over 3 million coins but have never purchased coins or boosters. If you check the “high scores” or “leaders board” you will see (supposedly) players with over 1 billion coins — how did they do that? But then again, the same screen indicates that I have 18 million coins (incorrect). This game is a fun way to pass the time. I built up my coins by playing max bet times 7 lines and stocking up on the boosters. When you notice a hot streak coming on, turn on the boosters and switch to max bet. The other trick is to play for only 5 or 10 minutes at a time, then wait for your next hourly batch of free coins. Check and receive free coins periodically during the day.

  15. Fun game but my interest faded. Now playing Dragon Era.

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