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Based on the PC game by Sandlot Games, Westward is a fun real-time iPhone strategy game where you control the destiny of the Wild West by building thriving towns, exploring unchartered plains, dense forests and rocky canyons and guiding settlers to safety and success. Westward includes an authentic music soundtrack, or you can turn it off and play your own music with the sound effects on or off.

Manage your resources and deal with environmental disasters like fire and drought, all while following the trail of the Mad Russian, a con artist extraordinaire, who must be brought to justice before he can cheat anyone else out of their life savings. Experience the life of a Frontier settler in the wild, rough and tumble world of Westward.

– Guide your townsfolk to make camp and build communities
– Explore 4 different locations over more than 20 levels
– Create and customize towns using more than 25 types of building
– Includes additional side levels for extra Frontier fun

Here is a video demo of the Westward app on the iPhone

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Price: $2.99
Developer: Website
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9 Comments to “Westward”

  1. I am stuck on the side level where i must go to another town and save the bank from bandits. I can not leave until the population reaches 15 people. Once, my population did reach 15 people and nothing happened. I am stuck on this level. I have tried building a farm or two to fight off hunger because there is little food and people start leaving do to hunger. I had to set up a mining and a lumber camp to be able to build the farms and buy things such as more gunslingers. Does anyone know how to get passed this?

  2. Please someone, let us know. I am stuck here as well! I keep dying over and over again. I have built a windmill but it doesnt seem to help with food or water. I have built a general store on my way to a ranch, no joy. I die over and over again.

  3. I just contacted HandMark, the developer and asked their support team this question. If I get a response, I will post it here.

  4. Same here. Love the game but I cannot pass this level.

  5. I beat this level by building a farm, a mining camp and a lumber camp. I immediately built a saloon as soon as I could and started buying as many gunslingers as i could and lined them on each side of the bank. Then I put some more to the south of the bank so that when the bandits showed up, they would be fighting to the south and not causing damage to the bank. This strategy worked. I then got 15 people and was able to pass the level. It took me twice to do this mission until I got it right.

  6. Thank you for that tip. It worked! Now I can continue on. Woohoooo……

  7. Hi Jeff,

    I am now stuck on another level where we go to this town and it is sooo barren and there is a train track to the south. let me know if you pass this one and how you did it. Thank you, Sasha

  8. Thanks Jeff, I had to build a trading post as well to combat famine. It was at 15 for a few minutes before it went on. I havent hit the barren’s yet.
    Has anyone tried the pc version. is it worth while? I don’t have an macbook. Carol

  9. I love this game. Beginning is all like, eh, basic, boring. I’ve played Starcraft extensively, so I know how to get around stuff here.
    Later levels, however, challenging. Balancing food levels, managing defense, stocking up that 600 gold for a pie (or whatever the event requires), it got kinda tough.
    Disappointed with the unit control. Really clunky on the iPod at times. Scrolling the map was annoying too, and the minimap loaded kinda slow. The unit pathing wasn’t the best, sometimes they just went to the edge of their island/peninsula and stood there, begging for a home. The Sheriff was a tough fella, but he galloped too fast for my deputies to waddle with, so he got hurt bad.
    I’d totally recommend this game to those that like strategy. Sim City 😀

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