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Magic Wars

Ready for a feud? Magic Wars is a free app that makes your iPhone into a virtual Wand. This awesome idea and is backed by great execution in this fun and addicting game where where you not only get to learn spells but you also duel people from around the world. A great iPhone game for Harry Potter fans. Version 2 of Magic Wars has just been released which fixes bugs and adds some new features.

Wanna play Magic Wars on your iPhone?
1. Find the wand that’s right for you
2. Learn magic – Charms, Hexes, Illusions, and more
3. Train your mind, strength and reflexes
4. Wave your wand in the spell shape and say the incantation
5. Become stronger by winning your duels

Good or evil?
Charms or dark curses?
Which path will you choose in Magic Wars?

Here is a video demo of the Magic Wars app on the iPhone

This 3rd Party App is available at the Apple iTunes AppStore. Browse the full list of all AppStore apps filed under the AppStore category.
Download Magic Wars at iTunes App Store
Price: Free
Developer: Website
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85 Comments to “Magic Wars”

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  25. Hi everyone guys
    I guess this is like a childhood dream to play Magic that actually came true XD
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    I’ll join back!

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  40. I love how everyone but two people put there code on hereIf someone didn’t know what this game was they would try calling you, lol. I don’t know what my code is but I’ll post it. Have you noticed the more addictive the game the more posts?

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  45. The magic wars app keeps crash. Not just on me but on others too. Then when i press on the app it makes me start over again. Then after i have to start over, after it puts me in a guild, it shuts down again.

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  65. App has been down since mid-April. There aren’t any others out there to compare to this one, are there plans to bring it back, ever??

  66. Does anyone know when th app will be back up? Temporary is long enough! Who abuse this person on the forums anyway?

  67. I’m so sad now that it’s gone. It’s been like 375289422688 years. Why won’t it come back???

  68. omg! temporairily is way to long! its been off forever! I WANT IT AND I WANT IT NOW! I HAVE EMAILED SARA 674965098359753 TIMES ALREADY!

  69. Bring her back :'(

  70. It’s not coming back but alot of people have gone to the palringo app for rping. It’s a free app, join the group magic wars refugees

  71. Idk I really want the original back, it actually provided me with a social life.
    Why Sarah wont bring it back is beyond me, though has anyone ever thought of remaking it themselves? I can’t script so Idk how hard it would be…

  72. I am very sad about this…. I miss rping…. I miss my friends…. I had even arranged for one of my friends to join dawn of the dragon riders! I spent most of my time in the first three months coming up with new storylines that will now never be used…. And they were REALLY good!!!! DX



  75. Yeah.
    I wonder if she even checks that email any more though. Her last Twitter post was around last year, maybe two years ago.

  76. Oh wow… Hi pokefan

  77. I remember when that app was on. It was in my opinion the best social gaming app that had been around in a while.

  78. This was the ABSOLUTE AWESOMEST APP EVER!! If you ever had it, you might have seen me; my display name was Marissa Elmwood.

  79. PS – I saw some of the people who abused the forums. They would go on forums and cuss off. My little sis was only ten and they would go ahead. They didn’t care that there were little kids on there. I hope they regret it.

  80. Where did magic wars go? I’m so confused

  81. This was my favorie app and now I can probabllt never play it again! Grrrr……..

  82. Why did you guys disable magicwars!!!???? I love that app! it is my favotrite app!!!!!

  83. I loved this app so much. It was extremely popular and could become popular again if it was brought back on the App Store! I just want the app back and I know a lot of my friends want it back too. Please put it back on the store it was so much fun to play

  84. God damn I miss the rping from this app…

  85. Met some real cool people on this app who i never got the chance to add on fb or anything because I didn’t have one back then.

    It’s a shame 🙁

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