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Accuweather iPhone app provides you with the latest weather information including animated, user-centric radar/satellite with full 15-day local forecasts and 15 hours of hourly forecasts. Plus the iPhone application gives you access to severe weather alerts, forecast videos, lifestyle weather indices, and WeatherAlarms. You can download this app for free in the App Store. Note: AccuWeather also offers users a webapp, that you can get to by opening the url from the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPod touch. Enter your zip code for up to date weather maps and a 5 day forecast on your iPhone.

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Price: Free
Developer: Website
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24 Comments to “AccuWeather”

  1. […] – IMHO is the best weather forecast program around […]

  2. […] AccuWeather: Get weather maps and five-day forecasts. […]

  3. […] AccuWeather: Get weather maps and five-day forecasts. […]

  4. […] AccuWeather: Get continue maps as good as five-day forecasts. […]

  5. Interested

  6. […] AccuWeather:  [ FREE ] I trust what accuweather says on my iphone for 15-day forecasts more than the […]

  7. One issue with Accuweather as run on the 3GS with 4.0. When the app is opened and gets added to the multitasking bar, the app doesn’t close when exiting and therefor doesnt refresh when re-opening. You muse go to the multitasking bar and close it there before it will display a new radar screen. Awkward!

  8. I have noticed the problem too with the 3GS on 4.0 and cannot get it to load a radar picture at all any more. The opening temperature is not refreshed, so it is WRONG. The app that was the best weather app around has turned into a useless one. They need to fix this ASAP!

  9. Installed accuweather on my ipod touch 4. I have location services on, yet accuweather thinks I’m 200 miles from where I’m at. Google maps knows where I’m at, why can’t accuweather figure this out? I even put my city on the list of places for weather, yet it only gives me for the wrong location. Was a good app, but not anymore.

  10. Please change the accuweather iphone app back. At least have it available for the 9 million people that HATE the new version in comparison. I relied on that app for ease of use and great info for traveling, this upgrade is terrible. PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK!!!!!

  11. This update?? must not have been tested. Its missing so much info and is awkward to use. Please bring back the previous one!

  12. Beware…the latest version of this app is getting flamed by iPhone users. A completely redesigned interface does away with many of the most popular features, or hides them. Very loud and obnoxious video ads frequently block most of the screen. Truly awful!

  13. The new version should require the developer to pay the user to install it. This is a steaming pile of…

    Bring the old one back. Probably won’t Accuweather officially denies climate change and probably gravity as well.

    I want my free back.

  14. Help? I too don’t appreciate the new version. They killed my favorite features, including the “Risk” screen which gave a nice quick summary of bad weather for the next five days.

    How to recover the old version? I installed the new app via iTunes on my Windows PC and subsequent sync with iPhone. I’ve deleted the app from the iPhone, but how do I recover the older version from a backup file without also over-writing all my other apps with their older versions at the same time?



    Thanks for any help. I can’t find answer on the internet anywhere for

  15. I’d like to know the same thing Buell Forum!

  16. I hate the new version as well. All the reasons I used the Accuweather app over TWC and Weatherbug are gone. I especially miss the Risks that had summaries and precipitation and snow totals for next five or so days.

  17. I hate the new version of this app. The old one was great and I want it back. Give us back the old app, please.

  18. Please, please, please give is the old version back – this new one is toilet. It’s a backwards step and sucks.

  19. The update is terrible! The times don’t even display in the hour-by-hour view. How do you go back to the old 1??? 🙁

  20. This application was already installed on my mobile device. It is quite useful.

  21. Thanks for this post!!

  22. hey, tkss!

  23. tks for this post

  24. Não sabia que tinha esse aplicativo achei legal

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