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Weight Watchers Mobile

Weight Watchers Mobile is a new iPhone app that makes being fit and fabulous much easier with features that any conscious dieters needs. The “Tracker Menu” shows details of your daily and weekly activities. From there you can access The Restaurant guide and the calculator that shows points on foods and creates foods that are not on the list. The Restaurant guide offers a selection of restaurants and the food items which is very handy when eating out. There you can select the serving size, the time of day you ate the meal which is then automatically entered in your tracker. Under the “Find Menu”, you can search foods, meals, recipes and view your recently added activities. Access the “Meals menu” where you can enter dietary preferences whether it be Diabetic, High Protein, low Fat, etc.

You have to register your account first at the Weight Watchers online to access this app. Membership for Weight Watchers eTools is $13 / month, so if you are a member this app is a no brainer, but if you are not, you can only get a few recipes for free.

This 3rd Party App is available at the Apple iTunes AppStore. Browse the full list of all AppStore apps filed under the AppStore category.
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Price: Free
Developer: Website
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29 Comments to “Weight Watchers Mobile”

  1. I sure wish that I could write a review on this app… however it is “NOT currently available in the Canadian store”. How very typically, ethno-centric. When will “international” companies based in the US realise that there are other, equally tech-savvy country outside their borders.

  2. Yep, the yanks think the planet stops about 2 miles off of their coastline, (except of course when they are bombing something!) Not available in UK either.

  3. yeah fo real…
    make it available in Canada.

  4. Another disgruntled Canadian!
    I might cancel my account!

  5. Not able to get this program, I downloaded and now use iWatchr. Excellent program for tracking and monitoring. Doesn’t do recipes, but that apart, it’s keeping my wife and I right on track with our diets.

  6. Very dissapointed this is not avaliable in the UK but thanks AK have found iwatchr which looks like it will be just as good, was about to rejoin weight watchers with this app in mind as an essential tool now i might save myself the joining fee and just use the iwatchr to keeo track instead.

  7. So frustrated with WW “International”. I’m a UK subscriber who apparently doesn’t exist (except to pay the monthly fees). I don’t think I can use their system any longer.

  8. This app needs to be available in Canada!!!! What were they thinking????

  9. Adding my own voice to the need to see this app available in Canada. How very shortsighted of this author to stop short at the US border.

  10. I agree with all comments below! Yet again another application thats not available in Australia! WHY? Doesnt make sense especially since the lite version is free!

  11. UK userbso I cannot download this app, would most likely br prepared to pay for this if it was available.

  12. I am very disappointed that this app is not available in Canada – I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be. Come on Weight Watchers, get with the program and respect your Canadian members.

  13. Another very frustrated Canadian here. Although the WW store manager here has said that she was told very soon and that she could tell customers this. That was a week ago. I’ll believe it when I see it!

  14. Another disappointed from the UK. Hello WW, we are here too!!!! Would pay to download this if it there was a UK version.

  15. not available in denmark either…… dominance of apple is shit eat shit steve!

  16. Yenz this isn’t a problem created by Steve Jobs, this is simply WW’s being stupid/silly. There is nothing stopping them releasing a version for each territory (though apparently there are some differences on how points are calculated) but they simply haven’t.

  17. Not available in the iTunes store in Canada. Let me know when it is available

  18. I agree with Marieenique’s critique about this app not being available in the Canadian store. It really aggravates me when valuable products, like this, are not available on both sides of the border when companies like Weight Watchers have international sites, including Canada. The program is the same, so why shouldn’t we all have access to the same tools!!!! This is not fair and does not place everyone trying to lose weight on this program on the same playing field. Come on folks and get with it and make this app available in Canada please!!!!

  19. Joan, the program isn’t exactly the same – Canada’s is more expensive!

    Oh wait… Canada paying more for less from an “international” company? This is starting to get repetitive…

  20. I’m in Hong Kong and I use the Edibles app – you can input the WW formula into their “calculator” to figure out your points values. Only bad thing about it is that you have to enter all of your foods manually, but once you’ve used it for a while, you find that you tend to eat the same things and it’s all there. You can also track your weight and exercise. When you add exercise, it automatically updates your available points to reflect it.

  21. While it’s a good idea to use another app that is compatible with the WW system, why would I pay for two? I already pay for WW online, so I obviously want something that will synch easily. Come on WW Canada… you’re losing me here, and I can’t be the only one.

  22. Not available in Australia. Just joined WW on-line to get this app and found I can’t. Will be asking for my money back!

  23. I am am avid iPad user on Weight Watchers…..come on WW Canada! I need you!
    I can’t bring my desktop with me everywhere I go but I sure would love to track on my iPad.

  24. if it’s not available in Aust it won’t be in NZ either – come on WW, open up your borders


  26. What?!?!?! Not available in Canada!?!? That is just NOT FAIR!! C’mon WW….we are busy people too – WW on the go would be so much easier to follow and track if you just spread the love!!

  27. Weight Tracker for iPad
    Weight Tracker is an easy to use app for iPad to help you monitor and keep track of your weight. It helps you set a Goal to maintain a healthy weight and monitor your progress. Carry around iWeightTrack in your iPad all the time to keep on top of your numbers.

    Download Now:

  28. I’m joining the chorus of canadiens asking WW to make the app available here as well. This feels like discrimination!

  29. I have downloaded this mobile app and love it.

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