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Diet Butler

Diet Butler is a dieting app that caters to your every weight-dropping whim. For a limited time only, this app costs $1.99 but on sale for $0.99 as part of a New Years get trim resolution special. Released by Appmoments Diet Butler is compatible with an iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad with iOS 4.0 or later software.

To sum up Diet Butler in a few words, it is the perfect way to monitor your caloric intake and the frequency of your meals. Some of us have a hard time being good to ourselves and eating nutritious, well-balanced meals. Journals documenting your every dietary move work for some, but others may just need help being a little more conscious of what they are buying and stocking their fridges with.

Diet Butler

Diet Butler is a service that provides a calorie calculator, a calendar, a fridge, and a recipe creator. With the calories calculator you can input your height, weight, sex, age, and how frequently you work out per week and the app gives you an estimate of how many calories you should be consuming per day. The calendar is what you use to input what exactly you want to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Whichever foods you input into the calendar show up in the fridge and you get notifications at breakfast, lunch, or dinner time letting you know it is time to eat. The app allows you to modify the alarm times so that you can set up when you will eat your meals. This app also works if you are a person who is trying to regulate your weight by increasing your caloric intake because you can look up how many calories are in the foods you have been eating and find food that is more sustaining.

Diet Butler

Remember we only get one body in life and it is never too late (well, in most cases) to start treating yourself right by eating when and what you need to eat. I love apps like Diet Butler because you get a chance to be more aware of what you are eating and you get an idea of how much more or less you should be consuming each day.

AppSafari Rating: 4/5

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Price: $1.99
Developer: Website
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12 Comments to “Diet Butler”

  1. Diet Butler is a great app and cant believe it is priced so cheap ) it reminds me when to eat so i dont miss foods and mess up my diet plan .Love the Item creator too and is so easy to use .Arnold ,personal trainer

  2. Wow,im pleasantly surprised they have created an app like this ,it is helping me so much in motivating me in my diets and the ease of use is great .So interesting that im enjoying using it .Thanks Diet Butler ,look forward in any updates .Recommended !!

  3. Diet Butler is an app whih has all the features i expect in a diet app and so usefull in helping keep to your diet or meal plans .Brilliant s.Tailor Nutritionist ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Fantastic work Diet Butler ! love using this app as it shows me all my foods in the virtual fridge which is very interesting and a a fun way to keep you in check with what youve scheduled to eat .I swipe the top of the calender and it shows me days to add my foods up to a month in advance .Excellent app

  5. I find the previous 4 reviews suspect, based on their close intervals and poor grammar/punctuation. Would not base my purchase on these ‘testimonials’.

  6. No surprise. All of them are from the same IP address.

    Disregard the first 4 comment posts. We don’t support false testimonials.

  7. HI ,our apologies for the confusion and how it may look
    JEN and JOHO ,but there is nothin suspect about these comments ,family and friends have been awaiting this Diet Butler release and were thrilled that we had a review on Appsafari ,so whilst everyone was round DOWNLOADING the app to show support after checking the app out everyone chose to leave a comment fomr my computer hence the IP adress similarities ,nothing wrong with friends helping the ratings ,at the end of day this is what promos are for to help market the app ,and no one needs to buy this app based on those comments as your review AND the app is enough for people to want to give a GREAT review ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I’ve got it and its great fun to use. Itโ€™s my first diet app but I got shown it by a friend and had to get it for myself. I’m not trying to lose weight I just need a healthy eating plan to keep me on track and its great value for money. The fridge is my favourite feature (the food looks really tempting lol) and itโ€™s simple to use. I’m getting my friends to download it too. 100% recommended ?

  9. Enjoying using this app thoroughly ! This is like having the equivalent of a personal trainer , but only this is there letting me know it’s ” Dinner time” and unlike other diet apps it allows you to input your most favourite food items and recipes instead of just choosing from supermarket brands . A MUST HAVE !!

  10. It’s very nice for you to have friends and family that support you. With the same amount of words to say for each comment, with the same punctuation and grammatical issues, and same things to say from a single computer. I’m not saying that they don’t exist… I’m just saying that it’s far more likely that a lot of apps like to give themselves positive reviews for the sake of increasing sales rather than letting outsiders with an outsider’s perspective to give their own experiences about an app.

    Good for you though.

  11. Thanks for understanding joho ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. So he actually wrote another comment explaining how the earlier ones were indeed real comments? Priceless!! This guy must think we’re all crazy. Hilarious though ๐Ÿ™‚

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