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iPhone 1.1.3Update

Update: As announced at MacWorld 2008 today, iPhone update 1.1.3 is out today and you can get it via iTunes. The feature list is as we had expected previously. Webclips (website shortcuts on your home screen) remember zoomed or panned to locations on the website! iPod also adds a Lyrics feature. iTunes allows for watching of Rented movies with chapter support.

5 iPod touch Apps for $20 In addition to the free 1.1.3 firmware update, current iPod touch owners can buy 5 new apps (Mail, Stocks, Notes, Weather and Maps) for $20. The new iPod touch apps are sold through the iTunes store. For more details visit the Apple website.

So, are you going to buy the 5 new iPod touch apps for $20? Take the Survey here.

Update: Another new feature in the January 2008 1.1.3 software update is the ability to do two-finger touch typing with the virtual keyboard. Basically now you don’t have to lift your finger to type another letter. You can type one letter with one finger, keep your finger on the first letter, and type another letter with your other finger. This gives you the ability to use the Shift key like you do on a regular keyboard. Typing should also be easier with two hands, which should please ex blackberry users. Apple has also increased the limit for text message storage from 1,000 to about 75,000.


Here is the original leaked information:
According to numerous sources, sometime next week you can expect to see an iPhone firmware update (1.1.3) from Apple. This new version offers lots of bug fixes and many new features:

  • Hybrid map view in Google Maps
    Hybrid View in Google Maps
  • Drag and Drop application icons on the home screen. Press and hold the icons until they start to wiggle. Now you can drag the icons around, even in and out of the dock or to a new page.
    Edit Homescreen in iPhone
  • Pagination capability, so you can now have more than 16 application icons on the home screen with up to 9 pages.
  • Add any website bookmark to the home screen with an icon.
    Add Website to Homescreen
  • Send SMS messages to multiple recipients, a highly requested feature.
    Multiple SMS in iPhone
  • Find your current location in the Google Maps app using cell tower triangulation, emulating GPS features. Drop pin is another new feature.
    Google Maps with built in semi-GPS

Here’s the video showing the springboard icon dragging and pagination support:

Here is the official video demo from Apple:


Do you plan to upgrade your iPhone to 1.1.3?

  • Yes, I want the new features! (61%, 964 Votes)
  • I'll wait and see (23%, 360 Votes)
  • No, I can't or don't want to. (16%, 252 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,576

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Update: The iPhone development community has jailbroken 1.1.3, although it is not yet released to the public. This hack apparently required hardware modification. Here is a video demo of 1.1.3 hacked and running

Be aware that this update, much like the first firmware update will disable any jailbreak changes or hacks you might have made. If you make use of unofficial third-party iPhone applications and would to keep using them on your iPhone, you may want to refrain from updating to iPhone software/firmware 1.1.3.

Get it via iTunes

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39 Comments to “iPhone 1.1.3 Update”

  1. will this work with itouch?

  2. it’s taking way too long this time… release it already!

  3. I also want to know if this applies to iTouch?

  4. I heard from gear live that some of the update will be on the touch but like the google maps thing and
    SMS thing won’t since
    touch doesnt have apps like that

  5. will the touch have this??

  6. Hey, anyone know if the Touch will get this?

    And anyone know if it’s possible to read prior comments before posting mine?

  7. New iPhone Trojan Spreading
    added January 9, 2008 at 10:10 am

    US-CERT has received reports of a new Trojan horse program that affects the Apple iPhone. This Trojan claims to be a tool used to prepare the device for an upgrade to firmware version 1.1.3. When a user installs the Trojan, other application components are altered. If the Trojan is uninstalled, the affected applications may also be removed.

    US-CERT strongly encourages users to install updates and application software only from trusted sources.

  8. The iPod touch will defiantly get firmware update very soon (more than likely this week) and I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets the Google Maps application thrown in for good measure.

    Seeing as the SDK will most defiantly be announced and shown for 3rd party app developers, for both iPhone and touch you can bet Apple will have a few surprises for touch users. By all accounts they will probably release iTunes 8 (or maybe 7.6) with loads of new stuff for organising your iPod/iPhone applications.

    Maybe ‘There’s Something In The Air’ tagline apple is using on the posters means the iPod touch dose have Bluetooth after all, well, that’s just wishful thinking.

  9. its awesome!! I just got the update for the touch and bought the 20 dollar upgrade and its worth it. Ya hoooo

  10. I just installed the 1.1.3 and found out that since I live in a country with no iTunes store there’s no much use for this update. APPLE!! What about your international clients that have no iTunes???

  11. Bought the upgrade, synced with the touch. No sign of new apps

  12. I also bought the upgrade, synched, no sign of the new stuff 🙁

  13. One more here, updated iTunes, updated iTouch to 1.1.3 and bought the $20 upgrade. Synched and got nothing new on the iPod.

    What’s up with that?

  14. Another one here. Bought 20$ upgrade, no new stuff.

  15. Also purchased upgrade for the new apps…

    didn’t work..

    I’m getting rather annoyed.

  16. I paid for and downloaded 1.1.3 and did not get any of the 5 advertised apps for my iPod touch? Why did this happen and how do I fix?

  17. **IMPORTANT***



  18. You can set up itunes through PayPal…(and set up paypal with a US address) then you can use itunes. the key is that your credit card billing address must be faked with a US adress. I did it and it worked fine for me. Im not sure how well it will work with credit cards from other countries…BTW…I’m in South Korea

  19. as for the updates for the touch…just go to and follow the directions.

  20. yah i paid for and synced my itouch for the new upgrade.. and nothing! it actually charged me 3 times for it!!! what the heck!

  21. HELP….I did the firmware first then did the sync for the software updates and NO new icons/applications. This is frustrating. Can anyone please help

  22. The 5 new apps are not part of 1.1.3, you have to buy those, please see the notes above

  23. yah i purchased the apps for the iTouch and followed the instructions in iTunes.. and still nothing.. all that happened was that i was charged 3 times for this.

  24. Same here.
    Update to 1.1.3 then purchased the upgrade, followed the instructions and nothing happened.
    Someone seem to have solved resetting and changing the name of the iPod, with no use of the previous back-up.
    Don’t run through the purchase link more than once because they charge you every time.

  25. That sounds bad! I would recommend you go into an Apple store in the morning, get your refund and get it installed correctly.

  26. Same here too.
    Upgrade to latest iTunes, updated iTouch to 1.1.3, paid for the Apps upgrade, downloaded, hit sync but nothing. The file on the hard drive is only 12k!!! but the 1.1.3 patch is 165Mb!!! oops Apple!!!

  27. I found out what happened. The first attempt to buy the 5 apps didn’t really go through because iTunes was still version 7.4.x. Once I upgraded iTunes and Quicktime to the latest version, I checked purchase history to make sure I had not paid for the 5 apps and then I purchased them again. Then it worked after a sync 😀

    Very cool to have email, weather and maps on the ipod too.

  28. You people are **** retarded. The iPod Touch (or iTouch as you retards are calling it) doesn’t have cell phone capabilities, and therefore, can’t use SMS or GPS on GoogleMaps.

    Jesus I will **** snap your neck if you continue this stupidity! ;(

  29. I love the fact that the new positioning function on Maps works on the touch via WiFi triangulation, clever, never new there was such a thing, but it makes sense.

  30. Did anyone get the upgrade to work…I did evertyhing also and no new apps…..Apple emailed and said it was there issue

  31. Im runnin 1.1.1 unlocked atm, i REALLY want them new features, heres hoping they jailbreak 1.1.3 soon:D

  32. there is similar update software for itouch. the annoying thing is that if u wanna install the new update, u have to set the sync function not to manually sync music and video, which means after the update, your itouch will be exactly the same as ur library in itune….

  33. you have to first get version 1.1.3 for free then it offers the 20 dollar download. when you buy that you get the new applications for free. it worked for me and i am using them right now.

  34. If you bought the iPod touch apps but can’t get them to appear, you need to restore your iPod Touch using the “Restore” button in iTunes. When prompted, do not restore your iPod Touch from backup. For most users, this has resulted in an immediate appearance of the new applications. Note that any media will need to be re-synced with your iPod Touch.

    Read this Apple Knowledge Base article if you’re having trouble restoring your iPod Touch.

  35. does this aplly to the itouch as well when will the jailbreak come out


  37. which is the exact name of the application so that i can organizse the icons of my iphone? which sourc app do i have to add?

  38. found this on the web ” You need a Digicel Sim.Rogers sim only works for ROGERS only… No other carrier.?

  39. comment faire pour afficher le nombre de lettres utilisees dans un message? (dans nokia par exemple, un message est compose de 160 lettres) merci de votre aide

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