User Reviews (aka AppTapp) downloads packages over WiFi (wireless networking) or EDGE for installing, updating and uninstalling 3rd party native applications on your iPhone. Warning! use at your own risk. There are both a version for Mac with OSX and one for Windows. There is currently also a catalogue of available apps available maintained by a couple of repository and listings websites.

Hint: Once you have installed be sure to install the app called “Community Sources”. This app adds a few of the popular 3rd party application lists (Conceited Software and Ste Packaging) to your sources section, which has the affect of dramatically increasing the number of apps you can install. Here is a full list of all sources. 4.0Update: A brand new version of Installer has been released under the name Installer 4.0 which now supports the new 2.0 iPhone software and 3G iPhones. The 4.0 version delivers a brand new user interface and added functionality similar to that of Cydia. This verion of installer is in beta mode but you can install it manually at this time using these steps.

1. Jailbreak your iPhone 2.0 software if you have not already using either redsn0w (for Windows & Mac), GreenPois0n (for Windows & Mac), QuickPwn for Windows or PwnageTool for Mac.
2. Download Installer 4.0 here and unzip it
3. SCP the folder into your /Applications folder.
4. Change Permissions by running these 2 commands:
chmod -R 777 /Applications/
chmod a+srx /Applications/

5. Turn off your iPhone or iPod Touch and turn it back on and should now see the new Installer 4.0 app on your home screen.

Once you have Installer 4.0 installed, you can add some new apps using the following Installer 4.0 source URLs.

More details on Installer 4.0 to come.

The fastest and easiest way to install Installer on your iPhone is using QuickPwn. Also take a look at this entertaining video by by David Pogue from the The New York Times. He takes you on a tour of using to get third-party programs running on the iPhone.

There is another similar Mac OSX software called independence which can also be used to jailbreak your iPhone. The Windows PC equivalent of is iBrickr.

Note: As of now does not work on iPod touch, or iPhone updated with 1.1.1.

Update: To jailbreak your iPod touch you can use iJailBreak (Mac) or touchFree (Win). v. 3.1 version 3.1 has been released which includes a fully redesigned user interface to match the iPhone look and feel, collapsible groups, and firmware auto-sensing. Now you can also add/remove sources easily and easily install all available updates. This version still does not work if you have already upgraded to iPhone v1.1.1. before jail breaking. Also this version requires that you upgrade to 1.1.1 after you get it installed on your 1.0.2, for it to work smoothly.

Update: If you have a virgin iPhone with the 1.1.1 updates you can use iNdependence (Mac) or iDemocracy (Win).


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Browse the full list of all iPhone and iPod touch native 3rd party apps filed under the software category. Please use these iPhone mods and hacks at your own risk!

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  1. A new software has been develped by “lg” called Summerboard which cusomizes “SpringBoard”, the home screen application you see every time you power on your iPhone. It allows you to scroll your apps list icons. A demo video is available. You can install it using

  2. Version 3 of has been released.

  3. hey will this work on my iPod touch????

    if so can someone tell me what to do because its definitely not working at all… i let it go for 50 mins and then i got tired of waiting…

    ANY TIPS??

  4. I would try this tip from the site: “NOTICE for version 2.4: If you find that the install hangs, you may want to remove the iPhone from the Dock and reinsert it. This occurs because iTunes sometimes interferes with the operation. This issue has been fixed in the new 3.0 installer for iTunes 7.4.”

    And also make sure you have the right matching version of iTunes.

  5. WARNING: don’t use until they have a version STRICTLY STATING that it’s for the iPod Touch. i tried that version 3 and it ended up crashing mine. consequently, i lost all my data and had to do a factory restore.

    thankfully, there wasn’t much to lose on it.

  6. On Sept. 24th Apple released this statement “Apple has discovered that many of the unauthorized iPhone unlocking programs available on the Internet cause irreparable damage to the iPhone’s software, which will likely result in the modified iPhone becoming permanently inoperable when a future Apple-supplied iPhone software update is installed. Apple plans to release the next iPhone software update, containing many new features including the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store (, later this week. Apple strongly discourages users from installing unauthorized unlocking programs on their iPhones. Users who make unauthorized modifications to the software on their iPhone violate their iPhone software license agreement and void their warranty. The permanent inability to use an iPhone due to installing unlocking software is not covered under the iPhone’s warranty.”

    Are referring to installing apps or to people who are actually unlocking and changing the carrier and all?

  7. Does and all that stuff work on ipod touch? has aybody tried? please reply asap.

  8. Not without some additional hacking at this point:

    There is a program called TouchFree (one-click jailbreak for Windows) for iPod touch you might want to try.

    Also take a look at under the topic: Install – An Easier Way

  9. I tried installing this but once i get past the part where it says continue i get the loading bar that says 2-3 mintues, please be patient… for ever

  10. for a tutorial on how to add iphone apps to your itouch and the tools needed

  11. Sorry that’s a 404 URL, for iPod touch owners I recommend using these GUI tools iJailBreak(MAC) or touchFree(WIN).

  12. I tried installing twice, first on version 1.02, and then on version 1.1. Each time it did not get past the install 2-3 minutes window. And did I wait? YES, 2 hours… What is going on? I have yet to see a clearer explanation, but now I have to find one that works.

  13. touchFree (see above) worked fantastically for me on my iPod Touch, no problems at all. If you’re having trouble, try totally resetting your iPod and then running touchFree (if you use windows, that is!). TouchFree installs Apptapp, summerboard, and OpenSSH automatically, so you’ll never need iBrickr or command lines.

  14. My iphone stalled it just froze up on the home screen. it will not turn off and I can not hit any buttons. does anyone know how to fix this problem. and please don’t say I have to reset it or something because mine is an unlocked version.

  15. HI: I really need your help, my phone is not working at all, it only shows a warning simbol saying please connect to the itunes but I don’t want to restore it because it may lock again to AT&T.

    I tried to install the on my hacked iphone version 1.0.2 I followed everything and when the screen that says “this will take 2-3 minutes, please be patient… an Error screens pups up and it says ” ERROR – BOOTSTRAP FAILED, SE CONSOLE LOG!” what can I DO?????




  16. hey
    i got the same problem as rene got

    pleeeeeeeeeease help us!!!!

  17. I just installed it and its been saying refreshing sources for a while. Is this normal?

  18. if u update ur touch on a computer it takes this off and thiers no other way to instal it.. U just have to hack it the cool way haha

  19. First of all, let me congratulate you guys for an awesome app for the iphone!! unfortunately I’ve been having some issues in order to install the program on my iphone again. I tried two ways, first, using safari on my iphone, I go to, follow steps but it doesn’t install program, then I followed the instructions using My mAc on http://iphone/; after following instructions in detail, these messages appeared: THE APPLICATION IPHONECOMM QUIT UNEXPECTEDLY, (I Clicked Relaunch) , and another window appeared telling me: ERROR: BOOTSTRAP FAILED, SEE CONSOLE TAG, and then kicked me off and my iphone requested to be restored again.

    I hope you can help us to solve this issue soon,

  20. I’m having the same problem with the bootstrap !! I ended up having to restore to 1.02 and now my iphone is locked again !!! Grrrrrrrrr what happened ??? Why didn’t it work ??

  21. What happened , Bootstrap???

    Yah mine too. I will never attempt this bullshit appcrapp crap again. 3rd time.
    had to restore.


    Dont even answer the question!

  22. I have had my iPhone in for about 12 hours now and is says please wait 2-3 minutes for somethin to copy. on my iPhone it says please connect o iTunes. wat do i do?

  23. After successfully installing, i installed a few application. The problem is that those applications have now occupied all the space in my home screen (springboard) and i cannot see my installer icon anymore. How do I access the installer again?! .. so i can remove the applications or atleast install a launcher or a new version of springboard so i can scroll through the installed applications. But to do any of that, i need to access my installer, which i don?t know how to. Please help. Thanks.

  24. Hi. I downloaded the 3.1 like instructed but that seems to be only for mac, and i run windows. I tried the other, version v0.92 but it got stuck and poped up a message of “close itunes” but it was closed already! My iphone got stuck too displaying a “plug” graphic. i had to restore the iphone. Can anyone please give me advise? Thanks. -Luis

  25. I go to and and safari won’t crash i just get a new untiled page with a little blue box. I will donate to you if you can solve it. Thanks

  26. My iphone is displaying a picture of connector and an itunes icon on my iphone display,(not connected)
    On computer: the error
    says bootstrap failed,see console log.Is this one of the warnings you mentioned we would see?The top of the error message seems to read” app tapp installer”or it is just lined up well with the top grey bar with app tap installer on the installer progress window.TJ

  27. Hi, i’m trying right now installing the apptapp, but how long I have to wait for that, I’m worried that I’m waiting too long and the programm maybe is going wrong.


  28. For the people who get the yellow triangle and a message that says you are in recovery mode. You should not have to restore. All you need to do is run independence or the one for windows and your phone will come out of the recovery mode. Hope that helps a little.

  29. I had appsnap on my ipod touch but it did not show up as if it was taking any memory on my ipod which was very agrevating and made me irate. then I updated to version 1.1.2 which is steve jobs way of saying F you app snapp

  30. I just got my iphone I have version 1.1.2 can I use this program to add apps to my iphone. Or is there another version I can use to add apps.

  31. following the last comment on the forum, i also have 1.1.2 iphone and i would like to install app tap but there is no news on if it will work?!?! someone please inform us!

    Many thanks

  32. i saw in the app list …that there is a tweak that fixes crash if an unlocked iphone is updated to 1.1.2. If i update from 1.1.1 to 1.1.2, will that software shift things back to normal?

  33. Really need your help…I tried to install the on my hacked iphone version 1.0.2 and I followed every instructions from and watch the video on When the screen that says “this will take 2-3 minutes, please be patient… an Error screens pops up and it says ” ERROR – BOOTSTRAP FAILED, SE CONSOLE LOG!” what can I DO??

    I aborted the installation and now my iPhone still has the “Please connect to Itunes” words on the screen. I opened iTunes and it suggested that I restore my iPhone but it will update the latest firmware….PLEASE HELP ME!


  34. DONT USE this – it also crashed and bricked my iphone!

  35. thanks johnny jones for the info truly appreciate you took the time for us

  36. i had to erase everything on my ipod and almost all my stuff on the installer was erased except the summer board themes will someone plese help me!!!! how do i get everything back on the installer

  37. Hi i purchased my iphone on november 23rd just to give you guys a date on how old it is.

    anyways i installed app then when it was installing i got the BOOTSTRAP/LOG stupid thing and it aborted??

    is there something out there that fixed this? i followed the steps on that stupid video.

    i had to restore my iphone….

  38. i downloaded a game off apps installer on my iphone but when i exited the installer the apps installer icon dissapeared and was replaced by the game, how do i get the installer icon back ? :S

  39. hey I upgrade my iPhone 1.1.1 to 1.1.2 and I install the apps but is not working properly is not installing the apps only games !!!! Can somebody help me!!! Please!!!!

  40. Does anyone know how to delete all apps of fully reset your ipod

  41. To reset your ipod plug it in to your computer and open itunes if it doesn’t open up automatically. Then click on your ipod on the left side and go to the summary tab. Click Restore. That should do it.

  42. After successfully installing, i installed a few application. The problem is that those applications have now occupied all the space in my home screen (springboard) and i cannot see my installer icon anymore. How do I access the installer again?! .. so i can remove the applications or atleast install a launcher or a new version of springboard so i can scroll through the installed applications. But to do any of that, i need to access my installer, which i don?t know how to. My phone is a hacked one. Please help. Thanks.

  43. Hisham, on mine, I can just scroll down by flicking the springboard up/down and the icons scroll. If flicking is not working for you, I recommend a restore using the method mentioned by John.

  44. luke i have the same problem as hisham (my installer icon dissapeared because i downloaded too many app.) and im afraid to restore my iphone!!! will it get unhacked if i restore it???????

  45. this messed my whole ipod touch up i have to reboot it know

  46. Thanks for the posts guys… sounds like a few people have had problems with the itouch.

    I think I might just wait until february for apple to release some authorized ones.

  47. when will an installer app come out for the 1.1.2 firmware ??????

  48. I NEED HELP!
    I bought a 1.1.1 iphone on December and the store unlocked it for me.

    Couple of weeks later I found out I gotta have intaller to get all the cool stuff on the iphone, and my iphone doesnt have it.

    I tried to install trough the safari on the app snap null river website and it doesnt work. HOW DO I DO IT?!!! PLEASE HELP!!!

  49. ok i was thinking about getting this on my ipod touch but after hearing those others guys comments about thiers crashing after getting it. are there people that have this on their ipod touch and theres is just fine?

  50. HELP
    I have upgraded my iphone from 1.0.2 to 1.1.1 to finally 1.1.2 and now i am trying to install app tapp.
    But i keep getting a blue question mark by the screen and nothing is loading or downloading.

    Can anyone help me??? I miss all my apps, please someone rescue me

  51. when i try to go to the website who has the it says safari cant open it? what do i do?

  52. hi peeps not sure what all the probs are about I put my iPhone I’m restore mode installed 1.1.1 then used ibrickr to boot phone (red screen) then did that dial code to set up jailbreak on 1.1.1 then installed appsnapp , ash install at this stage activation done then installed some more progs with installer 3 then used anysim 1.2.1u I also used winscp once all done plug into iTunes and update to 1.1.2 fully unlocked and up to date all free software to hope this helps some of u .

  53. If its true that when u jailbreak ur iPod via it opens a tiff file on ur iPod and eztracts the codes or whatever. But what I want to ask is as much as I know thar tiff is an image format. Isnt it possible to have that tiff file on your computer and synch it onto ur iPod through iTunes? Would that work?? On 1.1.2

  54. need help I have the installer on my iphone 1.1.2 but download the apps but is not installing the apps ???

  55. what are you trying to install ?

  56. I’m trying to install the games programs like Apollo , iradio things like that !!!! But right now with the themes I don’t have any problem!!! Can u help me!!!

  57. do you have installer 3 ? Is it only the games that won’t install or everything ?

  58. yes have the installer 3 !! And at the begining it was working fine I download a couple app but now is not working only download themes !!!

  59. Ok sound strange works fine all the time ok mine could you reinstall it ?

  60. you know I try to install perl is located on development and since then I start having all this problems and this is the second time that I have install the installer

  61. do you need perl ? Not sure what it is ? Try removing it via installer uninstall then try another download let me know

  62. u know when I was installing perl I saw a error message and is not on my list of programs so I can not uninstall , it is on my iphone but I guess is not runing !!!

  63. Sounds like its running in the background to me stopping your installs maybe remove it with ibrickr if you can find it !

  64. Hey bro thank so much I’m going to try that and I let u know

  65. Hi, I’m almost in the last part of apptapp installer but i have an error message that saids Bootstrap failed, see Console log!
    could you help me please


  66. what… ok i just did this… is my iphone going to like crash or break? because im going to flip out.

  67. Everyone, I thought that I was f***** just like you guys when that bootstrap thing came up but then I restored my iPhone using iTunes and then followed the instructions at lifehacker and everything is okay now. Do it.

  68. does it work with iPod touch version 1.1.2 and where is the download link?

  69. for gba roms

  70. could somone answer joe’s question?
    my ipod locked up…so i had to restore it and version 1. 1.2 came with it…the games and other apps were sweet and i want them back…

  71. i downloaded a game off apps installer on my iphone but when i exited the installer the apps installer icon dissapeared and was replaced by the game, how do i get the installer icon back ? :S
    anyways i tried hisham way i couldnot do it i am very confused about how i can unnstall these app :S

  72. I am also unable to see the installer . Email me please at

  73. I uninstalled the installer by miskate but the icon is still showing, but when I press on it, it doesn’t load and goes back to my home screen
    what should I do….please help

  74. @drayton :

    you need to extend your springboard. Delete the game by using independence and install summerboard to extend the springboard. than you can add so many apps you want.

  75. but does independence work for version 1.0.2 ? actually i m very new with this phone so explain me how to do this i mean the installing and which apps i should use

  76. same thing does independence work for the 1.0.2 firware?

  77. I installed it the other week but now want it off my touch, is there any way of deleting without restoring it and will restoring it or getting the latest update(1.1.3)”brick” it???

  78. I have a work around for those with Macs who get the bootstrap error message when trying to install for ver. 1.0.2 where you have to download the installer package. It’s brutally simple. First, you need to download iNdependence . Plug your iPhone into your computer. I’m assuming your phone is jailbroken and has SSH installed. (If not iNdependence is the best kept secret on how to go about doing this). Go to Customize, Applications, User. Next find and right click the and click on Show Package Contents. Go into the Resources folder and find the actual Drag it to the Applications/User window of iNdependence and drop it in. You’re done. is now on your iPhone.

  79. i cannot see my installer icon anymore. How do I access the installer again?!

  80. on the 21 of January i update the installer app on my iphone 1.1.1 and it stop working, can anyone help me.

  81. i update the installer app on 1.1.1. and installer icon disappeared. Any one can help me to retrieve the icon???

  82. this app can crash your iPod or iPhone and make you have to restore it not mentioning it makes your warranty worth nothing

    That’s right it will make you have to replace your iPod if you install

  83. how r u suppose to install it from the computer i cant see an opening which i can download a file in to the i phone i really cant download from the safari? can anyone explain me what is going on and how am i suppose to download app.v3.1 on my iphone

  84. Is there a Manual install of via SSH for 1.1.1 ???

    i was in the process of updating running 1.1.1 and was not sure if it updated. after a shutdown and restart of the iPhone installer launches for 1 second nothing appears and then goes back to springboard.

    I tried going to and selected install AppSnapp so as to re-install, but i only get the blue question mark, but I have never ran the tiff exploit fix.??
    i have about 95 apps dirs installed when i SSH into my phone but all was running fine before this.

    I do not want to have to restore.

    How can i manually install via SSH? Any links to the download or tutorial?

  85. i have the same problem! i need help

  86. I hv iphone with 1.0.2 version. hv installer version 2.63…its not getting updated and i m nt able to download different softwares ..kindly reply back …

  87. OK i have a solution that worked for me….
    I am not sure how it happened, either from the installer or my own mistake but when i SSH’d into my iPhone i discovered that i had my entire Application Directory replicated within the Application directory. Very strange..
    Before i discovered this i could not successfully copy the folder into the Application directory. After removing the duplicate directory i had no problems at all and next reboot all was well…
    It is possible that if the folder is replicated anywhere else within the Applications folder this may cause issues.
    I have 1.1.1 using WinXP via wifi and used the for a fresh copy of Installer_3.09b.
    My settings for copying with winscp406.exe were to copy with settings on binary and permissions set to 0755.
    Hope that helps.

  88. hello, i have open ssh instaled in my iphone, and i downloaded winscp406.exe and tried to execute, but i can`t conect, in the host name i put the ip that show`s in the iphone? what the step to conect in winscp406 and in iphone, please help.
    it says time out, cant conect

  89. in installer when i try to download a app when it gets to insalling it goes blank then to home screen

  90. Hi i am running version 1.0.2 and whilst using the installer my installer icon too has dissapeared, restoring will make a unhacked software be loaded, is there any way around this, or do i have to restore and try hack the phone again, and is it difficult for me with limited experience??? Please help

  91. hey I’m having a problemwith installer. When I try to download something it just gives me a blank black screen then goes to the home screen and nothing gets installed. Also when I finally do download something nothing shows up on my home screen. Can someone please help me?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  92. What i also found that helped was to ssh in
    and start deleting a couple of the Applications
    folders that i did not need… Try this first to
    make some more space in the system area.

    Then hunt down an app called BossTool
    This will give you the option to move things
    like Fonts and Ringtones and that automaticly
    gave me back around 80MB on the original
    300Mb OS partition.

    There is even an option to move all Applications
    to the 7440MB partition

  93. Hey I have a version 1.1.3 iPhone and I have no clue how to get this installer app onto my phone can anyone help me or direct me to a tutorial or manual??

  94. Steven, Thank you for the fix for the Bootstrap Failed problem. Worked like a charm.

  95. i have V 1.1.3 and i cant figure out how to put installer on my phone. its been 3 days and i still cant figure it out. can anyone PLEASE HELP ME! thanks

  96. i have v1.1.3 and i dont know how to install any of this i need some step by step directions

  97. how do i install on my version of itouch and iphone. thank you

  98. Well I have an ipod touch with the january update but i want to get installer and customize and i need some step by step instructions but i dont want to delete my music and videos

  99. UGH! its been 3 days but i have FINALLY figured it out. for people with V1.1.3
    ok… go to and click on DL. then click on firmware. then click iphone firmware 1.1.1. save that to your desk top. then google “apptapp Installer.” i dont remember where i got that from but its not hard to find.
    now you are ready…
    connect your phone to itunes. press the power button and the home key to put your phone in recovery mode. (a plug and itunes picture will appear on your phone) then click on the iphone. there you will see a button “RESTORE”
    hold down shift key (PC users, mac useres ALT) hold shift and click restore while holding down shift. look for the 1.1.1 resore file you DLed earlier click open. and then itunes should restore the phone. after it restores it will give you an error (error number 1505 or something like that) then don not close itunes. open apptapp, click continue, and click on V1.0.2 and then install. then the phone will do a couple of thngs and then it will go back into normal mode. slide the phone to make an emergency call. dial *#301# you will call yourself. then pick up, press hold, then hang up. then click on contacts, add new contact, new URL then type in “prefs:” without the “”. then save. then new URL then type in then save, then save again. and press home. unlock th ephone to make an emergency call again and dial 0 and call. pick up put on hold and then hang up. then click contactss. then it will say “no name” click on that and click on prefs: and then click ok auto lock, set that to NEVER and then go back to setteings and click on wifi and set up your wifi then press home. then go back to the emergency screen and unlock. dial 0 again, answer, put on hold, and hang up. click ok the no name file and now click on once you get to there. go all the way down and clicl on the last thing. after that your phone will restart and BWALA you have installer! if you have questions write back. i will tell youexactly what to do. this took me 3 days! i kept having trouble. good luck

  100. oh yea one more thing…. and when you DL the apptapp at the end it will give you an error. “sending to iphone failed: IGNORE THAT and follow the steps. hope those steps are clear. its 5am and ive been trying to do this alll night.

  101. Installer icon disappeared from my iphone 1.1.1 How can I restore it. Help me on this!!

  102. After updating the installer on my iphone 1.0.2 and downloading some things the applications i had on the home screen were replaced by the new applications until the installer dissapeared. how can i restore it? where can i find it?

  103. After installing App.Tapp it does not list Summerboard for 1.0.2
    Or can i use any other listed app for extending the springboard.

    How can i get it, please assist.

  104. help! i need to install installer on my iphone version 1.0.2 but dont know which website has it . i tried nullriver but the phone said safari cannot download this file!!

  105. After successfully installing, i installed a few application. The problem is that those applications have now occupied all the space in my home screen (springboard) and i cannot see my installer icon anymore. How do I access the installer again?! .. so i can remove the applications or atleast install a launcher or a new version of springboard so i can scroll through the installed applications. But to do any of that, i need to access my installer, which i don?t know how to. Please help. Thanks.

    i have the same problem as the guy above, do i have to restore my iphone?. its not a big problem cuz i have the 1.1.2 otb version which isnt hacked yet, only jailbreaked.

  106. The same thing happened to me yestwerday.There is a way how to do that, but it didnt work for me. I have 1.1.2. too. Here is link with the guide.

    But in my directory, there is no DisplayOrder file in

    Let me know how it worked, Im trying to look for more solutions…

  107. I have installed some themes from the installer and I have no idea how can I use them. The themes are showing in the uninstall list but how should I use them.

  108. this app.crap is just that. crashed my phone and i had to do a restore.
    if you can’t make some shit work right with the iphone don’t bother writing it at all.

  109. problems in the life

  110. Hey, i jailbreaked my ipod touch 1.1.2 and installed a few apps, i restored the touch to when i got it and jailbreaked it again but, i cannot install the apps i had before i restored the touch. i cannot even install openssh to connect to it via my pc

  111. We Need To Be Able To Instal RIngtones On Installer!!!!!!

  112. hello
    hi can any body help me out.
    i am facing a problem, actually the thing is i have unlocked iphone,in the beginning it was working fine but now its not showing me any installer information but i know i have installer v3.0b8 but i don’t know how to check firmware as well as how to update it i downloaded the stuffs but those are not able to install and the other thing is if i update the installer will it gona lock my phone again and i don’t know how to unlock it again.
    please help me out i will be greatful to you.

    Thanking YOu

  113. hello, its very easy to unlock now, go to and download ziphone 2.4c, and then go to and download the file of the restore to version 1.1.4, after that go to itunes make a restore (not upgrade) press the shift button while clicking in restore button and restore it, after finishing, close itunes and make ctrl+alt+del and close itunes helper, execute ziphone and click do it all, and you have your iphone ready to use, unlocked and already with the installer

  114. i just bought unloacked i phone it was working fine until i install some hirparty softwares through installer, now i dont see installer n my spring board and y phone doesnt recieve any calls niether i can do any text messaginf rest is working fine, dialingbrowsing etc.

    tell me what to do.. i also tries to download installer through safari but its says SAFARI CANNOT DOWNLOAD THIS FILE ????

    what to do please guide

  115. i bought ipod touch around 2 weeks ago. i wanted to install the on ipod touch so using my ipod i browsed to site and clicked on the icon to install app. on clicking the page changed to new page and then it stopped and nothning happened. is that something to do with new ipod software.. plz help how can i install on it

  116. hey i had on my iphone its version 1.1.2 and then i downloaded some applications and now my installer is gone what do i do to get it back?
    please help thanks

  117. Hi, if anyone is having problem with installing app tapp just give me an email and i will talk you through the whole process. i have the perfect way to set it up and upgrade your iphone to 1.1.4 at the same time! overall process takes ten minutes! email me on or send me a SMS on 07974551610

    Kind regards


  119. How do I reinstall installer?
    every time I try is giving me a blue question mark in the left upper corner….
    Please anyone give me all of the steps I need to follow.
    The version on my iphone is 1.1.4

    Thank you

  120. Hello everyone,
    I have an iPod Touch and I just don’t know what to do to install the It’s currntly on the 1.1.4 version.

  121. yes I want to know if I can customize my iPod touch when I have my itouch january edition and you don’t have to jail break it .please help me

  122. Hello, I am responding to everybody trying to uninstall apps .you would go to iTunes and plug in your itouch and click restore.I hope this helps you ,but remember ownly to itouch owers this message reffers to .I know youtube helps you a lot

  123. HELP ME !!!! I have an Ipod Touch I wanna to delete sources from the installer but I dont want to restore my touch and it keeps crashing to the home screen is there a way to delete the sources without going through installer if there is email me

  124. hii please someone help me!!! SOS!!!
    i used the installer from the iphone and it was working for about 4 months without any problems… until a week ago they told me that there is an update for the installer so thats what i did.. but then my iphone just froze!! it puts the loading image or thingy that shows that its updating for about 3 mins then the phonejust restarts and that is what is happening since then… i tried to do the press the home and top button but it didnt work please help me im desperate!!!

  125. yea I sorta messed up the plist file in installer when I sshed it and now my installer app won’t wrk when I click on it also I have version 1.1.3 so if any on can post the text file help me ty

  126. How can I compeltely remove the App.Tapp installer function from my phone? I have already uninstalled all the apps but I want the installer funtcion off also; is this possible?

  127. I just bought my iphone and I have windows, so I chose to use ziphone because it is easy with windows to install. I have summerboard 3.2 on there. I can’t get it to scroll or anything. Know what apps I have to install to work with that? Also is there a comprehensive/ detailed list of the apps and what they do? Or maybe just a suggested list of ones I should have on the phone itself (not games or anything). Thanks!

  128. Can someone please help! I have my iPhone unlocked, running with Version 1.1.2 and running it with T-Mobile. Now I had the installer icon on my screen, but like many other people on this blog have done, I downloaded 3 games and my installer icon is now gone. I have no way to access it. Can someone please help me out? Really appreciate anyones help.

  129. If you have the customize app.,go into it then into icon display order then manual reorder and check if there is a eye beside the installer icon,if not click up in the top right corner(on the eye) and then on the installer app. hope it helps

  130. After successfully installing, i installed a few application. The problem is that those applications have now occupied all the space in my home screen,also some of the apps i installed were not placed on the home screen and i cannot use them(springboard) and i cannot see my installer icon anymore. How do I access the installer again?! .. so i can remove the applications or atleast install a launcher or a new version of springboard so i can scroll through the installed applications. But to do any of that, i need to access my installer, which i don?t know how to. Please help. Thanks.

  131. Your installer should be located on your second home scrren. Just use your finger on the home screen and slide it horizontally towards the left. Hope this helps.

  132. i got an iphone last week ,, through installer i downloaded some apps.. now my installer icon is missing ,, i cannot even slide the screen ,,,and i cannot even delete an icon on the home screen…when i hold a button for sometimes it does not even do that shaking,,, pls duded help me out ……

  133. Okay…so I don’t have a customize icon on my iPhone. My iPhone does not have a second screen because when I use my finger to try and slide it to the side, nothing happens. I touch the icons on my home for a couple second and no shaking occurs…I still cannot access my installer icon. Does anyone know of any way to access the installer icon again without having to restore the iPhone completely again? I would appreciate anyones help.

  134. the new jailbreak for the 1.1.4 firmware is called ziphone. this worked the best for me and all my friends use it. it is a very fast process, and i do not know anyone who has crashed their ipod or iphone using this yet. this program will jailbreak your ipod very easily, and all you have to do is update your ipod to the latest firmware, plug it in, sync it, and open up this program. do the jailbreak, and u are all set! VERY IMPORTANT! IF YOUR IPOD OR IPHONE BY ANY CHANCE FREEZES AND U CANT DO ANYTHING, SET IT INTO FACTORY RESTORE MODE BY HOLDING THE HOME AND POWER BUTTON! keep holding them, and your ipod will restart with the logo that u see when u first get your ipod. this erases all of your data, but gets rid of any problems giving you a fresh new ipod. hope this helps 😀

  135. The new featured program Kate just bricked my Iphone.

    Beware. I can open programs but do nothing else. Anyone else have this problem?

  136. yes, people beware of the kate app… it froze my ipod and some other people i know as well. iono why. im trying to figure it out. I wouldnt install this app until its tested more. if you have already done this and gotten stuck hold the home and power button until the icon appears (the same icon as when you turn on your ipod for the first time). this will erase everything but solve your problem.

  137. sorry i forgot to write this in my last post. once you get the icon on your screen you will need to plug it into your computer and it will lead you into a restore mode and then resync your ipod. then just jailbreak it again and you are good to go 🙂 good luck

  138. Newbie:-
    I recently purchased and unlocked an iPhone using iLiberty+ (1.1.4) with no problems.
    I am looking at adding additional applications but cannot find a simple tutorial on how to add an installer to the iPhone!
    Any help would be appreciated

  139. Robo Robbie,

    use the ziphone program which i talked about a couple posts earlier. it can jailbreak and add installer to either the ipod touch or the iphone. if you really want a tutorial, i think that does a pretty good job of explaining it. good luck 🙂


  140. Brandon
    Thanks for the informtion!
    Working with Windows for so long my concern is a conflict between th iLiberty+ used to unlock the iPhone and then installing ziphone afterwards!
    Thanks again for yur assistance!

  141. I have already downloaded the Ziphone to jailbreak but my iphone is frozen and it is not detected in the program…. what do i do plz someone help me!!!!

  142. If anyone knows how to unfreeze my iphone plz email me :… plz if you know how to help me plz do cuz im desperate!!

  143. hessa92,

    hold down the home and power buttons until it resets. it should have the same icon that it did when you first got it. do that and then plug into your computer and it will restore it. good luck 🙂

  144. HELP! INSTALLER won’t load anymore! starts up, breifly tries to update sources then resets back to summerboard.??
    HISTORY: i’ve had my ipod touch for since december and jailbroke it right away. Didn’t have any problems downloading games and useful apps. i kept my version at 1.1.2. to avoid problems with itunes trying to lock me out of my 3rd party apps. BUT recently i’ve had more and more trouble downloading the applications(mostly games) that i wanted.
    First i would get an error msg “download failed: can;t connect to host” fair enough
    Next i’d try to install games and the package would download but instead of sliding back to packages screen, installer would crash and reset back to summerboard.
    Finally now when i try to open Installer it just crashes, and occationally it will open? but then i try to download an app, crashes, back at square one.
    If anyone has any info on at least what is happening and how i can fix this it would be much appriciated, even with a donation.

  145. hey LENO. my advice… restore your ipod… update to 1.1.4, and use my above post, and download ziphone. then jailbreak your ipod. i kno its a hassle to reinstall everything but its worth it. a lot of stuff in incompatible with 1.1.2. i did the same thing u did for a while but it was annoying that I couldnt download stuff. so ya… my advice is to restore your ipod, update to 1.1.4, and jailbreak using ziphone. it works great. if you are unsure on how to do this, there is a youtube video. good luck. leave another comment if you still need help 🙂

  146. Hi Brandon i have a problem i installed the installer on my iphone but i didnt know that it was anumber of apps by page and i installed alot of without installing the app tha allows u to get more pages of apps and now i cant see the installer because there were to much things that the last thing taht i install it overwrite the installer or something like that what do i have to do

  147. i dont have the application that lets you have more pages of apps. i use the categories application so that i can group all of my apps so it takes up only one page. i have about 50 apps, and i havent gotten the app for more pages. for your situation, i guess the best thing to do is to reboot your ipod in restore mode and start over. can you access apps on your ipod right now? and what replaced installer?

  148. but yeah… i would just use categories in the future. it makes it much easier to manage your apps. the simplest way to solve your problem is to reboot your ipod, restore, and rejailbreak.

  149. have msn to talk by there or aim this is like useless idk well yh the apps works and it was replaced by a game i dont remember the game but the problem of reboot is that my iphone is unblocked to use it in other contries im from venezuela im scared that my ihone can get blocked 4ever

  150. i dont have a chat client, but ziphone is a program that unblocks your iphone too. idk tho… ive never had your problem. i gotta go. good luck

  151. HElP PlZ ANYONE i have jailbroken my iphone using ziphone everything was working fine i stared installing some app and it stared telling me that i am running out of disk space so i looked trew my installer and found a program that said it will take away the problem of it saying running out of disk space i tried installing but it failed and after dat my installer icon disappeard any suggestion on how to get my installer back with out having 2 redo everything……anyone thank you

  152. HElP PlZ ANYONE i have jailbroken my iphone using ziphone everything was working fine i stared installing some app and it stared telling me that i am running out of disk space so i looked trew my installer and found a program that said it will take away the problem of it saying running out of disk space i tried installing but it failed and after dat my installer icon disappeard any suggestion on how to get my installer back with out having 2 redo everything……anyone thank you

  153. Ive jailbroken my iPod Touch . and i have installer on it. but the thing is that i cant install anything except i can ony install themes. and when i to install a game or something. it goes straight to main menu. and it doesn’t install. last time i used to be able to install anything… but now i cant. any suggestions … can you plzzz help me

  154. Hi every one. Pease help I installed mobilefinder then my installer went under it not knowing mistakenly I uninstalled mobilefinder then my installer disappeared how do I get it back or how do I reinstall it,PLs help.and can I do it without using a computer,that is by using my I phone to reinstall it?


  156. hey loic. Sorry to tell u but ur probably gonna have 2 restore.. Which version r u on?

  157. hey um ive got version 1.1.4 the latest 1,, the thing is if i restore all my 1500 song will go. is thet correct..

    thnx loic

  158. I downloaded something and installer is not on the menu screen anymore, because there is no more space. What should I do to get it back. Please please help me.

  159. i think i’ve messed up my i phone.tried to update to 1.1.4
    now i cant connect to itunes,pl help

  160. i downloaded this freaking crap to my iPhone and I messed it up I lost 500 $ bucks… Shit

  161. i can’t open the installer app in my iphone, why?

  162. Hi there i didn’t find the installer software copy in my ipod touch can you teach me how to download or website bye.

  163. To get installer on your iPod Touch, go to Safari, and type in:

    when u have internet, that is)

  164. where is the download link?

  165. plz i want the installer for i pod touch and i have ver 1.1.4

  166. How do i uninstall the installer? Can anyone help me?

  167. keely, the answer to your question is to do a restore. this will remove the installer, and give you a fresh new ipod. for all of you guys asking how to install installer, look at the previous comments, and the top of this page… there are even videos to help you through the process… come on guys, use some common sense

  168. Does anyone know if there is a problem with installer. I can’t update any package, when I truy to update all a “ERROR – Package download failed!”

    Please let me know if you guys came across this problem and if so where you able to update your games and etc,… Thanks!

  169. Paul,

    Hey, i used to be confused by that too. basically, some packages just wont download. however, what happens is it is added to a queue, which is like a download list. when you try to download more stuff, it tries to download that one first, and when it fails again, it wont download the other things. so what you need to do… is go to a package you want to download, hit clear queue, and then try again. when you clear the queue, it clears the download list, and allows you to get the new program. dont worry, doing this wont delete any programs. just imagine the queue like a checklist… and it has to do the first thing on the checklist before it does any other things. and if the first thing doesnt work, it cant move on. do you get it? so when you clear the list, it gives your ipod a fresh new order to download things. clear the queue, try again, and let me know how it works.

    Glad to help,


  170. I like my jailbreak in my touch 32

  171. please how to install jailbreak in my touch 32

  172. my iphone is running on a 1.1.2, i previously had an installer screen but after installing several apps, my installer disappeared and i do not have another page in my home screen. the installer maybe went to the “other page” but mine only has 1 page in my home screen. anyone knows what to do? can i fix this problem without undergoing reboot and jailbreaking again? thanx in advance..

  173. will i be able to use my iPhone with other networks after jailbreaking it with Ziphone?

  174. when i try to download something from installer or update the screen go black and restarts to home page. This used to work fine?
    Anyone no what to do to get this downloading again?

  175. i’ve got n itouch ver 1.1.4 so how can i download the installer on it!!

  176. same problem here… Installer was working fine for months and after the latest update it stopped working. Now when I open Installer it starts to load and updating status bar comes up then screen goes black and takes me back to my homescreen…. Anyone solve this yet?

  177. Forgot to mention.. Above post is for an iPhone 1.0.2 LOL yes I’m probably the last person still with this version but I’ve had no problems untill now… Someone PLEASE HELP!!

  178. hectik: I have had the same issue.
    Have you looked around other sites recently for any info?

  179. For those with 1.0.2 and an installer that crashes, here’s what I did. It’s simple. I upgraded to 1.1.4 then used Ziphone to jailbreak and unlock. Ziphone adds to your applications. If Customize crashes, download SUID lib fix and Customize will be fine.

  180. I have been running Installer on 1.1.4 ever since it 1.1.4 was released.
    I stay as updated as it gets. (:

    I cannot access Installer to even view everything I have downloaded in order to re-jailbreak to my current point.
    I would have to start from scratch and re-discover all my sources and the like. :/

  181. I have a 1.1.4 hacked iPod Touch and installer is not working cause the installer app does not load all it does is waits and takes me back to my home screen and I’ve been trying to fix it and I can’t. If anyone knows how to fix it PLEASE!!!!!!! notify me at

  182. faith… No I haven’t but now that update 2.0 is coming out with the app store I’m looking into using ziphone to do the update and re unlock my iphone… That app store looks awesome with all those nifty apps!! Lol keep me posted if u find anything out!! Oh and thanks Steven… after looking up Ziphone thats where I read the 2.0 update stuff!! =)

  183. I just bought an iphone 3G…First, I want to ask if there is any need for apptapp on it as there is already the app store. Secondly, if there is need, is there an apptapp that will work on the iphone 3G? If there is, how do I get it on my iphone 3G? And finally, can using apptapp irreversibly hurt my iphone 3G and/or void the warranty?

  184. There is no Installer for 3G yet, the closest you can get is the PWNage tool which comes with Cydia. Be careful though! Only for the brave souls at this time

  185. You may have meant to imply the answers but let me ask again. Is there any reason to get the AppTapp on my iphone 3G considering I already have the App Store (in other words, does apptapp have more free programs than the App Store or are they about the same)? And then, when an apptapp comes out for the 3G, will using it void the warranty and what are the chances that using it will “brick” my iphone? I am fine with waiting for one to come out for the 3G if it is relatively safe, but if it is not that unlikely that it will brick my phone and I will be unable to repair it then thats a little too risky for my taste. When (and where) should I check back to see if there is an AppTapp for the iphone 3G? A couple weeks…a month…a few months…a year?

  186. 1) Installing anything other than Apple software *WILL* void your warranty, period.
    2) There are tons of unique apps in for older iPhones that are not in the App Store.
    3) iPhone 2.0 software of any kind as of now doesn’t support
    4) Check back often for updates as #3 will change soon

  187. When you say that installing any applications that is not apple software will void the warranty, does this include things like yahoo messenger, which at this time (as far as I can tell) is not available through the app store?

  188. Also, when apptapp is available for the iphone 3G, is it true that using it cant brick your iphone? I know I was looking online on some other forums that said that you cant brick your phone by using apptapp because you can always just restore it. Is this true? Also, is there a list somewhere a list of the applications currently available for the iphone or will be available in the future for the iphone 3G? I ask because as of now I am really just wanting apptapp to get some better free games for the iphone 3G, and if apptapp wont help much in that category then I will just make do with the ones on the App Store. Also, is there anything I should/could do prior to apptapp coming out for iphone 3G? Currently I have a Windows Vista PC with itunes 7.7 but no “modding” stuff. As far as the iphone 3G itself, I dont even have it yet (it is completely out of stock in my area and I was told the only way to get one was to go ahead and but it from the AT&T store and then come pick it up in 1-3 weeks when it comes in) I am sure that I will just keep it as it came out of the box, with the exception of a few App Store apps. For this reason, I would need like a complete walkthrough on how to get from my current setup to one where I can add games from apptapp.

  189. The only questions I know the answer to are as follows:

    Apptapp/Cydia can NOT brick your iPhone, as you said, just run a restore with a standard firmware and it will restore. (you may have to put it into recovery mode to do so though, turn off, press/hold home key, plug in to computer)

    There WERE several games available from prior to the 2.0 f/w. As they all have to be ported over, it may be awhile before they return.

    And yes there are several benefits to using as opposed to the AppStore. has many many MANY more apps available, and last i checked about 99% were free.

    To correct a previous statement, jailbreaking your iphone will *NOT* void your warranty, however, you must restore your iphone to an official firmware (IE: remove or MOST technical support people will not help. I have heard if you take it into an Apple store jailbroken you typically have better luck with the tech support guys than if you send it in.

  190. First, thanks. Second, where can I find “standard firmware?” Also, will installing apptapp or Cydia affect my iphone any way other than giving me access to more apps? For instance, I have heard stories online about people not being able to use all the features of the iphone that you can use right out of the box. Is there any truth to that?

  191. will I b able to upadate my iPhone from 1.4 to 2.0. ?

  192. and also whenver I download sumthing it sez my memory is cul but I have like 4 gig left!! And it sez sumthing bout “/” drive?? Plz help!

  193. Is it true that you need to use apptapp or something similar in order to get ringtones I purchased on a previous phone (that I also have on my PC) on my iphone 3G?

  194. I keep getting the “package download failed” WTF!!! Please help!! Somethings download others will not. Btw… What is the newest installer/AppTapp version?? I currently have 3.11

  195. hello, I’ve some problem about my ipod touch, I can’t download the applications and the games to my ipod, actually I don’t know how to do but I asked to my friends and they said me that I would do it with an application called “installer”. Do I have to download this application or how can I find it?

  196. I have jailbroken iPhone 1.1.4. I’ve had installer app for as long as I can remember. My sources refresh fine and my list of current apps loads as usual. But I don’t get any updates or new apps anymore. Is anyone developing for 1.1.4 anymore or do I have to upgrade?

  197. hi iv checked my version on my iphone and its 1.1.4 so i dont no witch firmware installer to download from app tapp please help also if i download this will it format my iphone?

  198. I really want to get rid of the installer. But i can’t restore without updating. Can someone tell me how to do that?

  199. I got a 3g iPhone on a contract. It is legit not stolen and also registered I wonder how I can go on about getting and how do I go about getting my iPhone with apps help me out I’m a beginner thank you

  200. hi i was thinking about putting the installer app on my ipod touch but was wondering if anything could crash or mess up my ipod touch if i did install it. if there is please email me at

    Thank you

  201. Hi guys, I have an unlocked 1.02 with Installer that crashes (whenever I try to download, it throw me back out to summerboard).
    I saw some post that mention upgrade to 1.1.4 then use ziphone. But I thought unlocked 1.02 can’t be upgraded directly to 1.14? Can someone post some directions on how?

  202. thaks;)

  203. I have an iPhone 3G if I jail break it can I still update the firmware through iTunes when Apple send them through?

  204. is there a way to jail break the firmware update 1.1.5 without having to use a computer to do it if so can you tell me how

  205. I had bought an iPhone with firmware 1.1.2 and got it unlocked using the turbo the firmware is now 1.0.2
    i had the installer 2.0
    my installer was working fine but one day it asked me to update it n did but now the moment I open the installer it goes back to the home screen. Could any1 please give me a solution to this n also it would be great if any1 could tell me How u can upgrade my phone to 1.1.4.
    thank you in advance !

  206. can we download games

  207. my installerapp is not working?when i press it it just go back to my homescreen?plz help me?

  208. hey have u got anws yet?about your iphone problem?coz i kinda have d same problem as u?have u got any anws?can u help me with mine plz??thanz

  209. I need help!!!!!!
    Well, Ive got the new Ipod touch, and I got the software from itunes , the only reason for me, downloading installer is hacking apps, well, if I have the updated version of ipod (no need to jailbreak)
    how can I install the installer from the apptap or other!? Do I need to restore my software?

  210. Can some help me on unlock my iphone

  211. I’m about to try to install the installer app. on my iphone 1st gen.

  212. i have and is workin fine. bt i need summerboard and pls smbdy help me find the source code for those 2.


  213. Ok, judging by these comments, I’m really scared about it, so I don’t think that I will……

  214. Hey I downloaded it, i’m on firmware 2.2 and i have installer 4.0 and I was wondering, there is only a small amount of apps to download, how do i get more into installer? By possibly getting more sources or something? And where’s tetris? It’s the reson I downloaded it!

    Please help.

    It’s great by the way!

  215. You must add a source.

    For example: this is a source for getting guitar hero after downloading the FREE taptaprevenge app.:

    Then you go to installer.. Games.. And install GH
    Adding a source is pretty easy, you just have to find sources on the net or YouTube.

  216. hi guys im trying to jailbreak me iphone 3g using winpwn 2.5 i downloaded the 2.2 firmware for the iphone but when i open winpwn it only has 2.0, 2.0.1 and 2.0.2 any ideas when the 2.2 firmware will be available if it is the 2.0.2 then i have another problem of it not being able to find the 2.2 firmware any ideas what to do

  217. I have a 3g 2.1 firmware ..Yesterday I installed installer 4. After that I tried to install for example Kate ..It started to download but after that i got the following message “cannot instal please update your installar to 4.0b11 ..But how ..I search te websites (a lot) where I can find this update (no luck) Rip teams says you get a message on your iphone there is an updat available (mm not on my Iphone !!!! so can please someone help me ..Thanks in advanced

  218. how to download installer

  219. Abrar you can see different turtals on you tube to install installer ..

  220. lol. i love that people are tight-asses.
    i do it aswell and i find it hilarious.
    why cant apple just make things easier for us and make everything free. not everyone has money, so then they miss out on the good stuff.

  221. hello, i’ve got the firmware 2.2 in my iphone 3G, using winPWn, it just support 2.0.2, how can i use winPwn with 2.2 firmware. thnx

  222. Hi, I m using Iphone 3G with firmware 2.2.1. How can we install the cydia & installer application in the Iphone 3G? replace the ITunes? Please advise

  223. yo guys i tried to install installer on my iphone and i didnt find how to do it can someone explain me xactly how to get it like the whole process please..
    it will be really appreciated

  224. i want please to download games

  225. download quickpwn!

  226. hey….i have ipod touch 2.2.1…what is the last firmware ?? the newest!!:D please help

  227. Hi, I m using Iphone 3G with firmware 2.2.1. How can we install the cydia & installer application in the Iphone 3G? replace the ITunes? Please advise

  228. i lost my installer

  229. tenho 1 iphone da 1 geração normal gostava de instalar “3G” como é q faço para o instalar

  230. I bought the installer to see if I would be able to delete my call log with out having to erase all of them,,,,, I just bought the I phone and it is a little hard….

  231. Wel I have installed cydia with redan0w (ipod2g) and i’ve installed some apps from the piratebay but I can’t put it on my iPod. So my question is can I with, apps from the internet switch on my iPod?

  232. when you download stuff with installer is there any way to delete it

  233. when you download stuff with installer is there any way to delete it without erasing everything and restoring it

  234. Hi I got an iPhone 3g and when I updated my installer it stopped working, I just get a white screen and then it comes back to the main screen. I’ve tried everything, I’ve even tried deleting the whole thing and installing it back with the tutorial above, but it’s still not working. PLEASE HELP ME!

  235. I have the latest 3.0 version. How can I install Installer & cydia ?

  236. is there any way to delete apps downloaded with installer

  237. Hi, I m using Iphone 3G with firmware 3.0. How can we install the icy or cydia & installer application in the Iphone 3G? replace the ITunes? Please advise

  238. I have the latest 3.0(7A341) version iPhone 3g. How can I install Installer & cydia ?

  239. hey. i might sound stupid but i have the ipod touch 1st gen and im running on the 2.0.2 because i jailbroke my ipod touch and when ever i go into installer and try to put in a source it says that my ipod cant decode the source… why not?
    like because im trying to get the guitarist app from installer but i cant get the source… please help

  240. I have the first gen iPhone and I have installer and cydia installed…. I have not had a problem with it nor the apps I’ve installed from them, but I do research on the apps and developers before I install them on my iPhone…

  241. Will this work for Itouch 2G with v3.0? I’ve installed it but whenever I get to the Installer, it says : “Forbidden – You do not have permission to acces /featured/ on this server.”

  242. how do I remove installer from my iphone.

  243. Apple doesn’t allow aid in jailbreaking, so app snap has been shut down

  244. i know i have to download untrasn0w first but i have to get cydia first which of course my iphone 3gs wont let me download

  245. hey, well look i tried to install the installer app and i did but it says forgiven. any ideas how to fix this. i prefer that u tell me how to do that in mac. please. thnx.

  246. plz help me . im not installing downloded app to my iPhone .

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  248. Hey, could you help me? I already bought my Iphone 3GS jailbroken, so I don’t know how it was unblocked, and it already has cydia on it. Is it going to fuck my Iphone up if I download and install the Installer app on it? I don’t know how it was unblocked, with which software it was unblocked and so on.

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  250. hey if i install the installer app the apps i have in my iphone will they get erased

  251. Please indicate me how to install application to my iphone

  252. hi i have a qeustion i want the installer app on my ipod touch 1.1.5 how i do that?
    thank you very much!

  253. dude this is not true i jailbroke my itouch on 5th november 2009 and installer still works for me :S

  254. I like to have cydia install on my iPhone,for your information my phone is not lock.

  255. plz help me i’v i jailbreak my ipod touch it goes back to recoverymode plz help me its for sydia

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  258. Ok all I have for a computer is my I touch and appsnapp is not working anymore and I want to download from my itouch anyone know how or what site I can get let me know thanks,,,.

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  261. how i put this on my ipod touch if my version is 3.1.2

  262. My cyndia app on my iPhone ver.3.2.1 it doesn’t work again and how to install again on my iPhone please help me!!!!!

  263. Waidiana,
    it is not gone unless u restored your ipod search your ipod far left (scroll to the left) and type in cydia it should pop up.

  264. permissions WONT fix, just dont work.

  265. Man how i get cydia in my itouch? i Live in chocago and im think thats many kinds of ipods and i have saw a few diferents i pods please let me know that please!!!

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  270. necesito el instalador desistallar 3,1 como lo hago? gracias

  271. I need to installer sydia

  272. in the first command you forgot to end it with /Installer

  273. Como consigo cydia y instalo

  274. I would like to lock certen apps

  275. Hi, Guys
    I just followed all procedures to install into my iPhone 3GS with 3.1.2 (JB), and I can get the Installer icon, but it’s not work. Would you please tell me, how to fix it? hanks!!

  276. Hi, Guys
    I just followed all procedures to install into my iPhone 3GS with 3.1.2 (JB), and I can get the Installer icon, but it’s not work. Would you please tell me, how to fix it? Thanks!!

  277. ?what about 3g’S jailbreak?!?

  278. What about iPhone software 3.1.2!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


  280. I want to now how can I put some music in my iPhone becouse is said that firs u need to desconect the I tunes softwear I don now how to do it please help thank you

  281. How can i install cydia installer in my iphone 3Gs.i have unlocked my iphone.

  282. when i open the installer “sources” there is a massage saying “error….” “check the URL and refresh…”i need some help!!!!!!!!!!!thank you very much!!!

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  285. to get this to work on firmware 3.1.2 search cydia for backward compatability and install it

  286. My iPod doea not have an app store and I was wondering how to get it back!???

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  288. If you want to jailbreak your iPod untethered, go to it actually works and I now this sounds like an add but it is not!

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  290. Hey, I have a Jailbroken iTouch 1st gen with version 3.1.3 on it, the app wont work! Any thought?

  291. Hey, I have a Jailbroken iTouch 1st gen with version 3.1.3 on it, the app wont work! Any thoughts?

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  294. is there installer app for ipod touch3.1.3 please reply

  295. please i really want installer app for my ipod touch 2nd gen 3.1.3 i have jailbrocken it but my cydia doesnt support it.its really annoying

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  314. Hey, are there any guides on how to get Installer some other way? I did my jailbreak with blackra1n, and I need Installer to get BSD Subsystem, which I need to get MobileFinder, which I need to access the files inside my iPod so I can fix a few things to make iPhonebrowser work so I can delete my 7000+ pictures.

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    and also details of how I can downloard it on my iPhone.

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  326. Hi,, I just want to know can you jailbreak your Ipod touch ios. 4.2.1.
    If not: when comes the jailbreak then?

    Please reply
    Thank you.

  327. I don’t know how to download cudia

  328. I want use cydia

  329. Por q en cuentro todo lo q busco

  330. I want cydia app for my ipon 3g

  331. I want cydia app for my iphon 3g

  332. I need help itunes I’d free creat

  333. Hi ive installed the ‘’ and have entered the 2 chmod commands but when i open the app i always get the error: “A server with the specified hostname could not be found”; is there anyway to fix this error…

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  335. @Tim: iOS 4.2.1 untethered jailbreak came out recently, use greenpois0n at

  336. Download cydia

  337. i have iphone 3g 3.1.3 i’cant change the permition Change Permissions by running these 2 commands:
    chmod -R 777 /Applications/
    chmod a+srx /Applications/
    i also try all cydia source but it cant work.plz help

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  339. I wanna install Curia on myiphone

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  341. how do you SCP the folder into your /Applications folder and run commands?

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    4. Change Permissions by running these 2 commands:
    chmod -R 777 /Applications/
    chmod a+srx /Applications/

    in the above step you said to execute these two commands,but i dont know where and how?

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  366. Remember that Installer came before Cydia. Back in the old days you had to add Cydia through Installer’s repo list!!!?

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