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ZiPhone Jailbreak

For those interested in native apps and iPhone/iPod touch hacking, another Jailbreak software for the iPhone and iPod touch (Windows and OS X) has been released, called ZiPhone by Zibri.

ZiPhone 2.0 claims to work on all versions of iPhone (1.1.1, 1.1.2, and 1.1.3) and has a graphical user interface.

Update: ZiPhone does work with the 1.1.4 iPhone firmware update released today.

Here is a video demo showing you how to install ZiPhone on your iPod touch.

Here is another video showing you how to install ZiPhone on iPod touch or iPhone with 1.1.4 in Windows.

Download ZiPhone Here

Use iPhone mods and hacks at your own risk! Installing 3rd Party iPhone apps requires you to jailbreak the iPhone before installing the native software and apps. You can also use for Mac OSX and iBrickr for Windows PC to do this. Browse the full list of all iPhone and iPod touch native 3rd party apps filed under the software category.

Get it here

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  1. hey nothing happened after i hit the start button in the ziphone gui. my itouch did not reboot. it got stuck in the restore mode. please help. ruperts way of jailbreaking did not work for me either. thanks

  2. Doesnt this void ur warrener??

  3. I would have thought so you are hacking it.

  4. works great i love

  5. when you do this, apple won’t give you a refund bcse u did it to yourself and the warranty ends.

  6. why should I jailbreak? This whole site should start with this

  7. I had jail broken my ipod when it was 1.1.3 and it worked perfectly but i messed it up and needed to restore my ipod. and it installed 1.1.4 on it. and now i cant jailbreak. everything works fine until the white writing goes down my ipod and it stops at “spamming waiting for responce” and then i have to start all over again and restore my ipod. Can anyone help me?

  8. This method (with ZiPhone 2.4 or 2.5) does NOT currently work on 16gb or 32gb ipod touches as they will get stuck in a loop while updating.
    I can’t currently find any way of jailbreaking them but hopefully something will be out soon.

  9. wow so good i thought i was going to messed up my phone but no so quick and easy. THANKS

  10. this video does not work at all. His web site doesnt even work.

  11. hi, I have 1.0.2 version and jailbreaked it by ZiPhone and installed installer app. than installed some applications, after soft reboot the installer app. icon disappeared! what shoul I do? by the way I didn’t upgrade it to 1.1.4, would that be the problem? anyone here to help me out? thanx….

  12. hey, i have an ipod touch and i used ziphone to jailbreak it, but when i clicked on jailbreak it started the process but took more than 3min, so i pressed on the stop button and now the ipod woont turn on…
    can u help me please

  13. hi, my iPhone ver 1.0.2 does not upgrade to ver 1.1.4 after run jailbreak file system and activate from ZiPhone Gui v2.6b. after my iPhone soft reboot, the version still not change. please help.. thanks

  14. hey, i have an ipod touch and i used ziphone to jailbreak it, but when i clicked on jailbreak it started the process but took more than 3min, so i pressed on the stop button and now the ipod woont turn on…
    can u help me please = The ziphone is the easiest way to jailbreak and its pretty safe as well. I’ve tried jailbreaking my itouch and ended up buying my 4th touch 🙂 Run the ziphone window and relax. It will do its thing.

  15. Well I had jailbroken my 1.1.4 ipod touch with ziPhone and it was ok. but I turned it off and when it was on again, there was the logo of when you buy it ( connect the ipod to itunes) so I did and it said I had to restore but I didnt have internet on the laptop so i just clicked the button in ziphone to put it back without jailbreak.
    From there it started to show up codes and then it just crashed.
    It won’t go on…
    Just as some people above…


    thanks in advance
    : )

  16. okay so i got installer on my
    8gb itouch but whenever i try to download anything it says
    “error package download failed!”

    anyone help?

  17. Just as Saurab above, I downloaded the installer and when I try to open it I get the message “error package download failed!” Any ideas would be appreciated.

  18. ziphone fucking blows. pretty much all there is to it. they must have only made it so that only iphone can download packages

  19. yeahh the installer wont show on my ipod only the z does HELP!!!

  20. PLEASE HELP ME!!! I have a 8gb Ipod touch, followed ziphone instructions for jailbreak and it is forever stuck on some scrolling white text… nothing else. I can’t put it in recovery mode, when you restart the device it just restarts the scrolling text. It repeats: “BSD root: md0, major 2, minor 0” the text repeats itself the entire length of the screen. I have only had this ipod 2 days and am scared it is damaged… please help me!!!!

  21. OK seriosuly i have the same problem it says BSD root: md0, major 2, minor 0 PLZ HELP I”M SERIOUSLY FREAKED OUT

  22. okay… it is fixable, granted it took me 6 hours to figure it out. I entered the “BSD root: md0, major 2, minor 0” message along with the words “Ipod touch” into the search engine and a site came up that walks you through how to correct this and fix your ipod. Basically what it came down is REPEATEDLY holding down the home and power buttons simultaneously while plugged in to the computer for 8 seconds at a time. Try this repeatedly. If you have no luck, post again and I will try finding the site!

  23. Can you please help me? I have a 32GB itouch, I tried to use the Ziphone to jailbreak, it did not finish the install, it just hung up, white text says sigleuser boot fsck not done, root device is mounted read only

    if you wish to boot the system: exit

    I can not restore this itouch, when I try I get teh apple logo, but then I get all that white text, and it just hangs, any suggestion??

  24. hey man (Nick). just press and hold menu and power button. and keep holding it for ages together even when the apple logo appears again. till the apple icon with the cable appears. then just restore it with itunes. everything will be wiped off of course. but it will be working again. will have to unlock it again too.

  25. please help my ipod was doing that thing where all the writing gos down the screen but the ziphone close and now itunes cant detect it please help me my ipod touch now says this moment if youwish to boot the system exit HOW DO I EXIT

  26. ahhh the power and home thing isnt working wat do i do

  27. please help me!!! how do i jail break my 16GB ipod??? please tell me at

  28. Thanks for the video, just installed the jailbreak with no problems 🙂

  29. mine also says that error failed thing. do you have to be connected to wifi before u install something??

  30. help i used ziphone to jail break my ipode 16 gb but itunes dident detect it and bsd root :mdo,major2,minor0 keeps comeing up and the white writing i cant close it or open it help i am afraid my ipode is dameged you can send me on or just write hear plz help my ipode is new

  31. I have an 8gb iPod Touch. I tried ziphone with jail break only and my iPod allways hang on and I have to reboot in DFU mode. So it is not working at all. Is there a way to jail bresk ?

  32. my iphone is giving me the BSD root: md0, major 2, minor0 does anyone know of a fix or a website.
    Please help!! Email me at

  33. i too have same problem
    itoo get scrolling text plz help for gods sake
    i m worried if the filesystem of touch is damaged while jailbreaking it

  34. i also hereby request apple to help in abt this matter as its very serious .
    plz do not refuse as there is no refund back
    if there will be no solution it will just remain a metal carving

  35. Hey everyone,

    well regarding the bsd root error thing, i had it too on my ipod touch, but then i watched this video and i sorted it out in about 1 minute it is very useful and works!!!!

    just follow the instructions on the video link


  36. Hey ppl can sum1 help, im getting this message on my iphone and im well scared, dont know what i have dne to my phone. HELP me plz.
    BSD root: md0, major 2, minor 0?

    Email me plaz

  37. i have an ipod touch and i used ziphone to jailbreak it, but when i clicked on jailbreak it started the process but took more than 3min, so i pressed on the stop button and now the ipod eror ,can help me please email at

  38. regarding the bsd root error,

    here is how to fix it!!

    1.plug ipod touch into computer using lead

    2.hold the home and power button until the ipod turns off

    3. keep hold of the home button but let go of the power button

    4. Now , whilst still holding the power button, remove the wire from the ipod

    5. immedeatley after this , whilst still holding the home button press the power button

    6. You ipod will now display the cable image

    7. Now what you must do is reinsert your ipod into your computer

    8. Open ZiPhone again and there should be an option near the bottom left of the screen saying “click to show advance features”, click on this and then press the button “normal mode”

    9. Your ipod should now return to normal mode,and you should beable to restore your ipod

    well, i hope this helps people


  39. I have unlocked with ziphone and installer has disappeared please help

  40. i have tried to use ziphone to unlo k it and all it says now is
    SINGLEUSER boot–fsck not done
    root device is mounted read only

    If you want to make modifications to files: /sbin/fsck -fy

    If you wish to boot the system:


    what do I do
    I am sooo worried

  41. I jail broke my iPod touch yesterday with ziphone my firmware is 1.1.4 with software update for those of you who are having the problems with the white text looping you need to hold the on/off button and the home button until it goes off and on 3 times and you will see the image you got when you first got the iPod and then plug it in and wait till your iPod is found on iTunes and then do a system restore but do NOT put the songs back on!! Then you need to close iTunes and go to ziphone download it and hook your iPod back up then click on jailbrake iPod but don’t stop clicking click it five times quickly or even a little more if you want and white text should start scrolling and when you see the words Mac Address with some numbers then quickly click the off button and then the home button and a big z will come up and rite after that there will be a picture of the flaming z and zorro with text at the bottom that said loading installer

  42. hey when i try to download summerboard on my 8g touch, it says error package download failed. what happened?

  43. how do get my itunes to recognize my ipod touch so i can restore it, i installed ziphone and accidentally skipped over the restore page?

  44. I used the ziphone on my 16G and it got stuck in that loop. I freaked out but then I looked at the comments and saw thatsome helpful people had posted how to fix the problem. Thank you a lot and let me know when ziphone will work for 16G ipod touchs

  45. I used the DO EVERYTHING link the first time and it messed my ipod up. But then I did the UNLOCK botton and it worked great on my 16G ipod! thank you

  46. i jailbroke my ipod touch with the ziphone and downloaded some apps but now it seams that evertime i try to download an app it gives me an error theat says package download failed any answers anyone?

  47. regarding the ‘package download failed’ , to fix this u must turn yor ipod/iphone off fully. Do this by holding the power button until the power slider appears. Slide the bar so tht ure ipod turns off, then turn it back on and try downloading again. This worked for me .

  48. damn this thing worked perfectly and didnt need to do all the hassle u had in ur video it worked even better ur a fricking genius thanks again man 😉

  49. hey my iTouch is something wrong with it. In the middle of Jailbreaking it, it took more than 3 minute and i stop the process, now the itunes won’t detect it and like the only thing on my screen is
    BSD root: md0, major 2, minor 0

  50. ok so i downgraded my ipod to 1.1.3 and did the video for ziphone for 1.1.3, so i did the steps but now wen i did the steps for jailbreak it was in that error ummm: i think it was bsd 0 and sumthin sumthin, can u help cuz i did everything the video told me 2 do so ya…… plz give me help

  51. You people are all idiots. No wonder the USA is going into a death spiral of stupidity. Doesn’t anyone proof-read anything they write? Go back and read what you’ve written. You all sound like a bunch of illiterate morons….true products of our public education system. God help us!

  52. Jim, unfortunately a lot of people eith don’t bother or don’t take much care when typing into a computer these days. However, this isn’t a literacy test, it’s a thread where people genuinely need help – not insults. 🙂

  53. hey when I try and download or uninstall any thing from my installer from my 1.1.4 iPod touch it says
    pakage download fail and I’ve tried turning it off and on fully but dosent work should I restore it and download jail break again
    tap bak on or .com thx

  54. Kate…it sounds like there’s a very mixed result base from trying to jailbreak the iTouch. I’ve been thinking about breaking mine…I even downloaded Ziphone. However, after reading the results in this forum, I’m not willing to fix that which is not broken. I’m not really willing to follow the instructions on YouTube from a bunch of 10-year olds. It doesn’t sound like there’s a great deal of confidence from the advice given on this site either. Sorry to insult, but I found it difficult to pour through all the posts above to try extract the information I need from the flurry of grammatical incompetence.

    It sounds like you had success, though. Did you break yours when 1.1.4 was installed? Even if the iTouch is broken, where’s the best place to get all the 3rd party apps?



  55. To all those looking for a clean, clear description of jailbreaking your Touch, go to Download the app for your platform (Windows or Mac). Connect your Ipod. You don’t have to do anything else except just plug your Ipod in. You don’t have to do all that other crap like restore, sync, or whatever else you’ve been told. This whole process has been way over-explained and made to appear very complicated. Software engineers like to do that so the world of computer software becomes very nebulous and ambiguous to the lay-person. They like to make it appear that way so you have to come to them for answers. It’s like built in job security!! 🙂

    If you’ve already been using your Touch (like me), then start Ziphone and simply click, “Jailbreak” on the left side of the GUI (graphical user interface). Everything will happen automatically…you won’t have to do anything except wait. You’ll see some DOS-looking text scroll across your screen, but it’s all automatic. You don’t need to touch the Ipod during this phase.

    Once it’s done…YOU’RE done—your Touch is Jailbroken, and it will restart automatically! Just start your Ipod and click the installer icon. You’ll have tons of apps you can install, or go find other on the web.

    Good luck…from someone who had reservations about jailbreaking mine. Worry not, young squire!

  56. ZiPhone pretty much destroyed my iTouch. I do NOT in anyway, blame ZiPhone. It was my own mistake. Instead of downloading the .NET Framework, I decided to be a smart ass and try to hack it myself. I have officially broke my iTouch.
    But I hope someone out there knows how to fix it.
    It’s current condition is just a bunch of codes. Then at the very bottom of the codes it repeats,

    BSD root: md0, major 2, minor 0

    If anyone can help me, it will be very greatly appreciated.

  57. hey

    please someboyd help. ive jailbroken my ipod touch but now my itunes wont connect to my ipod becaue of an ‘error’ and i cant get on my ipod. please, i dont know what to do.


  58. I get the zphone on my computer and it started the thing where on your ipod it shows all the words going across the screen and it took more than 3 minutes so i stooped it..then it said No such file or directory and thats all it says its stuck like that and won’t go back to the normal screen so my ipod touch doesn’t work at all. what do i do???

  59. All this talk what about the Iphone 8g

  60. i guess i can say this. All is good good, y year old narrator.

  61. guys i downloaded like 20 things and then when i tried to update this thing on my installer for the jailbreaking thing it says package download failed is it because there isnt any wi-fi or what cause my connection to wi-fi is really strong idk wats wrong wit it

  62. Watch this video

  63. My Iphone got stuck on the zorro guy with the picture of the iphone and now I cant use it.I need help because apple won’t cover it with its warranty.

  64. well my iphone has stucked with the apple logo and the circle spining and i have searched over internet to fix it.i have pushed the round button and the top one (on/off) together.The phone turned off.Then ive connected iphone to itunes and i have choosed the option to put the iphone to the factory values (or something like that).This will erase everything from iphone.Ive wait few minutes.Everything was fine,the phone turned on and off ok.The problem was that i found that my iphone was locked.It said to introduce an available sim card.I’m from spain so my sim was not available.Ive searched again on internet and i found the Ziphone.Believe me.Ive just install the program on my computer (windows os),connect the iphone,push the unlock option from Ziphone.A lot of numbers and letters starts to running on the iphone screen,Stoped after 1 minute more or less.After another minute start running again.Totaly 4-5 minutes or less.Now my iPhone works like new.I have 1.1.4 firmware.This happening like 3 weeks ago.I hope that my post helped someone to fix his iphone.Sorry for my english.

  65. i have installed the ziphone,but i dont know how to install the apps.when i click at the icon on ziphone opens safari and the link,what do i have to do next

  66. Ledi.zIphone is for installing it on computer,not on iPhone.What do you have on your phone its only an icon which goes to zIphone website,nothing more.

  67. Well, I’ve tried to help as much as I can, but still people keep posting their ignorance on this website. All of this goes back to that story about the computer support technician after getting so frustrated with the moron on the phone. Finally, he gave her precise instructions: “Get your computer, all the manuals and accessories, and put them back in the box and take it back to the store…because you’re too f…ing stupid to own one.”

    Put your iPod back in the box and sell it on eBay…because you’re too f….ing stupid to own one. Go to Wal Mart and buy a portable CD player.

  68. if you have the “BSD root: md0, major 2, minor 0” don’t worry because it is fixable. All you have to do is make sure the itouch/phone is connected to the computer then hold down the Home+Sleep button till you see the recovery screen. Then the computer should detect it. if that dont work,

  69. I just downloaded the app. for my iphone and it works great!!
    Does anyone know how to put a picture on the homescreen??

  70. I just downloaded ziphone onto my ipod touch (1.1.4). And it seemed to work fine but on the home page it only has only added the link to Zibri’s Blog, but not the installer. Did I do something wrong?

  71. lol, i dunno how u get the link with the video that shows, how 2 reapair the iPod touch if we have the problem with the white text scrolling down all over the screen, but this really works, its awesome.i had this problem once and i send my ipod touch 2 apple but now im so thankfull 2 u guys that shows us how we can do this alone:)
    thank u very very much!!!

  72. Good afternoon…after a bit of bother trying other jailbreak methods i successfully completed with ziphone….thankyou.

    BUT. When i click to download an application ( in this case drummer) i get a “package download failed” error , i note that many others seem to have had this issue, i have tryed all of the basic fix’s suggested but still no luck. can someone possibally give me a definate positive fix for this.


    IPOD TOUCH , 1.1.4 ,

    thankyou in advance for any help/ad vice.

  73. TEKONE
    Try to turn off the wifi,and then turn off the phone.Restart phone and wifi again.For me it’s working like this.

  74. You sir have helped me a bunch….i did what you said and it helped a bunch…..i was able to download the updated community sources…his i am assured is the root of the problem…. so if any of you have trouble the method is: TURN OFF WIFI , TURN OFF IPOD/IPHONE , TURN ON IPOD , THEN WIFI , THEN FIRST THING TO DO IS INSTALL THE UPDATE FOR COMMUNITY SOURCES- MINGHT NEED TO REFRESH SOURCES TO PICK THE UPDATE UP……hey presto , less stress bro…

  75. thankyou such much. this helped a lot.

  76. Im glad that some people have find here the issues to fix their problems.Who can help me:im looking for iCoin (the video,not the app) and for something like Nokmote for iPhone,if exist.Who doesnt know what nokmote is:

  77. Hey!
    Umm my iTouch is stuck on the screen where there is an itunes symbol and a plug, if i try that thing wer u press home and off button for 10 seconds etc etc…i plug it in and it wont connect to itunes…it says there is an error 0xe8000022 ….HELPPP!???!! not many people are having the same problem as me…i must of done something drasticc..:S

  78. jessica!
    im having the exact same problem. im freaking out haha. someone help please!

  79. If you are getting the BSD root error go to this site!
    it works for iphones as well as a itouches!!

  80. jessica and aly….hold the home button as you plug the ipod in and wait till itunes picks it up…just the home button. hold – plug – wait……fixed (hopefully)

    its all fixable dont worry.

  81. will ziphone work with the iphone 3g


  83. please help!!!!!!!, i installed the ziphonesoftware to my ipod touch and was going well, however i clicked on the activate and jailbreak option which worked fine up to the stage when the ipod rebooted and it doesnt get past the restore picture of the cable n the itunes icon. when i try to connnect to itunes and error just comes up saying that it cannot connect to my ipod. what should i do????, cheers

  84. I have the iPhone 3g with 2.0 .
    Can u let me know if or when u find out how cuz I want to play ipsyices again. I had them all.

  85. Ziphone is a great site. It works perfectly, however he hasn’t made one for the new 2.0 software yet. For 1.1.4 users with iTunes 7.5 (not 7.7) it works amazingly, with really good sources + games etc.

  86. shanda and vadka thanks so much you saved my ipod!

  87. i have 1.1.4 and i used ziphone and all the that happend is i just got zzibrils blog not installer what can i do

    thanks for reading plz write back

  88. okay jamie is it ? uhmm, the same thing happend to me. all you have to do is force restore. unpug the ipod from the computer,hold the home & sleep button thing at the top together for 10 sec, than when you get the apple thing or w| connect it back. it should work. now to jailbreak, just click the plain jailbreak option thats all. it should work well. 🙂


    I use a Mac 10.4 – I have a 16 GB Ipod Touch with the 2.0 Firmware downloaded via Torrent. Everything worked after Ziphone crash my Ipod, Instead I just Option-Clicked in I-Tunes under Update Softwear, Selected my downloaded 2.0 torrent and everything workded.


    Pwnage Tool does NOT work for my Ipod Touch when I select the 2.0 .ipsw firmware in expert mode

    HELP ME PLZ, A link, a comment, a resource.
    plz, anything

    cheers and thanks a mill for your time

    – The Phat Man

  90. okayyy
    im pretty mad because i downloaded ziphone, and clicked the jailbreak thingy. it worked and then i downloaded the other thingy (i obviously dont know much about computers =[) and then now its on the white text thing and all it says is: BSD root: md0, major 2, minor 0. please help me!

  91. so i just downloaded itunes 7.7 and it scrwed up my new iphonee and it did not work. i had to restore it back to the original setttings.

  92. Okay,

    Can someone plz give me a VERY accurate AND step by step way to jailbreak my itouch 16gb with THE 2.0 FIRMWARE ON WINPWN. I click on the .ipsw button and then im lost. I’m really confused, i worked on trying to figure this out last night for like 6 hrs im jus so confused, i mean im not a techy and im good with electronics and stuff but man, this is confusing. PLZ IM BEGGING YOU ALL. CAN SOMEONE PLZ HELP ME!!!!! I WANT MY IPOD HACKED AGAIN!!!!!!

  93. I have a iPhone 1.1.4v unlocked with zibri’s and i’am asking if anyone knows,if i will update it to the last version,2.0.1v will be ok or apple will gone block my iphone?

  94. I jailbrok my itouch with ziphone. It all worked fine and there was nothing wrong…. But i decided to restore it. Again it restored fine. The only problem is that the ziphone icon is still on my main screen.

    sorry not the most major problem!!!

  95. Sounds like you have ZiPhone on there still, the only way to get rid of it is to remove the folder from your iPhone under Applications

  96. Where is applications??

  97. Hi you crazy people

    I used ziphone and unlocked my ipod, all worked fine great bit of software. then saw the upgrade your ipod to 2.0 splash screen looked good , looked liked like it installed some new apps, and at only £5.99. so I downloaded it (free) and installed the upgrade, and all it done was removed my ziphone installer and replaced it with apples installer that was it no other apps but now I have to buy the apps so I had to downgrade to 1.1.4 re-jailbreak had to do this several times as it didn’t seem to like it, still ironing out problems with it. (So for the love of god don’t bother buying or downloading the upgrade it sucks)

  98. I did the install and it never completed.

    Now, I have to do a restore and I will not have all mu contacts!

    Is there anything I can do to save my contacts?

  99. This is mainly a shout out to vadka… u r the biggest help online right now cuz i had jailbrokin my 32GB iTouch with ZiPhone(which sucks balls) and it crashed. i had the same prob as Nick had on April 14th and u told him how to fix it by holding down the power and home buttins fer a long time and it worked. and i just want to say to everyone else that has a iTouch prob and vadka tells u how to fix it, u can trust him. i mean this because i really love my iTouch and u helped fix it so thanx!!!

  100. Hei:)
    1)Jeg skjønte ikke hvor du fant den tingen på vodeo 1 fra 3 min og 8 sek jeg. Hvor på dataen finner jeg det der? trenger svar eller får jeg det aldri til.

  101. Hei. det er meg gjen. nå har ipoden min plutselig klikka! det står på pc-en min at jeg må gjenopprette den og nå er alt jeg hadde der borte! som gjør jeg jeg har begynt å hate denne siden med mindre dere kan fortelle meg hva som har skjedd og hvordan jeg kan fikse det!

  102. This app f***ing sucks!!

    It jacked all my contacts:(

  103. For those who had unlock the iPhone with ZiPhone and they still have the icon with the zibri’s website on the screen:just hold your finger over the icon until it will start shakeing and you’ll see a ”X” on the top-right corner of the icon.Touch the ”X” and the icon will be removed.

  104. when i hold my finger over the ziphone icon it doesn’t shake. is it because i have the itouch?

  105. Put your finger over one of the icons on your iPhone or itouch. Tell it starts to shake about 5 to 15 seconds. When they all shake then a (X) will will show up on the icons u can remove. When u press the (x) it will be deleted. And as for the 2.0 iPhone and the 3g iPhone u can not jail break it so far. The did a major update to the operation software and so the older jail break will not work if u find a way post it here so I will know. Ps I love my iPhone 3G. I was number 1 in line

  106. My iphone did not reconised my itunes i have writing on my iphone which says if you want to make a modification to files sbin fsck fy
    if goes on and on on my iphone now i cant switch it on or off i have to press both buttons to switch it off please help me as i have no phone at all now thankyou

  107. Help! I recently jailbroke my itouch and it’s stuck at the screen with white text. When I plug it in to the computer it says starting stack on my itouch.
    When I unplug it says error stopping stack and nothing happens. Please help I tried everything! I even let the battery die and nothing happens! I turned it on and off and pressed every single combination of the 2 and nothing happened. Please respond if you have a solution thanks!

  108. I think ziphone only works on iphone. Iv’e been looking at all the comments and it looks like the only problems are with itouch. By the way has any one noticed the name Ziphone not zitouch

  109. get QuickPwn

  110. For anyone who has tried jailbreaking their itouch and it is now stuck with white words. Hold down the power button and home button for 8seconds until it turns off. [have your iphone/itouch unplugged] when it is turned off hold the home button down, while holding plug it back into your computer. this should fix it. It fixed mine. if not go to

  111. I’ve read numerous comments before making the final decision to jailbreak my iPod touch (16GB, v. 1.1.5.) with ZiPhone… I finally pressed the button and everything went just fine… In a few seconds it was jailbroken! Thanks

  112. Just for the record, the second button “Jailbreak -works with iPod too” means that you can jailbreak your iPod too. Make sure that your iTunes is also activated. Better luck next time..

    To restore:

    1. Go to the screen where it says BSd major root etc.
    2. Hold the power button and the home button until it turns off.
    3. Next unplug your iPod from the computer.
    4. Hold the home button and then while holding it plug it in.
    5. IF this doesnt work try steps 3 and 4 again.

  113. tonicofwar omg you have seriously saved my life. i thought i was doomed forever with white lol. thank you 🙂

  114. i got a ipod touch (16gb v1.1.4) and i make the jailbreak but i cant add sources or apps or refresh sources or anything! T.T
    if someone know how to fix that or how can i put my own applications in my ipod please tell me

  115. @AMR,

    Are you connected to the internet while trying to refresh sources? What error does it say?

  116. it says ”cannot refresh sources”

  117. Probably you are not connected to the internet. Go Settings –> Wi-Fi –> select a wireless connection

    If you are connected, you probably don’t have a strong signal. Sometimes it happens to me that it can’t download packages, so I solve the problem by restarting my iPod.

  118. which version of itunesd should I restore my Itouch with because I have tried severally to restore it witht hte most recent version but it just wont restore!!!!What do I do..I need some help guys


  119. i have wi-fi signal
    but i cant add sources or refresh the sources that i have…

  120. Help! i recently updated ipod through iitunes to 1.1.5 and then i downloaded ziphone and clicked install + activate then text jept scrolling on the itouch( i no this is supposed to happen) Then it said it wasnt going to work with this version so i stopped it but now the whie text wont stop on the screen! ! ! i can use my ipod! ! TRYED PUTTING CABLE BACK IN and then it said apple needs to recognise ipod to start again but when i plug it into itunes it wont recognise my ipod! some one please help!

  121. HELP just tried this : from comment-

    For anyone who has tried jailbreaking their itouch and it is now stuck with white words. Hold down the power button and home button for 8seconds until it turns off. [have your iphone/itouch unplugged] when it is turned off hold the home button down, while holding plug it back into your computer. this should fix it. It fixed mine.

    But turned back on and white stuff still scrolling!

  122. Can anyone tell me, if I can unlock ( AND USE) MY JAILBROCKEN IPHONE VERS 2.1 withZiPhone???
    Any comments are appreciated! Thanks

  123. Can you jailbreak the new iPod toach

  124. Ive jailbroke my ipod, and now want to get rid of it from my ipod and computer but i have no clue on how to do it ? please help!!!!

  125. you need an intenet connection

  126. yes

  127. Betty,
    Get rid of what, and why?

  128. I just jailbroken my iTouch 16gb, v 1.1.5, But with another step by step video, I was all scared, coz i didnt want to brick my itouch, but all went very good, everything works, and i am very happy, no stopping at white screen etc…

    After installation of ziphone installer was on my touch and i just launched it and it worked…


  129. help i have the same problem

  130. mine duz the same thing but i have internet service and it still wont work wtf??

  131. I prefer Quickpwn… it’s just the best in my opinion. I’ve heard a lot of issues with Ziphone.

  132. I have a 16gb itouch and found this out the hard way. Have you been able to get yours back to normal after getting it stuck? If so, how did you restore it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  133. In that case, what do I do??? Every time I plug mine up, it gives me the screen telling me to connect it to iTunes even though it’s hooked to my computer. I put the iTouch in recovery mode and finally got iTunes to recognize that it was in recovery mode…but it said the iTouch couldn’t be restored. If there is anything I can do, please tell me. I’m desperate!!!!!

  134. download the firmware and press shift + click restore and select the downloaded firmware
    and yes, its better getting a free firmware 2.2 and use quickpwn

  135. Hey! Sorry my bad English. If you have problems with the jailbreaking and the well known white text who continously scrolls down the screen. If your Itouch says “BSD root: md0, major 2, minor 0? – Hold down the home and power switch simultaneously till it shuts down and starts again and release when the Logo( connect to Itunes logo the first logo that appears after you start the Itouch for the first time) appears on the screen. then go to Itunes and Restore your Itouch. I also had the same problems as you and i were so afraid that i’d screwed up my Itouch so i gave it a last try and held the two buttons simultaneously down and the screen turned off and restarted after a few seconds and a few seconds after that again the “connect to Itunes logo” appeared.

  136. you seriously just saved my life. not even kidding, i absolutely love you. thanks soooooooooo much.

  137. when i try to jail break my ipod or even get the thing to come up, it says
    the app. failed to initialize properly. why does it say that?

  138. try with other firmware

  139. Hey i did the same..thing..stopped the jail breaking in the middle of the process..and now it is not turning on..what should i do ?

  140. Okay, I want to know if it is possible to install the Ziphone on my ipod. A cpuple days ago I reset it by pressing to earese everything on my ipod. It means that right now I do not have a software on my ipod. Does it exist a way to do it? Please answer me as soon as you can!
    Thank you very much for the attecion!



    just go to this website

  143. this is just what i needed except i dont know how to download “ZiPhone”

  144. Since the reviews are what I expected, Everyone should BlackRa1n. It works better. A whole lot better. And very not difficult to install or download.

  145. alright. so im still confused. i dont know alot about this computer and downloading stuff and i want to jailbreak my ipod WITHOUT DELETING ANY MUSIC ON IT!!! ther not itunes purchases and CANNOT be backed up! tell me how to jailbreak and 8gb ipod touch without deleting anything??? please???

  146. i dont have the full window 7 on my computer but i have half it is the copy window is not genuine that what i have on it,,,will that work still if i dont have the full window 7 on it please send me a message back i would really like to know thak you from tammy mcdonald

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