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Papaya Farm

Ever think you can be a great farmer? Managing your own farm is one hell of a job. Papaya farm is an iPhone app that makes it much easier and pretty fun too. You can sow, grow and harvest your own crops in your own land. This is an iPhone game where every one of all ages can play it. You have to buy your own seeds at first then you have to sow them and eventually you get to harvest.

The first time you use Papaya Farm could seem to be a little boring and the graphics are somewhat awkward. However, by the time you’re ready to harvest your crops, things start to get more exciting. Then you are hooked on your iPhone checking your crops which should test your patience.

We’ve been playing Farmville on Facebook and the formula for Papaya Farm on the iPhone seem pretty much the same. You can add friends as your neighbors and socialize with them. Yet what’s great about papaya farm is that you can actually steal your friends’ crops. So you have to hire some dogs to stay on watch on your crops. Create your own avatar and farm with style. Papaya Farm is an average game and is available for free in the App Store recommended for fans of farming apps.

Note: Papaya Farm has apparently been removed from the App Store. The developer blog has a notice regarding this outage.

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Price: Free
Developer: Website
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  1. This game is highly addictive. It is fun and frustrating at the same time. I would definately recommen this game to anyone who has Farmville on Facebook and would like a mobile app. This games server does shut down quite frequently and does not connect or lags while playing. Still very worth a download though.

  2. I LOVE Papaya Farm! I play it every day! I’m on level 10.

  3. omgomg i love papaya it is soo addicting!!!

  4. you need to appoint more admins. its ridiculous the crap that goes on in the chatrooms

  5. agree! needs more admins!

    i was talking to one admin “Sana Maria” and i asked her on how to become an admin and she said ” well haha your not going to become one” I was very shocked to hear that from an admin.!@!!!! please hire me as an admin ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. I enjoy playing papaya farm but I don’t receive any of the extra papayas that your suppose to receive,500 at a time for inviting friends to play on my friends list. I do everthing my wife does step for step she receive 500 papayas I receive none. Don’t seem right or fair my friends receive there 500 papayas but I didn’t and i’ve three the number friends on my list then my wife. Right is right fair is fair and wrong is wrong, can anybody fix this problem?

  7. Has a walkthrought been done yet? I still haven’t had half of the tools.

    Very addictive game though and highly recommended!

  8. Need better explanations:

    Papaya: Sometimes when stealing crops (full just ready crops), you’re told there aren’t crops to steal. Sometimes you go back and half the crops have been stolen by someone else. An explanation of when you have opportunity to steal w/o getting bit by the dog (i.e. crop placement / respect points)

    Parking Wars: Explain when you can report someone to the police. My friend reports me on others’ lots every day. i’ve been playing Parking Wars since it came out and i’ve yet to be able to report anyone to the police.

  9. Great game though!!! Obsessed!!!

  10. Yes there need to be an explination of when crops are stealable I have been trying to use an invislble gown on a moon papaya tree but it keeps sayin no fruits to be stolen many of my high lvl friends say they have done it.. Why is it not working??

  11. Go to the store and look for tge item you want to steal. Look at the “productivity time”. The crop u want to steal must sit for longer than that before you have the opportunity to steal it. Also, if you are on a friends page and someone else invites you to eater, u can say no and water the crops even if that person isn’t online! Enjoy!

  12. Well I do love this game, but yesterday all of my applications accidentally got deleted (ugh! it was so annoying!) and now Papaya Farm doesn’t seem to be in the iTunes App Store. Is it still working for other people? Does anyone know what happened or how I can get it back?

  13. No idea what happened but the game still works but no papayas can be bought. It is no longer on the app store and their website has always been crap. Anyone know what’s going down?

  14. the app is gone from the app store ): please try to figure out what happened. i used to have it on my ipod and then deleted it and i tried reinstalling it today and its not there! please try to help me with this becasue i am positive its gone. i connected my ipod to my computer and its not there either. help!

  15. Please put the papaya farm back on app store it’s so fun now I can’t view anything anymore. ๐Ÿ™

  16. Not sure what’s going on with Papaya Farm but this is what I’m able to dig up.

    – We get 4-5 emails per month with the last one being 4 days ago
    – The app was available about a week ago
    – The website “papayamobile” is a pretty lame site and doesn’t seem to offer any help.
    – The game released 9/8/2009
    – The last update to Papaya Farm was 10/27/09
    – When I click on the above App Store link I get the message:
    “Your request could not be completed – The item you’ve requested is not currently available in the US store”
    – Papaya Mobile doesn’t have the game listed on their site anymore and the game isn’t listed on Apples App store either

    – I miss you PAPAYA!!! Please come home!

  17. definately was addicted to papaya. apple gave me a new iphone today since mine got messed up . WHERE IS THE GAME?!!!!

  18. I miss papaya soooo much! I want it back!

  19. Ok guys, What I have been able to find out from Apple is they have gotten way too many complaints about Papaya apps crashing the iPhone and having a lot of bugs (which it does) So apple will not relist any of the Papaya apps until Papaya fixes the bugs. This is a good thing overall, if Papaya fixes the bugs. Maybe they cam fix their poor working of directions too. It seems a lot is described in broken english and I have a hard time understanding, but I have pretty much figured Farm all out.

    When it says there are no more fruits to be stolen, that means you are trying to steal during the preservation period. Some fruits do not have preservation periods, but some do, like Moon Papaya. You can find out by looking at the info for the seeds in the store. Example: Moon Papaya preservation period is 24 hours. That means for 24 hours after it’s ripe, the only person who can harvest them is the farm owner. Hope that helps!

  20. lol. this look like everybody is new to the game.
    the game is exceptional. really, you have to play it to understand it. the broken English you talking about is just like other games, you have to figure it out. i know papaya has many bugs but liked it more before :[
    gud luck add me
    ill water your farms everyday

  21. I’ve been playing it for 2 months now, so I don’t know if you consider that new. I’ve mostly been able to figure out the broken english pretty well, but the parking game when it first came out had some of the papaya items that all had the same description, but different titles and prices, all in horribly mangled english.

    Bugs I have noticed include watering request bugs that allow you to water farms you haven’t been invited to, game freezing up a lot, offers page not properly communicating to get papayas credited (I assume this was a big one that people complained on. Papaya credited me a few thousand extra for my troubles, because I complained for a month straight until they fixed it), log not reflecting sometimes when fruits have been stolen or by whom, double crediting of moneys when selling fruits, in other games: giving negative points or showing blank screen when other player is able to see the screen and play out the full game, and their server crashes a lot as well.

    I still really enjoy the game, and the bugs are frustrating, but I have tolerated them more or less. I am currently developing a game which is in alpha and we have a lot of similar problems, but we are on a very small scale/low budget. I would not expect this many problems to persist for so long on a game that is in public beta. It will be even better if they can fix the bugs.

  22. I agree more admins!

    I see alot of the admins are on usually toward the night time and the things that are said in chat rooms during the day is crazy

    I hope this app looks into more admins!
    Like me ๐Ÿ™‚

    But love the game

  23. When will Papaya be back on App Store ?

  24. when all the bugs have been fixed.

  25. I was wondering what happened now i am finding up that they have bugs? oh wow because i was looking for it and i couldnt find it. i hope everything is fix quickly.

  26. I miss the non-invited water farm bug:]

  27. A buddy of mine had papaya pro and she told me that papaya took her credit card info and started illegally charging her credit card – basically identity theft. Apple had gotten a lot of similar complaints and they yanked all of papaya apps. FYI.

  28. Any papaya member being charged their credit card illegally, please post a note here & let’s us be aware.
    Since I only play papaya for a month, but I also will check my credit card statement. If this is not true, just because of the app bugs which will hang iphone, I huge papaya to fix them ASAP. Don’t let all your fans disappointed.

  29. I had papaya for like a month and loved it.
    Then I accidently deleted everything on there instead of resetting.
    When will it be back to download again. I miss it so much.

  30. I’ve been trying to login for like a week and still unable.

    My Papaya Pro 3.0 doesnt not work at all when I try to sign in the only thing that works is my buddylist and it shows everyone offline.

    I just get a grey screen like it’s trying to load and wait for like ten minutes and still nothing.

    Whats going on?

  31. Yeah, last night it wasn’t letting me on for a few hours. It kept telling me Bad Gateway, but it is working (though very laggy) right now. It seems they have very unreliable hosting or something, cause it crashes a lot, and if you go to their website, it will be down at those times as well.

    Looks like it will be awhile still before AppStore lets this one come back.

  32. I don’t know what’s wrong with my papaya. It has been acting crazy & crashing a lot. Not able to see my crops or tools! =( fix ittttttt plsz!

  33. My iPod says not avail in the US.

  34. I accidently deleted papaya farm off of my itouch and now it’s not In the app store I am extremley frustrated right now

  35. They have gotten rid of papaya I am so mad?

  36. Can u please tell u when papaya will be back I miss it so much?

  37. Misssss papaya please tell me wen it will come back

  38. I have a iPhone 3g and had papaya for about two months now i’ve updated my phone to 3.1.2 and I’m wondering if that’s the reason it’s no longer in my app store?I want it back!:(

  39. I have a iPhone 3g and had papaya for about two months now i’ve updated my phone to 3.1.2 and I’m wondering if that’s the reason it’s no longer in my app store?I want it back!

  40. I want my papaya farm app! Put it back in the app store! I was waiting on my moon papaya for soooo many days and I miss talking to my buddies. I wish I never updated my phone for it to screw up and make me delete the app. Arghhhh!!

  41. Why da f**k can i not re – download da app again?
    I hada delete it bcause it was faulty and wasnt workin properly…and as i go ta download it again, it cannot be found?…explain this to me!!

  42. I’ll tell you why the f**k you cant re-download it – for the same reason you deleted it. It is too faulty and doesn’t work properly so Apple deleted it from the appstore. You guys need to read the other comments on this before you post asking why it’s gone, because that has already been answered several times.

  43. I can’t log on anymore and all my crops will be stolen….:-(

  44. Dont b so fuckin crude ye low life bastard…
    I was asking a simple question simply because i made friends on that app…and now ders no way of contactin them again. Maybe if we had nothing else to do with our lives rather than read other peoples comments from 2 months ago, we wouldnt have asked them questions. Now get ur head outa yer fat ass and learn some fuckin manners before ye start givin off to me about a simple question!! >=\ wankers these days like…

  45. Looks like they are probably better off that you can’t contact them.

  46. Im just pissed off with it tho…=\
    its nat fair…
    It was such a good game…den da nxt thing…
    It stopd wrkin..=\
    il miss ma friends..='(
    sorry if i seemed like a rite bitch…

  47. Love papaya 3.0 I paid for mine never had problm bring it back bring it back miss farming level 15 comeon playing for months now came home from work waiting waiting turn our game back on supose to pick crops after work !!!!! Come on apps store lots of us like this game iPod user and Fun game

  48. U guys know when it’s gonna be back up?

  49. damn it that was the best app in the store and double damn it none of the apps on my phone work now ๐Ÿ™

  50. Omg. Do u know wen its going to back on?
    I love this game so much!
    Bring it back apple!!
    Bring it back!..
    Please please please!

  51. WHY did you guys take it away
    i made some good friends on that…

  52. Hey teddy bear picker. I love this game also. Do u take it up the bum? I do. Im a wild old gay dude with hairy balls. Deyr grey, and hang low and loose. But not for you, u sexy little minx u. Der up and straight ๐Ÿ˜‰

  53. I just planted pistachios, I finally got the flour, no fair,
    come back.
    Maybe they should make it an app for just ITOUCH, my touch never crashed like IPHONE. Now I actually have to do work, ๐Ÿ™

  54. Porfabor regresa la papaya farm

  55. Hey bob. Hmmmm…thinkin about those hairy balls eh!? I could perve on u all day! Deyr grey huh? Id like dem if they wer dyed yellow, lak a banana..;) if yno wat i mean! I do take it up the bum. Dat the only reason i luvd this application..was too meet guys like u to help me take it up the bum. Although, i do have a stingy ass frm it, more like a burning ring of fire. Hey, u like johnny cash? Huh? Huh? Huh? Do ye?? I LOVE YHU!!..:] RawR

  56. i synced my itouch and now papaya farm wont work. just goes up to the logging in screen and stays there forever

  57. Oooo…bananas eh? I luv dem! In fact im sucking one nice and sloooow…u lak that baby? *if we had papaya, this problem wudnt occur in this site!..BRING IT BACK!!*

  58. This is ridiculous.

    The app designers were unprepared for the size of sever they’d need.

    I am completely pissed off, and this had better be fixed immediately.

  59. Hi I am concerned because Papaya isn’t working. When I try to load it, all it says is Logging in for ever. It doesn’t load my friend is having problems with this too. Please fix it I love papaya Farm and I want to be able to play it Please!!!

  60. What is going on with this I love papaya farm

  61. I’m so upset papaya farm is GONE!!! i was level 25!! When is it coming back, if ever???

  62. its back!! finally. missed ya :[

  63. It’s back!

  64. How do I get it back? I deleted it when it wouldn’t load so now I go to the app store and it’s nowhere to be found!!!

  65. Stacey– has your iPod been synced to your computer since you deleted it? Maybe there is a way to get it reinstalled using your computer:)

  66. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    u got it back???
    I want it back…hw did u get it?
    It says it stil cnt b found in da app store..:s
    Somebody please help..(:

  67. Ashley I haven’t synced it and I don’t think I have it on my computer. I’ll check when I get home. It’s still not back at the app store and I’m an idiot for deleting it to reinstall ๐Ÿ™ keep us posted if it comes back.

  68. If you deleted because of loading issues your are SOL. It’s not at the app store, I just kept trying to load until it finally did.

  69. Awwww. I miss papaya. Bring it back pretty please. Does anyone have any idea if they will bring it back? I made some really good friends on it and i cant talk to them anymore. ๐Ÿ™ i dont like the way they just deleted it without actually informing me. Thats harsh. ๐Ÿ™

  70. I am aldof hitler and my jews are gatting angry !!!!theyr gonna hunt you and apple down!! Yup theyre black mama jama ss. I also will come to make sure that this will happen you better sleep with one eye open!!! MwahahhHahHa

  71. If you have deleted it but have not synced your phone since then, you should be able to get it back by restoring it the next time you plug it in. Otherwise you are gonna have to wait until papaya resolves all their bugs and legal issues before iTunes will allow it back in the AppStore. I have noticed many of the bugs have been resolved over the last few weeks, and they have been rolling out new content (new tools, fruits, etc), so I think they are working on it…

    However they still have unreliable server hosting it seems, as last night the server was down for over an hour.

  72. Additionally, if you are trying to log in and it just says “logging in” for a long time, it is probably because the papaya server is down. That does not mean there is anything wrong with your phone. You can check this easily by going to If that site wont load as well, it means their server is down. Don’t delete papaya because of this. The server is usually back up in a few moments or sometimes up to an hour.

  73. Well hopefully it will come back on the app store.

    WTF does SOL mean??

  74. I have had papaya farm downloaded on my iphone for several weeks, and for no apparent reason when I go to the app, it shows I am logging in and shows a fun fact and then goes to a blank white screen. This has been happening for almost 2 weeks… I have tried shutting my phone off and turning it back on- no good. No matter if I go to a different option- whether it be home, more, game, or circle, I have the blank white screen with just the icons at the bottom. When I go to chat room, I can see all of my friends, but it shows nobody is online. So I have my favorite app and no way to play it. Any suggestions?? Help me, please!

  75. Its okai…
    Everybody is bein put through this..=\
    apple took it off da app store cuz it wasnt wrkin properly..
    But its gettin fixed..i think…
    And it shud b back in a couple of days..(:

  76. if ur iPod is jailbroken then papaya is on there. just go look for it on cydia or rock. it’s there, I downloaded it today (:

  77. Papaya just sent out this email to everyone in-game:

    “Dear Papayans,
    We are sorry for the inconvenience recently (Papaya disappear from apple store and you can’t buy papayas any longer) and we are working with Apple on the issues right now. To compensate for your loss recently, we added some free papayas to your account. The more you purchased in the past, the more free papayas we have given you.
    The good news is that we are going to release Papaya Farm on Facebook very soon. At that time, you can purchase papayas directly from Facebook.
    Please stay tuned.


  78. So does that mean that Apple are going to bring papaya back to the app store?

  79. I dunno. It depends on what exactly all the issues are. If it’s just a matter of bugs being fixed then it shouldn’t be long. They’ve made quite an improvement the past couple weeks fixing bugs, but they still have a crappy server so the game goes down for a couple hours every day.

    If it’s a matter of legal issues caused by porn and credit card fraud as some others have reported, it could be longer.

    But at least it will be on Facebook soon.

  80. Are there people still able to log on to papaya and talk to their buddies?
    I want it back so much. I have made the mistake in deleting it, and i cant go on my farm anymore..:(
    bring it back please, and FAST!

  81. I only like this game for the trading lf nude pics.. Bring it back!!

  82. About a month ago the game wouldn’t load for me, now I find out it’s gone for good. I lost everything including my fave application. Everybody loved this and will agree, we would love this to return! Not much fun on iPod now…
    I wanna play! All the other farm apps can’t compete.
    Kate marriott

  83. Because of idiots like you is probably why it is gone, you moron!….was not made for pic trading!!! Not a porn site you freak!!! Get a life, go find you a blow up doll, obviously can’t get a woman, your trading nude pics on a game to get your rocks off. Seriously!!! People like you procreat….. What a waste.

  84. Procreate… My bad

  85. Ganzy I couldn’t agree with u more!! I used to get creepy msgs and I was like WTF does this have to do with farming??? I really hope the developers and iTunes don’t punish us for assholes that r on there cuz they’re lonely losers and use it for the wrong reasons!!!

    Bring papaya BACK. Please!!!!! I’ve been without it for a week now. Enough is enough!!!!!!

  86. Papaya is supposed to be more than just the farming. It’s supposed to be a whole social networking thing and they’ve got 11 different games, so thats why there’s the chat functions and different groups, but yeah I don’t think they intended it to be used for porn.

    I’ve been reporting the pervs who try to solicit me to the admins, and they’ve been dealing with offenders pretty quickly. I guess they’re taking it a lot more seriously now that Apple has taken them out of the AppStore.

  87. why does it keep saying Your request could not be competed?

  88. I still have it on my phone and I love it. I hope they will bring it back.
    If pervs are using it to pass pics who cares I think you can block people if I am not mistaken. I am sure apple got to many complaints from people saying they were being harrased. I have also read in this thread that apple had issues with the program itself creating technical problems.

    Whatever the case is APPLE needs to get this back in the app store.

  89. Both Apple and Facebook have strong policies against pornography, and when it begins to involve people under 16/18 it becomes an even bigger issue. If Papaya wants their applications to be successful in either of those markets it will need to find a more efficient way of handling the porn issue.

    In the iPhone app, you can delete people from your friends list but you cannot block them at this time. Anyone can pmail you at any time. If they simply add a block feature and streamline the reporting capability, it should help their case significantly.

    But bugs are still a problem. Last night Papaya tried to roll out an animal aspect to the farm game. It was taken down from Papaya within a few hours because of significant bugs. And their server is STILL having a lot of crashes.

  90. Well Papaya just introduced an animal ranch inside the farm game. The animals are really cute but now Papaya crashes even more, and the animal game costs papayas to feed and grow your animals normally (growth hormone things and invisible gown stuff cost as well but those are not necessary items) and it has been taking my papayas but not giving me items. It also isn’t letting me remove animals from my farm to sell when they are grown. I complained to Papaya about the bugs and they deleted all of my animals so now I have to start all over. It is very frustrating. I don’t think this will be back in the appstore any time soon. They clearly do not know how to properly code or run a game.

  91. Thanks for the info. It’s been a week and I think I’ve given up. Until the developers and the app store can get their act together, they’ll lose some fans of the game. It’s very frustrating.

  92. Papaya games are the bomb and pervs like LucASS screw it up for everyone. The only problem I have is when Papaya brings in a new game they don’t explain how to play it. Like the new Ranch part. How do u buy grass for the animals that eat grass? In Parking Wars what is that box tool for? Just give more info on how to play the games. ๐Ÿ™‚

  93. Is the Papaya server currently down. I keep getting a message that says, “Papaya cannot connect to the server. Please make sure your internet connection is available.” I have no problems with other games except for Papaya. Anyone else experiencing this???

  94. Im experiencing the same thing with the server not connecting, so it’s probably the same for most…

  95. No puedo acsesar desde mi iphone a Papaya.
    Me dice q ya no esta por app store

  96. please help every time i click on my papya app i get in but then i saids its loading then the screean just turns white i sat here for like an hour waiting for it to load please helpp

  97. wow why did they take papaya farm off app store. Like its Christmas. lost of people want to download. No sense of timing! =[

  98. why cant I download Papaya farm anymore?
    I did just delete it so I could try download it on new ๐Ÿ™

  99. Papaya deleted from my iPhone I try to download it but I cannot

  100. omg by mistake I delete my papaya farm .plus I try to redownload it from app store but it’s not there no more,,.,pleaseeee do sumthing as soon as possible……now I’m missing it so much,,,,

  101. i need papaya farm on my ipod touch so bad cause you please added it back please so i can put it on my ipod touch emails as soon as possible thanks

  102. Please add papaya back …. I almost want to return nu new iPhone because it doesn’t have it

  103. Okay, so just like everyone else I deleted me papaya farm app. I thought that it would work better if I deleted it and reinstalled it. Just my luck right? Sure, the bugs were bad but I learned to deal with it because papaya farm was such a kick ass game.

    Ugh, this is horrible. Papaya needs to fix this. Look at all the people wanting this app back!

    Hmm, do you think inviting people would work or not? Could someone give it a try? My email is: Please try. And if it works, you’ll get 500 free papayas!


  104. Also! The porn trading and cyber sex stuff on papaya is partly papayas fault. I mean…no freaking admins anywhere to be found AND they make it so easy to trade pics with that photo button when in a private chat. Come on, it’s just not nessacery. If people want a social network and NEED to “meet” people on the Internet then sign up for myspace or facebook. God, it’s a freaking farming game! No need for the instant messaging either. I guess it would cone in handy with trade but I got by just fine and I never used it.

  105. If you guys really want the game back, complain to Papaya. I don’t think this site is in any way actually affiliated with the game so your cries are falling on deaf ears. Papaya:

    @Angelica – I agree. All of the problems currently are Papaya’s fault, but Apple’s AppStore has standards and currently the game is not meeting them. People call Apple and complain when an app has problems, and Apple has every right to deny apps that are causing them high volumes of complaints until they are fixed. I am not sure if Papaya has any plans anymore to even fix the game as now they have created other ways for people to pay for Papayas, and people can still get the game through jailbreaking. If you’re interested in that, you may want to Google it cause it’s a process I don’t feel like going into on here.

    Also, Papaya has removed the invite feature for nearly a month since it was taken out of the AppStore, so can’t invite you, and no more bonus papayas. Sorry.

  106. Oh and also, it’s not just a farming game. They have 8 other games. They wanted to create their own social network cause thats where the money is. But they said a week or 2 ago that they will have Farm on Facebook soon. They already have/had Diamond on there. I know Facebook has less standards than AppStore when it comes to bugs so, yay for some people I guess.

  107. Ahh, thank you for that link. I went on to the papaya blog but I couldn’t find anywhere to post. So that was greatfully appreciated. And yes, I’m not blaming Apple for the problem. It’s Papaya’s 100%. It seems they should have waited and made sure everything worked properly. I just want the game and i’m sure many others do as well. I understand the social network they tried to create but that is obviously one of the games biggest flaws. Well, I guess I will just wait for it to come to facebook then.

    Jailbreaking? Never heard of it, but thank you. I will google it haha xD

    Time to post my complaints on the feedback page. Thanks again Melissa : )

  108. hey Angelica if u find it in google dan please kindly let me knw ๐Ÿ™‚ thx

  109. you only have the farm option if your on iphone or have it dl to your computer

  110. @rhythmofrain;
    I found a good site on how to jailbreak your iPod touch or iPhone but I have yet to try it out myself. As you need a computar and you have to download software. I don’t know if this process is illegal but it’s looking like Limewire stuff. Again, I’m not completly sure. So, proceed at your own risk. The site is or if you get confused visit first.

  111. The admin Valkyries teamed up on me with another papayan who insulted me and when I said “that wasn’t nice, you’re an admin, you can’t do that” the admin kicked me. That’s against the rules and abusing her writes. I don’t know how else to report her so I’m doing it here.

  112. This is just a review site. Complaining here will not be read by anyone at Papaya most likely.

    Try this link.

  113. Ayundeme como bajo papaya farm, lo tenia y lo borre por error!!!!!!!

  114. too hard to get papayas

  115. This game is hard and really not all that worth it even if it’s free they should pay you for playing this game I feel like o just wasted a bunch of time for nothing.

  116. Uh… if you haven’t noticed… PapayaFarm has become a great source of XXX content geared towards 14 and younger. Just look at the Papaya Circles and the content of the chats. I was on with my daughter months ago – now this is pedophile heaven! They ought to be shut down completely! This is ethics gone to hell!

  117. I am very upset about the App Store thing. I have ALWAYS used an ITune card to buy the Papayas needed to use on my farm, but not I have to put my debit card on the Internet and that SCARES ME. I really don’t know how much longer I will be able to buy them, without giving up. I’m afraid that someone will steal my debit ccard info off the Pay site. PLEASE tell Apple to hurry up and fix the problem. ๐Ÿ™‚

  118. Papaya has been currently removed and it’s very sad bc
    I now have to use my iPod which sucks!!! And I miss my bf on there.. I hardly get to tlk to any of my friends anmore or anything ?

  119. When will papaya be back on iTunes!!!! Please let me know!!!!

  120. Hi.
    My name is John
    I have an iPhone G3. I downloaded the papaya farm game, and I enjoyed it for about two mounth. My brother was deleted the game. I tryed to download the game again using the App Store, but it’s says the application could not be completed or something like that. My quastion is, Can you help me downloading the papaya farm? Much of thanks.

  121. How do u still play the game and where should I go if I don’t have me Id number?

  122. Plz bring papaya back it’s one of the best apps out there….it’s to bad tht it’s bugged but hopefully we get it bck soon…anyone has n e info on it????

  123. why did they take this off?! I had this on my old iPod and then I got an iPhone and I wanted to put this on but I took it off my old iPod and can’t put it on this one…which six cuz I love this app! I’d PAY for it!! I want to talk to all the ppl on papaya!! I refuse to download anything from iTunes untill this is featured again.

  124. I really reall really hope they put this back on the app store!! How long will it be b4 it’s back on?! I love this app it’s the only one I use!! Please inform me on anything you guys learn. Email me: Plz! And if any of my friends off of papaya remember me I’m ABCjo8 plz tell every1 it might be awhile, also, plz email me! I can’t wait to here from y’all again!! :**(

  125. Fgdhjijyvbhg me gusta

  126. all I can say is Plsss bring this app back… I love papaya !!!!!

  127. all I can say is Plsss bring this app back… I love papaya !!!!! D

  128. I lost my farm today when a friend updated my phone and wiped out all my apps. I was level 22. I feel like my dog just died. this was a very wonderful game and will be missed terribly, despite all it’s flaws. I can’t wait for a better farming game to be developed. Whoever does it, and does it right, will be rich.

  129. That’s so sad… How am I suppose to live without Papaya Games??? *snif*

  130. Immmmm so pissed! Can we play this off a pc since we registared and everything? I love this game and was really far and I updated my phone and lost it ๐Ÿ™ I’m so sad! Can we tell iTunes to brrrrring it back?!! Plzxxx

  131. I have been off papaya for 1 whole week…I was on level 34-35 & I too know my I’d number, but there’s no place for us to download papaya where the download works…I spent 2 whold days lookin’ & doin research hopin I’ll find it but the places I found stated they are trying to get papaya back up & working correctly, facebook plans on having papaya on there soon, as well as a couple of more sites…that’s all I found out Sun & Mon when I did research?i went through my withdrawls already but i found some great games on facebook…you just can’t use your iPhone…papaya is gonna have to make it worthwhile for me to comeback… I spent a ton of money on the farm game and I miss everything about papaya

  132. No es justo que quiten este app es el mejor que existia realmente estoy muy triste ya estaba en nibel 33 cuando tube que cambiar mi iPhone, porfabor agan algo para que vuelva!! Porfabor :[

  133. Good news I just get back mi papaya farm if u have a friend with the game just go to iTunes and back up his phone, the game will stay there n just conect yours!

  134. Yay I got my papaya farms back

  135. wait how did u guys get it back ??!?? Pleaseeeee pleaseee tell me

  136. to get papaya back you have to
    1: jailbreak the iphone ( papaya is on cydia)
    2: you can sync your device in some other itunes that has papaya
    3 pray to get it back on app store..

  137. My farm keeps crashing it’s been ok until today but loads to 30% and then goes back to my itouch main screen – anyone else having problems?

  138. I’m the same. 30% then crashes!!! What’s wrong wiv it?! I’v complained to papaya & the’d better fix it- I have crops to harvest ๐Ÿ™

  139. Please bring papaya farm back I rerley miss it I got my I’d number if that helps my freind deleted it by mistake I wus so up set just please please please bring it back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  140. I love this game. When will it be available again?

  141. I need my papaya I cannot live with out it it the mast fun game samething so we can have it back

  142. When it becomes avable I won’t it back please let me know

  143. Can eney budey tel me when will papay be back on the app store ? Please

  144. I tried the cydia & the black (something) but my safari wouldn’t let me download it….any other suggestions? I have all updates…I’m really starting to get pissed off!!?

  145. u can jailbreak thru tutorials on youtube (its very helpful) u can use blackra1n, go to installous and find papaya

  146. I never uninstalled my Papaya Farms when it wasnt working. I tried to sign on everyday for almost two months and it wasnt working until one day at work I just tried it and it works.

    I was even to buy papayas through paypal.

    I *heart* papaya farms

    sorry u guys r having trouble.

  147. fun game

  148. yo no se!

  149. Can’t download it

  150. ppl papaya farm is in facebook now damn!!

  151. How do u change ur papaya password? I can’t log it on to fb or change my pass

  152. fun

  153. many comment without any new action taken to be available again in the App Store

    any one hear us in this wabsite

  154. its an awesome game but its not on apps anymore because i accidently deleted it and im trying to lookk for it but i can’t find it


  156. Awesome???????? ????? out of ????? stars??? join circle dates & hates

    -cool dude (Dead Angelโ„ข)

  157. Sorry 5 out of 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    – cool dude (Dead Angelโ„ข)

  158. how can i play on pc in facebook

  159. Request to this website reply us many user comment to find papaya again to play it in the iPhone since it delete provide us the reson for this delete or the Solution to play it again

    any one still play papaya in the iPhone take care to remove it from your iPhone without backup in the iTunes ,,,, if delete you lose all you do for long time agoooooooo,,, me and some user comment in this website do this and waiting the SolutIon

  160. I just started playing papaya farm on facebook today.. what I did was in my search, I typed in..
    when will papaya farm be on facebook
    and it came right up.. it ask for your nickname that you used on papaya farm, and your papaya farm password, and all your stuff is still there, even though u can no longer get it from the itunes app store.. I LOVE THIS GAME.. but i’d rather play in on my ipod touch, then off of facebook.. but for now i guess this is ok… does anyone know when it will be back in the app store.. please let me know if there is another way i can get it on my ipod touch..

  161. ***********PAPAYA FARM****************

    omg i feel like a child.. lol here i am a 36yr old mom and wife.. getting soooo excited lolol


  162. I just updated to the iPhone 3Gs and I am not able to find the there anyway to get the app??? I’m addicted and need to work on my farm…

  163. I wan my game back. I’m adictes to it. I really need it. I have spend money buying papayas and will keep buying papayas. Plz put it back. I’m so sad. I need the game

  164. I wish there was a way to get it back. But there isnt. Unless u wanna use jailbreak , which i hear it is VERY unsafe and can cause ur iphone , ipod or itouch to crash. Then ur warrenty will not cover it. You can play papaya farm on facebook.

  165. Please please please I need papaya back. I’ve just got the 3gs and I carnt up load papaya so I’ve been on iTunes and carnt get it. I’m very very sad ……….:-( I love this gameeeeeee

  166. My computer crashed and my iPod said connect to iTunes, bc of the situation I had to restore my iPod and lost my favorite game of all time, PAPAYA FARM! Please put it back I need to check my farm, I want to char with friends:-(

  167. Y r u doing this to us??????? y

  168. I tried to find papaya farm at the app store on the iPod because I had it before and it’s not there? How can I download it?

  169. I too just updated my iPod and lost Papaya. Such a sad day. It seems a lot of people are missing it, I’m not sure why they decided to remove it, but I’m anything but impressed with the whole procedure. Why would they make it so we lost the app when updating software?? This is ridiculous.
    Please bring back Papaya Farm. That is the only game I thoroughly enjoyed. It’s like completing a game half way or more and then having to return it for no apparent reason.
    Papaya Farm, I miss you!! ๐Ÿ™

  170. I wish there was a way to download it. Try contacting
    she says her team is trying to get all the bugs in papaya farm fixed. I just dont want them to give up on this game bcuz i really love playing papaya farm. Papaya farm is on facebook, but its not the same!!!

  171. I’ve had to restore my iPhone and can’t reinstall the Farm app.

    Please, please, please make it available on the AppStore again.

  172. ……………………. Read the old comment first
    Papaya farm on the facebook it’s not the same
    and if you have iPhone you can’t play it in the facebook
    we all need it to be again in the App Store as before

  173. No you can not play papaya farm on facebook from an iphone,ipod, or ipod touch.. it can ONLY be played using a PC.. I WANT IT BACK IN THE APP STORE, AND I DON’T WANT THEM TO JUST HAVE IT ON FACEBOOK, I WANNA BE ABLE TO PLAY IT ON MY ITOUCH AS B4.

  174. luv this game, met my boyfriend on there

  175. I need you to bring back what you took from me!!!!!!!! I bought papaya so I own my app NOW give it back or I will start talking to the news! You know how they LOVE bad news about anything. I did all I could do with trying to get you to respond to me…. And you did not!!!! So I will take my 114 (and growing) and go to the news by feb 15th!!! And I also have final cut witch means I can make a nice video on youtube of how you took my money and my friends money!!! Give it back, I bought it!!!! Oh and I will also talk about how my iPhone was takin from me and your reps never told me how they could see if anyone activated it UNTILL I bought a new one!!!!! Shall I go on? Shame on you!!!
    Going to talk, Heather

  176. Papaya farm is not avalible in apple store ๐Ÿ™

    i want to download it as soon as possible please..


  177. Why papaya farm is not avalible in the app store????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz we waaant it baaaaaack right nowwwww .

    We loved this game and we want it why its not availble now????!

  178. I want my papaya app back, I dont care whats going on just give me my App that I purchased!! Dont rip ppl off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  179. Why did they get rid of this app. I was growing moon papayas and now it’s gone.

  180. IT IS NOT FAIR iTunes! I’ve never seen such a popular and incredible app like Papaya Farm and for some inexplicable reasons, it has been erased from itunes. Please bring it back.

  181. It is on facebook now. ITS NOT THE SAME!! It lags a bit
    Id still rather have it on my ipod.

  182. What is going on? whyyyyyyyyyyy?!?!? Bring it back you fucking shitheads!!!!!!!!

  183. Ohhhhhhh my god I love papaya farm I was going to recommend it to my friend but now it’s gone

  184. I used to have Papaya Farm but I accidently deleted the app and now I can’t get it back. Are they going to bring back the app? It’s one of my favorite app.

  185. Pls!!! Bring the app back !!

  186. Many comment without any Solution

  187. omg!!! plz bring back papaya farm! its my all time favorite app, but i restored my ipod and it deleted it! i want it back so bad!!! ๐Ÿ˜› bring it back!!

  188. My iPhone crashed and I too, lost my game. Trying to back up files with apple is a headache. Papaya farm and the other papaya games are extremely creative. I have not enjoyed a “video game” as such since Nintendo was developed. My family and friends would interact through the games for much needed stress relief in our daily “rat race” of a life here on earth! I miss papaya terribly! It was my own personal psych doc!!:)

  189. Ohhh gimme a freakin break!! Alot if ppl have broken english and cant spell for a buck, who r we to judge. Ya i know papaya farm crashed at times. SO WHAT!! Now it sucks on Facebook. Everyone that cried and complained about it are now complaining that its no longer in the app store. Now im upset becuz i lost my app in dec. And i am still waiting for it to come back, sure its on facebook, and facebook lags. I wonder how long before ppl start crying and complaing and that gets shut down too.

  190. Is anyone listening to us!!! HELLO!!!!!! Very simple. Put papaya farm back in the app store. They didnt do me any fabors by putting it on facenook. Does anyone know if they decided to just have it on facenook, and never bring the app back??? It sure would be nice if we knew something. I contacted apple, which was a waste of time, cuz i havent heard nothing back from them. We should all stop buying any apps till they bring papaya farm back. If its on facebook, the bugs must be fixed already.

  191. I also lot the app it was the only game I actually played for months and not I can’t get it back. Put this app back in the store.

  192. Having troble adding friends. What to do?

  193. When is papaya farm coming back to iphone. I want my farm back

  194. facebook papaya farm F-N SuX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  195. papaya farm rocks! Itunes withdrew it cos of the chatrooms! they not monitered enough! DOnt think it will be coming back but for those of you with jailbroken iphones you can get the app back by downloading through cydia! ive had my farm back since the end of dec and i love it! cant get on using facebook!

  196. I have one statement to make!!!


  197. I just got kicked out of the chat for no reason!!!! I said, look out she’s kicking butt. Then I got a warning. I asked if it was for using the word butt and got no response. I then said ” just asking, didn’t think I said anything worth a warning”. Next thing I know I’m kicked out!!!!! How can they give u a warning and not tell u what it’s for, not respond to ir Q’s and then kick u out just like that???? Who’s watching them????

  198. plss bring back the papaya farm

  199. Yes u can play papaya farm on facebook. Just click papaya farm on facebook. Put in ur papaya farm user id n password. All ur stuff will be there. I do not like the facebook version at all

  200. comment # 200!!

    now u can feed your animals with cow meat too

    add me ( Flavio ) i have a regular avatar with the pink hair but im sure i am the one with the highest lvl
    giving away tools

  201. I love this game tell me how I can get more money on this game

  202. I cannot find papaya farm in apple store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  203. I love it! I am totally hooked! I am constantly checking it! some people take the game wat too seriously! Like they cursed at me cause i stole thier grass! Like really get over it!! Its fake grass ur not gonna die! But its still fun!

  204. Please bring papaya farm back to the app store! I hadn’t backed up my iPod yet and now it’s gone. Papaya on facebook is NOT the same— much worse in my opinion. Please bring it back.

  205. I love Papaya Farm but i reset my Ipod and erased all my apps and now cANT GET IT

  206. My old phone was stolen and when I got a new one, papaya farm was gone from the app store! That was two months ago! What kinda of bussiness does that!

  207. i loovvveee papaya farm!!! its the best app ever!!!!!and its FREE!!!!!

  208. My iPhone apps just crashed. I re-synced my phone and iTunes deleted papaya farm. Now I can’t find it in the app store.:( So to my good papaya friends, if you read this. I hope that they bring it back to the store.

  209. I still have this game on my iPhone and they sent me a in game mail stating the following.

    The good news is our products are revamped and will be back to the App Store very soon (in three weeks or so). Please do stay tuned~

    Just thought some of you would like to hear this. So be patient looks like it’s coming back.

  210. Yaaaaay! Thanks Neecy, hope that’s true cuz I miss my farm!

  211. me too hope that

  212. Hi i was wondring if we get papaya bk will our farms be the same or will we have to start agen I’m gutted I’ve lost it !!!!

  213. im adictted

  214. I LOVE papaya farm! But it’s not working on my phone. None of my apps will open. Anyone know when it will be back? I got the pmail that it would be back on the iTunes store soon but that was a while ago. ๐Ÿ™

  215. Umm what happened to the game synced my phone an now it not on itunes????

  216. Papaya farm was removed from iTunes months ago! They have said it should return withing a few weeks but by no means a certain thing! If your iPhone is jailbroken you can still get app from cydia!
    Papaya farm rocks!!!

  217. IT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  218. Everyone you cam download papaya farm on CYDIA if you have a jailbrokin phone so go get it there and you can be happy again ?

  219. For those of us that were foolish and did the firmware update, it’ll be back in the iTunes store sometime, just be patient.

  220. When will Papaya Farm be back in the iTunes store?!?!? My phone crashed and I had to reboot and lost all of my apps ๐Ÿ™ I love Papaya Farm!!! I need it back!!!

  221. i have a question.. is it possible to have more than 1 account on papaya farm on 1 phone? my daughter started it and wants my phone every waking moment and i want to create my own farm. considerng its my phone. but i dont want to play the facebook version or lose all of her progress on her farm.. please help me answer this question.

  222. Papaya farm will not be returning to IPHONE!!! They sent out messages saying so today! Ugh!

  223. I am outraged that papaya will not be returning to iPhone!
    All that time and money I spent playing that stupied game pisses me off !!! And I couldn’t even finish it, grrrrrr! I am sueing ! I want my money back!! Damn papaya scammers!! Fu$k%n lil sh%ts!!!!! I am pissed off, never will I put that much time and money into a effin game again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  224. I really want papaya farm but I don’t know where to get it other than the app store which is not available!!!!
    Help I really want it!!!!!

  225. android market got it…

  226. yes chrissy, you can all you have to do is make sure your daughters acct is set up with an email address then log out and click play now and you can make a new acct with new email address. i agree with you she, but if you have a jailbroken iphone you can get it. best of luck.

  227. Ok we all know that papaya farm has been deleted from apps store but WHY? WHY has it been deleted? I want to know…..I know it wasn’t shortage of funds…why is it no longer available? any body know why apple or whomever gave them the boot?

  228. So how can I become a admin on papaya?

  229. My guess is that they are developing a version compatible with the new v4.0 firmware which is still under development by apple. It would be a waste of time and money to make papaya work on an old firmware. Apple knows papaya is one of the best apps out there. So theyre working on getting it right.

  230. I paid $9.99 on two iPhones for the games papayas and now the game will not load on my phones !! WHY?????!

  231. so easy i download half year ago i downloaded it so easily

  232. I have an acct. I always log off. Wednesday I went to log back in and it says ID/password incorrect. I reset my password and still nothing. It won’t let me in!! Can anyone help? Of course, I have e-mailed them and no response!! They never respond!!

  233. I love this game and im soooo sad its not in the app store anymore… I miss the game i loved it

  234. I have a huge question… Ppl who have papaya farm will u do something for me? I would be soooo nice… I need u to look for yourparents on papaya and tell him tht jacqueline rlly needs to talk to him and to try to talk to me or somethin on We Rule… That would really help if you could do that… Thanks a lot ๐Ÿ™‚

  235. I think its pretty dam crappy that I want to the App Store to resolve a problem with my phone and they lost all my applications phone numbers pictures of my grand babies our vacation trips and my favorite game papaya farm. I’m disable and I made o alot lf freinds paying the game. Its pretty dam rotten that I can’t re-download this game I didn’t delect the game your well train techicans did that screw up.Its sadden me everyday that I see my wife still playing on her Iphone farming with some of my freinds that we share and they keep asking when will I be back playing its not right. It was part of my day unable to drive and home most of the day by myself it was fun talking to people everday. Not my fault but your people fault pictures that can’t replace and phone number that can’t be replace unless they call me.unhappy camper.

  236. Put papaya farm back on app store

  237. Is there anyway I can contact the makers of this?

  238. Hello again. I just want to say, I accidentally got permanatly banned and there is no way for me to take my pictures off the website or contact anyone. I’m so angry. And u can’t tell that to the friends I made on the game either

  239. Ha, Im in the USA and I have an iphone. Ive had papaya for a year and didnt pay a penny. It still works for me.

  240. You guys give people a bad name. Just because you cant use papaya, u get all depressed! Why did all of you like it? Was it the mingling? dirty talking? farming?

  241. Ahhh shut up miko…. just because you prob still have it downloaded on your phone, or else you’d prob be trash talking too.

  242. I just got a response from the ppl @ papaya and they said that papaya will no longer be in the app store ever! So if u upgraded ur iPhone to ios4 than u can’t play it anymore unless u jailbreak or android phones, sry. I’m sad about it too

  243. Porfabor nesesito el juego

  244. I need help!!!! I had papaya and I made a really good friend on there…. But I got the new 4.0 iPod update and now I can’t access papaya ๐Ÿ™ if anybody has papaya and wants to help just write a comment and mention my name (Emily) please help!!!!

  245. I can try to help you Emily. Don’t know if it’ll work but I’ll try

  246. Dealin can I have ur email I don’t want to post mine on here lol

  247. Dealin can I have ur email I don’t want to post mine on here lol I hope u see this comment lol I was out of town and not able to respond as soon as I would have liked too!!

  248. Hurry! I want it back in the app store!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™

  249. I updated my iPhone to 4.0!! Now I can’t access papaya farm. Can anyone help me pls?!? Lol desperate here.I was on level 101 and I’ve made some really nice friends there….:( too bad

  250. I spent a lot of money playing this iPhone game. Im still running 3.0.1. I never upgraded and now I can’t log in. Im very frusrated. I have thousands of papayas that I paid for. I either want my account restored or a full refund. I just sent two emails to this address:

    Im waiting to hear back from them. They had better restore my account, refund my money or I will make a stink about this.

  251. whoa whoa whoa
    i thought this,inmy opinion, beautiful, dazzling fucking game had been removed for like years.
    How do you guys have it?

  252. I upgraded my iPhone and now I cant play it anymore. I want it back!!!! When are you gonna fix it?!

  253. I updated my iPhone and now I can’t even play my games I really wat someone to fix this problem

  254. Dammit I want to play papaya farm.. BRING IT BACK

  255. I loved papaya farm! Why did you guys take it off the iTunes app store?! I strongly recommend you putting it back up asap. I want it back!!

  256. Please, if you love the app, contact the developers of Papaya Farm. AppSafari has no directly connection to them. … Which is unfortunate because I’m wondering about that too.

  257. You acn always play papaya farm on facebook until they fix your problems

  258. I bought the I phone four and now I can’t play this game and I remembered that they said I could go to a web site to play it and I forgot what it was. I like playing this game so I hope I get some help.

  259. hey for all you peoples who want the game back jailbreak your iPhones and iPods and you can download papaya for free on cydia!!!!! does any one have any good cheat codes to earn more papayas???

  260. Ok fuck you fierce .your 40 telling everone your 28 lmfao. This Is just the start of flooding your name and sending the naked pictures of you out u sent me . I kept everything . Hoe

  261. Some papaya admins are on parol and lied about who they are to be a admin . Think your kids should be farming with 40 year old felons ? I think it’s sick that they don’t look into it. I understand they can’t contoll who plays the game but they can controll who they hire to be admins.

  262. I will keep reposting this .

  263. I delete my farm by mistake

  264. Thanks I looked hard for Farming type games thanks again for these options.

  265. u still can download it from or if u use ur phone

  266. On level 108 =D thank God I never lost my farm !!!!

  267. Please use ref code polo or just add for free tools *all :polodagreat

  268. iPad upgrade — I LOST MY FARM. It will NOT open anymore.
    BEWARE if you are upgrading your devices. HELP!

  269. I am furious!!! it was my favorite game and you made it unavailable for IPhone and now IPad. How come? and you are saying “Download it from AppStore” what AppStore???
    is there a chance that this game returns or i have unlock my phone??? or switch to Android?

  270. why acct is banned

  271. I have a ipod and a ipad and my older ipod that was cracked I only used to play papaya farm games texas hold em and the farm and parking game. now since that ipod had to be refreshed due to some glitch I have lost the only app that I looked forward to and have a lot of friends on, whats up with that?

  272. hi im Sandy05 if u play parking wars add me i need space shutter parts i already have 4 machines i need the other ones. tyvm ๐Ÿ™‚

  273. Good

  274. I had papaya farm on my iphone i stupidly updated my phone and forgot that papaya doesnt work anymore. im trying to now play it on facebook but cant rememeber my password can anyone help me set a new passwrod please

  275. when I try to get onto papaya from facebook, its not working. it just keeps saying “refreshing” over and over again. What can I do to fix this?????

  276. N

  277. This was my only favorite game ever, and y’all made it unavailable to iPod because apparently when I search it on the app store it’s not there. Is there any way you guys can make it available again?

  278. Me justa

  279. Me gusta

  280. Papayas me gusta mucho

  281. crap if you want to buy papayas other than with a credit card . well in the uk anyway

  282. I changed a new mobile, when i use the papaya farm apps, it told me Login in an accont, but i don’t know which one is my account, i can’t run my farm, please help.

  283. On last Friday I purchased 13000 papayas for $9.99. It was for my phone (225) 287-9339 and the papayas has not showed up as of this date. This is the second time I’ve purchased papayas and did not receive them. Also I’ve downloaded Papaya Pet Paradise and reached level 10 but I did not get a plot of land. I’ve invited 4 new friends and still cant plow a new piece of land

  284. Forget pass word, iPhone’s login don’t have ” forgot password” this item to click. What can I do?

  285. Great game, install it with refferer code : Azerty95
    Add me as friend so i can give you tips and fruits !!

  286. anyone know what i can do if i usually sign on using facebook but now it asks me for my user name and password which i have never set up..i have emailed them 4 times and have gotten no response help!

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