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SculptMaster 3D

Created by Volutopia, SculptMaster 3D is available on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad for $3.99 and is available as a free alternative. This is a paint program that you can make in 3D. It’s the first intuitive 3D painting program that I’ve ever seen. I mention from time to time that I work with 3D quite a bit. I try to bring that to my reviews because I’ve been in a game development environment before and I know the work flow and how the process works. SculptMaster 3D is one of those apps that just reminds me so much of the 3D programs I’ve used that I just have to review it.

3D Sculpting is a relatively new technology with programs like Z-Brush leading the way, Mudbox, Sculptris, and others trying to compete. If you’ve never seen works created in Z-Brush or any other sculpting program, I really recommend looking it up. So anyways, this technology has lead the way for the entire Next-Gen gaming front. Gears of War, God of War, and nearly EVERY game that was released past the PS2/GameCube era of gaming has used models created with Z-Brush and the like.

SculptMaster 3D

SculptMaster 3D is a monster of an app that really surprises me. Who would have ever guessed that you could fit something that creates organic models into a tiny iPhone? SculptMaster 3D came into the App world a long time ago but I only recently found it. You can start with empty space or a block of “clay” that you can shape and mold. You use your fingers to move the camera, with gestures for zooming, panning, and rotating around the model. You have tools for adding or carving onto the model, you can smooth out the shape, and you can paint colors on it.

There is a tremendous amount of potential for an app like this. Create a simple object like a detailed vase or an intricately designed shield or go hardcore and create statues and trees. Everything you work on can be saved into SculptMaster 3D’s “gallery”. I was seriously shocked by this feature. Basically, every work you do has a little thumbnail saved into this “gallery” and if you tap it, no matter how long it has been since you last ran SculptMaster 3D, you can continue editing that model. The models come up almost instantly and the amount of models you can save is insane.

SculptMaster 3D

The 3D model won’t be stuck in your iPhone as just eye candy however. If you want to save your models out, you can export them into OBJ meshes and import them via email, Dropbox, or iOS4 file sharing and you can use these OBJs in your 3D modeling software. You can also save images of your model and view them in your photo library for bragging rights.

Now, this program has some clear limitations. Brush sizes are difficult to change immediately. I would have loved a little scrolling bar or something on the side of the screen so I can use an extremely small brush for careful details or being able to change the intensity level so my cuts and adds wouldn’t be so… random in size and height.

Ok, so SculptMaster 3D could really improve by simple additions like a way to change the subdivisions on the model for heavier sculpting, a way to change the model from the current rectangular box to maybe a circle or cylinder. Maybe some brush shape alphas so we can sculpt with square brushes or other more versatile shapes. Currently, the mirror modeling doesn’t work so that really needs some fixing. With proper mirroring, making a symmetrical object like a face-like shape or an emblem would be considerably easier.

This app has wonderful potential and would benefit from more control elements. I’m just hoping that this app has not been abandoned because this could really complement the top sculpting programs in the industry. Portable, intuitive, and immensely interesting, SculptMaster 3D could… no, SHOULD be more popular with 3D modelers, but it just needs… more. Please Volutopia, I beg you… keep this app up because it deserves it.

For all of you, who have no idea what this app is, please try this app out for yourself. Play around and make your own art. It doesn’t matter if it will be in a game or something. Art is art and this is a paint program that you can rotate in real time.

Sample the free version of SculptMaster 3D on your iPhone.

AppSafari Rating: 3.5/5

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