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MotionX GPS Drive

Looking for a budget yet powerful GPS nav using your iPhone 3GS? MotionX-GPS Drive is a GPS navigation system app for your iPhone, with a few great features. You can use GPS Drive to find popular locations using an easy to use dial style directory that breaks down into coffee shops, gas stations, browse, restaurants, parking lots, movie theaters, hospitals, or you can enter any address, or pull up one from your iPhone contacts. The app has 2 options for directions, you can either use the non-voice controlled directions which is basically like the Google Maps app with larger icons, or you can opt in to the MotionX GPS Drive which requires you to pay a monthly service fee and get Live Voice Guidance. The app gives you a 30 day free trial of the Live Voice feature to try out with no strings attached whatsoever. After that you have to pay $3/month or $25/year for the voice feature.

The voice feature is great, uses a female voice with clean pronunciation and large directional icons and a map. MotionX uses the Bing mapping service. The Go To menu is a great shortcut page where you can tap go to My Home, Recently Found, Frequent Destinations, Favorites, Saved Locations, Contacts, Points of Interests, Lat/Long, and a bunch more shortcuts. The Maps tab shows you your current route with ETA, Distance Remaining, Time, Heading directions, and feet remaining until your next turn. The compass tab is a nice looking round compass that shows your speed mph, your altitude in feet, plus your latitude and longitude degrees for precise pinpoint location info. The iPod tab shows an easy to read large list of direction steps with big yellow turn icons. You can swipe left to see a different format where you just see a black page with the street name in green street sign format. A third screen is even simpler with your main location information. Tap the iPod text to slide open a menu where you can play any song in your iPod with simple pause, play next, previous, shuffle, repeat buttons.

MotionX GPS Drive works well when used with the Griffin Windshield Mount ($7.99) for your car which allows angle adjustment for easy viewing. You can also use the Griffin PowerJolt SE Car Charger ($13.55) for a complete and functional GPS system using your iPhone for under $25.

Options let you pick your driving options, picking from Fastest route, Shortest route, Avid Freeways, and even ability to use Live Traffic Data. A simulation mode lets you virtually drive through a route before your actual trip. This is a powerful feature we really love about the MotionX GPS Drive app. You get a slew of features and great functionality with this $2.99 GPS app. The only catch that you should be aware of is that it does require you to pay a monthly fee for the voice control feature, after 30 days. Recommended for anyone who prefers paying as they go instead of coughing up a big pile of cash like other GPS such as TomTom, MobileNavigator, and G-Map. With MotionX your maps are update live, with a small caching feature for faster load times. You can listen to your iPod as your use it for navigation for either driving or walking to any location, and you get a full featured directory search app and compass built in. This app works with iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS.

Here is a video demo of the MotionX GPS Drive app on the iPhone

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Price: $2.99
Developer: Website
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6 Comments to “MotionX GPS Drive”

  1. You state in this web advertisment that the price is $0.99 but in the app store it is listed as $2.99

  2. @Henning Thanks for the update, looks like MotionX have increased the price

  3. I have been using MotionX GPS on my iPhone for a few days now. All I can say is, wow, if I was Garmin, I’d be very worried.

    It works great and has a superb user experience.

  4. I own this and the full year subscription of Voice
    for 24.99. a total of almost 30 bucks.
    and thats all I needed.
    You dont pay a dime more for anything, nothing.
    and you will have a full year of GPS navigation.

    You can OPT out of the voice and just use the GPS.
    you dont have to subscribe for voice if you dont want to.
    its not manditory, but its a awesome addon.

    You can play music while using it and also it has
    pedestrians mode.
    the app will guide you with or without the voice
    door to door.

    I love this app.
    Sure beats ATT Navigator, Garmin, TomTom and all the rest.
    If I was the other companies – I’d be very worried

    this is a must have.


  5. I was looking for a good GPS to use on my Iphone since the 2nd generation. Unfortunately , no such luck. I was excited when last year Tom Tom came out with an app, till I saw their ridiculous pricing. For that you might as well get the hardware to buy purchasing the portable devices they sell. Nevertheless, I continued my searching and was pleased to see that the app store has some decent if not great new GPS choices. Hence, finding MotionX GPS Drive was a treat. I absolutely love it. I paid 99 cent went it was the lower price. I would have been happy paying 25 bucks for it. This is one of the best apps for your iphone, It actually works better than the built in GPS I have in my Infiniti car I Own. Those car GPS use a DVD based system which is not as acurate as Global based. Keep that in mind. So if your smart like me, get this app now. Its worth the new $2.99 or whatever the price of the day is. Dont be a cheap tight ass, just buy it already and I dare you to see if you can get lost. bet you cant.

  6. Does it work in Europe?

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