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Angry Birds Halloween

Update: Angry Birds Halloween has been renamed to Angry Birds Seasons, and is currently featuring 25 Christmas levels. Here is how the game looks for the holidays, followed by a review of the Halloweens edition.

Angry Birds Seasons

I was surprised with this app. It’s not by the same makers as the original Angry Birds that became a massive hit, but with this new theme, does it stand up against the original? Welcome to creepy Halloween… now with The Birds!!!! (zomg Hitchcock reference!) Brought to us by Rovio Mobile Ltd., Angry Birds Halloween is available on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad for $0.99.

Apologies to Rovio Mobile. They did in fact work on and release this application, as they did with Angry Birds, but they did not publish the app with, and instead released it on their own. That is why Clickgamer was not listed in the Angry Birds Halloween AppStore description. There were a lot of comments that also misunderstood and I should have read more carefully. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

The graphics look absolutely beautiful. I love the trees, the gradient red background, and the creepy massive moon. It just looks great. The little birds and pigs are from the original, though now the pigs are little zombies. It’s cute. The music is great as well, so that pretty much makes the production value of the game really well done. I would’ve really liked to have seen some different areas like graveyards, haunted mansions, or some more variety in the background, but at least their one and only background looks absolutely great.

Angry Birds Halloween

The puzzles are hard. Some, I feel, are close to impossible without a whole heck of a lot of trial and error. The puzzle parts usually come together without much coherence. In the original, there were different places to visit, different puzzle structures, and usually, they come with a theme. Here, the theme is always a random assortment of wood planks and cement blocks. Not a lot of interesting ways to break through the puzzle and I swear, some stages were not play-tested well because they are nearly impossible to get full stars on.

You know what I would have liked to see? The stages from the original Angry Birds remade into horrible nightmarish Halloween versions. Have the puzzles involve creepy shapes, maybe some haunted mansion parts used as the puzzles? Maybe vampire, Frankenstein, or werewolf pigs as the enemies? I would have liked new birds or at least having the birds follow the whole Halloween theme?

Angry Birds Halloween

This was a simple remake that really could have just been a theme change in the original Angry Birds. Here, it’s a separate app for some unexplained reason since this really doesn’t provide a whole lot of new content. I still really like the art, but that doesn’t make a game fun or new. I personally can’t recommend this one since the original was far superior, but if you really REALLY wanted two Angry Birds on your iDevice, buy it?

Here is a video demo of the Angry Birds Halloween app on the iPhone

AppSafari Rating: 3.5/5

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Price: $0.99
Developer: Website
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6 Comments to “Angry Birds Seasons”

  1. You might seriously want to revamp this review. Angry Birds Halloween and Angry Birds are most certainly both by the same creators – Rovio Mobile. The original was simply published by Chillingo (not even Clickgamer as you mention in your review). That’s a serious mistake that a lot of people have been making these past few days for some reason. Rovio just decided to self-publish this time around.

  2. Well well! I didn’t notice the “@Rovio Mobile Ltd” part that was the same on both apps. is the site that Angry Birds links to. Just my mistake in naming the publishers.

    I still stick with my thoughts at the time, which were my honest opinions. The graphics look great for the one background they decided to sell us for a dollar, and the puzzles feel less innovative. It could have been a downloadable theme and is not worth the purchase in my opinion.

    I still have fun with Angry Birds, it’s still one of my favorite games in my iPhone, and even with this small misunderstanding, it barely factors into my feelings on the game. In fact, it makes me wonder if Angry Birds makers just decided to make a quick release to get the Halloween crowd.

  3. Sorry, I guess “revamp” was a bit strong, though it would still seem worthy of an edit to modify the incorrect information (or at least make note of it at the end of the review). As for the rest of your analysis, I completely understand, as I’ve been down that road myself before. To counter your point, though, maybe the real problem is that we’re all too spoiled by the 99 cent price tag. The reality is that Rovio and certain other developers have gone way above and beyond the call of duty to offer the apps and updates they have for 99 cents. Here we balk at a standalone product that they charge 99 cents for, yet on the PC people will pay $20 or $30 for an “expansion” that adds one new map and a new unit to a strategy game. I’m really kind of shocked that so many developers are still willing to invest the time in iPhone development.

  4. Ok, that’s true and I can agree with that. Being a iPhone game, it’s much easier to say that the base price of a dollar is worth more and more content. Even ‘expensive’ apps at $4-5 are aren’t that bad in terms of gaming. I’ve probably spent thousands on my PS, PS2, PS3, PC, etc… but I also spent hundreds on my iPhone apps… Well, every dollar is important to our readers and they shouldn’t feel cheated when they purchase a product. Even if it’s a dollar, I try to save it for the readers. As a game artist, I can accept that if I release product that is not worth the price, no one should purchase it, but that is why I always wait for these apps to improve over time and I’ll be willing to re-review them as they become better.

  5. Saw your update about Rovio – well done. I also took the time to read the rest of the review more carefully, and I can completely understand where you are coming from. Of course they couldn’t just remake the original levels because of the whole thing with Chillingo, but if the puzzles really are that haphazard then shame on them. On the other hand, if they treat this anything like they did the original Angry Birds, I’d expect to see updates coming fairly regularly. I would hope this to be the case since they’ve made such a big deal about how they can do this without Chillingo. Anyway, it’s a decent review, and hopefully if there are more like this then Rovio will take the suggestions to heart. Personally I’d love to see them make this a seasonal thing and add new level sets for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter (maybe they could even add a turkey into the mix!)

  6. hi wsup

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