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Hacking your iPhone and iPod touch just got a whole lot easier! For those who don’t want to wait until February, AppSnap at is a one-touch instant jailbreak for both iPhone and iPod touch. This is done by visiting the URL in Safari on your iPhone or iPod touch. Read the directions on the page, scroll to the bottom, and tap Install AppSnapp which loads the TIF hack. You will get full disk access and install so you can add pretty much any third party application you like.

After starting the install, Safari will disappear returning you to the main springboard. The iPhone will restart and after some time you will see the slide-to-unlock option. If Safari hangs on the first try, you can force quit Safari by pressing and holding the home button for 4-8 seconds, and trying again.

After you slide-to-unlock you will see the icon you your home screen. The process is seemingly as simple as claimed to be. You should also probably upgrade at this point. If you want to access the file system on your iPhone or iPod touch, from install BSD subsystem/Community Sources/Open SSH. Then you can ssh into your device and use Finder windows to drag and drop files onto your iPhone or iPod touch.

Latest News on AppSnap: AppSnapp has been shut down to comply with Apple’s latest iPhone developer agreement, which prohibits the creation of jailbreak utilities as well as aiding others in the jailbreak process.

Warning! Use iPhone mods and hacks at your own risk! Installing 3rd Party iPhone apps requires you to jailbreak the iPhone before installing the native software and apps which voids your warranty. Read more about here. Browse the full list of all iPhone and iPod touch native 3rd party apps filed under the software category.

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  1. Has anyone gotten this to work on an iPod touch? I have an 8GB iPod touch running software version 1.1.1 but when I follow the directions, Safari disappears and I’m left at the home menu. I understand it takes a few minutes but I waited 40 minutes and nothing happened. I rebooted the device and force-quit Safari but nothing worked. -Joe

  2. Same here.
    I have iphone 8Gb.
    When I tap Install AppSnapp, it says loading and after exactly 5 minutes it kicks me back to Activate iPhone screen

  3. I don’t even get that far. When I click install, my phone immediately reverts back to the home screen. I get kicked out of Safari completely. I have been fighting with this thing for about an hour now, and I give up.

  4. It’s supposed to go back to your home screen. I thought something was wrong with mine too when it kicked me out of safari. You just have to site and wait for it to reboot. Don’t touch anything when it goes back to the home screen. Just let it sit there

  5. I got this to work, however, a lot of the apps available spontaneously quit. I was able to get the calendar tweak, but that was about it.

  6. I had similar problems, just sat there, frozen in Safari, for a long time. Tried force quitting and running again but no go. Ended up rebooting my phone and trying a third time. Worked and crashed back to the home screen almost instantly. Gotta love these devs!

  7. have tried it several times but apptapp installer does not appear.

  8. I loaded the software as oulined on the web page and then discovered that because I had unlocked my phone in 1.0.2 that I needed to revert back to 1.0.2 to revirginize my phone before running the unlock program. I then used the restore feature in iTunes as outlined and now my phone is totally bricked and the iTunes tells me to take the phone to the apple store because it is broken. Apple will not help at all – I took the phone to the apple store and they told me they can and will do nothing. Any ideas how to recover are appreciated.

  9. help me my itune dont accept me because i broke jailbreakme for 1.1.1 so i want to remove all of it so it wont restore to back to normal so what can i do ??

  10. what is with the small blue question mark??

  11. Just updated my 16GB iPod touch to 1.1.2, and when it restarted, ALL of my custom apps (including the installer) were gone.

    Anyone else? How to resolve?

  12. Same here, it automatically updated while it was connected last night (my itouch) and this morning all of my apps were gone.

    Now when I go to jailbreakme on safari, i click install appsnap, it just loads and empty page…

  13. look if you leave itunes running all night and it updates the ipod touch or iphone it getss rid of appsnap cuz that the only reason for the update cuz apple hates us so very much just look up how to downgrade your ipodtouch on youtube look for the maker to be ipodtouchmaster its not me but hes the one who shown me how to do as he says and you will get it

  14. when installing the jailbreak and appsnap you need to do it via wifi connection, edge network for some reason won’t do it, perhaps its too slow. I did it via wifi without any problems. Good luck

  15. I have a 8gb itouch and when I tap on Install appsnapp safari wont crash it just goes to another page and loads it compleatly. I have tried this a lot now and it does the same thing.

  16. just got my itouch today tried to install app snap just loads a page with a blue ? Box. Sounds like in the most recent update apple has blocked it I tried restoring It with no luck owell hope they can hack it again!

  17. you have to have 1.1.1 for it to be jailbroken without doing it the hard way look it yp on and type in one step jailbreak make sure your iPod is at 1.1.1 not 1.1.2 or your wasting your time if you got 1.1.2 look at how to downgrade iPod touch in youtube and do as it says try to find the guy named ipodmaster or something like that he shown me how to its not to hard after it if done..

    •~• sinforal•~•

  18. im afriad if i try to jailbreak my ipod touch from it will crash or something. if it does what can i do about it?

  19. you should be able to do a regular restore from itunes. Jailbreakme probably wont brick it.

  20. i have lots of apps for iphone but i dont khnow how to istall them.i must download some program? please help me

  21. terrible app – kills iphones – AVOID

  22. i dont know how to down grade my ipod touch to 1.1.1. how do i do it?

  23. k guys i have a ipod touch 8gb im.
    I’m on it rite now well first u downgrade ur iphone/iPod back to 1.1.1 go to and it should do the rest if u want to downgrade it go to ipodtouchmaster on youtube… He is the best first app u want to get is springboard so u can put more apps on it

  24. Hey I have a virgin Iphone 1.0 from july what do i do first to install the appsnap…….if i have to upgrade where is the best place to do it… iphone is a 1.0 not a 1.0.1 or a 1.0.2 a straight 1.0????….thanks…..can i install all these apps straight to my 1.0????

  25. i downloaded a game off apps installer on my iphone but when i exited the installer the apps installer icon dissapeared and was replaced by the game, how do i get the installer icon back ? :S

  26. i have a 4g iphone mine just goes to a blue ?
    i havent even done this before

  27. Hi guys!
    i bout my i ipod touch for my xmas present and now i trying to download 1.1.1 but wen i try to download it then the window freez!
    can some one tell me how to fix it!?

  28. hey guys!
    i’ve got an ipod tuch with the software 1.1.2 and i am trying to download some games and themes but i cant do it.
    can any1 tell me any websites where i can download games or themes ??
    app snapp is for 1.1.1 only and i’ve got 1.1.2

  29. ok so when I click the install app snapp a blank page comes up and then nothing happens plz plz help I really need it

  30. I have the iPhone 1.1.2 and I can’t get it every time I try to jailbreak my phone a blue ? comes up

  31. Every time I try to download the appsnap it goes to a site and there is a tiny blue square with a question mark in the middle. It’s like it’s not downloading

  32. yeah all I’m getting is the blue ? Mark… I think people should just avoid Appsnap

  33. I installed appsnapp onto my ipod touch on then i updated my firmware and installer was deleted i have tried to re-install appsnapp but it says you need to restore ur ipod and i’ve done that but it still won’t let me install appsnapp. please help!

  34. Daniel you need to downgrade to version 1.1.1 as stated several times above. appsnapp will be deleted when your pod updates to version 1.1.2 and is not compatable with version 1.1.2

    search on youtube on how to downgrade from version 1.1.2 to version 1.1.1

  35. Hey, I have an iPod Touch and i was just wondering how to restore it so i can redo the appsnap thing. Can anyone help?

  36. I have a bit of an issue and was hoping you could point me in the right direction! I used ibrickr to downgrade to 1.0.2 and then it went on to install jailbreak etc. Short and curlys is that now the iphone when switched on gives me the silver apple and then scrolls through lots of random white text on a black background. Then it stops half way through and reboots, and continues the cycle, for ever!!! Looks like im really in trouble now. Not sure if Apple are gonna help me, kind of hoping some way can as the wife will kill me if she finds out I’ve killed my xmas pressent!!!!!!

  37. mine doesen’t work…..i wish it did cause my friend had it done and it is really kewl!!

  38. ? wuts happening in feburary with the iphones/ipods???? does anyone know yet!!1

  39. I used the browse to appsnap method with my new 16GB Touch. The process worked smoothly and it helped to look up home made videos illustrating this process on youtube. Once the correct support files are installed, it is possible to install everything and it all works as expected (nicely). My new iPod is now capable of so much more including some helpful network tools that will be invaluable for work. Thanks for putting this high-quality software out there for everyone to use and enjoy!
    BTW, is there a 2.5GB limit to the size of the standard applications folder on the device? I can only seem to install exactly 2.5GB into this folder and I can no longer put any additional packages into the folder (they show up incomplete). I can add additional items all day (for example shortcuts to digg and facebook and groceries etc.) as long as they do not increase the size of the applications folder. I can pull out or uninstall a couple and then I can add a different one at that point. I already have more than enough additional functionality in my device, but it would be nice to add just a few more items especially while I am still showing this thing off to everyone in sight 😉 Thanks again!

  40. whenever I click on install appsnapp on my i touch it goes to a blank screen and at the top left corner there is a box with a question mark inside. how do I get appsnapp to work.

  41. i got a 16 gig ipod touch for christmas. i downgraded it to 1.1.1 and jailbroke it. ive downloaded loads apps for it and everythings been working fine for over a week now until today when i went back to the home screen it had changed to all the icons along the bottem being gone except safari. none of the home screen icons work and when i turn my ipod on it says “waiting for actvation” and in the top left corner it says no service.. wht can i do? sum1 please help me!

  42. Hi peeps, can any kind soul help me with this? I’m currently in Singapore. Tried to jailbreak my iphone. It’s a OOB 1.1.2, but i’ve got this next sim card to help me with it. I’ve been trying to install appsnap via jailbreak, but after clicking on to install appsnap, it just brings me to a blank safari page with the

    Is there something wrong with their server currently or is it my network?

  43. hey
    every time I try to install appsnap, a little blue box appears and I can’t install it. Can I ever install it or is there another website I can try to install it from?

  44. email me if u have any problems!!! Thandis70[at]yahoo[dot]com im the guy that knows everything about a ipod/iphone does anyone know wut a accelometer is i do its built in it wut makes u turn the albums and turn the internet email me anybody ill help u i promise!!!

  45. for those getting the box with the question mark (if its a blue box or question mark) i’ve heard that you will need to start from the beginning as you have already ran the appsnap installer once already

  46. I have a iPod touch 16gig and when I go to and hit install appsnap I just get a blank screen with a blue box with a question mark in it. Somewone PLEASE HELP!

  47. email me if u need help hacking ur ipod 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 idk about 1.1.3

  48. I’ve been reading alot of the comments and i have similar problems. i upgraded my ipod touch to 1.1.3 (which was a mistake)…i finally found out how to downgrade back to 1.1.1…then i tried getting installer back on my ipod with appsnap and all it does is go to my springboard. it never restarts my ipod tho. what am i doing wrong??

  49. I am having the same problem. I just got another iPhone and when I go to the page it does nothing when I try to load AppSnap!

  50. When I went to my computer says it’s a virus! WTF! My iPhone does nothing as far as loading anything!

  51. well first is for a iPOD or Iphone not a pc

  52. I have 1.1.3 does that mean that I cant get installer? Plz help me out!

  53. I just got a ipod touch and upgraded to 1.1.3, when i click on Install Appsnap it just shows a small square blue dot on the top left side of the browser (…/y.tiff or something like that). How do i install Appsnap ?


  54. I have the same problem as the person above this

  55. How can I install AppSnap with
    iNdependence? Where can I download
    the file?



  56. ppl who have a myspace i just made a new group called the ipodhackers it was created about a minute ago k ttyl hackers!

  57. ok people who are having that blue mark or they crash to there home screens heres the scoop
    you have to down grade your software on your itouch(ipod touch) or iphone when you buy it it will ether have 1.1.3 or 1.1.2 software search that on youtube

  58. i’ve been trying to update my iphone to 1.1.2 firmware but it is always an error. I used putty for this according to the site and its just an error. Can anyone help me on this?

  59. anyone who owns a myspace and want to be in my group ipod touch hackers iphone owners can join to but we are gonna be a group that gives sources and repos and ect! But if want to join email me at thandis70[at] and im gonna get the famous ipodtouch master! Im a awesome hacker i can hack any ipod firmware im so badass i can help anyone!

  60. all that this is is problems. Does anyone’s work? Will they ever make one that is compatible with v 1.1.3.

  61. Im having the same problem just the blue box, i gave someone my phone to have it unlocked got it back everything works fine, but no installer. Now please seriously does anybody know the solution on how to get the APPSNAP installed properly ive tried clicking the link on my iphone several times same blue box.

  62. This is a response to comment 61, you have to jailbreak the i phone in 1.1.1 b4 you can access that website on your phone. you have to do it in recovery mode and its pretty tricky just you tube how to jailbreak version 1.1.2, and no they dont have a “Simple” Jailbreak for 1.1.3 yet.

  63. wow can anyone make it so that you can download installer to an iPod touch 16gb on firmware 1.1.3 without a computer ?????,?,?,?! Becuase its really really tireing to have this iPod be so boaring plzzzs help

  64. WHAT THE HELL!!! DOES ANYONE KNOW WHATS UP WITH THE BLUE ? MARK… IVE SEEN IT ASKED 20+ TIMES. DOES ANYONE KNOW?????????????????????????????????????????????????

  65. ppl have been asking wut the blue question mark is!!! Anyone who wants to know email me!!!

  66. blue question mark? i restore and still blue question mark. please help.

  67. i just installed it, and when i got to the part of clicking on the icon, i did it, then the ipod went blank, i slid the arrow to unlock, and i only had top bar(ipod-wifi signal—–batery left) and the rest of the scren is black, and now there’s not even the unlock bar, its just blocked and black… anyone has the same problem??

  68. the installer wont let bsd system or anything install

  69. i have a 16gb ipod touch, and i have atleast 500songs and i paid for the january software update if i downgarde my ipod touch from 1.1.3 to 1.1.1 will i loose my january software that i paid for?? is there a way that i can keep all my stuff and still downgrade..

  70. I have a 16g iPod touch and its 1.1.4. I haven’t heard anyone say that they have 1.1.4. Is it really uncommon/ is there even such thing? Because on home>settings>general>about, it says 1.1.4. Anyways, is there any way to jailbreak it or downgrade all the way to 1.1.1? I just got it a few days ago, so I done want to brick it!

  71. I clicked it all it showed was nothing it just stayed there

  72. when i do it, its a blank screen and doesnt do anything for a long period of time. any ideaS?

  73. when I try to go to,the browser stops loading and after about 5 minute, it says that safari cannot connect because page stopped responding. Do you know how I can fix this so I can download the appsnap aplication?

  74. okay so ive downgraded my ipod touch to 1.1.1 and went to and clicked install appsnap but it just says loading on the safari and after about twenty-thirty seconds safari shuts off and returns to the home screen. ive literally tried this about twenty times but nothings working. im considering taking advantage of the warranty by breaking my phone simply and getting a new one. any suggestions? because im getting impatient. ive been trying since one this morning, and its now seven p.m. please help.

  75. the same thing is happening to me
    my ipod is on 1.1.1 and doesnt download installer so i searched it and found this site go to it

  76. forgot to tell you
    read the note after the second video

  77. In the past i have jailbroken it through and a few days ago the colors messed up so i had to restore it and now i can’t install it anymore.. i go to and hit appsnap and it quits me Ive been trying for a couple days some people says that appsnap is offline most of the time now but if there is a diffrent way u can jailbreak your iPod Touch let me know please my email is
    ZiPhone works fine but it doesnt give u 100% access to ur /root files on the browser so ZiPhone sucks other than that ZiPhone works good…


  79. what the hell do i do i get the blue question mark can anyone please help me its getting me pissed off why doesnt it work please help

  80. I haven’t got this to work on an iPod touch… I only see a tiny tiny ting blue square on the “install appsnap” tab at the very bottom of…someone help!! Also where do I go to jailbreak my touch?!?!!!

  81. this app bricked my iPhone.
    use at ur own risk.

  82. Hey guys, everytime I go to and click on appsnapinstaller, it takes me to a blank page with a blue question mark. What’s up with dat?

  83. I didn’t try the foxfire thing yet but I will, but yeah, I have 1.1.1 and when I go to and click Install AppSnapp, it just takes me straight to my iPod home. I hope that FoxFire thing works because I used to have it jailbroken before and I loved it. I want it back NOW!

  84. Does Appsnapp work on the iphone 3g. And if so do i need to do anything other then follow the instructions here? And I do have the 2.0 firmware predownloaded incase things get messed. But how do you fix it to run if it does get messed? If i needed a brick I woulda of gone to Homehardware.

  85. ok

  86. wat if I have the 2.0 update. It’s brand new

  87. I have an iPhone first generation and upgraded it to 2.0. I have unlocked it but I can’t install appsnap. Is appsnap will be available for 2.0 firmware?

  88. aight u douche bags can u read this is for 1.1.1 only go get autodown and downgrade ur shit and then tap apptapp download oktoprep install jailbreak 1.1.2 upgrade with ipodtouchmaster’s source 1.1.3 be happy lol and wait for winpwn to jailbreak 2.0 gash u idiots lol

    ipod touch king

    2.0 successfully jailbroken

    email me if iphone/ ipod touch help

  89. this is shay agin ppl email me at i can help and as long as i dont get alot of spam ull receive emails from me

  90. how do i do it if my phone is not activated

  91. i downgraded my ipod youch to 1.1.1 and when i go onto an install appsnapp it doesnt do anything. it just says its loading on the same screen for ages. ive done this a few times now and nothing has happened… do you know why??

  92. im pissed cuz i cant get appsnap!
    how da hell do u do dis?

  93. Just grab QuickPwn it takes 5 minutes to jailbreak your iPhone and now headaches

  94. what’s the question mark for

  95. I have a 16 gb iPod touch and every
    time I go to and press install appsnap it brings me
    to a seperatepage with a tiny question mark in the top left hand corner and does nothing else. Plz reply and help me out

  96. Hey my names ernesto when i go to i click on instill appsnap but it just stops working itdosnt do anything i can send u a picture if u give me ur email thanks for anyhep

  97. yeah im there i just go to safari with 1.1.1 and click ion appsnap and i t kicks me out but thats what its suppose to do and then its suppose to download but it doesnt lol i check the f.a.q.s on the but still no help lol.

  98. Go to jail break me .com and read the f.a.q.s your answer is there.

  99. when i prees install appsnap on my iphone 3g it brings me to a blank page with a very small blue square with a question mark in it. is this normal? what should i do?

  100. i got the blue question mark and i read the f.a.q on and it said to restore your iphone and i did and then i tried to install again same thing

  101. What happens in February???

  102. for the blue question mark you gotta restore your itouch/iphone then try it again

  103. Hey! I went to and it said it was shut down. Y’all know of another place where I can get the app?

  104. when i go to the site it gives me no option to download anything just to view the license and history and concieted software

  105. I went there and it said appsnap has been shut down!!!!!

  106. its shut down is there anything else like it

  107. Ya… I want to still do this but appsnapp has been shut down. Is there another way to jailbreak your iPod?

  108. I want to jailbreak my iPod

  109. Guys if u dont hav the version 1.1.1 on you itouch then u cant get appsnapp so u hav to downgrade it i got 2.2.1 frimware and i used ziphone and quickpwn i can so far only downgrade 1g itouch . Hope i hav helped oh and after u downgrade it to 1.1.1 u can go back to this website and it’ll work oh and to see wat version your itouch is u go on settings then general then about rhen scroll down to version

  110. uuuh appsnap has been down. the website says this :

    AppSnapp has been shut down to comply with Apple’s latest iPhone developer agreement, which prohibits the creation of jailbreak utilities as well as aiding others in the jailbreak process

    -.- idk what to do. plz assist

  111. Go to

  112. Just use blackrs1n

  113. App snapp don’t work any more

  114. Helpp Someone please, where can i download the appsnapp

  115. When i go on its like a store and u can buy somethings and theres no button ritten install appsapp why do i have a store inatead of a jailbreaker site

    help me plz

  116. What do I get if I have a 3rd g

  117. This is stupid when I go to it leads me to uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhg it’s driving me crazy what doi do!?

  118. This sux

  119. when i go to it sends me to wtf someone help me plz

  120. I can’t get it to woke the jailbreaking thing please. Help!!

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  122. I still don’t get it the appsnapp thingy said that it was removed……… What do I do?

  123. idk..;……………………………………..……

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  134. i want to unlock my iphone 4 with jailbreak

  135. Thank you you are awsome

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