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Lockbox is a password & secret information storage native 3rd party app for the iPhone. You can add, edit, remove, and view your password list. It stores passwords for websites (or any system), credit card info, or any secret information you need to keep ready at hand, encrypted on your iPhone. Lockbox stores your passwords by encrypting them via AES128.

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21 Comments to “Lockbox”

  1. I really like this app! Sure it is still in a quite limited and primitive stage right now, but it has great potential to be an “eWallet” for your iPhone/iPod touch. Keep developing! More categories, formats and graphics would be great. And a way to backup to the computer… 😀

  2. Excellent App, I am keeping up with the version I see lot of potentials and soon it would be on every iphone. Must-have for all iphone owners.

  3. Slight problem for me with Lockbox.

    First, it arbitrarily decided to simply disappear about five listings. Just gone.

    Second, decided to stop recognizing my password. Yep, locked.

    Third, simply deleted all of my listings.

    So, yeah.

    A FEW issues with this app. My suggestion is write down or store your listings in this “lockbox” elsewhere to make sure you don’t suffer the same fate as me.

    Am using Lockbox v0.5 on 1.1.1 iPod touch 8 GB.

    As you might imagine, am a little bit pissed right now.

  4. is this really a safe and secure way of saving sensitive data?
    Apart from the potential data loss, is there a possibity the data could be accessed maliciously ?

  5. My lockbox just wont recognize my password anymore, i have no way to access it. Can anyone tell me what i can do to get it to open please? I would really appreciate it, there should be an application where you can click on if you forgot password..

  6. Well, I enjoy the app itself but I can’t seem to add anything to it. How exactly do you do this. I have BDS Subsystem installed and obviously my touch is jailbroken (1.1.2) so can someone give me a heads up.

  7. The applicatin worked fined until it decided to lock me out just for the sake of it.

    Avoid using this at all cost!.

  8. Bad Thing. Some day this app begans to not recognize my key… i left the iphone for a minutes and i tried again … i could in into LockBox … but all my keys missed …

  9. I got to the root of the data loss issue guys. Give 0.7.1 a try. Apologies that you lost data! It has import now too.

  10. Looks Neet, but not useful.

  11. I updated my version of Lockbox and lost all my listings. I had been using it with no problems so didn’t expect everything to be lost with the upgrade. Might I suggest a save to csv function.

  12. good news, another poster at another site said that the location of the data file changed in the new version.
    if your data is missing after the upgrade then you can move it to the new location by typing the following at the shell prompt.
    mv /private/var/root/Library/Lockbox/*.dat /private/var/mobile/Library/Lockbox

    That worked for me.

  13. Wipes recently input data if phone power turned off or incoming call answered (only saves if exit application to homepage). otherwise great app

  14. i’ve seen the lockbox – its free????? so how do we know this isn’t a form of trojan horse to transmit all our account and password information over to someone for them to have?

  15. To backup your data, using finder navigate to /private/var/mobile/Library/Lockbox

    Select the folder and email to your address.

    To avoid data from being lost, always exit the Lockbox view before your device goes into standby

    Am on 0.71 and it still does that but since i started doing that, it stopped. Pretty Cool app thanks

  16. Lock box update lost all my info. This sucks

  17. Needed to restore my itouch. I backed it up first. On restart my lock box is empty. Is there a way to retrieve the data??

  18. Had the same problem as many have described above; sone-of-a-bitch stopped recognising my password. I think I may have updated it, not sure as I hadn’t used it in a few weeks, but when I went back to retrieve something I couldn’t get in. I was well confused until I read others have had the same problem. Thought I was losing my shit when I couldn’t guess the password. What I did learn throught this process though is that you have unlimited attempts to get the code right. This is definitely a security issue. Between the locking-out issue and this, I’m sorry I rated it well. Pretty serious issues, they are.

  19. I downloaded the free app on my iPhone and liked it so much I upgraded to Pro. I also have the free app on my iPad and want to know how to upgrade on the iPad without paying again.

  20. I just upgrade to iphone ver 4.0, after that all my data in lockbox gone, how can I recover the data. Before upgrade I have backup up ff in PC.

  21. Didn’t realize that the data didn’t transfer, had erased old iPhone before exporting Lockbox
    I did a restore on the old iPhone and got the program and information back
    OK connected for upload fine from my Iphone4 and saved the file
    Tried to connect with new iPhone 4s and couldn’t connect to the browser. The answer was to keep shutting down and restarting the phone until I got an address that looked normal like 192.168.xxxxx
    Then it connected and I was able to import the old file.
    Had the wife screaming four a while !

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