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Try Google’s Gmail service to send and read emails on your iPhone or iPod touch using the Safari web browser. The web based version of the Gmail has been revamped many times over the past couple of years to give it a more app like feel.

Most recently Google has added swipe gesture support in the web based version of Gmail. While reading email messages, swipe left to see the red Archive button, and swipe again to remove the button.

Other powerful features of the Gmail webapp include email search, compose, mass delete, mass archive, mute, report spam, mass label, mark as read, mark as unread, and many more.

Just visit on your iPhone’s Safari browser.

Try with TestiPhone

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30 Comments to “Gmail”

  1. Hey, thanks a lot for making this app. i was almost going back to hotmail just so i could send mail on my ipod touch!

  2. Hi!

    I am thinking about getting the touch, but what has been stopping me is that there is no email application. Does this app work as a stand alone mail application? I.e. can you write mails while you are offline and send them when you have a wifi net again?


  3. Hey Seb, not currently, I think you need to have Wi-Fi for web apps to work. There are rumors flying around that offline storage is coming with new version of Safari in the next update. After it does come, it will be up to Google to implement those features as well.

  4. I’m an idiot. How do I hook this app up to my Ipod Touch so I can send Gmail? Thanks. : )

  5. Hey Scott, You can get to any app on here by clicking its thumbnail.

    To do it mannually, Open Safari on your iPod touch, touch the address bar on top, type in the URL of the app, in this case and press enter.

    You can also visit from your iPod touch.

  6. I’ve installed mail to my touch. I can receive mail on my touch thru gmail, however, I’m unable to send mail. I’ve setup the outgoing server with and with, but to no avail.

    Has anyone succesfully, got gmail to work, sending and receiving mail? If so, how did you configure the outgoing server?

  7. Have you tried the instruction listed here:

  8. hey, does this mean i can just go 2 google and click the gmail icon and send emails?

  9. for some reason my iPod touch refuses to open emails from my gmail inbox!I tried thru this application as well but no use. All other websites work fine I don’t understand where the problem is.please help me 🙁 Thanx

  10. hey once u jailbreak u can find much apps under installer with offline storage and u don’t need to spend the 20 bucks on the new apps(mine came with them)

  11. can anyone put this app on the archos 605 wifi?

  12. I am going crazy trying to shut my GMAIL box. It remains open, because there doesn’t appear to be a LOG OFF. I am quite concerned about confidentiality, and am pulling my hair out trying to figure this out. HELP.

  13. Hi Noreen,
    I just found out how to log-off from Mail. Go to settings, select ‘mail, contacts, calendars’, in that go to ‘accounts’, and select your account, scroll down and it says ‘delete account’, tap on that – and BINGO! its gone 🙂

    Nest time try using safari to access your gmail – thats what i’m going to do!!


  14. Hi Noreen,

    One more thing, if you are using safari to get to gmail, there is an option called ‘Menu’ on top left corner in gmail, tap that and on right bottom it’ll show the ‘sign out’ sign.


  15. I have successfully setup my gmail in my iPod touch. However, unlike the original gmail, I can’t seem to do a search for any old emails that I have. Am I missing out anything?

  16. I have tried everything to setup my gmail account on my iPod Touch. I always get message “connection to the server failed”. I setup using GMail icon at Add Account from Settings App. I setup Yahoo mail account no problem.

  17. Is there another way to do this so you can maintain the convenience of clicking on your mail button in the menu screen? If you can’t log off can someone compromise your contacts list?

  18. I use Gmail on my iphone 3g..and it always worked fine, until all of a sudden it stopped working. It would not update my email and just say “connecting….” and then “cannot connect to”. It was so frustrating! I tried several things, none of which worked. Finally I got a tip from someone online to just go into gmail on my computer and change my password to something more secure. Up until then my password had just been a simple word, but after changing it to something with a number and longer word in it, gmail worked on my phone again. But gosh it was so frustrating when it wasn’t working.

  19. Good posting.Do u want to see online reviews ? u can visit my blog friend :D.ow yeah your blog has alread bookmarked by me

  20. I am a new Ipod touch customer and do not know how to get e-mail…someone needs to walk me through the whole process….not to smart when it comes to gadgets. thanks

  21. Hello. Great job. This is a great story. Thanks!

  22. I tried to signup for your RSS feed but it didn’t work. How can I do this?

  23. I cannot set up my e-mail on my new Ipod Touch, please walk me through it. Do you have to be hooked up to the computor? Help…Doris

  24. I have a similar question as Seb:

    Ideally, I would like to be able to sync my google calendar/gmail/gmail tasks list on my laptop to one of these devices so that I can work between the two easily. My concern with the ipod touch is that I may not always have an internet connection, but would like to still be able to see & manipulate this information. I notice that Gmail labs has an option for using gmail “offline”. Will this also work on an ipod touch? Also, will other gmail lab features like “tasks” work on the ipod touch? Does this answer change if I’m using an iphone?

    thanks in advance, m.

  25. I never ever post but this time I will,Thanks alot for the great blog.

  26. amazing stuff thanks 🙂

  27. Ok I just need to know the price of this fine app! Can any one help me!?

  28. ummmm how much is it?????

  29. can not get on ipad touch

  30. Kak Pobedit Zaikanie?(FREE)

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