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Looking for a a free Video Recorder for your iPhone? Got Cydia? Cycorder is a video recording for the iPhone with real time compression and audio recorder built in. You can now exit the app while recording by pressing the home button and it will continue recording in the background. There are other video commercial video recording apps for the iPhone but Cycorder is Free (ad supported) and has many more features.

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90 Comments to “Cycorder”

  1. How do I transfre Videos to my pc?

  2. How do I transfer Videos to my pc in case I want to share them with my friends?

  3. SCP to your iPhone and you will find the video files under private/var/mobile/Media/Videos

  4. What’s SCP?

  5. SCP is basically FTP but secure. You can use freeware SCP software: WinSCP for Windows or Fugu for Mac to do this. Then you need to enter your iPhone’s IP address (settings/Wi-Fi/blue arrow for your Wi-Fi connection) and login with username: root and password: alpine. From there go to the directory /private/var/mobile/Media/Videos and you will be able to see your videos. Drag and drop those files to your desktop to transfer them to your computer from your iPhone.

  6. The other things you can do is install Netatalk from Cydia which will make your iPhone show up in Finder under Shared if you have an Apple machine. To do the SCP mentioned above make sure to install OpenSSh first in Cydia.

  7. he guys, There is this Windows program called iPhoneBrowser that you can use to transfer files from your iPhone to your PC. It’s really easy to use. You just install it, then open it and connect your iPhone via USB. It’s much easier than doing FTP. You can get it here

  8. i just tried the iphone browser for windows. didnt work, safari sannot download this file. anyone know why not?

  9. Are you saying you are having problems installing iPhoneBrowser or having problems using it?

  10. i downloaded it and installed it but cant find it ? dont know what do to now please help.

  11. do i download the iphonebrowser on the computer or the iphone lol?

  12. ok i downloaded it, now i got the ihponebrowser, so how do i find the video, which folder is it in?

  13. /private/var/mobile/Media/Videos

  14. also,

  15. OK, i found the folder but then its not letting me dragging out the video onto my pc. how does it work?

  16. Right click on the file, choose copy, and then paste it to your desktop

  17. Go to google and look for a program called Total commander, download it, install it and then search in google: “tpot total commander iphone” and a link should come up, it is self explanotory from there.

  18. ohh thanks =]

  19. I have downloaded it and it is brilliant but how do I email the vidoe or get to my pc

  20. how do i get this app on my phone? i don’t even know where to start! please help.

  21. This iphonebrowser is the best 🙂

    so easy to use .. now i can delete the things i couldnt delete before 😀

  22. Thanks for your help people! Your instructions were spot on 🙂

  23. thank you your ?nformat?on was very helpful for me.
    do you know also how ? can add r?ng tones to my iphone us?ng th?s iphone browser?
    thank you

  24. I received a call while video recording is on, and I can’t watch the video file, there is an error.

    How can I fix the file ?


  25. Thanks for this. Now I can access all files.

  26. Thanks for this

  27. This program is great thanks

  28. the iPhonebrowser is perfect!

    Tx guys

  29. how do I email direct from the iPhone

  30. Quick Question. Is there an app out that allows you to use a file finder on the iPhone and email files from that app. This would be ideal for the cycorder because we wouldn’t need a PC to transfer and/or send videos. I tried most of the viewfinders iPhone has to offer and I haven’t found one yet.

  31. i still dont see the iphone in finder….need ur assistance

  32. yo, i installed iphone browser but i dont know where to go to get the cycorder videos out to my pc.

  33. I just got this iphone and it keeps saying safari cannot download anything!!!!! …… Like nothing!!!!

  34. email videos and other files from your phone by using Finder. Install this from Cydia. Go into finder, locate the file (move to the photo folder in media and send from there). However, after updating my phone to 2.2 I cannot get this to work.

  35. problem 1
    when i try to establish a wifi connection, I can only WEP encrypt my connection – so i cant type the password alipine because it asks for a specific number of hex or ascii characters?

    this is what comes up in fugu for me

    connect to: (you went over that – blue arrow)
    directory: (you went over that – directory/private…)

    im sure what to enter for port?

  36. i dont know how do get to this folder…can u walk me through finding the file?

  37. i found the folder but…the file is not in any type that i can play…it wont let me “preview the file” either. and when i right click on it there’s no option to copy. only save as etc.


  38. THAT WORKED GREAT,,,,Thanks man….

  39. Hi, Many thanks for the link to the iphone browser software. It allowed me to remove my Cycorder videos without any problem.Just had to highlight and use save as…. Simple.

    Cheers Guys.

  40. I don”t have cydia software, how to instal cydia to my iPhone 2.2 version

  41. hey guys, just a quick question…i installed iphone browser and copied my videos to the desktop but when i play them there is no sound…also the video is vertical instead of horizontal…any suggestions as to fixing these problems??

  42. cool…man thanks alot.. this iPhoneBrowser is perfectly working…really cooool….can get all my videos now..woohuuu

  43. how can I get a cycorder

  44. I don”t have cydia software, how to instal cydia to my iPhone 2.2 version

  45. hi all is anybody has idea how to make two way video conferencing on iphone frameware 2.2, it was working fine on 1.1.4 but not working on 2.2, its a third party application call squidge.

  46. Thanks Buddy,u helped me to buy this phone was holding back coz of this, thanks again

  47. thanks a zillion!!!!! it is working so well.

  48. i want upload pictured to iphone 3g with SCP and i want view in iphone3g
    how can i do this

  49. I need to know too as above mention. How to transfer my video to the PC , pls do prompt i need it argently. thanks for the help ^_^

  50. Any one knows how to email cycoder video with 2.2.1


  52. i cant download it !!!!

  53. Here is how I was able to copy the Cycorder videos from my iPhone to my pc:

    Downloaded iPhoneBroswer 1.8 from using Google Chrome browser & installed to D:\iPhonebrowser. Then I went to that directory, invoked the iphonebrowser.exe file. On the left side pane, I selected the directory structure private/var/mobile/Media/Videos. Selected all the videos and right mouse clicked, selected the Save As option and saved them to a folder on my pc where I keep all my videos. Using RealPlayer, I am able to view those videos with sound :-). Only thing I need to figure out now is how to rotate the videos that I shot using landscape mode so I can view them on my PC without having to tilt it like I do on iPhone..

  54. hey guys, i just want to no how can i install cycorder, i hav the file downloaded but how do i put it in my fone… plss help..

  55. How do I transfer videos to my MAC?

  56. i installed iphone browser and copied my videos to the desktop but when i play them there is no sound…also the video is vertical instead of horizontal…any suggestions as to fixing these problems??

  57. Hi Jimmy!!!
    You worked great man, iphone browser really worked for me.
    Thankyou very much, I was quite worried by having a video recorder but not been able to share videos with my friends.
    you solved it Buddyy…..Thanks

  58. if you think its so easy then why are asking how to do it. get the iphone browser from google code and if you have any knowledge at all you should be able to figure it out from there.

  59. To ROTATE Videos Use Microsoft Movie Maker

    1.Import the video clip into Windows Movie Maker.

    2.Drag the imported video clip and drop it onto the timeline.

    3.On the Tools menu, click Video Effects.

    4.To rotate the video clip to the right, drag the Rotate 90 video effect and drop it onto the movie on the timeline.


    To rotate the video clip to the left, drag the Rotate 270 video effect and drop it onto the movie on the timeline.

    5.On the File menu, click Save Movie File and follow the instructions in the Save Movie Wizard.


  61. Amazing program. Love it. Thanks

  62. Does anybody know how can I save the movie I recorded with Cycorder to my PC and see with the player in PC??

  63. When I try to install Cycorder, I get “Cannot Locate Package” message.
    How do I fix this?

  64. i downloaded iphonebrowser but when i connect my iphone it doesnt recognize it plugged in…

  65. love it the most!!!! can I convert any of it to e-mail a clip or publish on FB?

  66. I tried downloading this off of cydia but it doesnt come up when i look thru any of my apps on the home screen how do I fix this?

  67. how do i get this app on my phone? i don’t even know where to start! please help

  68. When I try to install Cycorder, I get “Cannot Locate Package” message.
    How do I fix this?

  69. Worked perfectly, I am having problems with sound though, I get this really ugly whistle when I play my videos does somebody have the same problem ??

  70. is there a possibility of downloading cydia from your iPhone directly

  71. it crashes ob 3gs. will be a new version for 3gs?
    ? need a video recorder with zoom facility. i hope this one will return for good?

  72. I have had this app for a while. Video and sound quality is really good. Even storing large 5-10 minute files are not a problem. Playback is fast as well. Not sure how to get the video uploaded from my phone to PC or Facebook or what ever. if someone knows please drop a line

  73. How to download “Cycorder” into my iphone.
    Current I use version 3.

  74. Does Cycorder work with 3gs?? anyone know for sure??? Plzz help.

  75. how can i put cycorder into my iphone, when i connect my iphone to my laptop, i can see only the photos that are into my phone………i need some help please………

  76. When it says ad supported, does that mean there an ad on each one of my videos?

  77. Iphone Apple 3g start finalizing video after a video of 10 sec. Does anyone has solution for this????

  78. if i jail break my iphone is it possible to unjailbreak it?

  79. Hi there. I can’t find any answer on my problem. While I was recording the phone rang and the mov file cannot be played! Plz help me – I’m running windows xp!! thanks

  80. Hello
    How can I download video from iphone -cycorder to my computer

  81. Hi. I would rather post my question here than simply go to Google and look it up for myself but can you tell me what us Cycorder and how does it carry any political ramifications? Also, how do I turn on my iPhone and last but not least do you have a recipe for stuffed bell peppers?

    Please help I really need this right away and am toooo lazy to go to Google.

  82. How and where can I download cycorder? I’m bidding for an iPhone 3g and want the same video features that the 3gs has without paying a grand for it. Please forward info. thanx

  83. Nice app,it very easy and conv, I realy love that

  84. its cool

  85. Very interesging

  86. I cannot transfer my vedeo from iphone to my pc

  87. hi. I recently restored my iphone but i want my videos from cycorder. If i re-download the app will they come back? thanks.

  88. I installed it by cydia but it wont activate it just goes back to the dafault screen….

  89. ok i have downloaded iphoneBrowser and have been able to back up the Cydia app; however i cannot see videos on windows media player. it keeps saying that the file is incompatible. How can i make the file compatible?

  90. I cannot transfer my video from iphone to my pc

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