Boo-tique of Zombie inspired iPhone games perfect for Halloween

Watch where you tap your fingers! Halloween is around the corner and zombies are running headless around the App Store spewing blood thirsty for your 99 cents. Here is a list of the most popular iPhone games with a zombie theme. These games mostly have the same storyline as you would expect. Survive! Don’t be killed and eaten by a swarm of the flesh eating living dead. So go ahead, grab your iPhone, step into the darkness, and start killing some zombies. Just don’t run into any dead ends.

Zombie SweeperZombie Sweeper

On a dark and dreary night, you find yourself in the middle of a cemetery where an endless supply of zombies rush towards you. You’ve brought four weapons and try to survive the never-ending onslaught. Read Full Review

Zombie StreetZombie Street

Price: $0.99
The objective of Zombie Street is to defend yourself in each level from hordes of zombies until they are all wiped out. You stay deployed in a small corner and have to shoot and kill approaching zombies. Read Full Review

Zombie ShockZombie Shock

The main goal of the game is to survive hordes of zombies chasing after you. Your character runs throughout the whole game and you just blow up whatever zombie that approaches you. Read Full Review

Age of Zombies™Age of Zombies™

Age of Zombies by Halfbrick Studios is zombie killing app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad. You play as Barry Steakfries who travels back in time where zombies have taken over and do whatever you can to wipe them out of existence. Read Full Review

Zombie Crisis 3DZombie Crisis 3D

Zombie Crisis 3D by KONGZHONG CORPORATION plays just like the house of the dead. You start out with a single pistol in hand on a mission to cure the world of the zombie infestation. Read Full Review

Angry Zombies !!Angry Zombies !!

Angry Zombies is a real-time strategy style game developed by HighMind where you control hordes of zombies and your goal is to wipe out all the humans in each level. Read Full Review

Pro Zombie SoccerPro Zombie Soccer

Something new for your zombie killing pleasure, a soccer ball instead of snow peas. Pro Zombie Soccer from Chillingo stars this kid named Jax who gets bitten by a soccer zombie Julinho humorously named to sound like a Brazillian soccer star from SC Marcelona. Read Full Review


Zombie games have basically dominated the App Store for ages now, so I was actually pleasantly surprised to discover the quirkily titled Zombie&Lawn was NOT an outright clone of Plants Vs Zombie, Zombieville USA, Zombie Farm, etc. Read Full Review

Tower Assault! Curse of Zombie IslandTower Assault! Curse of Zombie Island

You are a pirate and after a stopping for supplies, your crew has become brain-hungry zombies! An evil Witch Doctor then runs off! It’s now your goal to control the zombies and take revenge!! Read Full Review

Squish The ZombiesSquish The Zombies

Price: $0.99
“Be snowball! Squish the zombies!”. Probably the clearest description of a game I’ve ever seen. Like the AppStore quote, Squish the Zombies is a snowball rolling down a hill. You will run across zombies that you kill to make your snowball grow larger and faster. Read Full Review

Zombieville USAZombieville USA

Zombieville USA is a fun and exciting cartoon style shooter game for the iPhone and iPod touch. You city has been take over by zombies and you’re the last human. You walk around killing the walking dead with upto 15 various weapons including a chainsaw as you are surrounded by screams of horror. Read Full Review

Plants vs. ZombiesPlants vs. Zombies

Price: $0.99
By: PopCap
Plants vs. Zombies uses brilliantly sharp hand drawn cartoon graphics with bright colors, playful music, and a touch of humor to create a low stress alternative to farming and tower defense games that is a ton of fun to play and gets addictive on the first try. Read Full Review

Zombie Cannon CarnageZombie Cannon Carnage

Your default zombie has the lovely moniker of Pee-Pee Boy (there are two other zombies to unlock), whom you launch through three different rounds in order to gain points and collect trophies. Point the cannon at the desired angle by dragging your finger across the screen, and tap to fire Pee-Pee Boy. Read Full Review

Zombie DefenseZombie Defense

Dromedary LLC’s game app, Zombie Defense, is a way for you to gauge just how long you’d survive in a zombie infestation with not much more than guns and your brain. Who’s up for some target practice? Read Full Review

Zombie WonderlandZombie Wonderland

Zombie Wonderland is from Chillingo Ltd and is a survival style, single player, iPhone, iPod, iPad compatible game. You play as Chuck (a guy who looks like a trucker and talks like a grizzled Patrick Warburton) as he defends his home from Zombies who try to break through his windows. Read Full Review

Zombie Recycling Inc. : Moldy GreenZombie Recycling Inc. : Moldy Green

There is a massive zombie shortage! Quick, join the Zombie recreation factory and do your part in reviving the undeath! Bounce heads onto their proper bodies and let’s make the world a better place… you know… with more zombies… Zombie Recycling comes in two flavors: Moldy Green and Rotten Red. Read Full Review

Zombie FarmZombie Farm

The discovery of agriculture has long been understood to be a historical turning point in the development of civilizations. Being able to grow your own food meant no longer having to follow it across the country. Read Full Review
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